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Creating a global, inclusive economy with Blockchain-powered micro-finance and remittance services. EVEREX is a young technology startup in the blockchain space with both a team and a business-model uniquely qualified to answer some of the challenges of international micro-financing.

Project Description

Everex is a blockchain-based capital transfer system that aims to enable and ease the financial inclusion of unbanked, or underbanked people around the world.Everex proposes the Cryptocash, a cryptocurrency, where each unit has its value pegged to, and a name based on, the fiat currency it represents. Users convert local fiat currencies to Cryptocash using a currency exchange and transfer the coins to their Everex wallet.Cryptocash balances are provably underwritten by actual balances held in accounts of licensed financial institutions. The Everex system provides its users access to financial services using Cryptocash, without the volatility issues of existing, non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies.Team:Alexi Lane: CEO, Founder. Alexander Kakunov: CTO, Co-Founder. Jean-Baptiste Decorzent: Inclusive Finance Director. Artem Kolesnikov: Lead Engineer.Everex ICO began on July 24, 2017. The ICO funding cap is 70,000 ETH and is expected to end on August 30, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached. The token price will vary throughout the ICO, you can see it here.

Founders and Associates

Alexi Lane -CEO, Founder

Alexander Kakunov -CTO, Co-founder

Jean-Baptiste Decorzent -Inclusive Finance Director

Anton Dzyatkovskii -Microlending Director

Artem Kolesnikov -Lead Engineer

Anastasia Khizhnyakova -Marketing

Dimitriy Karpenko -Country Representative, Russia

Harry Ye Kyaw -Country Representative, MM

Jacquiline Romorosa -Business Analyst

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EVX Latest Updates
October 03, 2018

Everex Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Everex Joins The Enterprise Ethereum AllianceIt is a great pleasure to announce our membership of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). This move brings us closer to enterprises seeking Ethereum-based services.“The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) connects Fortune 500 enterprises,...

From: Alexi Lane

August 24, 2018

Meet the Everex Team: This week in focus — Mai Duangporn, Banking Relationship Manager.

Mai Duangporn | EverexTeamMai Duangporn, the Banking Relationship Manager of Everex has over 15 years of experience in different industries across the USA and Thailand. Mai is a workhorse and a vocal advocate of Inclusive Finance for the unbanked and underbanked population.What is your personal...

From: EVX

August 15, 2018

An Introduction to Everex

All you need to know about EverexOther versions here — ???????? Thai, ???????? KoreanWhat is Everex?Everex is a financial technology company that provides blockchain-powered solutions for financial service providers and their customers. Everex’s solution enables cross-border money...

From: Alexi Lane

July 30, 2018

Everex Partners with Myanmar’s Shwe Bank To Introduce Blockchain-Powered Remittance Services…

Everex Partners with Myanmar’s Shwe Bank To Introduce Blockchain-Powered Remittance Services between Myanmar and ThailandAlexi Lane and Tim Scheffmann of Everex (Left) with Dr. Hla Thaung, U Thein Zaw (Right) of Shwe BankOther versions here — ???????? Thai, ???????? KoreanFinancial...

From: Alexi Lane

July 12, 2018

Ethplorer: ETHer'n'tokens with historical prices, charts, any address portfolio view and more…

Ethplorer: ether’n’tokens with historical prices, charts, any address portfolio view and more…Since our last update, Ethplorer has become one of the leading platforms in the crypto space. Even with the recent market decline, the platform continues to gain traction, as the team behind...

From: Alex Kakunov

July 06, 2018

Everex | Q2 2018 Update

Other versions here - ???????? Korean,???????? ThaiDear all,We come to the close of what has been an extremely successful quarter for Everex in terms of growth, development, hirings and partnerships. We are glad to share with you the progress we made for Q2 2018 as well as a brief preview of...

From: Alexi Lane

May 04, 2018

Meet the Everex Team : This week in focus — Harry Ye Kyaw, Country Representative of Myanmar.

Harry Ye Kyaw | Everex TeamThis week, we talk to Harry Ye Kyaw, one of our earliest employees at Everex. A graduate of the Bangkok School of Management, Harry started with us an intern and has since moved up the ranks and now serves as the Country Representative for Myanmar. Shuttling between...

From: Everex

April 27, 2018

Meet the Everex Team : This week in focus — Anastasia Khizhnyakova, Customer Marketing Manager.

Meet the Everex Team: Anastasia KhizhnyakovaAs a recurring feature, we are going to introduce the people behind the Everex brand. We are going to interview each team member from across the globe in our new section of Meet the Team for the community to know the people making magic happen. And, we...

From: Everex

April 24, 2018

SWIFT: The $81million hack problem and Everex’s solution

Cybersecurity is regarded as one of the most important functions an economy must have in these days of technological advancements. With funds worth hundreds of billions of dollars transferred every day throughout the financial system, it is extremely necessary to secure the environment which...

From: Everex

April 02, 2018

Everex | Q1 2018 Update

Everex | Q1 2018 UpdatesDear supporters,Since our big community update last quarter, Everex made tremendous progress with a strong business development pipeline.Following Everex’s ranking among the ‘TOP Blockchain Startups to watch in 2018’ by Investopedia the team has been working...

From: Everex

March 21, 2018

Everex looking to expand in Europe and gets accelerated by Accelerator Frankfurt.

Everex is part of the go-to-market program for businesses which successfully accelerates B2B FinTechs and facilitates companies such as Everex to enter the German market.‘Accelerator Frankfurt’ has access to an outstanding network of those who have already succeeded in Europe’s biggest...

From: Everex

March 19, 2018

Driving FinTech and Blockchain ambitions with Everex at Money20/20

Everex had the pleasure to be a part of Money20/20, one of the world’s leading FinTech conferences which started with the vision to connect the most inventive and ambitious people shaping the financial world in the payments space — inventing new ways to spend, manage, save, borrow, share...

From: Everex

February 12, 2018


Everex & LykkeEverex is proud to announce a partnership with Switzerland headquartered Lykke exchange. Lykke is a single marketplace where any sort of financial instrument can be traded and settled peer to peer with second-by-second interest payments has patrons from over 135 countries with...

From: Everex

January 27, 2018

Roadmap of Everex 2018

Everex | Roadmap 2018After a busy start to the year, we are excited to announce the Everex roadmap for 2018. The team at Everex has been working persistently to launch exciting news and hope to have a lot more to come in the near future. The progress for Q1 is in full swing and below is our...

From: Everex

January 23, 2018

Emporium Group Thailand signs a collaboration agreement with Everex to enhance payment experience

We are excited to announce that we have signed a collaboration agreement with Emporium Group of Thailand to provide convenient payment offerings to its customers using Everex’s solution in the retail space. This collaboration will strengthen our position to become one of the leading FinTech...

From: Everex

December 29, 2017

Everex 2017 Year in Review

Everex 2017 Year in ReviewDear Community,As we arrive at the close of 2017 which has seen tremendous success for Everex, we are taking a quick glance of what our journey through the year has been so far and all the significant milestones the team has achieved. We would like to thank you all for...

From: Everex

December 20, 2017

Update from Everex

Update from Everex 12/20/2017Spectacular new heights of bitcoin price and upward move of ETH has been very exciting for everyone. More individuals and institutions have started paying attention to the potential of the blockchain technology, bringing Everex to the forefront, as evidenced by the...

From: Everex

December 08, 2017

How Everex Can Help Small Businesses

How Everex Can Help Small BusinessWe asked Evgeni Mitkov, the COO of Everex, if Everex can be used by businesses and the conversation quickly turned into a economics masterclass, not taught before.Background TrendsIn 2008, big multinationals were afraid Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Morgan Stanley,...

From: Everex

December 06, 2017

Why Bank Clients Need Alternatives

Reflections on Finance, Evgeni Mitkov, COO, EverexOn January 15, 2015, the Swiss National Bank let go of the Franc peg against the Euro. I was at a bank trading desk in London when this happened. The FX market started drowning within seconds of this biblical tsunami.The Swiss Franc, a top 5...

From: Everex

December 04, 2017

Everex at the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology in Brussels.

Hello Everex Community,Earlier this week, we had the enviable opportunity of meeting with the Policy Division of the European Commission for Start-ups and Innovation at the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology in Brussels.The Policy team were exceptionally...

From: Everex

November 21, 2017

Everex at the Blockchain Future Conference 2017, Tokyo

Everex at the Blockchain Future Conference 2017, TokyoOn the 15th November 2017, Everex presented their socially inclusive financial services to the Japanese community at the Toshi Center Hotel in Tokyo. This was the starting point of Everex’s epic Far East roadshow.The private event was...

From: Everex

October 25, 2017

Meet New Everex COO Evgeni Mitkov

At Everex we have a vision for how this novel world of blockchain-based finance realizes itself, and how our business can help drive progress by pushing blockchain forward.To enable this vision, we have brought onboard a new Chief Operating Officer, Evgeni Mitkov. As an FX veteran, Mr. Mitkov...

From: Everex

October 21, 2017

Bloom and Everex to Partner

Bloom and Everex To PartnerEverex has reached a preliminary agreement on a partnership with Bloom, a decentralized credit scoring application based on Ethereum and IPFS. The goal is to establish a distributed system of assessing creditworthiness and verifying identity.Everex will work with...

From: Everex

October 10, 2017

EVX Tokens are now transferable

The team has been hard at work assisting users with token distribution. We are happy to announce that EVX tokens are now unlocked and transferable.How to check your balanceThe best way to check your balance is to use Ethplorer or Etherscan.Ethplorer: Open Ethplorer, please post the address,...

From: Everex

October 03, 2017

EVX Token Release Information

This has been an eventful month for Everex. Upon the completion of successful security audits, we are happy to announce that EVX tokens have been distributed to the addresses listed in your tks.everex.io dashboards.The best way to check your balance is to use Ethplorer or Etherescan.Ethplorer:...

From: Everex

Hosho Group, Validity Labs Complete Everex Smart Contract Security Audit

The Hosho Group and Validity Labs both completed at the end of September their own independent security audits of Everex’s smart contract.The security audits were intended to double and triple-check that the code would work as intended. By testing our code for errors and against the pooled...

From: Everex

September 29, 2017

Everex Accelerated by Bangkok Bank, Nest at InnoHub

Everex presented Wednesday at Bangkok Bank’s InnoHub to Thai and foreign investors. For the last three months we have worked diligently with mentors of Bangkok Bank who have helped us to pinpoint where Everex fits into the banking system.What is Everex?Everex is a solutions integrator. We...

From: Everex

September 27, 2017

How Everex Could Be Integrated with Financial Institutions

Bank IT systems sometimes are old fashion, expensive, and centralized. While Everex does not need to directly integrate with banks, as our platform communicates with Ethereum and other web services, an API currently could be used as a connection to a financial institution for Everex Cash wallet....

From: Everex

September 04, 2017

Everex: Post Token Sale Update

Everex has officially closed its token sale. We are ecstatic to announce that we reached our goal. With funding to the tune of 1,580BTC and 49,479ETH, we are humbled to be one of the most successful token sales to date. This goal could not have been achieved without the support of our community...

From: Everex