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Freldo is a business social network that aims to connect representatives of small businesses and their customers on one place. Freldo goal is to establish direct communication between the seller and the buyer excluding any interference or influence of intermediaries while providing them safe transactions and transparency. 

FRECN is an Ethereum-based token that will serve as a medium of exchange on the network.



  • Eugene Olkhovski: Founder & CEO
  • Zelik Levit: CTO. 
  • Pavel Brokhman: Senior Technical Consultant. 

FRELDO ICO will start on August 17th, 2018. The ICO token supply represents 75% of the total token supply, so there is a total of 150,000,000 tokens available, for 0.0002 ETH each. The ICO funding target is 4000 ETH, the funding cap is 20000 ETH and is expected to end on September 9th, 2018 or when the funding cap is reached. 

Token Reserve Split (25%):

  • 10% Team;
  • 10% Reserve;
  • 5% Bounties;

FRELDO ICO campaign bonus and bounties, and the token will not be mineable.

Bonus Structure:

  • 20% 1-7 days;
  • 15% 8-12 days;
  • 10% 13-18 days;
  • 5% 19-25 days;

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FRECN Latest Updates
January 10, 2019


FRELDO AND OTCEED GLOBAL EXCHANGE PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT!FreldoJan 10We are glad to announce a strategic partnership with company OTCEED Global Exchange(https://otceed.com). OTCEED is an institutional trading firm based in Oslo, Norway and focused on providing two-way OTC transaction...


IBM and Freldo become partners

IBM and Freldo become partnersFreldoJan 10Good news for followers of Freldo — IBM and Freldo become partners as a part of IBM PartnerWorld.During several years IBM is the oldest IT-company in the world, actively supports startups, advice, and help beginning employers within...


January 09, 2019

Freldo released new version of business platform freldo.com!

Freldo released new version of business platform freldo.com!FreldoJan 9We would like to announce you that we continue to work hard to achieve our next goals as we promised.Freldo https://freldo.com is the working business social network that unites business owners and their customers. Freldo is...


January 02, 2019

Freldo Token trades on AMP Exchange

Freldo Token trades on AMP ExchangeFreldoJan 2AMP will open trading on 2, January 2019.About AMPIn December of 2016, Proof released AMP web-application, which allows anyone to create and trade blockchain-based tokens backed by real-world assets. From the learning in developing and managing...


Freldo will be listed on Dcoin Exchange

Freldo will be listed on Dcoin ExchangeFreldoJan 2The Dcoin exchange will open trading on 2, January 2019.About DcoinDcoin is a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange that deals with major cryptocurrencies as well as alternative coins. As a firm based in South Korea, one of the leading nations in...


December 29, 2018

Freldo Token trades on CLCXX Exchange

Freldo Token trades on CLCXX ExchangeFreldoDec 29, 2018About CLCXXCLCXX is Singapore-based crypto-exchange.Multi-currency transaction zoneSSL, bank-level security techniques such as dynamic identity verification; ensure the security of transaction, support multiple digital currency...


December 28, 2018

Freldo ICO is over and we reached Hard Cap!

Freldo ICO is over and we reached Hard Cap!We are pleased to announce you that our IСO is officially over now!FreldoDec 28, 2018Freldo ICO is one of the most important stages and we are happy that we reached it. We achieved Hard Cap and raised $ 20 000 000!Freldo is the working...


Freldo Token trades on CoinLim Exchange

Freldo Token trades on CoinLim ExchangeFreldoDec 27, 2018Freldo will soon be listed on CoinLim Exchange.According to COINLIM official reports, COINLIM will open the FRECN/ETH recharge channel at 14:00 on January 2, 2019 Beijing time, and open trading at 14:00 on January 3.About CoinLimThe...


December 21, 2018

CHAINCREATOR declares the listing of Freldo on CHAINCREATOR Exchange

CHAINCREATOR declares the listing of Freldo on CHAINCREATOR ExchangeFreldoDec 21, 2018CHAINCREATOR declared the listing of Freldo on the Chaincreator Exchange platform. Freldo is a global and decentralized ecosystem linking service providers and customers, based on the technology of blockchain...


December 17, 2018

Credits and Freldo Partnership

Credits and Freldo PartnershipFreldoDec 17, 2018In the modern world of blockchain systems and IT technologies, business owners should pay attention to the searching of a mutually beneficial partnership. Collaboration with the partners is very important for the successful implementation and...


December 14, 2018

Freldo and Bancor: the new perspective

Freldo and Bancor: the new perspectiveFreldoDec 14, 2018Tokens are the main value of the ecosystem, that based on the blockchain technology. The increasing the token price is an important target for successful company development. The greater is the token liquidity, the more opportunities it...


December 11, 2018

Pecunio has invested 2 million USD to Freldo

Pecunio has invested 2 million USD to FreldoFreldoDec 11, 2018Modern market focused on the promotion of non-standard and interesting businesses.Freldo — a social network of the new generation — is the example of such type of modern business. Freldo unites...


November 09, 2018

Summit in Malta in support of the blockchain

Summit in Malta in support of the blockchainFreldoNov 9, 2018The Mediterranean island of Malta is a place where the leading experts in their fields discuss technologies and important government decisions.The Maltese Summit commemorated the meeting of two government’s...


October 29, 2018

Malta becomes the center of the blockchain industry

Malta becomes the center of the blockchain industryFreldoOct 29, 2018There was long-awaited Delta Summit in Malta from October 3 to October 5, which will be about the blockchain industry. The distinctive feature of the summit is support and active participation of the island government.There...


October 16, 2018

How to start investing in cryptocurrency

How to start investing in cryptocurrencyFreldoOct 15, 2018Investing in cryptocurrency is the most innovative way to make money not only for a professional investor. Many people want to earn money on such a promising product. But before investing your money, you need to learn the basic rules for...


October 15, 2018

In the world of sports: blockchain and cryptocurrency

In the world of sports: blockchain and cryptocurrencyFreldoOct 14, 2018The Blockchain popularization is going through successful campaigns with the world’s leading sports clubs and their players. The new technologies have an audience in various areas of our life and sports.The sports...


October 12, 2018

Blockchain in economic: What can it do?

Blockchain in economic: What can it do?FreldoOct 11, 2018Blockchain decides many problems in the implementation of everyday life operations and the standard actions. The basic principles of the work of the detachment: decentralization, openness, security through the use of advanced...


October 04, 2018

Freldo — a partnership for development and success

Freldo — a partnership for development and successFreldoOct 4, 2018Freldo is a business social network of a new generation is at the stage of the active phase of ICO, which goal is the implementation of blockchain into the network.The project has reached the soft cap,...


September 07, 2018

Blockchain in the world of art

Blockchain in the world of artFreldoSep 7, 2018Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency are harmoniously engaged in art and forwarded it to a new level. Times change and views on art changed. Admirers, art critics, artists transfer their relationship to online reality, which lead to new way...


September 04, 2018

Investing in ICO — important guidance

Investing in ICO — important guidanceFreldoSep 4, 2018Investing is often associates with risk. However investor should analyze the project before investing, take risks into account, analyze prospective of the project and its idea, the payback period, monitor market situation,...