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A global distribution and e-commerce marketplace for refurbished consumer electronics.


  • Yuen Wong: Co-Founder & CEO.
  • Joe Chan: CTO.
  • Erik Hohmann: CMO.
  • Chris Wong: COO.
  • Simon Choi : Fintech, Blockchain & Global ICO Lawyer.
  • Pranav Burnwal: Region Head at Blockchain Education Network.
  • Brennan Bennett: Blockchain Technology Consultant.

Galaxy eSolutions will be holding its ICO on the 17th of November, 2017. There will be a total of 2,800,000 tokens available, for 0.01 ETH each at the offering. The ICO funding target is 25000 ETH and is expected to end on the 15th of January

Token Reserve Split (11%):

  • 9.5% Team;
  • 1.5% Bounties;

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GES Latest Updates
September 29, 2018

MSCE and GES Global Cooperation Announcement

Mobile Ecosystem (MSCE) and Galaxy eSolutions (GES) officially launched a global strategic partnership.Team Background IntroductionGalaxy eSolutions’ vision is to fully integrate blockchain technology and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with a marketplace platform. GES aims to resolve several...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

August 18, 2018

Further Cooperation Development with MSCE

Further Cooperation Development with MSCEDear Community,As you may know from previous announcements that we have been working closely with MSCE, another project that shares a very similar vision in this circular economy in the refurbished consumer electronics especially mobile phones...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

August 03, 2018

GES has revamped its website

Hi All, In addition to this week’s news the development team is sharing another small update.Our web design team has decided to finish the website revamp over night so it gives a fresher look to the community and adding some extra stuffs including the ticker widget from Coin Market Cap,...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

August 02, 2018

GES August 2018 Updates & Announcements

Today we are announcing some important steps we are taking that would drive our historic transformation: to fully integrate blockchain and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with a marketplace platform.The announcement is about positioning ourselves for long-term growth and allowing GES to move...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

July 31, 2018

GES Relaunched on CMC!

Today, we are very happy to announce that GES is relaunched on CoinMarketCap (CMC).We are hoping that with CMC, it’ll bring much more flexibility and convenience to the supporters of GES.What is CoinMarketCap (CMC)?CoinMarketCap believes in transparency and openness in data. All the...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

July 26, 2018

New Phones are Out, Refurbished Phones are In

Just two years ago, a Business Insider article ran an opinion piece that read “never buy a refurbished smartphone from a carrier.” It went on to say that it was in a refurbished phone vendor’s best interest “to find any reason it can not to honor the warranty,” telling readers to stick...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

July 20, 2018

E-Waste: A Threat to Humanity

Newer phones may have been introducing greener and greener features, but there is nothing green as to what happens to your phone after you throw it away to upgrade to new.In a previous post, we talked about the fact that discarded phones that find their way into landfills aren’t left to sit...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

July 12, 2018

Is Blockchain Priming E-Commerce for Disruption?

Blockchain has repeatedly been branded the most disruptive technology in recent years, and with good reason. The technology brought to the table a level of security and accuracy previously thought impossible and ushered in a “shift from centralised server-based internet systems to a...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

June 29, 2018

The Refurbished Phones Market: Outlook Through 2022

A few years ago, many thought it unthinkable for the refurbished phones market to grow to the size that it has today. As early as 2013, there were rumours about the emerging interest in used phones. But too many were skeptical about the refurbished smartphone market then, and the trend was...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

June 25, 2018

E-Waste: How it Could Affect You

Thinking of throwing your old phone away? You might want to read this first.The moment you put a phone in the rubbish bin, it becomes e-waste which, if you didn’t know, is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Old and worn out smartphones, computers, and other electronic gadgets...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

June 14, 2018

GES and MSCE Attend the Dawan District Blockchain Development Summit

Last June 10, 2018, MSCE & Galaxy eSolutions, together with the Guangdong Provincial Cultural Association, the Guangdong Provincial Long March Cultural Promotion Association, and the Guangdong Internet Economy participated in the Dawan District Blockchain Development Summit Forum at the W...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

May 29, 2018

Galaxy eSolutions Forms Strategic Partnership with MSCE

The management of Galaxy eSolutions (GES) is pleased to announce that it has strategically invested roughly 1M USD in MSCE (http://msce.vip), a second-hand mobile phone recycling and trading blockchain-based marketplace, operating in China. This project was founded by the creators of Azooo.com,...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

May 07, 2018

Quick Updates Before listing On Bancor today.

Galaxy eSolutions at a Charity Golf EventSRACP Chief Executive Mr. Andy NG Wang-tsang (left), and GES CEO Mr. Yuen Wong (right).Galaxy eSolution (GES) was recently invited and sponsored the lunch buffet of Charity Golf 2018, a charity event hosted by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

May 06, 2018

Announcement: CZ Tweet Incident

Our CEO, Yuen Wong (right), attending a ceremony of a charity golf competition.What happened?CZ tweeted a picture in which I asked to take with him with the following words: “I am always happy to take a picture together with anyone who asks. But this is exactly how you should NOT use it. It is...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

April 19, 2018

Galaxy eSolutions (GES) is On CNBC

GES CEO, Yuen Wong, is being interviewed by CNBCDear Supporters, GES is on CNBC! and Yuen Wong our CEO was interviewed Live. We will put the videos up shortly, stay tuned!Yuen at CNBC Studio in Dubai.Links● Web: www.galaxy-esolutions.com● Technical White Paper: Read Here● Telegram...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

April 12, 2018

GES Hard Cap Reached, ICO Finishes Early!

GES is excited to announce that we have successfully allocated 100% of 300 million GES tokens, raised 20,000 ETH and officially completed the ICO today.Stay tuned for more announcements soon…Links● Web: www.galaxy-esolutions.com● Technical White Paper: Read Here● Telegram Chat:...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

April 09, 2018

GES is Mentioned on Ether News & Hitting Hard Cap Soon!

GES is mentioned on Ether News. click here to read…GES is mentioned on Ether News about its soon hard cap hitting ICO that is closing very soon upon reaching 20,000 ETH raised or 300 million tokens distributed. Buy your GES token now before they are all sold out soon!Read it on Ether News:...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

April 07, 2018

GES is Hitting Hardcap Soon

Thanks to the recent featuring on Reuters (click here to read…) and closing some private deals, GES is going to hit the hardcap very soon and complete the ICO early.If you have not yet participated in this, please hurry up before it’s too late.Mr. Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance (left)...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

April 03, 2018

We are Featured on REUTERS

Click here to watch the videoAs we mentioned earlier we are featured on Reuter Insider. Let’s take a look at our CEO, Yuen Wong, interviewed by Matthias Knab, Managing Director & Managing Editor of Opalesque. Opalesque provides professional news services to participants in the alternative...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

March 30, 2018

Announcement and updates: ICO extension and developments

https://medium.com/media/8b4305a2d976d16d500a366fb9ef8427/hrefDear GES Community:The GES Team would like to use this chance share some updates and to announce that we will be extending our ICO/Token sale event to 15th April 1200 PM UTC.Let me share the reasons for this and hopefully it makes...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

March 14, 2018

Galaxy eSolutions (GES) Integrating GES Tokens With the Bancor Protocol for Decentralized Liquidity

Hong Kong — March 2018 — GES, a hybrid eCommerce ecosystem for pre-owned and refurbished electronics with a blockchain powered marketplace, is announcing an integration with the Bancor Protocol to provide continuous liquidity to GES token holders.Bancor is a decentralized liquidity...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

March 08, 2018

Bancor Integration Preparation Started!

We are pleased to announce we are working on the preparation to integrate with Bancor.Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network based in Zug, Switzerland. Bancor completed a historic Token Generation Event in June 2017. Bancor aims to unlock the long tail of user-generated currencies by...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

GES Interviewed by Disruption Daily

https://www.disruptordaily.com/disruption-blockchain-part-73-yuen-wong-galaxy-esolutions/We have recently had an interview by Disruption Daily with our CEO, Yuen Wong, in their new Disruption by Blockchain series aims to highlight companies that are leveraging the incredible potential of...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

March 02, 2018

Welcome Alaa Mohra!

Alaa Mohra, Blockchain Expert (Linked in)We are pleased to announce that Alaa Mohra has just joined us as our advisor. Alaa is the cofounder of Dubai International Blockchain Summit and Blockchain expert. He has provided the largest event platform that gather Blockchain experts from all over...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

Alaa Mohra joining GES as Blockchain Advisor

Alaa Mohra, Blockchain Expert (Linked in)We are pleased to announce that Alaa Mohra has just joined us as our advisor. Alaa is the co-founder of Dubai International Blockchain Summit and Blockchain expert. He has provided the largest event platform that gathers Blockchain experts from all over...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 28, 2018


Click here to buyThe GES ICO has just started! Support us and find out more here…For new comers we have prepared below some infographics for you to quickly understand us:MOU Signing Ceremony with Landray, listed company in China.Links● Web: www.galaxy-esolutions.com● Telegram Chat:...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

GES ICO Smart Contract Published

Hi all GES supporters,we are happy to announce that the Main ICO that starts 28th Feb, 2018 12:00 PM UTC is ready and it’s Smart Contract has already been deployed and ready for public inspection.Once again, our Blockchain Director, Pranav Burnwal (read more…) , and our Blockchain...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 27, 2018

How to add GES token into my wallet?

First of all thank you for your purchase of our GES tokens. You should already have received your GES tokens from Whitelist / Presale. And now I am going to show you a few ways that you can add and view your GES tokens in your own wallet:MyEtherWallet (MEW)Click on ‘View Wallet Info’ menu...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

Welcoming Our Blockchain Director

https://medium.com/media/0ff10e680c21d82d3a08d6a58acb3914/hrefGES is pleased to announce that Pranav Burnwal is joining us from our Advisor team to becoming our Blockchain Director in Galaxy eSolutions.Pranav Burnwal (Left) & Joe Chan, our CTO(Right)Pranav was the Region Head Blockchain...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 26, 2018

Accepting Cryptos on our Retail Websites

We have been working not only on our ICO and our Decentralised P2P platform but also the idea of receiving Crypto Currencies on our retail website securely. Today we can announce that we are working closely with Coinbase Commerce on making this happen.What is Coinbase Commerce?Coinbase Commerce...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 22, 2018

Quick Recap of our Strategic Partners & Advisors

Toasting after the MOU CeremonyOn the 12th of February 2018, Galaxy eSolutions signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) agreement with Landray, a listed company in China, on strategic investment and development.Landray provides Business Process Management (BPM), WorkFlow and O.A IT solutions...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

Whitelist Contribution Begins!

Click here to Contribute NOW!The Wait is OVER! You can now start contributing to our whitelist ETH address (ONLY found on official Website) to secure your GES tokens with up to 50% bonus!Apparently, our whitelist register is over-subscribed, so to ensure you get yours, please hurry up and...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 15, 2018

MOU Signing Ceremony on Youtube

https://medium.com/media/4c456d6b0660753c9a98131c10a2e1cf/hrefWhitelist is NOW OPEN! : https://galaxy-esolutions.com/pages/w...7:55 ICO Update by YuenGalaxy eSolutions has entered into an MOU agreement with Landray, Listed Company in China, on Strategic Investment and Development.0:17...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

GES and Sharder: The Journey and the FUD

I have known Ben Xiong, the CEO of Sharder for a year and we basically clicked since we also shared the same belief that blockchain would not only change ecommerce, but also the world. As Galaxy eSolutions (‘GES’) is building an ambitious hybrid ecommerce ecosystem, we discussed and decided...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 13, 2018

GES Signed MOU Agreement with Landray, Listed in China, on Strategic Investment and Development

CEO of Galaxy eSolutions Ltd, Yuen Wong (left) and MD of Landray, Vincent (right) after signing the MOU agreement.On Monday 12th of Feburary, 2018, Galaxy eSolutions has signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) agreement with Landray, a listed company in China, on strategic investment and...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 12, 2018

UPDATE: MOU with a Listco & More Marketing

MOU Agreement with a ListcoFirstly, by 3pm today, Galaxy eSolutions (‘GES’) will have signed an MOU agreement with Landray, a listed company in China, on strategic investment and development.Landay is a knowledge management and management solutions company, established in 2001 and listed in...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 09, 2018

Louis Tang — ex-Group Finance Director at Noble Group (Fortune 250 company) Joins Us

We are extremely honoured to have Mr. Louis Tang to be sitting our Financial and investment Committee Advisor. He was the Chief Accounting a Officer and Group Financial Controller of Noble Group ( was a Fortune 250 company).“I’m pleased to be invited by Galaxy eSolutions to be their...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 08, 2018

Whitelist Members: 72-hour ONLY Client Appreciation Event is NOW ON!

A Special Client Appreciation Event has just launched by Galaxy eSolutions. This 72-hour ONLY event allows whitelisted supporters to contribute to GES ICO earlier and taking the advantage of the recent low ETH price.Purchasing via whitelist will also enjoy the bonuses up to 50%!The event...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 07, 2018

Galaxy eSolutions Ask Me Anything

https://medium.com/media/296e9393f0f8fe0829004d9027b271f5/hrefWatch our latest AMA (ask me anything) session with our CEO, Yuen Wong by Crypto-Bit Brothers. Very professional and detailed analysis about our GES ICO starting 28 FEB to 31st March too.*Note: GES is licensed by Chinese authority to...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

February 05, 2018

Galaxy eSolutions Welcomes Two New Advisors From Google

Galaxy eSolution (GES) is pleased and excited to announce that we are having Miles Stoll and Manuel Salvaterra, both employees at Google LLC, to assist in our digital marketing and strategy.Miles Stoll — Digital marketing professional with vast experience, of which 4 years as at Google. He...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

January 29, 2018

Building on Origin — Announcing our partnership with Origin Protocol

Galaxy eSolutions (‘GES’), a hybrid ecommerce ecosystem in the pre-owned and refurbished economy, is extremely pleased to announce that we will be integrating GES decentralized C2B/B2B platform with the Origin Protocol to further our mission of a fair and efficient blockchain-powered...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

January 22, 2018

FINAL Date of ICO and Important Progress Update

Dear Community,We have the following announcement to make:1. The ICO date will now be 28th Feb to 31st March 2018 and is FINAL. We like to explain the further delay due to the following progress and updates, and then you will understand why.2. GES has formed strategic partnership with Dafzo...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

January 18, 2018

Checkout Our Latest Interview on ICOWatchlist

ICO Watchlist has recently interviewed our CEO, Yuen Wong talking about our newly introduced Blockchain Technology C2B/C2C and B2B marketplace model in this billions of USD refurbished consumer electronics market. Read here

From: Galaxy eSolutions

January 10, 2018

More & even Better Updates — GES ICO

Dear Community,Due to the current interesting developments and consideration factors as described below, we have to push back the ICO further and now:The final ICO date range will be 28th Jan to 5th March 2018:We have formed strategic partnership with Sharder, a decentralised information...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

December 21, 2017

GES ICO — New Improvement Plan

=================================Dear GES Community,As promised, we have some big news for you, our newly and greatly improved ICO:1. We are incorporating Blockchain concept and development into our e-business ecosystemGES is an eCommerce Ecosystem that incorporates the hybrid P2P Blockchain...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

December 09, 2017

GES Announcement — Postponement of ICO by 4~6 weeks

We would like to announce that we would push back our ICO by 4~6 weeks to make some positive improvements which will benefit our backers and all. This will not affect the concluded Presale round as we will proceed and even compensate for the delay.We will need the time to revise our whitepaper...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

December 07, 2017

Green is Gold: Refurbished Electronics are Key to Green Consumption

Green is in. These days, it’s not enough to have a good product to appeal to your market. Your product must meet green industry standards, or you stand to lose significant revenue opportunities. The reason? Because green consumerism is on the rise, and there’s evidence that it’s here...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

December 05, 2017

Refurbished Smartphones: A Damn Good Deal For Consumers

It’s incredible how refurbished smartphones aren’t common knowledge yet. It’s technically the best thing since sliced bread, and it’s simply a more superior way to purchase handsets, no question. Why?Refurbished Smartphones: What Are They?Because refurbished smartphones are used phones...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

November 29, 2017

Why Blockchains are the Future of the Online Marketplaces

Why Blockchains are the Future of the Online MarketplacesBlockchains: The Technological Masterpiece of Our TimeBlockchain technology is perhaps the most revolutionary invention since the internet itself. It was first introduced as part and parcel of Bitcoin’s infrastructure, which enabled the...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

November 24, 2017

How Affordable Smartphones Help Emerging Markets like Africa

How Affordable Smartphones Help Emerging Markets like AfricaAfrica as a Key Emerging MarketAfrica is one of the largest emerging markets today. Poverty and unemployment are critical issues in the region, which serve as barriers to many development touchpoints like education and health. But at...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

November 21, 2017

Nigeria: Africa’s Ripest Market for Second-Hand Smartphones

Nigeria: Africa’s Ripest Market for Second-Hand SmartphonesThe Unprecedented Smartphone BoomAfrica is currently one of the fastest-growing mobile phone markets in the world. The past five years saw a 65% yearly growth rate in mobile phone use within the continent, which, for perspective, is...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

November 14, 2017

India: A Frontier Market for Second-Hand Phones

India and Its Second-Hand Consumer Electronics MarketIndia is one of the most significant segments of the global smartphone sector today, second only to the United States in terms of market size. But did you know that it’s also one of the earliest hubs of used smartphone sales, and has one of...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

November 11, 2017

Behind the Boom: Consumer Trends Driving the Used Phones Sales Upswing

Behind the Boom: Consumer Trends Driving the Used Phones Sales UpswingExponential Growth of the Used Smartphone MarketThe Used Smartphone Sector is one of the fastest-growing markets today, currently valued at 21 billion USD, a sharp increase from its 17 billion value just last year, and 11...

From: Galaxy eSolutions