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Foodcoin Ecosystem is a blockchain ecosystem designed to put up a global marketplace of food and agricultural products on the platform of 1000EcoFarms, using Ethereum technology.The platform is aimed to provide to the large and small producers and consumers of agricultural products an equal access to the global market of production and distribution of consumable goods for and foodstuffs using modern financial instruments.

Project Description

Foodcoin ecosystem is a blockchain ecosystem designed to put up a global marketplace of food and agricultural products on the platform of 1000EcoFarms, using Ethereum technology. The platform is aimed to provide to the large and small producers and consumers of agricultural products an equal access to the global market of production and distribution of consumable goods for and foodstuffs using modern financial instruments.Team:Gregory Arzumanian: Co-founder. Mark Meytin: Co-founder.Sergey Grigoryan: Advisor. Konstantin Maratayev: Technology Expert and Architect. Anna Maslova: Journalist. The 1st stage of the ICO will be launched in the middle of November, visit FoodCoin Website for more updated information.

Founders and Associates

Mark Meytin -Co-founder

Gregory Arzumanian -Co-founder

Liz Reitzig

Sergey Grigoryan

Konstantin Maratayev

Anna Maslova

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September 25, 2018

Wallok is now open for testing

Wallok is opened for public testing! Create your own wallets, get free test coins and design your own recordings in the blockchain about products — PRORIDs — and about yourself — DIGIDs. And let us know what you think:...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

September 24, 2018

Luzerner Zeitung has told about FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM

Luzerner Zeitung has told about FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM and its tecnologies for supply chains enhancement. The text addresses the purposes of food market, for which Blockchain technology appears to be the unique solution....

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

September 17, 2018

FoodCoin Monthly Report August 2018

The new montly report for our community is published!You can check it out by the link: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/development-reports/id129-2018-09-17-foodcoin-monthly-report-august-2018

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

September 03, 2018

A series of presentations about the arrangement of FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM begins

An essential part in project development consists in making people understand its purpose. That is why it makes sense to develop materials (https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/news/id128-2018-09-04-a-series-of-presentations-about-the-arrangement-of) to clarify the vision and the mission of the company.

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

August 24, 2018

FOODCOIN CEO was a key speaker on 2nd Digital Meet and Greet Event this Wednesday.

FOODCOIN presentation in Credit Suisse Asset Management internal eventFOODCOIN CEO was a key speaker on 2nd Digital Meet and Greet Event this Wednesday. Click here to learn more: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/news/id127-2018-08-24-foodcoin-presentation-in-credit-suisse-asset-manag

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

August 22, 2018

First product on PRORID: Swiss cheese in Blockchain

The information about Swiss cheese made in Sennereigenossenschaft Obergedteln is now recorded in FOODCOIN blockchain: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/news/id126-2018-08-22-first-product-on-prorid-swiss-cheese-in-blockchai

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

August 17, 2018

FoodCoin gets listed on CoinMarketCap

FOODCOIN is listed on CoinMarketCap! This is an exciting milestone for us as our token continues to gain volume and our community continues to expand. Use this site to check the rates or chose another tracking site from the list:...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

August 13, 2018

FoodCoin Monthly Report July 2018

The new report for our community about the things we did in July is published! We have delayed the publication for a little, to tell you about ready developments. This month they will be available for testing!You can check it out by the link:...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

August 01, 2018

Innovations TV video about FoodCoin is available for watching

FOODCOIN EcoSystem educational video aired on Fox Business Network on July 28th and will air on RFD-TV as a part of their American Farmer program:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reRM_x8Kuuo

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

July 31, 2018

Videos about FoodCoin are ready for broadcasting during Swiss flights

This FOODCOIN EcoSystem promo video will be available for all Swiss passengers departing from Zurich in November 2018. Watch it now: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/news/id122-2018-07-31-videos-about-foodcoin-are-ready-for-broadcasting-d

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

July 30, 2018

Saying “cheese” without a smile: Dietmar Benedetti about the issues of Swiss farming

Dietmar Bendetti, a dairyman from Sennereigenossenschaft Obergesteln cooperative in Obergoms, Canton of Valais in Switzerland, spoke about the problems of Swiss small producers and farmers and how a blockchain technology can solve them: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/text/id119-2018-07-30-saying

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

July 27, 2018

Learn the dates for airing the episode of Innovations with Ed Begley featuring FOODCOIN

The show featuring FOODCOIN is going to be released soon!Click the link to learn the dates:https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/news/id117-2018-07-27-learn-the-dates-for-airing-the-episode-of-innovati

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

July 12, 2018

Swiss Premium Cheese Producers Are Beginning to Use FOODCOIN Blockchain for Their Supply Chains

FoodCoin has a new partner, a premium organic cheese producer from Switzerland. Soon you will be able to buy dairy from Obergoms, Kanton Wallis, using FOOD.Read more: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/text/id116-2018-07-12-swiss-premium-cheese-producers-are-beginning-to-us

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

July 11, 2018

Watch the Commercial with FoodCoin by Innovations TV

This video will be shown in November during all Swiss flights from Zurich. Also this video will be broadcasted on cable TV in New York, San Francisco, London, Shanghai and Tokyo.https://youtu.be/E0zQqGqROKA

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

July 06, 2018

FoodCoin Monthly Report June 2018

The new report for our community about the things we did in June is published!You can check it out by the link: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/development-reports/id114-2018-07-06-foodcoin-monthly-report-june-2018

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

June 18, 2018

Swiss Airlines will Promote FoodCoin by 1M of their Boarding Passes

The information about FoodCoin will appear on Swiss Airlines Boarding Passes: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/news/news/id112-2018-06-18-swiss-airlines-will-promote-foodcoin-by-1m-of-thei

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

June 12, 2018

FoodCoin & Food Supply Chain Conference

The FoodCoin team was networking with representatives of the largest world food producers during Food Supply Chain Conference in London today: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id111-2018-06-12-foodcoin-food-supply-chain-conference

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

June 11, 2018

FoodCoin Ecosystem To Be Promoted in Swiss Airlines Flights

One million passengers of Swiss airlines learn more about FoodCoin in November: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id110-2018-06-11-foodcoin-ecosystem-to-be-promoted-in-swiss-airline

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

June 07, 2018

FoodCoin Team Visits ICO Race

FoodCoin Team has visited ICO RACE today and obtained promising contacts for the project and nice photos for you: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id109-2018-06-07-foodcoin-team-visits-ico-race

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

June 05, 2018

FoodCoin Monthly Report May 2018

We have prepared a new report for our community about the things we did in May.It is available by the link: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/development-reports/id108-2018-06-05-foodcoin-monthly-report-may-2018

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

June 01, 2018

Andrei Uspensky Joins FoodCoin Advisory Board

Meet the new member of FoodCoin advisory board, experienced financial analyst and investment banker, Andrei Uspensky:https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id107-2018-06-01-andrei-uspensky-joins-foodcoin-advisory-board

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

May 29, 2018

Interview with the founder of the FoodCoin Gregory Arzumanyan

Do not miss the video interview with the founder of the FoodCoin Gregory Arzumanyan. In this video he answers to community questions and talks about the values, philosophy and plans of the project.Like, comment, share! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnkcw69dgVI

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

May 28, 2018

High into Sky: FoodCoin Launches an Advertising Campaign for In-flight Advertising

High into sky! FoodCoin’s banner will be displayed to passengers in all flights from Singapore this September:https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id105-2018-05-28-high-into-sky-foodcoin-launches-an-advertising-ca

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

May 25, 2018


FoodCoin Ecosystem keeps working with Innovations TV to film a serie of educational videos. Our Advisor, Thomas ‘Hal’ Robson Kanu was interviewed by Innovations TV Team.https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id104-2018-05-25-the-episode-for-innovations-tv-featuring-thomas-ha

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

May 23, 2018

Foodcoin Films Educational Video Featured by Farmers From Clark’s Farm

Innovations TV continued filming of the educational and informative segment about FoodCoin EcoSystem that will be broadcast in the 3rd quarter of 2018 during the Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr. program on FOX Business, and other networks across...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

May 18, 2018

FoodCoin on China Forex Expo 2018

FoodCoin is participating in the 7th China Forex Expo of 2018!More details by the link: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id101-2018-05-18-foodcoin-on-china-forex-expo-2018

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

May 07, 2018

FoodCoin on Seed&Chips

Today, representatives of FoodCoin Ecosystem have visited the Seed&Chips summit, as well as many other teams and representatives of innovative projects related to food, farming and production, from around the world.A lot of photos by the link:...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

May 04, 2018

New German articles about FCE

Two financial resources, Coincierge and Bitcoinnews, published new articles about FoodCoin in German. Click the links below...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

May 03, 2018

The episode for Innovations TV was recorded

Today has been filmed an episode for Innovations TV series led by Ed Begley, Jr. featuring Gregory Arzumanian, the CEO of FoodCoin Ecosystem. Check out the photos of the filming process though the link: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id99-2018-05-03-the-episode-for-innovations-tv-was-recorded

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

FoodCoin Monthly Report April 2018

We prepared a new report for our community about the things we did in April. You can check it out by the link: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id98-2018-05-03-foodcoin-monthly-report-april-2018

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

April 30, 2018

Washington DC buying club started using FOOD tokes for purchases

Efficient work of an ecosystem is impossible without all of its essential parts. For FoodCoin these parts, beside its tech side, are food producers, farmers and restaurant owners — as well as consumers and customers, which need fresh and healthy local food. On the last week, a large...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

April 19, 2018

Press-release on the episode of Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. with the FoodCoin team

The Innovations TV Team have published a press release on the upcoming episode of Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. featured by FoodCoin Team.Follow the link to learn more:http://innovationstelevision.com/food/

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

April 13, 2018

New article about FoodCoin

A new article about FoodCoin has been published the Swiss financial resource Fintechnews.You can read it by the link:http://fintechnews.ch/blockchain_bitcoin/swiss-blockchain-company-foodcoin-ecosystem-starts-partnerships-with-food-businesses/17644/

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

April 11, 2018

FoodCoin Launches Referral Program to Attract Farmers to Blockchain

FoodCoin Ecosystem launches new referral program, which will provide bonuses to the users who bring farmers to the platform.Explaining people what the blockchain is and what benefit it may bring is not easy task and it must be awarded. That is why we encourage you to attract new users to...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

April 10, 2018

Coincierge.de about FCE

Another German cryptocurrency resource Coincierge.de has published an article about FoodCoin. Follow the link to learn more:https://coincierge.de/2018/lebensmittelunternehmen-treten-foodcoin-ecosystem-als-partner-bei/

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

FoodCoin Ecosystem Collaborates with Ed Begley, Jr.’s Innovations to Spread the Idea of Blockchain

Education is a crucial thing to incorporate blockchain in business. FoodCoin collaborates with American actor, director and environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. to record an educational program through his serie Innovations. It will be broadcasted on large TV networks, and help farmers and food...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

April 03, 2018

FoodCoin Monthly Report March 2018

Dear FoodCoinians!We are going to publish summaries about our work every month, and here is the first one.To be aware what FoodCoin did in March, please follow the link. https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id94-2018-04-03-foodcoin-monthly-report-march-2018

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

March 29, 2018

Partnership between FoodCoin and Сompany Aldim GmbH

Industrial production is also implementing FoodCoin Ecosystem. Today, FoodCoin Ecosystem has made partnership with Company ALDIM GmbH, a producer of canned food based in Germany.This is the second large company planning to implement FoodCoin payments, as well as integrate its supply chain into...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

March 14, 2018

Interview with new partner of FoodCoin, Hal Robson-Kanu

FoodCoin has got a new partner and advisor, an experienced cryptoenthusiast with large audience and a known soccer player from West Bromwich Albion and the Welsh national team, Hal Robson Kanu. He is also the founder of The Turmeric Company — producer of unique drink made of ecological...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

March 01, 2018

Foodcoin.io website design updated

New, long-awaited update of the FoodCoin Ecosystem website is out. Now it is more concise, but still comfortable.In addition to a new, softer color scheme, the content has also become simpler, while remaining convenient like before.The user profiles now have buttons for tracking the token...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

FoodScan Beta version has been launched

FoodScan Beta version has been launchedFoodScan is a tracking system created for FOOD tokens where you can monitor all completed transactions.It has the following sections:• Scanner Dashboard which provides general information about the token, number of blocks, FoodCoin holders, as well as...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

February 28, 2018

First purchase with FoodCoin

First purchase was made on 1000ecofarms platform using FoodCoin. We awarded the seller with a double amount of FOODs he earned, and had a small interview with him. Congratulations to everybody with this little victory! We invite you to read the interview...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

February 18, 2018

FoodCoin Listed on Coinexchange

Today, FoodCoin token has become available for trade on CoinExchange. It is a large exchange platform with over 500 BTC daily trade volume (#74 on Coinmarketcap). Convenient platform with easy registration and quick support.Trading is available with Bitcoin:...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

February 13, 2018

Crystal Clear: How Blockchain Will Help to Be Confident in Your Food

Even when you visit a well-known big supermarket, you can get out of there with bags full of expired or uneatable products. Dishonest retailers are frequent in the food industry, either among the intermediaries and supermarket staff. We will tell you how can it be and how the blockchain...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

February 09, 2018

FoodCoin has been listed on KUNA Exchange

After a long wait, FoodCoin has been listed on KUNA exchange, a trading platform with around 60 BTC daily sales volume. Now you can trade FOOD token for Bitcoin. In addition, for Ukrainian users, KUNA accepts UAH as a fiat currency for trading.You can sign up here:...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

February 02, 2018

FoodCoin is listed on ForkDelta

Today, FoodCoin was included in the list of tradeable tokens on decentralized exchange ForkDelta. This exchange has an individual interface working on EtherDelta smart contract. It was launched after changing the owner and the politics of EtherDelta.ForkDelta is a good place to buy and sell FOOD...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

January 29, 2018

FoodCoin Listing on the Exchanges

Today, most of exchanges stopped accepting new tokens for listing, but we are still in touch with them. However, there are exchanges going to list us.FoodCoin will soon be added to the list of tradeable coins of KUNA Exchange. According to their information, we are first on their listing queue....

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

January 27, 2018

FoodCoin was added to the voting list on С-CEX Exchange

C-CEX Exchange added FoodCoin to the voting list. Winner coins become tradeable every 14 days. At the moment, there are 9 days left to the end of the round. Click here to veote:https://c-cex.com/?id=vote&coin=foodTo cast a free vote, you should have an account on C-CEX with some amount of...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

January 15, 2018

FoodCoin has been added into the Eidoo tokens list

FoodCoin is now in the list of available cryptocurrencies and tokens of the cryptowallet Eidoo. Now you are not going to lose precious tokens among the coins with similar names thanks to the distinctive FoodCoin icon.After adding the smart contract, the system will recognize FoodCoin...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

January 12, 2018

FoodCoin Token Is Now Available on Bitflip

Dear FoodCoinians!We are excited to inform you that today our token will be officially listed on exchange. Approximately at 1:00 PM CET, FOOD will be available for trading on Bitflip.Bitflip is an exchange with total of 50,000+ registered users and average exchange volume around 60 BTC....

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

January 08, 2018

Announcing FoodCoin integration with CoinPayments

We are excited to announce that FoodCoin tokens are now fully integrated into popular cryptocurrency payment gateway CoinPayments.Using comprehensive API provided by CoinPayments, independent website owners and third-party marketplaces can now integrate FoodCoins as accepted method of payment...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 31, 2017

FoodCoin tokens are transferable

FoodCoin tokens are transferable!Today, we have launched a new smart contract, and the sold tokens were distributed. From now on, they become transferrable!To start using the tokens, add the proper information (address, ticker, decimals) to your ETH wallet. More details through the link...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 30, 2017

FoodCoin Style Contest has finished

Thanks for all who participated, and congratulations to our winners. They will receive 10,000, 5,000, and 3,000 FOODs.We found that we have a lot of talented and creative people in our community.We kindly ask our winners to send us an email to [email protected] to receive the prize.We invite...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 27, 2017

The Token Generation Event of FoodCoin Ecosystem has closed today

Today, December 27 of 2017, the 1st stage of the FOOD token sale has been completed. We greatly appreciate all our participants for the support. Your support shows the importance of the problem we all resolve together.More than 11,000 ETH were raised during the Token Generation Event. Exact...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 24, 2017

Happy Holidays to FoodCoin Users

Dear FoodCoin users!We wish you great winter holidays!You are our best gift we could ever wish! Thank you for being with us. Together we can change the food industry, and this will be the greatest celebration ever!Sincerely,FoodCoin Ecosystem Team

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 19, 2017

The Whitepaper is available in Japanese

The Japanese version of our Whitepaper is available now. Use the link:https://www.foodcoin.io/files/doc/foodcoin-whitepaper-ja.pdfWe invite our Japanese users to check it out. Looking forward to getting your feedback!

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 16, 2017

The “Lock the current rate” button is available now!

The “Lock the current rate” button is available now! Use it to lock the amount of tokens assigned to you. You can find it in your profile at www.foodcoin.io now!

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 15, 2017

Article about FoodCoin is published on Bitcoin Wiki

All in Wikipedia style: Description, Technical features, Team members, etc.https://en.bitcoinwiki.org/wiki/Foodcoin

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 13, 2017

New Episode of Tatiana Show Featuring Liz Reitzig, FoodCoin Ecosystem Advisor

We invite you to take a look at new episode of Tatiana Show featuring Liz Reitzig telling about FoodCoin, 1000 Ecofarms and describes how it all works.https://youtu.be/yX7slNncVHc

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 12, 2017

FoodCoin Ecosystem Token Generation Event Has Started

Finally, the Token Generation Event of FoodCoin Ecosystem started!FoodCoin tokens (FOODs) are already available for purchase. Don’t forget to pass the KYC if you haven’t already. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the in the Telegram chat.We remind that the users of USA are unable...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 11, 2017

One Day Left to the TGE

Our TGE will start tomorrow, 2:00 PM UTC (3:00 PM Swiss time), and will last 2 weeks.There a the list of cryptocurrrencies we accept for our TGE: • Bitcoin(BTC) • Litecoin (LTC) • Ethereum (ETH) • Dash (DASH) • Ripple (XRP) • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)You can find this list and current...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 10, 2017

FoodCoin Style contest has started!

FoodCoin Style Contest has been launched! Create your own original design of clothes and accessories with arts, photos or text in FoodCoin style, and submit it here: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/contest/foodcoinstyleFor more details:...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 09, 2017

It is time to get prepared for the TGE

We remind you that our TGE starts already on December 12! If you plan to participate, you should pass the KYC process. You can already do it!To do that, open your profile and select TGE/KYC in the left part of the page. It is as easy as filling out the fields and accepting the conditions.For...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 08, 2017

KYC/AML Process Is Available Now

KYC/AML process is available now on our website. Pass through now for optimising your time during TGE.This is a mandatory procedure required for compliance with Swiss legislation. Your data will remain totally safe. Mike kindly recorded a new video tutorial. Check out this link please:...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

Article about FoodCoin

Article about FoodCoin on a Top German ResourceThe leading finance resource published an article about the concept of FoodCoin and our work.If you are our German speaking member, we invite you to read the...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 06, 2017

FoodCoin story, partnerships, plans: New interview with founder

Last days, our founder have had several interviews. But you should definitely take a look at this one:https://youtu.be/e3CSvGuKuzALike, comment and give thanks to Mike!

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 05, 2017

New material about Bitland and FoodCoin Ecosystem partnership

Read the new material about Bitland and FoodCoin Ecosystem partnership: http://www.einpresswire.com/article/419226449/bitland-and-foodcoin-partner-to-fulfill-promises-of-blockchain

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

FoodCoin style: create your own!

The FoodCoin style competition starts in 5 days! Create the best design and get the first place with the reward of 10 000 FOODs! Detales here: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id66-2017-12-05-foodcoin-style-create-your-own

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

Chinese citizens are now allowed to participate in TGE

After working with our attorneys, we have expanded participation in the FoodCoin Ecosystem TGE to Chinese citizens — welcome to our growing global community!https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id65-2017-12-05-chinese-citizens-are-now-allowed-to-participate-in

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 03, 2017


FoodCoin founder and advisor, Gregory and Mark, gave an interview to jsnip4 from REALIST NEWS. The conversation was about Foodcoin Token Generation Event, KYC and legal issues, middlemen and the purpose of the blockchain. Check it out!https://youtu.be/wbKDYQ8ZVGw

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

December 01, 2017


We are happy to announce that you will be able to buy or sell FoodCoin on EtherDelta exchange platform after the TGE:https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id63-2017-12-01-foodcoin-will-be-listed-on-etherdelta

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

November 29, 2017


We announce launch of our cooperation with Bitland — a project aimed to integrate survey land and record deeds with Blockchain.To read more details about FoodCoin and Bitland collaboration, follow the link:...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

November 27, 2017

You can buy food for your FoodCoins soon

We have recently implemented the new mechanism to accept payments and donations in FoodCoin on 1000Ecofarms platform. To be launched soon!Details here: https://www.foodcoin.io/en/blog/news/id61-2017-11-27-you-can-buy-food-for-your-foodcoins-soon

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

November 26, 2017

Introducing Masaharu Hayataki — The New Foodcoin Ecosystem Advisor

We are happy to introduce our new advisory board member — Masaharu Hayataki. Masaharu is a brilliant expert responsible for marketing in Japan and our Japanese members.His brief profile is on our site in the ADVISORY BOARD section now, check it out: https://www.foodcoin.io

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

November 24, 2017

Graphical presentation about FCE

We have prepared a graphical presentation which gives a detailed account of FoodCoin Ecosystem concept. Can’t wait for you to take a look: https://www.foodcoin.io/files/doc/foodcoin-presentation-en.pdf

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

November 23, 2017


After a little delay we had to face, we are now happy to announce the FoodCoin Ecosystem TGE dates.Our TGE will start on December 12, and will last 2 weeks.We apologize for the delay, but as everyone is aware, the legal and regulatory environment around token distribution events is changing...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

November 20, 2017

Why TGE is delayed

Dear members,The last few days we’ve been receiving concerns about delays of the TGE.The requirements for TGE are more and more strict. We have to comply with these requirements to avoid risks related to the regulators. We plan to do it during the next 3–4 weeks. Until this time FoodCoin...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

November 17, 2017

Healthy Trends: Demand Trends of the Organic Products

The world is constantly changing. Those things which used to seem a keenness of a small group of people, today have all the chances to become a worldwide trend.Fortunately, it is not about unhealthy diet obsessions or pursuing blindly the fashion, and we take incredible delight to see trends...

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

November 11, 2017

Chinese version of the site

We have launched a Chinese version of the site. We invite you to evaluate the quality of the translation: https://t.co/OHJ31pR2KS

From: FoodCoin Ecosystem

August 01, 2018 13:29

FoodCoin EcoSystem on FOX Business

This segment of Innovations TV with Ed Begley JR featuring FoodCoin EcoSystem and our partners was aired on FOX Business on July 28, 2018. It will also be seen by viewers of American Farmer on RFD-TV throughout the summer.

July 28, 2018 04:11

FoodCoin EcoSystem Promotional Video

July 11, 2018 17:41

FoodCoin Ecosystem TV Spot

First TV commercial for FoodCoin EcoSystem. Airs worldwide in third quarter of 2018.

May 29, 2018 02:50

FoodCoin CEO Interview

Interview with CEO of FoodCoin Group AG Gregory Arzumanian - May 27th, 2018.

October 17, 2017 21:18

What is FoodCoin EcoSystem?

FoodCoin - blockchain-based technology that will revolutionize buying and selling food.

August 31, 2017 01:18

FoodCoin Logo - Felted!