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GeoFounders is a blockchain app store and software collective focused on building blockchain-related applications and services. Using tokens called GeoUnits (GUNS), revenue collected by the GeoFounders software catalogue is automatically divvied up for token holders via smart contracts and trusted oracles. A small portion of the revenue is cycled back into the collective to further increase the collective's application catalogue, which in turn increases the token value and revenue payouts. GeoFounders software leverages custom-made middleware to provide compatibility with a growing list of different blockchain platforms.

Project Description

GeoFounders is a software collective focused on building blockchain-related applications and services. Using tokens called GeoUnits (GUNS), revenue collected by the GeoFounders software catalogue is automatically divvied up for token holders via smart contracts and trusted oracles. A small portion of the revenue is cycled back into the collective to further increase the collective's application catalogue, which in turn increases the token value and revenue payouts.GeoFounders tokens, also known as GeoUnits (GUNS), serve multiple purposes. The first purpose is to act as a measurement of “virtual stake” regarding revenue produced by the GeoFounders software catalogue. GUNS tokens are analyzed using a simple formula due to the fixed nature of the GUNS supply. For every GUNS token a person possesses, they receive 0.0000009% of the revenue generated by the GeoFounders software collective. The more tokens you possess, the greater your share of the revenue.The second purpose of GUNS tokens are to act as a verification mechanism within different GeFounder applications. Depending on the software, this authentication process can provide different services. For example, the primary GeoFounder members application uses token verification to allow communication within the software while other applications provide novelty software rights, such as the ability to name an in-game location within GeoRealms if you can verify an account with 1000 or more GUNGeoFounders  will be holding its ICO on June 25, 2017. There will be a total of 65,000,000 tokens available for 0.001 ETH each at the offering. The ICO is expected to end on July 25, 2017. 

Founders and Associates

Edward Shull -Business & Marketing

Shaun Shull -Lead Programmer

Michael Shull -Programming & Marketing

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October 25, 2018

Launch Update

Launch UpdateGeoFoundersOct 25, 2018A few unexpected production issues were found in the live environment when the smart contracts went live. One of our testers found an issue with proxy token transfers that the new smart contracts did not account for when performing the conversion to the new...

From: GUNS

October 16, 2018


ProductionGeoFoundersOct 16, 2018The final smart contract elements of the MAT application are being pushed to production presently. Please check back over the next few days for application download information and details regarding the new GeoFounders branding.

From: GUNS

October 05, 2018

October 5th Update

Token Conversion Bug Fix Status:The token conversion issue has been isolated and a solution is currently being implemented. The fix is expected to require a few more days of development before completion.Public Release:The public release of the new GeoFounders re-branding and MAT application is...

From: GeoFounders

October 01, 2018

Final Touches

Unfortunately, more additional time is needed to complete the final touches on the MAT application. Some of the token conversion testing found a few issues during the weekend that is taking longer than expected to correct. We should have these items resolved soon, another update will be posted...

From: GeoFounders

September 24, 2018

MAT Software Release Schedule Update

The release of the MAT Software has been pushed back an additional week to launch alongside the GeoFounders re-branding on October 1st. Additional time for testing was needed to verify token conversions happen smoothly. Please check this blog or Twitter on October 1st to access download links...

From: GeoFounders

August 25, 2018

MAT Software Release Date

The members admin tool (MAT) will be released on September 25th. This tool enables token holder’s to upgrade their tokens, view development information, and eventually retrieve their portion of ETH (and other tokens) collected by GeoFounders applications that are released to...

From: GeoFounders

March 30, 2018

Q1 2018 Update

The GeoFounders software suite refactoring is near completion, this includes payment channel functionality to work around the latency and technical issues associated with the ETH platform. The software suite has also been updated to be completely independent from ETH and capable of running on...

From: GeoFounders

February 07, 2018

Jan-Feb Update

Unfortunately additional technical hurdles and the recent crypto market downturn have caused delays in the first round application releases pushing them back to Q2 2018.GeoRealms is currently in debug status as we solve specific solidity issues discovered during deployment and testing on the...

From: GeoFounders

December 16, 2017

December Progress Report

The GeoRealms public access information will be posted to the blog in the days leading up to Christmas. Anyone is welcome to participate in the public test during the holiday break and early Q1 of 2018. Smart contracts have been successfully re-deployed and so far tests have come up with no...

From: GeoFounders

November 28, 2017

November Progress Report #2

Continued DevelopmentSome debugging issues regarding GeoRealms continues to delay our public test release checklist. Specifically we have found issues regarding front-running player actions in the GeoRealms game causing unfair advantages. We are adding additional Solidity code to prevent unfair...

From: GeoFounders

November 05, 2017

November Progress Report #1

Administration Tool & Public Test Release UpdatesPublic Test ReleasesThe public test release dates for GeoRealms and ICOPro have been consolidated and moved back slightly to December 1st. This gives the teams additional time to take care of a few stubborn bugs that have been unearthed...

From: GeoFounders

October 17, 2017

October Progress Report #2

Application Updates and Scheduled Test ReleasesGeoRealms Public Test ReleaseA public test client for the GeoRealms software is scheduled for release on November 7th. Software download details will be provided in a future blog post and a Testnet token request form for GeoRealms Testnet Tokens...

From: GeoFounders

October 02, 2017

October Progress Report # 1

Members Admin ApplicationWe are currently testing the smart contract templates for GUNS token holders. These tests are built for future snapshot events (earnings collection) and account address storage for non-ETH tokens (ETC, RSK, … account settings). This functionality is important for GUNS...

From: GeoFounders

September 21, 2017

September Update

CommunicationWe’d like to address communication with token holders regarding the status and progress of GeoFounders and the software products under development.The GeoFounders ICO raised less than the desired long-term goal so funds have been managed frugally with an emphasis on development...

From: GeoFounders

August 14, 2017

GUNS Added to EtherDelta

Exchange UpdateGUNS are now part of the official token list of EtherDelta, an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange that can be accessed at https://etherdelta.github.io. In addition to EtherDelta, we have multiple applications pending for other exchanges and will post updates as they...

From: GeoFounders

July 27, 2017

How to Check Your Tokens

Most popular Ethereum wallets have a way for you to view your tokens. When viewing your wallet info, MyEtherWallet.com has an “Add Custom Token” button on the sidebar, and the official Ethereum Wallet has a “Watch Token” button under the Contracts tab. By pressing one of these buttons in...

From: GeoFounders

Post-ICO Update

Everyone,Thank you very much for participating in our crowdsale. The funds have now been moved to our development account. We are happy to say we raised enough capital to move forward with our development roadmap as scheduled. Expect some exciting news in the weeks and months to come.Speaking...

From: GeoFounders

June 22, 2017

Our Mission… Great Apps for Everyone

Since our announcement we’ve had some great inquiries about our work. It’s always exciting when someone takes an interest in a project we’re passionate about.There is a “wow” moment when they see how easy GeoWrap installs a complete application, with the blockchain running in the...

From: GeoFounders

June 19, 2017

GeoFounders Date & Price Update

We have decided to shift our Initial Coin Offering date to June 25 in order to accomodate numerous requests and to avoid launch date overlaps with certain larger ICO efforts. Access to our Testnet contracts will be provided on the website on June 22 and the final instructions and ICO details...

From: GeoFounders

July 20, 2017 19:54

ICOpro Demonstration

Demonstration of our Alpha stage ICOpro software. Our goal with ICOpro is to make it the easiest platform for browsing and participating in Initial Coin Offerings. To accomplish the task we have created an integrated all-in-one system with a wallet manager and various tools to make the process as easy as possible. Visit GeoFounders.com or ICOpro.com to learn more and participate in our ICO.

June 14, 2017 17:56

GeoWrap & GeoBanker Preview

Brief preview of the pre-alpha versions of GeoWrap and GeoBanker. More to come soon as development progresses. Visit GeoFounders.com for more information regarding our applications and current ICO.

June 09, 2017 00:50


This video provides a very brief and high-level overview of the GeoFounders project. Visit GeoFounders.com for more information regarding our applications and current ICO.