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ECOB Latest Updates
December 19, 2017

Time For Your POS Vault Bonuses

Good news EcoBit family!EcoBit is happy to announce that the 5% bonus entitled to those who have kept their EcoBit in the POS Vault for the past 6 months will be credited into your account (those that didn’t transfer in and out). We will begin crediting your account from the 20th of December...

From: EcoBit.io

November 23, 2017

From The Farm With Dani Ep 6

Our vegetables are growing splendidly and today Dani walks us through the farm as she picks out a few ingredients to make one of her favorite salads! Nothing beats making a salad with freshly picked ingredients.https://medium.com/media/68112b1e1276966d7e58316b00e2f2e5/hrefNow watch Dani prepare...

From: EcoBit.io

November 15, 2017

Your Special Edition Stamps Are On The Way

Hello EcoBit family!The EcoBit team is happy to announce that your Special Edition EcoBit Postal Stamp is currently on the way to you as you read this post! We hope that you are as excited to receive it as we were to send it to you.This reward to you is to show you our gratitude for being...

From: EcoBit.io

September 15, 2017

From The Farm With Dani Ep 5

Hello again to From the Farm with Dani! Today Dani brings you our Jade Perch and Tilapia. Dani explains a little about their behavior and their growth rate as well as our lettuces that are ready to be harvested!https://medium.com/media/73e89417b207d9ccc85612fc8e0190cd/hrefHere is a closer look...

From: EcoBit.io

Bare Space To Life: A Timelapse Story Pt 2

Welcome back to Bare Space to Life: A Timelapse Story Part 2. In part 1, we showed you the setup of our farm and we left you with our seedlings being fitted into their grow beds. Now in part 2, you will get to witness them grow within a span of 30 days, and boy do you see them grow, from tiny...

From: EcoBit.io

September 05, 2017

Our First Harvest!

It’s that time we have all been waiting for, our first harvest! Our mini cucumbers and peppermint leaves matured slightly earlier than expected and we are ecstatic. After 3 weeks of love and care, they are now ready to be harvested.This is mini cucumber plants first harvest cycle, as you can...

From: EcoBit.io

From The Farm With Dani Ep 4

Dani is back again with more update for you! In today’s episode Dani talks about the climber area where she will be showing you the okra buds, our tomato plant starting to fruit and our ready to eat cucumbers!Now sit back and enjoy and let Dani take you around...

From: EcoBit.io

August 29, 2017

First EcoBit Participation Reward

Hello EcoBit familyIt has been approximately 2 months plus since our ICO ended and we are very grateful to all of you who has been with us since day one and have stood by us and supported us for the past 5 months. As we have stated, we intend to reward those who support us through...

From: EcoBit.io

August 28, 2017

Aquaponic Showcase Setup Timelapse

Hello EcoBit family! We will be bringing you a series of timelapse videos so you can join us in the journey of bringing our aquaponic showcase farm to life!In this series of videos, you will get to see the bare space being transformed to an aquaponic farm and see our vegetables grow, mature and...

From: EcoBit.io

August 23, 2017

Healthy Plants Are Happy Plants

Hello again EcoBit family! We are coming to 4 weeks now and all our plants are growing very nicely. As you can see here our lettuces have grown significantly and our herbs are sprouting a lot of leaves!Our climber plants have also grown in height significantly as you can see hereWe are...

From: EcoBit.io

August 22, 2017

From The Farm With Dani Ep 3

In this episode, our host Daniela walks you through the farm while she tells you about the variety of herbs and lettuces at the farm, their harvesting cycle as well as the benefits from aquaponic farming.Enjoy!https://medium.com/media/f9e0a8a98912a9a54f5c42e5bb0b417d/href

From: EcoBit.io

August 18, 2017

US Refund Update

On the 25th of July 2017, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a statement regarding ICO’s (https://www.sec.gov/oiea/investor-alerts-and-bulletins/ib_coinofferings). In order to comply and abide by these new rules, EcoBit offered a refund to all US citizens who purchased...

From: EcoBit.io

January 01, 1970

We would like to apologised for the long update due to the misplaced of the access of this account.

From: ECOB