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Equibit is a peer-to-peer network for creating and transferring equity. This allows issuers and investors anywhere to instantly transfer title to equity units called ‘Equibits’ without any reliance on a transfer agent, and at practically no cost.Team:Chris Horlancher: Chief Executive Officer. (LinkedIn, Facebook);Brent Kievit-Kylar: Chief Science Officer. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook);Marc Godard: Chief Technology Officer. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook);Nathan Wosnack: Chief Operations Officer. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook);Christian Saucier: Development Director. (LinkedIn, Twitter);Equibit will be holding its ICO on February 01, 2017. There will be a total of 1,000,000 coins available for $2 USD each at the offering. The ICO is expected to end on March 31, 2017.Equibit ICO campaign will feature the following bonus structure.Bonus Structure:

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