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The Ethereum smart contract-based Casino offers a 0% house edge and solves the casino transparency question.

Project Description

Edgeless is an equity-based token that represents ownership in the profits of the Edgless casino, using the Ethereum smart contract, Edgeless introduces the Ethereum-based Online Casino which offers 0% edge for its players and 100% transparency. As well as full anonymity plus instant money deposits and withdrawals. Team:NIgnas Mangevicius: Blockchain-Based Systems Developer, Co-Founder.Tomas Draksas: Professional Poker Player, Co-Founder.Tomas Lukosaitis: Operations and Business, Co-Founder.Edgeless held its ICO on February 28, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 88% of the total token supply, so there was a total of 440,000,000 tokens available at the offering. The ICO funding cap was 50,000 ETH. Edgeless Smart contracts can be found here.Crowdsale allocation:Development = 33%Casino Bankroll to pay wins = 20%Operations = 17%Marketing = 16%Legal = 14%Edgeless ICO campaign featured bonus and the token is not mineable.Bonus Structure:Power hour 1ETH = 1200 EDG;1st Week 1 ETH = 1100 EDG;2nd Week 1 ETH = 1050 EDG;3rd week 1 ETH = 1000 EDG;

Founders and Associates

Ignas Mangevicius -Co - Founder

Tomas Lukosaitis -Co - Founder

Tomas Draksas -Co - Founder

Julia Altenried -Smart Contract and Dapp Developers

Stefan Höller -Smart Contract and Dapp Developers

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EDG Latest Updates
December 22, 2018

The Edgeless journey: the past, present and near future

The Edgeless journey: the past, present and near futureEdgelessDec 22, 2018Hi all,Firstly, on behalf of the Edgeless team, I want to thank you — the Edgeless community — for being with Edgeless. Your support means a lot to us!‍As 2018 is coming to...

From: EDG

December 13, 2018

The new Edgeless design and a special New Year’s surprise

The new Edgeless design and a special New Year’s surpriseEdgelessDec 13, 2018A new design, an even more intuitive and user-friendly interface, faster registration and near-instant deposits — these are the changes you’ll notice on the new Edgeless casino. And...

From: EDG

November 02, 2018

Edgeless to be featured in Blockchain Superstars TV series

Edgeless to be featured in Blockchain Superstars TV seriesEdgelessNov 2, 2018Edgeless has some thrilling news: the company will be featured in Blockchain Superstars — the first documentary TV series that focuses on blockchain technology, featuring interviews with industry...

From: EDG

April 10, 2018

Edgeless releases Dice to the public

https://medium.com/media/8f09e161f2887f511a6a980ae5d1c6a1/hrefCheck out Dice:https://casino.edgeless.io/gamesThe new Dice game based on Ethereum Smart Contracts is finally here. Our team is proud to present the fastest smart-contract based Dice game in the world making it incredibly fun to play....

From: Tomas Draksas

March 12, 2018

Edgeless’ Dice will shake up the crypto gambling industry

Edgeless will present its’ second game — Dice — just after the launch of version 1.0 of the casino platform. According to the Co-founder of Edgeless; Tomas Draksas, this game is incredibly popular among crypto gambling operators and players too. It is intuitive and easy to play for...

From: Tomas Draksas

March 05, 2018

Update #9 — important milestones in March

Hey,I will share some insights on what you will hear from the team this month. The month of March for our community will be an exceptional month. Together, we will reach a few important milestones for Edgeless:Edgeless will celebrate one-year birthday. Thanks to you, our community, and team we...

From: Tomas Draksas

February 10, 2018

Edgeless key insights from ICE 2018 (the largest gambling conference in Europe)

Online casino gaming is having a ‘prime’ time. ICE 2018 was huge. With over 30,000 attendees from more than 150 countries, ICE Totally Gaming brought the international online and offline gaming sectors together. The entire venue was divided into 2 parts: offline gambling operators and online...

From: Tomas Draksas

January 24, 2018

Overview of 0.3 Edgeless — new UI / UX

Hey,You may have missed our latest news : Edgeless (0.2 version) is now deployed on Ethereum Mainnet Blockchain.In last 5 days we already have 500+ early adopters registered trough KYC, making deposits/ withdrawals and gambling using real EDG tokens.Since launch, our users have played 18000+...

From: Tomas Draksas

Overview of 1.0 Edgeless — new UI / UX

Hey,You may have missed our latest news : Edgeless (0.2 version) is now deployed on Ethereum Mainnet Blockchain.In the last 5 days we already have 500 early adopters registered through KYC, making deposits, withdrawals and gambling using our very own EDG tokens.Since the launch, our users have...

From: Tomas Draksas

January 22, 2018

What is EDG bankroll staking?

EDG bankroll staking is a new feature available to EDG token holders, who can participate in Edgeless bankroll funding by staking their EDG tokens.Why do we need it?The total sum of Edgeless is a limited amount of 132,046,997 tokens. It is not possible to create new tokens or delete existing...

From: Tomas Draksas

January 18, 2018

The Edgeless ethereum casino opens to public!

0.2 Edgeless key features:EDG deposits/withdrawals are activatedState channels are activated to improve blockchain confirmation speed allowing users to have fast and transparent RNG generationPassword reset function is activated using a security questionLimitsMin deposit: 50 EDGMax deposit:...

From: Tomas Draksas

January 08, 2018

Edgeless Casino registration and boarding starts now

Edgeless Casino registration and boarding starts now.http://edgeless.io/#!/games/blackjackLast month, Edgeless acquired a casino license and became the first licensed casino that is using Ethereum smart-contract technology. The official launch of Edgeless (0.2) and the new smart-contracts on...

From: Tomas Draksas

December 22, 2017

License received: Edgeless becomes first legal blockchain casino!

The Edgeless team is extremely excited to announce a successfully received casino license. That’s a huge step for the entire gambling and blockchain community, because it’s the first time blockchain base casino is officially approved by legal authorities.This license gives tons of advantages...

From: Tomas Draksas

October 31, 2017

Update #2 after the launch

One month after the launch and we are sharing our recent achievements.Statistics2000 + registered users10000 + logins111000 + games played on ropsten84000 + games played on main netWe are also strongly working on bug fixes and development. If you have already tried Edgeless BlackJack leave...

From: Tomas Draksas

October 10, 2017

Update after the launch of 0.1

Almost two weeks after the launch and we are sharing the achievements that have been done.0.1 Edgeless statistics after the launch1600+ users registered8000+ logins95 000 + games played on ropsten76 000+ games played on main net50+ bugs found and working on200+ feedback forms received800+...

From: Tomas Draksas

September 28, 2017

Edgeless 0.1 is on Ethereum Mainnet.

Finally! We have a new version of Edgeless deployed on a mainnet Ethereum blockchain.https://edgeless.io/#!/games/blackjackFeel free to register and try out our 0% house edge Black Jack!The ropsten version is available for everyone.The mainnet version is available to people who registered on a...

From: Tomas Draksas

September 27, 2017

Edgeless will be listed on a new ‘mobile’ exchange — Eidoo.

With better smart-phones and more powerful CPUs mobile gambling is on the rise. That’s one of the reasons why we made Edgeless mobile friendly — so we can penetrate this specific market.Today token management/purchase via mobile is still a user unfriendly process which might slow down...

From: Tomas Draksas

September 18, 2017

Last Update Before 0.1 Edgeless Launch

It’s really an exciting time because our platform launch is not that far a way. Actually, it’s happening this month! Just before jumping to updates, let’s quickly review the main events which led to this point:2016.09 (The time before ICOs and Ethereum was mainstream): A team of...

From: Tomas Draksas

September 11, 2017

Dev. Update #8: Edgeless insider video footage

Let us showcase an Edgeless platform for the first time in the public eye. And that’s really exciting, because you are about to witness one of a few Ethereum projects which have nailed and programmed working blockchain smart-contract mechanism. With an optimized speed and gas, which is one of...

From: Tomas Draksas

September 04, 2017

Dev. Update #7: 0.1 version functionality

We are getting closer and closer to the 0.1 edgeless launch, therefore every Monday we are releasing the latest development updates on Edgeless Casino.If you missed updates in the last 2 weeks, the recap is here:Week 2. Edgeless RNG (filmed footage):...

From: Tomas Draksas

August 28, 2017

Dev. Update #6: Edgeless Dice RNG

Aren’t you wondering why there are countless of Ethereum ICOs around a gambling industry, but so far we have no properly working Ethereum casino?The secret is: RNG (Random Number Generator). Every gambling app/dapp has one, and it’s necessary to make a game functioning. The RNG rolls a...

From: Tomas Draksas

August 21, 2017

Dev. Update #5: Sneak peek to a new Edgeless Platform

New website for gamblers launched — edgeless.ioThe website is used to collect gambling leads and promote Edgeless gambling services.The previous website, which contains investment related information, can be found on: http://crowdsale.edgeless.io/.“Sneak peek” mock-ups of our new...

From: Tomas Draksas

July 28, 2017

Post-Parity-hack FAQ by EDGELESS

From now on, EDG tokens will be used for gambling on Edgeless Casino?Yes, players will need to get EDG tokens if they want to make a bet. Actually, most ETH projects have the same model — tokens are used in exchange for a platform’s services.But, wouldn’t it be hard for people to get...

From: Tomas Draksas