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DAOstack is an operating system for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). DAOstack provides customizable tools for collective resource management, decision making, budgeting and incentivisation, which make the development of decentralized apps easier and more intuitive. GEN is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum network. It's the native token of the DAOstack platform and it's required for all basic operations across the DAOstack ecosystem – such as promoting proposals. GEN will be distributed to contributors of value through the DAOstack framework itself, incentivizing development, promotion and adoption.


  • Matan Field: CEO and Architect
  • Adam Levi: CTO and Technology
  • Nathalia Scherer: Community and Biz Dev
  • Josh Zemel: Communications

The DAOstack ICO will start on the 24th of April and will last until the 22nd of May. The ICO token allocation represents 40% of the total token supply and will be available for a 0.9USD base price and can be purchased with ETH. The ICO funding target and cap is set at 30M USD.

Token Reserve Split (60%):

  • 40% to be managed by the Genesis DAO using DAOstack's Alchemy itself to develop the project and ecosystem,
  • 10% current contributors,
  • 10% current & future contributors 

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GEN Latest Updates
January 14, 2019

DAOstack in 2019

DAOstack in 2019To Beta and BeyondEzra WellerJan 14DAOstack has had a transformational 2018. The team started the year with a value proposition for decentralized governance, and we’re ending it in the throes of execution. We’ve deployed a working product to the mainnet,...

From: GEN

January 10, 2019

Five Great Proposals From Genesis, the First Community DAO

Five Great Proposals From Genesis, the First Community DAOEzra WellerJan 10Join the Genesis communityThe Genesis DAO is the first decentralized organization deployed using DAOstack’s governance interface Alchemy and one of the first ever functioning DAOs. Currently in alpha testing,...

From: GEN

December 18, 2018

The Road To Alchemy Earth: Contract Migration

The Road To Alchemy Earth: Contract MigrationGareth MensahDec 18, 2018The DAOstack core developer team has hit its first milestone as it works towards the Q1 2019 launch of Alchemy Earth: The first major public facing release of our decentralized governance client. The Earth release marks a...

From: GEN

November 20, 2018


DAOstackの詳細、または参加をご希望の方は、以下をご覧ください。Visit the website, where you can also sign up for the...

From: GEN

Alchemy — 分散組織のための予算ツール

Alchemy — 分散組織のための予算ツールStratis KaradakisNov 20, 2018Original article in English...

From: GEN


ArcプラットフォームStratis KaradakisNov 20, 2018Original article in English...

From: GEN

November 13, 2018


¹ 在DAOstack的第一个Dapp...

From: GEN

November 12, 2018

Holographic consensus—part 1

¹ This is not very different from the scalability problem of blockchains and consensus protocols, which are themselves a sort of objective version of decentralized governance. More on that somewhere else.² This term has been suggested by Jordan Greenhall.³ Different comprising agents,...

From: GEN