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Gnosis ICO summary information

Project Description

Gnosis is a decentralized prediction market built on the Ethereum protocol. Gnosis provides an open platform for anyone to predict the outcome of any event and plans to drastically simplify the creation of customized prediction market applications. GNO is an Ethereum-based token that is used to incentivize long-term participation in the Gnosis platform, and allows users on the network to place prediction on future events which will act as there stake.Team:Martin Koppelmann: CEO. (Twitter);Stefan George: CTO (Twitter);Matt Liston, Strategist: Strategist. (Twitter);Friederike Ernst: COO (Twitter);Despite using a reverse dutch auction system Gnosis completed its ICO in only 12 minutes, selling 400,000 GNO tokens for the full cap of 250,000 ETH to 758 buyers creating an initial rate of $31.28 per GNO. Giving the project an initial valuation of 312.8 million as there are a total of 10,000,000 GNO created. The Gnosis team hold 96% of tokens and have said they will lock 99% of these funds for 1 year. Of the funding raised they aim to give 42% to platform and application development each. 4% for legal purposes and 12% for marketing and business development. Timeline and Sale terms

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GNO Latest Updates
May 23, 2018

The State of Storing Funds on Ethereum

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more users are entering the space — the number of Ethereum addresses in use is skyrocketing. As of May 23rd, 2018, Ethereum achieved a market capitalization of 64 billion USD while the top 100 Ethereum based tokens account for...

From: Nadja Beneš

May 17, 2018

Solidity DelegateProxy Contracts

Note: This is going to be a pretty technical read. You should be familiar with at least fundamental Ethereum architecture and rudimentary Solidity development before reading this article.Deploying contracts on Ethereum can be really costly. For non-trivial contracts, the amount of gas required...

From: Alan Lu

April 30, 2018

DAOstack brings Decentralized Governance to Gnosis

Introducing our partnership and shared long term goal of transforming users into the owners of decentralized platformsAt Gnosis and DAOstack, we believe that open source software projects should be able to easily self-organize at any scale while maintaining accountability and agility. Users...

From: Nadja Beneš

April 23, 2018

Gnosis DutchX and Initial OWL Generation Bug Bounty

We’re excited to announce that we are conducting a bug bounty for all contracts relevant for our upcoming Gnosis DutchX release as well as the Initial OWL Generation. We believe bug bounties are essential to ensuring a safe release, and are especially important when funds are being exchanged....

From: Nadja Beneš

April 16, 2018

Gnosis Portraits #2: Stefan George, CTO & Co-founder

In the past year, the Gnosis team has grown to 35 employees! While our team is spread out all over the world, we have a development hub in Berlin where about 20 of our 35 full-time employees are based. In a series of monthly posts, we’d like to introduce you to all the old and new (and pretty...

From: Nadja Beneš

April 03, 2018

User Groups

The Gnosis Dutch Exchange #6To us, the traditional order book model of centralized exchanges — a continuous auction model executing orders one-by-one — seems inadequate to be implemented on the blockchain. The DutchX applies an entirely different design which we find more suitable...

From: Nadja Beneš

March 22, 2018

Ready, set, code!

Gnosis X Setup and SDKToday, we’re launching Gnosis X — a recurring challenge inviting developers, creators, and businesses to build customized prediction market applications on top of the Gnosis platform. With Gnosis X, we hope to accelerate the creation of a powerful, decentralized...

From: Nadja Beneš

March 12, 2018

Ready to start building?

Gnosis X launches next MondayThe range of use cases for prediction markets is huge–and we certainly won’t be able to leverage its full potential on our own. With Gnosis X, our aim is to provide a level playing field for developers, creators, and businesses building customized dApps on top...

From: Nadja Beneš

March 05, 2018

The Main Benefits of the DutchX Mechanism

The Gnosis Dutch Exchange #5When introducing the Gnosis Dutch Exchange, we’ve shown that the current implementation of order book based centralized and decentralized exchanges face some major shortcomings: The high risk of loss of funds, difficulties for less liquid markets, and practices...

From: Nadja Beneš

February 23, 2018

Are you up for the challenge? Introducing Gnosis X

Build customized prediction market applications on top of GnosisThinking about the endless use cases, their inherent ability of inducing people to acquire and reveal information, and their successful track record when used by both public and private institutions, we find the idea of prediction...

From: Nadja Beneš

February 09, 2018

The Fee Model

The Gnosis Dutch Exchange #4Having introduced the Gnosis Dutch Exchange (DutchX) and explained its mechanism design, we’d like to provide you with more details about the exchange in a series of bi-weekly posts. We hope this series will shed light on the exchange’s features and leave you not...

From: Nadja Beneš

February 05, 2018

Gnosis Portraits: Martin Köppelmann, CEO & Co-founder

From the Pirate Party to BlockchainIn the past year, the Gnosis team has grown to 35 employees! While our team is spread out all over the world, we have a core development hub in Berlin where about 20 of our 35 full-time employees are based. In a series of weekly posts, we'd like to...

From: Gnosis

February 01, 2018

How 'Ideological Sock' triumphed in Gnosis Olympia

The player behind the alias Ideological Sock scored by far the highest number of OLY in Gnosis Olympia, our first prediction market tournament, and hence took home the

From: Gnosis

January 25, 2018

On all things Tokens

The Gnosis Dutch Exchange #3Having introduced the Gnosis Dutch Exchange (DutchX) and explained its mechanism design, we’d like to provide you with more details about the exchange in a series of bi-weekly posts. We hope this series will shed light on the exchange’s features and leave you not...

From: Nadja Beneš

January 22, 2018

WIZ turns OWL

Our Token ModelWe’d like to foster a community of those interested in sharing their knowledge on Gnosis prediction markets and applications. We hope for our token model to help us in building network effects which will eventually result in a sustainable, independent, yet supported community....

From: Nadja Beneš

January 18, 2018

Announcing Full Node

Full Node, Europe's largest co-working space for blockchain companies opens in BerlinGnosis and Cosmos/Tendermint open Europe's largest co-working space for blockchain companiesIn the blockchain community, we believe that information should be shared, continually reconciled, and truly...

From: Nadja Beneš

January 15, 2018

Gold goes to…

The Winners of Gnosis OlympiaGnosis Olympia, our first prediction market tournament, ended last week and all winnings have been redeemed by the participants. We’re more than excited to announce the winners today!You were the ones who made the best predictions in our markets on various...

From: Gnosis

January 10, 2018

New Year, New Me

We’re starting 2018 with a fresh, new website2017 has been a huge year for Gnosis. Since our token sale last April, Gnosis has grown in so many ways. While our team size expanded from 7 to 35 employees in the last year, we’ve developed many exciting products (Gnosis Olympia, the Dutch...

From: Gnosis

January 05, 2018

An Ode to you, Fortune Tellers

Who will win the Olympia tournament?A first Recap of Gnosis OlympiaToday’s the last day of our first prediction market tournament, Gnosis Olympia, and hence your last chance to trade in our prediction markets and take home GNO tokens!Within the past two weeks, you’ve been predicting events...

From: Gnosis

December 22, 2017

The Mechanism Design of the Gnosis Dutch Exchange

Last week, we’ve shown that the current implementation of order book based centralized and decentralized exchanges face some major shortcomings: The high risk of loss of funds, difficulties for less liquid markets, and practices like front-running. To remedy these drawbacks, Gnosis is...

From: Nadja Beneš

December 20, 2017

2017 Retro and the Year Ahead

Beginning of this week, we hosted our third community call where Gnosis co-founders Martin and Stefan gave a retrospective of 2017 and presented an updated roadmap for the year ahead.What have we been up to? 2017 Retro and Major MilestonesOlympia (Live)On Monday, we achieved a major milestone:...

From: Gnosis

December 15, 2017

Introducing the Gnosis Dutch Exchange

In the past months, a team of mathematicians and developers at Gnosis took a close look at both centralized and decentralized implementations of exchanges. After facing some serious limitations with both types of exchanges, we decided to work on an entirely new solution — a decentralized...

From: Nadja Beneš

December 08, 2017

This Week in Community

What we've been up to these daysWith the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin conference kicking off this Monday and gathering entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts with an increasing interest in the crypto space, it has been a busy week for the blockchain community here in Berlin. Here’s a...

From: Gnosis

December 04, 2017

Developer Update #1: Gnosis Olympia

At Gnosis, we want to make it as easy as possible for all users to participate in decentralized prediction markets. To get valuable product feedback, we think it’s essential to involve the entire community in testing our application. That’s why we came up with the idea to organize the...

From: Adolfo Panizo

November 29, 2017

Introducing Robin Hanson as an Advisor

During his TED talk, Robin Hanson describes what could happen if robots ruled the earth (Image via TED.com).A short Portrait of the Father of Prediction Markets“I have a passion, a sacred quest, to understand everything, and to save the world. I am addicted to viewquakes, insights which...

From: Nadja Beneš

October 25, 2017

Announcing Gnosis Olympia

Our first prediction market tournamentIn preparation for the official launch of the Gnosis Management Interface, we’re excited to announce Gnosis Olympia — our first prediction market tournament allowing you to try out trading in prediction markets, unlock new levels, gain honorary...

From: Nadja Beneš

October 19, 2017

Hack, eat, and forget to sleep

A shout out to the best Gnosis hackersComing back from our hackathon weekend in both Berkeley and Bangalore, we still feel totally euphoric. The first weekend of October, hundreds of brilliant developers and designers headed to the famous UC Berkeley campus for Calhacks 4.0, and to the Cowkrs...

From: Gnosis

October 16, 2017

Matters of Trust

With decentralization, we don’t need to build trust relationships first before we can start to collaborate.Despite being rigorously tested, cutting-edge instruments for forecasting future events, prediction markets will never reach their full potential if built on 21st century database...

From: Nadja Beneš

October 13, 2017

UPDATE, November 17th: Currently the docker setup is broken.

UPDATE, November 17th:Currently the docker setup is broken. As soon as it is fixed we will remove this note.Welcome DevelopersFirst steps to build applications on GnosisAs a decentralized, permissonless platform, we want to make it as easy as possible for others to use what we have built....

From: Martin Köppelmann

October 05, 2017

It's Hackathon Weekend! India's brightest hackers build Gnosis applications at InOut 4.0

This weekend is all about hackathons

From: Nadja Beneš

September 28, 2017

Gnosisのユースケースを学生が36時間ハッキング at Cal Hacks 4.0


From: Gnosis



From: Gnosis

September 26, 2017



From: Gnosis

August 28, 2017


(フィッシング詐欺(引用元 wired.com)Translated by Yukako Nitta...

From: Nadja Beneš

August 16, 2017

Gnosis MultiSig Wallet(ノーシス・マルチシグ・ウォレット)のアルファ版リリース

Gnosisの組織構造 — Gnosis MultiSig Wallet(ノーシス・マルチシグ・ウォレット)の箇所を公開Translated by Yukako Nitta...

From: Nadja Beneš

April 12, 2017

The Gnosis Model of Token Sale Responsibility

By Matt ListonIn addition to growing interest in our platform, and how it will propel Gnosis forward, we are hopeful that our auction will provide a model of due diligence, responsibility, and management, for future token projects. Let’s take a look at the steps we have taken to execute the...

From: Nadja Beneš

April 05, 2017

A short overview of the Gnosis token auction

By Matt ListonA short overview of the Gnosis token auctionGnosis created 10 Million GNO tokens.The auction will begin on April 24th at 1pm EST.Gnosis will auction off a fraction of those tokens until either $12.5M USD worth of Ether is collected, or 9 Million GNO tokens are sold. Click here...

From: Nadja Beneš

December 15, 2016

Gnosis Bug Bounty Program

By Matt ListonWelcome bounty hunters!We are starting our bug bounty program for all contracts and software relevant for our upcoming token launch. Read more about our Token launch mechanics here.Major bugs will be rewarded up to $500 (in BTC or ETH). Much higher rewards are possible (up to...

From: Nadja Beneš

December 13, 2016

Introducing the Gnosis Token Launch

By Matt ListonSome background on token launchesPlatform, or “app,” tokens in decentralized networks can be distributed in a variety of ways. In the Bitcoin and altcoin model these tokens are distributed gradually via a proof of work or proof of stake mechanism. There are variations within...

From: Nadja Beneš

September 02, 2016

Markets for Security

By Matt ListonIn light of recent attacks on theDAO it seems to be a good time to discuss how prediction markets could be used to hedge against, mitigate, or prevent such a situation in the future.Estimating ProbabilitiesIn general, prediction markets are excellent at providing instruments to...

From: Nadja Beneš

June 09, 2016

Markets for the Future

By Matt ListonPolicy decisions are at the core of all governance models. Organizations must make decisions on which policies to implement in order to maximize future welfare. For a government, this could mean deciding budget allocation. Should a portion of the budget be allocated for...

From: Nadja Beneš

A Visit to the Oracle

By Matt ListonSmart contracts are poised to revolutionize the ways that humans, machines, and organizations create and enforce contractual relationships.Everything from property ownership to financial instruments to family arrangements can now be implemented as a piece of code on a publicly...

From: Nadja Beneš