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The Databits token is the in game currency for the Augmentors game. The vision of the Augmentors game is to launch the world’s first Augmented Reality cross platform (iOS & Android) game backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain where users will summon creatures into the real world to battle against enemies and foes.They conducted an ICO on the 30th of January that ran for one month and raised 895 BTC which was worth $1,069,525 at the time of the ICO. 395 participants invested creating an average investment size of $2707. There was a sliding bonus starting from Day 1 15,000 DTB / BTC +20 % sliding down to 10,000 DTB / BTC.70% of the total 100,000,000 DTB tokens were sold in the ICO. The remaining 30% are being used to create awareness, promote and develop the game. Sale terms 

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