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Golem's aim is to use any personal computer to do jobs that are done today by servers, computing farms or supercomputers. Golem's features include a P2P network, a trading system, task definition and computation and reputation system.

Project Description

Golem is the first truly decentralized, global market for computing power. Combined with tools to aid developers in distributing and monetizing their software, Golem altogether changes the way compute-intensive tasks are both organized and executed. Golem is set to become one of the key building blocks of future Internet by providing a platform for decentralized microservices. And, by substantially lowering the price of computations, complex applications such as CGI rendering, scientific calculation, and machine learning become more accessible to everyone. Golem is built using Ethereum smart contracts as a transaction system for nano-payments within the network. Golem Network Tokens (GNT) will serve as a secure medium for all transactions within the Golem Network.Team:Julian Zawistowski: CEO, Founder. (LinkedIn);Piotr Janiuk: CTO, Co-Founder. (LinkedIn);Andrzej Regulski: COO, Co-Founder. (LinkedIn);Aleksandra Skrzypczak: Lead Software Engineer, Co-Founder. (LinkedIn);Alex Leverington: P2P Engineer, Advisor. (LinkedIn);Paweł Bylica: Lead Ethereum Engineer. (LinkedIn);The ICO reached its cap of 820,000 ETH within 29 minutes at a rate of 1000GNT/1ETH totaling a USD value of $8,600,000. The sale terms and etherscan account can be found below. Of the 18% not allocated to investors 12% will be directly released by the Smart Contract System to the Factory for payment of future expenses as part of the development and execution of the GOLEM Project. These GNT are locked through a smart contract function and may not be transferred by the Factory for a period of 6 months starting the end of the Creation Period. And the remaining 6% of total GNT created will be directly released by the Smart Contract System to early contributors and team members who have made early financial contributions, worked to develop the ideas, implementations and supporting structures of the GOLEM Project. These GNT are locked through a smart contract function and may not be transferred by the early contributors and team members for a period of 6 months starting the end of the Creation Period.Ethscan and Sale termsToken Reserve Split (18%):12% for Golem Factory, for payment of future expenses as part of the development and execution of the GOLEM Project;06% for Golem Team;No tokens will be created or mint after the crowdfunding period.

Founders and Associates

Julian Zawistowski, Piotr ‘Viggith’ Janiuk, Andrzej Regulsk, Aleksandra Skrzypczak, Paweł ‘chfast’ Bylica, Marek Franciszkiewicz,Adam Banasiak, Magdalena Stasiewicz, Radosław Zagórowicz

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GNT Latest Updates
January 04, 2019

2018 in retrospective: what a ride it has been!

If we were asked to define 2018 with a single word, we’d probably spend all January thinking about it. 2018 was groundbreaking, hard, complicated, thought-provoking, powerful, drastic, confusing at times. However, 2018 was the year where, after a long time planning, coding, testing, and more,...

From: GNT

December 20, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.18.3

We worked hard all year round, so Igor now gets to have somefun.We’re here with the last update to Brass Golem Beta this year — 0.18.3 — which, coincidentally, might be the last update to our current production branch before we move on to start preparing our next major...

From: GNT

December 11, 2018

Graphene-ng demo Part 2 and FAQs

We’ve said, presented and most importantly, developed quite a lot in regards to Graphene-ng. What we have yet to do is deep dive into every component of this outstanding solution to show how it can be used.Graphene-ng, as mentioned in our last post, can be used to run arbitrary binaries in a...

From: GNT

November 19, 2018

Graphene-ng demo + DEVCON4 TEEs/SGX actions recap

The week before Devcon4 was intense, we launched the first GPU integration; we open-sourced the code of Golem Unlimited and announced Joanna Rutkowska was joining us as CSO (Chief Strategy/Security Officer). This might have seemed like too much information for a single week; however, it was a...

From: GNT

November 15, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.18.2

Analyzing the issues with the onboarding flowWe are back, with our latest patch release for Brass Golem — Beta 0.18.2. The main feature in this release is the fix to our onboarding flow — the sequence of actions that the user is led through when they launch Golem for the first...

From: GNT

October 25, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.18.1

The worried look on Przemek’s face says it all — there is an issue on our newestrelease.Hi Golem users, your feedback on Brass Golem Beta 0.18 was heard loud and clear — thank you for your input. We have identified and been able to address a couple of issues that you had stumbled...

From: GNT

Joanna Rutkowska joins Golem as Chief Strategy/Security Officer

We are proud to announce Joanna Rutkowska has joined Golem as Chief Strategy and Security Officer. Joanna is a widely recognized security researcher, architect and founder of Invisible Things Lab and Qubes OS. In the role of Chief Strategy Officer, Joanna will be responsible for the...

From: GNT

October 23, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.18.0

NVIDIA GPU working hard on computing results forGolemWe are stoked to present a new major update for Brass Golem — 0.18.0. This new update comes with all kinds of goodies, the most prominent of which is the one all of us have been waiting eagerly for — GPU rendering support. For the...

From: GNT

October 22, 2018

Golem Community Update: DEVCON4 edition

October and November are turnkey months for Golem. We are prepping up for big things in the technological and organizational fronts. We are planning to reveal to our community two very important events before heading to Prague, and one of them is set to drastically shape and improve Golem.Even...

From: GNT

October 12, 2018

The first glimpse into Golem Unlimited

by Piotr Chromiec, Piotrek “Viggith” JaniukA few weeks ago we announced Golem Unlimited, and now, we are proud to share a demo featuring its first incarnation.This is our product built for organizations with idle computing infrastructure. In Golem Unlimited we can find two roles: the hub...

From: GNT

September 19, 2018

Brass Golem Marketplace, Introduction

Authors: Marcin Benke, Łukasz GleńThanks to María Paula FernándezWith Golem you can exchange computational power, as a commodity or a service for GNT. These are market transactions. The different parties (users) and transactions are part of a small economy.Within the Golem economy, we are...

From: Łukasz Gleń

September 07, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.17.1

Golem Team waiting for the unittest suite to completeOur latest patch release — 0.17.1 — has finally arrived. What you can expect from this incremental upgrade are various improvements to both the UI as well as to Golem Core. The most evident changes are the streamlined task...

From: Golem Project

September 04, 2018

Choose your own Golem

Introducing our Use Case Pipelineimage credits to Vintage ComputingWe have released our first use case, CGI rendering, onto the Ethereum mainnet. We plan to continue to improve our product and fine-tune our rendering interface, however, Golem has always intended to do much more than...

From: Golem Project

August 28, 2018

UX challenges in Golem & beyond

By Jacek Muszyński, Natalia Mroszczyk, María Paula Fernández . Thanks to Gert-Jan Rebel & Ilona BiskupskaOur commitment to the ecosystem goes in line with the development of our project. As we face our own UX challenges, we see more and more projects in Ethereum ecosystem facing similar...

From: Golem Project

August 21, 2018

Verification of rendering results in Blender.

Verification of rendering results in Blender. A (not so short) story about nondeterminism and machine learningAuthors: Witold Dzięcioł, Łukasz Foniok, Magdalena Stasiewicz, Michał SzostakiewiczThanks to María Paula Fernández, Piotr ‘Viggith’ Janiuk, Natalia Mroszczyk, Jacek...

From: Magdalena Stasiewicz

August 02, 2018

Golem’s mid-term goals — in detail

Our mid-term goals kanbanBuilding Golem is an incredibly rewarding experience, we learn new things every day, but at the same time, constructing something that has never been done before is unpredictable and tricky.Launching Brass Beta into mainnet, for instance, was not envisioned in our...

From: Golem Project

July 31, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.17.0

We are glad to introduce our latest major release, Brass Golem Beta 0.17.0. Below you will find the details about this.In this iteration, we are introducing Netmasking to improve the robustness of Golem’s networking layer and prevent the requestors from getting flooded with too many providers...

From: Golem Project

July 27, 2018

An overview of a computation’s lifecycle in Golem

After the introduction made a few weeks ago, it’s now time to deep dive into our Blog post series. As mentioned, this series will feature some insights into the computational perspective of the Golem platform; alongside the requirements, imposed constraints and emerging challenges.In its...

From: Viggith

July 12, 2018

Golem’s guide to Trusted Computations: Part 0

A few weeks ago, Joanna Rutkowska and her team at Invisible Things Lab (ITL) published a guest post (including a demo) of their work on Graphene-ng, their proposed solution to solve the issues within enclave computations, most specifically Intel-SGX.The first blogpost was aimed to give a very...

From: Golem Project

July 11, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.16.2

Igor worrying about user transactionsIn this instance, we would like to introduce a hotfix-like update for our users. Having detected that payments were incoming in a reliable manner, but transactions were not marked as confirmed in our UI, we decided to fix this pain point to improve the Golem...

From: Golem Project

June 28, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.16.1

The new patch release of Brass Golem Beta 0.16.1 is available. This version contains some minor bugfixes, optimizations and a payment system refactor.Thanks to the consistent feedback from our users on UX issues we’ve introduced some fixtures in GUI.Additionally, in this release we are...

From: Aleksandra Skrzypczak

June 11, 2018

Introducing Graphene-ng: running arbitrary payloads in SGX enclaves

Guest author: Joanna Rutkowska (Invisible Things Lab)SGX demo snapshot — see video belowA few months ago, during my keynote at Black Hat Europe, I was discussing how we should be limiting the amount of trust when building computer systems. Recently, a new technology from Intel has been...

From: Golem Project

June 06, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.16.0

We are happy to announce the new release of Golem Brass Beta 0.16.0.Important! This version introduces changes to the Golem protocol and uses different cryptographic methods for signing and serializing messages so it’s not compatible with the previous Golem versions. Nodes running 0.16.0...

From: Aleksandra Skrzypczak

May 31, 2018

Solving for the User: Golem Support after Mainnet

Golem completed its mainnet launch on April 10, 2018.. Our users, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning, are now using our product, and we need to provide the best support possible because we owe it to them. Our team has changed since the early days of Ethereum development, and...

From: Dan Horne

May 15, 2018

Did reading get a bit boring? We turned our words into videos

Photo from Adrian Brink’s twitter — thank you Adrian!At Golem we take our promo tours seriously. And especially after launching mainnet, we are proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and we want to show it to the world.Our community has been asking for better explainers, documentation,...

From: Golem Project

April 30, 2018

Slides: a deep dive into the Golem architecture

In preparation for our CTO Piotr “Viggith” Janiuk’s presentation at EDCON: “Arbitrary computations with SGX in Golem. Architectural considerations, security risks, and efficiency tradeoffs”, we are releasing the initial slides on the Golem Architecture including SGX. Viggith has been...

From: Golem Project

April 26, 2018

Golem’s World Tour: Asia insights and North America tour announcement

Now that main net has launched and we all got some well-earned rest, it is time to tell our community about our first experiences in Asia, and what’s coming next.Before we decided to set sails and do an Asia tour, the continent was uncharted territory for Golem. We always knew that the way...

From: Golem Project

April 24, 2018

Brass Golem Beta 0.15.1

We are happy to announce the new release of Golem 0.15.1.This release adds as a feature, the possibility to restart a single subtask after the whole task hits deadline.This functionality may be useful if a user is not satisfied with a small part of the rendered image and wants to repeat this...

From: Aleksandra Skrzypczak

April 17, 2018

So, we’re live on the Ethereum Mainnet! Now what?

Image from PXHERE.comWe are still processing everything that’s happening around our mainnet launch — so we really cannot explain how we feel. We are continually pinching ourselves to figure out if we’re dreaming or this outstanding response is real.However, as we mentioned in other...

From: Golem Project

April 10, 2018

Ready, Set, Launch!

The time to press the button is finally here!We’ve come a long way. From being one of the first crowdfunded projects, way past the challenges we had to face while navigating the uncharted territory that is building Golem, the time has come to take the big step: mainnet launch is here.Before...

From: Golem Project

Golem Bug Bounty Competition

The First Computer Bug Moth found trapped between points at Relay # 70, Panel F, of the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator while it was being tested at Harvard University, 9 September 1945.Well, nowadays we might not have any real-life moths stuck in our computers (or software, to be more precise)...

From: Golem Project

April 06, 2018

Smart contracts: audit report

In order to launch Golem in the most correct, responsible and secure manner possible, the team needed to complete a critical step — the audit of the smart contracts.As the project evolved, we kept adding new features and improvements that required new ways of interacting with the...

From: Igor Adamski

April 05, 2018

A day with a true pioneer: the Golem Team meets Whitfield Diffie

The insightful Supercomputing Frontiers conference has a European edition. This year, the conference took place in the city where Golem was born, and where a large part of our tech team is based: Warsaw.Since supercomputers are what inspired us and drove us to start this decentralised...

From: Golem Project

March 27, 2018

Brass Golem Alpha2 0.14.0

We are very pleased to announce the new release of Golem 0.14.0. This release adds password management for unlocking Golem accounts and several other features that will be needed for the upcoming switch to mainnet. Also worth mentioning, are the updates in the GUI.As usual, we encourage you to...

From: Aleksandra Skrzypczak

March 14, 2018

Brass Golem Alpha2 0.13.0

Rubber duck debugging is commonly used by Golem devs.We are happy to announce the new release of Golem 0.13.0. This releases supports new version of Golem payment contracts and contains several protocol improvements. And general bugfixing.As usual we encourage you to follow the progress of our...

From: Aleksandra Skrzypczak

March 09, 2018

Reaching out

The ever-expanding Golem Team (in the screen you can see Chris, Ilona, and MP who couldn’t join at the group photo time)TL;DR: In preparation for the Brass Beta mainnet launch, this is an update on our plans in regard to community engagement, and where you will be able to find us in the...

From: Golem Project

March 07, 2018

Community Updates: Our new Kanban, explained

With our mainnet release on the horizon, we have taken special care to respond to the suggestions of our community members. Inspired by user suggestions during our recent AMA, we decided to reorganize our Kanban layout to provide more clarity for our users and transparency into our progress....

From: Golem Project

March 01, 2018

Brass Golem Alpha2 0.12.0

Our user support team will be ready to assist youToday, The Golem project is happy to announce the new release of Golem 0.12.0. This release focuses on local verification of tasks, protocol improvements (including anti-sybil based on key difficulty), UX/GUI refinement and general...

From: Golem Project

February 23, 2018

Teach your Golem how to learn

Graphics by Dan Horne for GolemOk, so here’s the thing: machine learning is taking over the world.Like, not in the literal, skynet’ish, space-oddysey’ish, matrix’ish way. At least for now.How then? Well, in the ordinary, economic’ish way. Data is pouring, algorithms are trained,...

From: Jacek Karwowski

February 15, 2018

Announcing Ethereum Community Fund

We’ve been developing Golem for a few years now, and as Ethereum is one of the core infrastructure components for us, we had the opportunity to take a close look at its evolution from both the end-user point of view and most importantly, from a Dapps developer perspective. As Ethereum and...

From: Golem Project

February 14, 2018

On choosing consciously and protecting your data

Photo by Marek OsiecimskiThe media outlet Salon sparked some controversy by publicly giving readers the choice to lease computing power to mine a particular cryptocurrency, trading it for the right to read their articles free of charge.This event might seem like an outrage, and might be new to...

From: Maria Paula Fernández

February 09, 2018

Golem: what & who we are, where we are at (revisited)

We’ve come a long way since we defined the project in words and not commits, pull requests and testnet releases. A year and a half in Blockchain equals a decade in the real world. We’ve gone through many changes, challenges, and every day we get closer to our mainnet release (though we’re...

From: Golem Project

February 01, 2018

Re-airdrop of OMG tokens

We have just initiated the re-airdrop of OMG tokens transferred to Golem’s multisig.Important: We will not request anything from your side. Any e-mail, website, etc. asking you to do something for the re-airdrop is fake. Remember, you do not have to do anything, just wait for your OMG to...

From: Paweł Bylica

January 24, 2018

Brass Golem Alpha2 0.11.0

We are delighted to announce the next major Golem release that consists of changes in the protocol, the core and the GUI. The main improvements are: an uPnP support (which means no need for a port forwarding anymore if supported by a router), GNTW migration (testnet will now work with a contract...

From: Golem Project

January 11, 2018

More Twain, less cheating

TL DR: We are working to address the problem of verification on Golem network. We will achieve it by checking small parts of computed tasks for accuracy. We will be publishing more on our research results over time.source:...

From: Jacek Karwowski

January 09, 2018

Golem Opens R&D Repository

Research process at its bestOver the past years, we’ve spent a lot of time researching topics relevant to Golem development. That effort was documented on wiki in our github repository, but we started it as a collection of private notes in May 2016, when the project was not open source yet....

From: Golem Project

December 20, 2017

Brass Golem Alpha2 0.10.0

We are pleased to announce the next major release which contains a few long-awaited features and protocol optimization.With this new version users can observe their incomes displayed in the GUI and check how many test GNT they have earned for each subtask by sharing their machine’s computing...

From: Aleksandra Skrzypczak

November 30, 2017

The Future is About to Happen

Golem is pleased to announce the hiring of Chris Waclawek who will be responsible for Business, Strategy and Partnerships.Working in technology is about building the product or talking to customers. I find myself right on the intersection of these two — says Chris Waclawek.“Chris brings...

From: Golem Project

November 28, 2017

Brass Golem Alpha2 0.9.1

Brass Golem Alpha2 0.9.1 contains new bugfixes, improvements and features.As many of you who follow our official GitHub repository may have already noticed we are ready to announce yet another step towards Brass. As in previous - so called - “minor releases” it means that the newest version...

From: Golem Project

November 23, 2017

Friend Software Corporation and the Golem project to partner

Friend and Golem are pleased to announce a formal partnership to ensure the advance of decentralized computing, peer-to-peer networking, and blockchain technologies as a whole.https://medium.com/media/b32609e8721b4d80dda8e58b0d4ecf1d/hrefThe partnership involves a minority equity investment of...

From: Golem Project

November 07, 2017

Parity / Multisig / Ethereum

A Statement from Golem’s CEODue to the issue in the latest Parity multisig code, all Paritymultisigs deployed after 20th of July this year are frozen. It is unclear at the moment if the funds are recoverable, but it seems likelythat no action on the smart contract side can be taken to...

From: Golem Project

October 27, 2017

Brass Golem Alpha2 0.9.0

We are pleased to announce new major release which means you can observe some changes to protocol. It also contains bugfixing, changes in dev tools and other improvements which are listed under the photo. As you can see on our Kanban we completed the File transport issue. Please expect more...

From: Golem Project

October 26, 2017

Developer Tech News #8

By Marcin Mielniczuk, Łukasz FoniokOckham’s Razor proves to be a very useful problem-solving principle not only in philosophy but also in everyday life. From the developer’s perspective, you could apply it like this — simpler theories are preferable to more complex ones because they...

From: Golem Project

October 17, 2017

11+ after 11.11

by Julian Zawistowski (CEO) and Piotr ‘Viggith’ Janiuk (CTO)Anniversaries serve a social function. They allow us to pause, take stock and reflect on all that has come before us. To celebrate, or commiserate and to understand how our lives have changed.Well, we just passed eleven months...

From: Golem Project

October 06, 2017

Come to chat.golem.network!

New login page of our Rocket ChatFinally the moment has arrived where our recent worries about security and safety might be coming to a close and a new chapter might begin. Although we are still working on some minor adjustments and layout details on our new community channel on Rocket, we have...

From: Marek Osiecimski

October 04, 2017

Developer Tech News #7

Grzegorz Gruszczyński is our software developer who worked on payment matching bugfixing.It’s been two weeks since we released Brass Golem Alpha2 0.8.1 and here’s a summary of the features and bug fixes we were working on during that time.What is a payment matching?Payment matching-related...

From: Marcin Mielniczuk

September 22, 2017

Farewell to Slack, Rocket — Here We Come!

Last year’s crowdfunding was not only a great boost for us in terms of our development process, it was also a tangible moment that helped us realize how many people believe in our project. Our community of supporters has grown ever since and it has been very important for us to have an...

From: Marek Osiecimski