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FunFair is an Ethereum-based casino that allows users to bet in a trustless and decentralized model, featuing 3D games can be built in HTML5. FunFair offers cheap fees in terms of gas costs. The FUN coin is also an Ethereum-based token that will be used for all platform actions, including betting, lending, paying out players and compensating stakeholders.Team:Jez San: CEO, Founder. (LinkedIn);Jeremy Longley: CTO, Co-Founder. (LinkedIn);Oliver Hopton: Developer, Co-Founder. (LinkedIn);Rob Palmer-Hole: Project Manager. (LinkedIn);FunFair held the first stage of FUN ICO on June 22, 2017 at 14:00 UTC until its hard cap was reached, gathering roughly $26 million. The ICO token supply represents 21.30% of the total token supply.Token Reserve Split (78,7%):64.25% Reserved for the Phase 2 Trust;13.38% for Founders;1.07% for Advisors;FunFair ICO campaign featured a bonus structure for early investors. The token cannot be mined.Bonus Structure:$0 to $1 million: 50% Bonus;$1 million to $2 million: 40% Bonus;$2 million to $3 million: 30% Bonus;$3 million to $4 million: 20% Bonus;$4 million to $5 million: 10% Bonus;$5 million or higher: No Bonus;

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FUN Latest Updates
August 14, 2018 10:13

FunFair Animation

July 24, 2018 14:47

FunFair @ WGES: Panel highlights

Highlights of FunFair's Stefan Kovach appearance on a panel discussing blockchain technology in gaming platforms at this year's WGES summit in Barcelona

July 23, 2018 11:40

FunFair Technologies - Groundbreaking blockchain technology

FunFair's advanced blockchain-powered casino platform is the first to deliver secure and fair games for players with easier set-up and much lower cost, helping to create and empower a new breed of operators.

July 06, 2018 13:07

FunFair @ WGES: What to expect next from Blockchain in the gambling industry

FunFair’s Stefan Kovach discusses what the gambling industry can expect next from blockchain tech

July 05, 2018 13:49

FunFair @ WGES: blockchain discussion panel

FunFair’s Stefan Kovach is joined on the panel by representatives from Edgeless, TrueFlip and Nextwin

May 24, 2018 11:41

FunFair @ Disruptive Gambling Conference: Has blockchain’s time come?

FunFair CEO Jez San discusses whether blockchain is a buzzword or an actionable tool for disrupting operations?

The panel also included: Britt Boeskov, Chief Programme Officer, Kindred Group & Iarfhlaith Kelly, Chief Technology Officer, Matchbook Betting Exchange

April 25, 2018 17:20

FunFair Office Walk-through

CEO Jez San gives you a quick tour of the FunFair offices

April 11, 2018 10:45

FunFair @ Enterprise Ethereum Alliance in London

FunFair CEO Jez San's presentation on Fate Channels, State Channels and Consensus Mechanisms in Ethereum followed by a brief Q&A session

March 12, 2018 16:07

FunFair @ Ethereum Community Conference: Scaling tech for mass market gaming

FunFair CEO Jez San presents on how FunFair will be using blockchain technology to initiate a revolution in the gambling industry by bringing fairness, transparency and security to games of chance.

March 08, 2018 16:54

Ethereum Community Conference Day One Review

FunFair CEO Jez San shares his key takeaways from the first day of the Paris conference.