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Conceptual Model

FundYourselfNow a platform to allow project creators/promoters to raise funds for their projects using cryptocurrencies without the need of technical knowledge.Fund Yourself Now improves on traditional crowdfunding sites by allowing more control once funds and distributed; providing support/mentors and lowering transaction costs.

Project Description

FundYourselfNow is a crowdfunding platform that allows project creators to request for project help, funding and reward backers through the use of Ethereum smart contracts. FundYourselNow allows non-technical project creators to successfully seek funding for their projects. FYN is an Ethereum-based token that allows users to invest in projects listed on our FYN platform. 70% of the profits made from FYN platform will be distributed to investors, via a token buyback program.Team:Jack Ser: Founder.Kenneth Tan: COO, Co-Founder.Zheng Junyi: Core Ethereum & Smart Contract Developer.Gary Bhatti: Solution Architect.Charlene Bautista: UI/UX Designer.Santejudean Bogdan: Business Development Manager.FundYouselfNow will hold its ICO from the 13th of June until the 31st of July.  During this time, 60% of the total 12500000 FYN supply will be sold for a starting price of 0.00833 ETH. The remaining supply will be allocated as so:Token Reserve Split (40%):20% Founders & Employees;12% Advisors, Supporters & Bounty;08% Reserve Fund; The campaign has a minimum funding goal of $1.5 million.

Founders and Associates

Jack Ser -CEO

Kenneth Tan -CTO

Carlos Salas -Legal advisor and Director

Zheng Junyi -Core Ethereum Dev

Charlene Bautisa -UX designer

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