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Dragon Coin will act as a friction-less, low-cost & transparent alternative financial mechanism within Casinos, to enhance the age-old gaming industry. With its expertise in blockchain technology, the Dragon’s goal is to reshape the long-standing gaming industry while benefiting those rooted in the industry, as well as all the members of the public who join in the journey to achieve the goals of Dragon Coin.


  • Chakrit (Chris) Ahmad: Founder & CEO at the Dragon Inc.
  • Paul Moynan: Co-Founder Business Development.
  • Panchat Chayutthana: Director of Business Development and Finance at Dragon.
  • Yobie Benjamin: Chief Technology Officer .
  • Dr. Alen Siy: Director of Business Development and Finance at Dragon.

Dragon Coin will be holding its ICO on the 15th of February, 2018. The ICO token supply represents 7% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 35,000,000 tokens available, for 0.00333 ETH each during the offering. The ICO funding cap is $500,000,000 and is expected to end on the 15th of March, 2018 or when the funding cap is reached.

Token Reserve Split (28%):

  • 10% Founders;
  • 1% Advisors;
  • 7% Treasury;
  • 10% Reserve;
  • 53% Junket Partners;
  • 12% Early Supporters;

Dragon Coin ICO will feature a bounty campaign and a bonus program, and the token will not be mineable.

Bonus Structure:

  • Bronze Package - Requires the subscriber to commit 0.333 ETH to purchase 100 DRG - Bonus 8 DRG;
  • Silver Package - Requires the subscriber to commit 3.33ETH to purchase 1,000 DRG - Bonus 88 DRG;
  • Gold Package - Requires the subscriber to commit 33.33ETH to purchase 10,000 DRG - Bonus 888 DRG;

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DRG Latest Updates
March 31, 2018

Thailands most trusted money exchange partners with Dragon Token (DRG)

Thailands most trusted money exchange partners with Dragon Token (DRG)“Thailand’s most trusted money exchange becomes Asia’s lead innovator in Digital Currency by Signing Strategic Partnership with Dragon Token (DRG)”The use of blockchain and digital currencies is booming globally, and...

From: Dragon INC.

March 12, 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT: 3 Days Left + 25% Bonus to all Crowdsale Participants

Our Public Crowdsale is closing in 3 days!!!As a bonus to the Dragon Public Crowdsale supporters, all participants from February 15th until March 16th, 00:00am Macau time, will receive a 25% token bonus. That 25% bonus will be locked for 90 days from the closing of the Crowdsale.This is a thank...

From: Dragon INC.

March 07, 2018

Dragon Announces Strategic Partnership with 7Luck

Dragon is honored to announce another strategic partnership that paves the way across the ASEAN entertainment industry. Dragon will be partnering with 7Luck, South Korea’s premium gaming enterprise to bring Korea’s first Dragon blockchain platform to the entertainment industry with its...

From: Dragon INC.

January 29, 2018

Dragon Inc.’s DRG Tokens Have Been Distributed

Once again, we would like to thank all of the purchasers of our DRG tokens in December, 2017. We appreciate your continued support in building out the Dragon ecosystem and helping us make it a success.While there are some tokens locked up for presale investors the public investors have received...

From: Dragon INC.

Betting on Blockchain with Dragon Inc.

(ASEAN — January 22, 2018) Dragon Inc. is now officially ready to launch its Casino & VIP rooms blockchain-based solution after successfully raising more than USD $6 million in Pre-Token Sale funding for their project in December 2017.Together with the USD $265 million already raised...

From: Dragon INC.

December 21, 2017

Dragon Coin — drgtoken.io

We have noticed that many “Dragon Coin” variations, with similar business models, are popping up throughout the blockchain ecosystem, and this appears to be causing some confusion amongst our community & customers.We are uncertain whether these are scam-coins positioned to mislead you...

From: Dragon INC.

Dragon Coin — Security or Utility?

Dragon Coin — Security or Utility?Dear Dragon Community,It has come to our attention that a question has been raised about whether the Dragon Coin (DRG) is considered as a security or a utility token. Let us start by assuring our community, and customers, that we aspire to maintain a high...

From: Dragon INC.

Gambling Junkets Part II — The Current State

Gambling Junkets Part II — The Current StateContinuing with our series on our original article is this series, Gambling Junkets Part I — Origins and Past, we will continue our series about Gambling Junkets focusing on the state of gambling junkets today.As some of the largest...

From: Dragon INC.

December 19, 2017

Gambling Junkets Part I — Origins and Past

Gambling Junkets Part I — Origins and PastCasino Junkets were invented in Las Vegas sometime in the 1950s. Junkets and their agents would attract players to a specific location or casino to gain their loyalty and engage them to play at a certain location. In return the player would...

From: Dragon INC.

History of Gambling Part 3 — The Modern Day

History of Gambling Part 3 — The Modern DayIn the last article of this series we have introduced you to the world of the first gambling houses that appeared in Europe. But since then, gambling has been in a roller-coaster ride.In Europe, the first casino was opened in Venice in 1683....

From: Dragon INC.

December 16, 2017

History of Gambling Part 2 — The Evolution

History of Gambling Part 2 — The EvolutionGambling has been a people’s choice since the dawn of time, but from the advent of the first “chance games” many things have changed. Here we have a look at how gambling has evolved through more modern times.The early 15th centuries were the...

From: Dragon INC.

History of Gambling Part I — Origins

History of Gambling Part I — The OriginsWhat’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about gambling? Poker and Blackjack? Baccarat and Roulette? Or maybe sumptuous Casinos in Las Vegas? But did you ever think about its origins?Actually, gambling is a pursuit as old as...

From: Dragon INC.

December 14, 2017

Dragon INC. is On Course to Complete World’s Largest ICO

Extending the Pre-ICO Due to Considerable Strain on Both the Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks(Hong Kong, China — December 14, 2017) — Dragon Inc., a fintech company that underpins the casino gaming sector with blockchain technology, launched its Pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on...

From: Dragon INC.