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Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gimli is the decentralized application for live stream bets and interactions, including votes, donations and tournament prize pooling. The platform empowers streamers by enabling them to connect directly with their audience, increase and control novel revenue opportunities. The Gimli founders have teamed up with world renowned streamers with more than a million followers and top level pro gamers, including world champions, to create a world class team of 14 people.

Project Description

Gimli is a decentralized, interactive platform for video game streamers and viewers. On Gimli, viewers can place bets on game outcomes and challenges created by the streamer they are watching. They can participate in polls, gain social status, vote, tip, and contribute to streamers crowdfunding campaigns using Gimli’s versatile digital token GIM.By sharing all revenues with partner streamers, Gimli creates a new way for them to interact with and monetize their large audience, providing an untapped, stable source of revenue.Team:David: Dan: Julien: Tom: Olivier: Joe:  Thud:  Mikael:   Sahil: Gimli will be holding its ICO on September 16, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 46.67% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 80,000,000 tokens available, for 0.001428 ETH each at the offering. The ICO funding cap is 114286 ETH and is expected to end on September 30, 2017, or when the funding cap is reached. If there are any unsold tokens when the ICO ends, 50% of the ICO excess tokens will be locked for a period of two years and the other 50% will be burned.Token Reserve Split (46.67%):10 Million sold to eSports professionals;10 Million kept in the Gimli reserve pool for sale through the Gimli App and website;20 Million granted to advisors, streamers and professional gamers, kept in a multisigned wallet;30 Million granted to Gimli founders, team and employees;

Founders and Associates

David Waugh

Dan Biton

Julien Charrel

Tom St Laurent

Joseph Fiscella

Hadrien Noci (Thud)

Mikael Bertheau

Yohan Guez

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January 18, 2019

Gimbl Monthly Tech Update: GTMU #6

Front-EndAs you may already know, the entire team is now focusing on Front-end experience, design and development.We’ve been hiring additional resources to efficiently bootstrap our React architecture in order to be React Native-compliant, i.e. for our future iOS and Android applications to...

From: GIM

December 18, 2018

Gimli Monthly Tech Update: GMTU #5

Gimli Monthly Tech Update: GMTU #5JulienDec 18, 2018As you are already aware, we had the chance to go to DEVCON IV and to listen to many improvements and announcement from various Ethereum influencers and developers. Serenity was on everyone’s lips, and we became fully aware of the...

From: GIM

November 13, 2018

Gimli Monthly Tech Update: GMTU #4

Gimli Monthly Tech Update: GMTU #4JulienNov 13, 2018We’ve started the last phase of UX design and are now in full Front development mode, which is the last piece before the alpha. We’ve been thinking and designing a lot of fun specs that you guys will love. Soon in the...

From: GIM

October 31, 2018

Twitch Con and beyond

Twitch Con and beyondJulienOct 31, 2018This year and for the first time, I got the opportunity to go to the Twitch Con and meet up with the great minds and influencers who are shaping the next big things in streaming. The event was overwhelmingly oversubscribed, and it showed the growing...

From: GIM

October 12, 2018

Gimli Monthly Tech Update: GMTU #3

Gimli Monthly Tech Update: GMTU #3JulienOct 12, 2018After months of thinking about how we want our users to experience Gimli, we took the decision to offer a hybrid model. Those who want to fully use the power of decentralization and their own wallet can do so, for now using Metamask in a...

From: GIM

September 25, 2018

Gimli is a founding member of The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA)

We are very proud to announce that Gimli’s co-founder “Dan” will be on the board of the Blockchain Game Alliance. The alliance has recently been announced by Manon Burgel CEO at B2Expandat during “Blockchain Game Summit” in Lyon, organized by Ubisolft.The Blockchain Game Alliance has...

From: Dan Biton

September 10, 2018

Gimli Monthly Tech Update: GMTU #2

We’re now almost halfway through September and we’ve been working relentlessly on our tech. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ve been seeing a lot of changes lately, and it’s only the beginning.We’re thrilled about our new Front-end team member. As a hardcore Web...

From: Dan Biton

August 13, 2018

Gimli Monthly Tech Update : GMTU #1

As promised, our first “GMTU” is here so we can keep you updated on our technical development status. Please let us know of your thoughts and if you’d like to openly communicate with us on any topic, we’d be glad to engage in a discussion so do not hesitate.We’ve been working for some...

From: Dan Biton

July 30, 2018

Civic: a new strategic partner of Gimli

Greetings,We would like to introduce our new partner, as cooperation with them is a very significant development for the project.Civic Technologies Inc., the leading blockchain identity verification technology provider. With Civic’s Secure Identity Platform (SIP), Gimli users will have access...

From: Dan Biton

May 29, 2018

Gimli’s newest recruit: Lead Developer

With a true passion for Algorithmics, Julien got his Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science at Aix-Marseille University. His main focus is on decentralized cloud services and how to tackle security issues in such environments. It was the opportunity for him to write in numerous international...

From: Dan Biton

May 28, 2018

Against all odds

Dear All,You’ve been waiting for a long time and today is the opportunity for us to open up to our backers as to why we are behind schedule. The point of this article is to explain to all of you what kind of barriers we’ve had to overcome and pitfalls we’ve had to avoid up until now.As...

From: Dan Biton

May 04, 2018

Gimli opens a French Lab

Dear Community,In the past few months, we spent a lot of time dealing with legal framework, license, due diligence processes, but we are now getting into a new step. As you might expect, all those very time consuming efforts have left us with no choice but prioritize structuration over...

From: Dan Biton

April 24, 2018

GIM is now listed on Gatecoin

Gimli is pleased to announce the listing of the GIM token on Gatecoin, an Honk-Kong based crypto exchange, that also supports Fiat and crypto pairings. Gatecoin also enables individuals and institutions around the world to trade and invest in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and blockchain...

From: Dan Biton

March 23, 2018

ETHCC conference in Paris

https://ethcc.io/Last week we attended the ETHCC conference at the Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Métiers in Paris. The Ethereum Community Conference was certainly action-packed as we met top developers from the Ethereum Foundation, teams from well established blockchain applications such...

From: Dan Biton

March 12, 2018

Update on Licensing

Dear Community,From the last update you saw a lot of “on-site” action, but this time we’re gonna take you behind the scenes a bit and give you a sneak peak on some of the heavy lifting that’s going on as we speak.First off, we wanted to update you on the technical development process in...

From: Dan Biton

February 26, 2018

Gimli takes the ICE conference!

Everyone, do we have some exciting updates for you regarding our exposure into the gaming industry! Let’s get right to it:Do you appreciate a very pretty and functional website? In that case, we are happy and excited to announce that our new and improved website is up and running and ready to...

From: Dan Biton

February 19, 2018

A new team member on Gimli’s roster

Benoit joins Gimli as product leadBenoit MorelliWe are happy to announce that Benoit Morelli, an early supporter of the Gimli Project, has joined us on a full-time basis today, to lead product management efforts.His passion for eSports, his analytical skills and his experience in building...

From: Dan Biton

January 25, 2018

2018 Weekly update #2

Dear Community,We hope you’ve stuck with your New Years Resolutions thus far! January is ending, and the Gimli team has accomplished so much over the past few weeks.What exactly have we been working on, you ask? Let’s get straight to it.As many of you know, Gimli’s application...

From: Dan Biton

January 10, 2018

2018 Weekly update #1

To Our Incredible Community,Happy New Year! From all of us at Gimli.We want to thank all of you for your steadfast support in 2017. Together we laughed, we cried, and sometimes we felt like giving up. However, in the end, we made it work, with a successful ICO behind us.Gimli’s birthday is...

From: Dan Biton

December 19, 2017

And the Gimli adventure begins

Dear Community,We have some interesting news for you, as we’re half way through December leading up to the new year. Lots happening here and we’d like to share it with you.Since the end of the ICO, we have been working on multiple aspects of Gimli such as:H.R: Front-end developer, back-end...

From: Dan Biton

November 14, 2017

Gimli on the road

Dear Gimli Community,Thanks for being here with us over these past few weeks. Now we are back in business and have a lot to share with you in the weeks to come.As some of you might have read on our Telegram channel, the community urged for a decision on the unsold tokens. Some of our GIM buyers...

From: Julien

October 21, 2017

Gimli ICO has come to an end. Thank you all !!!!

Gimli ICO has come to an end. Thank you all !!!!Dear All,On behalf of all the Gimli team, I would like to express my gratitude for the support and interest we received from you, our backers. We have been working relentlessly for the past year toward this goal and none of this would have been...

From: Dan Biton

October 18, 2017

Gimli Live Stream Demo Opens Now!

Join Gimli eSports advisor Happy from team Envyus who is streaming now, and bet on the game with Gimli!Link: http://demo.gimli.io/happys_stream.htmlStreamer: https://twitter.com/nV_HappyVTo learn more about the Gimli ICO, see our launch page. The Gimli ICO is ending soon, on October 20.Gimli...

From: David Waugh

Join the Live Gimli Stream Demo

The Gimli token sale is ending soon, on Friday, October 20, and we are very grateful for the support we’ve received.We have started the development of the Gimli project, and we are proud to invite you to participate in our first live demo. One of our eSports advisors, Happy from team Envyus,...

From: David Waugh

September 29, 2017

Gimli token sale updates memorandum

Dear Gimli Community Members,Please accept our apologies for the confusion created by internal miscommunication in the past few days when announcing some changes to our token sale. We take the blame and accept criticism from the community in this regard and will ensure this does not happen in...

From: Julien

September 21, 2017

Gimli’s d10E Experience

Earlier this week, a few of Gimli’s European Founders had a chance to fly to Kiev in the Ukraine for the d10e conference. For those of you who don’t know, we at Gimli are working on revolutionizing the way interactions occur through eSports!Most of you are thinking, what does...

From: Sahil Sachdev

September 20, 2017

Breakdown of the Gimli Pre-Sale

Hi everyone, we have finished reconciling the Gimli Pre-Sale. Here it is, by the numbers.Gimli Pre-Sale numbers331 people participated in the Gimli Pre-Sale through our website.Around 200 people participated through our partners in China as well, and following government regulation changes,...

From: David Waugh

September 19, 2017

Gimli Partners with Mock-it eSports!

Gimli is proud to announce a collaboration with Mock-it eSports.Mock-it Esports is a premiere esports club. With top teams in Rocket League, H1Z1, and PUBG they are taking the eSports scene by storm. Headed by 7-year blockchain veteran Marshall Long, they have had incredible success, from...

From: David Waugh

September 18, 2017

How to view GIM tokens in your wallet

If you haven’t joined the Gimli ICO yet, go to https://gimli.io!If you participated in the Gimli ICO, you will receive GIM tokens directly after you send Ether to the ICO contract. In general, you’ll need the following address to be able to view the tokens:Token Address:...

From: David Waugh

Gimli ICO Live!

The Gimli ICO has just started! The ICO opened at 12 PM noon GMT, or 2 PM CET.Participate in the ICO here: https://gimli.ioPlease see here for instructions on how to participate, or see our Medium blog for a full walkthrough.Read more about the Gimli Project in our whitepaper.Join our Telegram...

From: David Waugh

September 16, 2017 00:02

Gimli ICO - eSports decentralized ICO

Gimli is a decentralized, interactive platform for eSport streamers and viewers. Users can use digital tokens to bet on live games outcome, donate to streamers and respond to their polls and challenges.

Gimli allows viewers to interact between one another and with streamers on live tournaments of League of Legends, Counter Strike, Fifa and many other video games broadcast live on streaming platforms like Twitch. Streamers use the versatile Gimli Token GML to set up bets, receive donations, organize surveys and any number of other new and powerful ways to connect with their audience.


August 01, 2017 16:59

What is Gimli ?

Gimli is a decentralized, interactive platform for eSport streamers and viewers. Users can use digital tokens to bet on live games outcome, donate to streamers and respond to their polls and challenges.

Gimli allows viewers to interact between one another and with streamers on live tournaments of League of Legends, Counter Strike, Fifa and many other video games broadcast live on streaming platforms like Twitch. Streamers use the versatile Gimli Token GML to set up bets, receive donations, organize surveys and any number of other new and powerful ways to connect with their audience.


July 07, 2017 02:58

Gimli Backend Tutorial

Check out gimli.io and demo.gimli.io for more info!