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Eloplay introduces Smart Tournaments with decentralized prize pools. They work on the smart contracts technology and allow players and brands to organize esports tournaments. They are also implementing Eloplay Tokens to support the Smart Tournaments ecosystem.

Project Description

Eloplay is a decentralized platform where gamers and brands can organize eSports events of any scale. ELT is an ERC 20 utility token that allows holders to advertise on Eloplay, purchase game inventory and other virtual goods at Eloplay Store, and organize and participate in Smart Tournaments. Team:Vitaly Balakhonov: СЕО. Yuri Vysotskiy: СТО. Dmytro Salnikov: CIO, Founder. Nir Asaf: Marketing and Community. Vladymir Popov: Media Advisor. Sergey Mushta: Solidity and Fullstack Developer. Yaroslav Yakovenko: Fullstack Developer. Sergey Korzhikov: Fullstack Developer. Aleksandr Lezhenko: Senior Fullstack Developer. Pavel Zakhovalko: Fullstack Developer. Andrey Pashchenko: Frontend Developer. Victoria Moskalenko: Human Resources. Dmitriy Makushin: Frontend Developer. Oleksandr Sviridovskiy: Quality Assurance. Valeria Arsjuta: Legal Advisor. Elizabeth Izmailova: Project Manager. Eloplay will be holding its ICO on October 16, 2017. The amount of tokens to be issued will depend on the results of the Token Sale, each token will be offered for 0.0001 ETH. The ICO funding target is 3,000,000, the funding cap is 12,000,000 and is expected to end on November 15, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached.Token Reserve Split (30%):15% Team;5% Advisors;2% Long-term Bonus Fund;3% Bancor Protocol;2% WINGS Community.3%Bounty ProgramCOMPANY_NAME ICO campaign will feature FEATURES, and the token will BE_NOTBE mineable.Bonus Structure:20% 1st hour;15% 1st day;10% 1st week;5% 2nd week

Founders and Associates

Vitaly Balakhonov -CEO

Yuri Vysotskiy -CTO

Dmytro Salnikov -CIO

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