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Digix DAO ICO summary information

Conceptual Model

DAO that sells gold with Ethereum based coins

Project Description

Digix, a gold-tracking asset on the Ethereum blockchain, which structured the company as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization raised its funding cap of $5,500,000 in under 12 hours. Digix is building a platform for trading gold-backed tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The company is based in Singapore, and will store physical gold for each token issued on Ethereum. There are fees charged for storage at 0.39% per annum, similar to Gold ETFs. However, the big advantage of Digix tokens over gold ETFs will be its global nature and ability to divide the shares in order to facilitate micro-transactions.465,134.95 ETH ($5,500,000) was raised from 675 addresses which puts the average investment size at $8,148. The total was reached in 12 hours.

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October 10, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #13

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #13DigixDAO smart contracts audit progressAs mentioned in our dev update this week, ChainSecurity has been chosen to audit DigixDAO smart contracts. They are an experienced team who has audited other complex smart contract systems such as KyberNetwork...

From: Digix

October 09, 2018

Digix Dev Update — 9th Oct 2018: Audit on DigixDAO contracts, UI Progress, Pending partnership…

Digix Dev Update — 9th Oct 2018: Audit on DigixDAO contracts, UI Progress, Pending partnership with Renowned International Bullion RetailerDigixDAO smart contracts audit progressChainSecurity has been chosen as DigixDAO smart contract auditor and we have started on the auditing process...

From: Digix

September 25, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Update #12

Code Freeze and AuditWe have been developing the DigixDAO Ethereum-based smart contracts DigixDAO for the last three months. After thoroughly testing them, we have finally frozen the contract codes. We are in talks with Smart Contract Auditors, and will engage them for the audit soon. The...

From: Digix

Digix Dev Update 25 Sep — SG Blockchain Week, New Hire, DigixDAO governance audits

Round up of SG blockchain week1. Immutable Summit as organized by Kenetic, Digix, XSQ (18 September, Tuesday)This was the first ever Immutable conference held outside of Hong Kong for Kenetic and we were proud to be part sponsors and organizers to the event. 250 people came through as lively...

From: Digix

September 12, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #11

Contract testingWe have been thoroughly testing DigixDAO contracts in the recent weeks. It has come to the final test cases and we are aiming to be audit-ready by the end of September.Claiming of DGX rewardsIn this section, we will be describing how participants in DigixDAO governance could...

From: Digix

September 11, 2018

Digix Dev Update — Sept 11 2018: Hiring Plans, Events hosted, and hosting during Blockchain Week

!NEWS FLASH: DIGIX IS HIRING IN ALL DEPARTMENTS!We are looking for passionate people to join Digix. Please click on the link below to view all job listings available.https://angel.co/digixglobal-1/jobsWe spent the past week fine tuning and identifying what we need to bring Digix to the next...

From: Digix

September 05, 2018

ANN: Conclusion of Carbon Vote 2

The Carbon Vote 2 (“CV2”) has concluded earlier today at block number 6268192 at 04:00:00 UTC, or 12:00:00 Singapore time. The results are captured below with a positive vote of confidence in favour of releasing a portion of the DigixDAO funds to facilitate the aggressive ongoing development...

From: Digix

September 03, 2018

Quick Update on Carbon Vote 1 and 2

Carbon Vote 1 Successfully Concluded:Link to Carbon Vote 1We have concluded Carbon Vote 1 as of 1st September 2018 8:00 UTC.We are proud to report that of the 2mio DGDs that are in circulation, ~680,000 or 34% of DGD tokens were actively used in participating in this vote.The Moderator...

From: Digix

August 29, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #10

In this governance update, we will introduce some additional mechanisms that have been added in the recent weeks.Reputation bonus/penalty for ModeratorsIn DigixDAO, moderators will receive Moderator Quarter Points for the moderator specific activities. As mentioned in the previous governance...

From: Digix

Digix Dev Update — 28th Aug 2018 — Carbon Vote, UX focus group, Bitfinex, Ethlend, Caspian talks

Carbon Vote 1 and 2 — summary progressWe kickstarted Carbon Votes 1 and 2 a few weeks ago.Here is a summary of what the two Carbon Votes are about and the progress of both:(1) Carbon Vote 1Carbon Vote 1 (https://digix.global/carbonvote/1/#/) ends in approx. 4 days and determines 2...

From: Digix

August 24, 2018

New Digix UX Focus Group open for sign ups from the community

We are soliciting for users from the DigixDAO community to sign up for our UX focus group. Interested users can sign up here.We are looking for users from our community who are eager to participate in DigixDAO and willing to provide us with feedback and guidance on what the community expects of...

From: Digix

Bitfinex + Ethfinex Listing ANN: DGX trading against ETH and USD

We are pleased to announce that following a really tight race towards the end of the latest round of the Ethfinex Community Listing vote, a biweekly listing vote which takes place on Nectar.community, Digix Gold (DGX) made it into the top 3 tokens to be listed on both Ethfinex and Bitfinex,...

From: Digix

August 22, 2018

Listing ANN: Decentralized Lending Platform ETHLend Lists Gold-Backed DGX Token

Chiasso, Switzerland (August 22, 2018) — ETHLend, a decentralized and secure financial marketplace built on Ethereum that enables lenders and borrowers to create peer-to-peer digital asset-backed loans using blockchain technology and smart contracts, today announced that Digix’s Gold...

From: Digix

August 20, 2018

Carbon Vote #2 : AMA on Reddit and Discord, Addressing Concerns

Below are the relevant links to check out regarding Carbon Vote #2:Reddit open AMA — The team will do a check every 12 hours and respond accordingly.Carbon Voting 2 siteCarbon Voting 2 Proposal (IPFS)Live discussion on Digix’s Discord channel #dgdao-governanceWe announced our Carbon...

From: Digix

August 17, 2018

ANN: DigixDAO Ongoing Development Proposal for Carbon Vote 2

Link to the Carbon Vote 2 siteDigix is calling for a second Carbon Vote for the disbursement of USD 20MM from the DigixDAO Crowdsale funds for ongoing development works, including DigixDAO governance platform development completion, technical and infrastructure maintenance, legal and regulatory...

From: Digix

ANN: DigixDAO Ongoing Development Proposal for Carbon Vote 2 [Updated]

Link to the Carbon Vote 2 siteDigix is calling for a second Carbon Vote for the disbursement of USD 20MM from the DigixDAO Crowdsale funds for ongoing development works, including DigixDAO governance platform development completion, technical and infrastructure maintenance, legal and regulatory...

From: Digix

August 14, 2018

Digix Dev Update — 14 Aug, 2018: Increased DGX, Kryptono Exchange Promotion, DGD Focus Group

Minted more DGX over the past 2 weeksWe are excited to have minted an additional 12 kg worth of DGX over the past 2 weeks.With an increase in DGX price and circulating supply despite the overall bear market, it seems that there is growing demand for DGX as a volatility hedge or a safe...

From: Digix

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #9

Carbon Vote SummaryIt has been 13 days since the start of the carbon vote for the two DigixDAO parameters. 130 votes and 536103 DGDs have been counted, which is equivalent to 26.8% of the total supply of DGDs. We have officially crossed the 300000 DGD quorum by a huge margin (and Digix has not...

From: Digix

July 31, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #8

Upcoming Carbon VotingLink to voting websiteThe carbon voting for the two important DigixDAO parameters will start on 1st August 2018 8:00 UTC as scheduled. The two parameters are:The portion of the total DGX rewards per quarter that goes into the moderator rewards pool.The minimum amount of...

From: Digix

Digix Dev Update — 31 July, 2018: Promo week, Kryptono Competition, Outreach

Promo week conclusionWe concluded our first promo week event last week from 23–27 July, where we slashed premiums by up to 85%. This has brought increased sales, new traffic and new customers.We are glad to announce that this first promotional event went well and are thankful for everyone’s...

From: Digix

July 27, 2018

ANN: DigixDAO 1st Governance Carbon Voting — 1st August 2018 8:00 UTC to 1st September 2018 8:00…

ANN: DigixDAO 1st Governance Carbon Voting — 1st August 2018 8:00 UTC to 1st September 2018 8:00 UTChttps://digix.global/governance_carbon_082018/#/Voting URL:https://digix.global/governance_carbon_082018/#/TIMELINE & RULESThe voting phase is from 1st August 2018 8:00 UTC to 1st...

From: Digix

July 20, 2018


To tie in with the launch and trading competition of DGX tokens on kryptono.exchange, Digix is excited to announce that we will be starting a week of discounts for DGX purchases on our marketplace just for you!Promo Week commences this coming week, Monday 23 July 20:00 SGT to Friday 27 July...

From: Digix

July 17, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #7

This governance update is dedicated to discussing the bribery attacks on on-chain voting, and how we plan to deal with them in DigixDAO governance.Reference article that started our discussion on bribery attacks: http://hackingdistributed.com/2018/07/02/on-chain-vote-buying/On-chain...

From: Digix

Digix Dev Update — 17th July 2018: Kryptono.Exchange, Swipecrypto Partnership, Quarterly Audit done

The new Digix Mailing ListWe have rolled out our updated newsletter subscription service that delivers Digix updates straight to your inboxes. Those who are on the list would have received 2 mailers from us in the past 2 weeks. From here on, we will be doing monthly roundups of developments in...

From: Digix

July 16, 2018

Digix and Swipe partners up!

Digix is proud to announce a partnership with SWIPE, a mobile engagement, advertising and data monetisation platform.Introducing SWIPEToday, the traditional data monetisation model is monopolised by large data intermediaries, who collect, manage and govern the data collected from users. Under...

From: Digix

July 13, 2018

Digix’s Gold Holdings Independently Audited — 100% accounted for

https://digix.global/app/#/provenance/assets-explorer/audit-documents-listAudit Done on our Gold holdings, document accessible to the pulicInformation captured on the Ethereum Blockchain for every Gold Bullion in storageWe had our first audit of the physical gold holdings in our custodial...

From: Digix

July 11, 2018

Digix Gold Tokens, DGX, to be listed on Kryptono Exchange from 16 July 2018

https://kryptono.exchangeSign-up Referral Link code here! | CODE: DIGIXKEWhat is Kryptono Exchange?Kryptono Exchange is a new world-class centralised cryptocurrency exchange which launched public trading on the 1st of June 2018. Since then, they have attracted a large user base with over 80,000...

From: Digix

July 03, 2018

Digixdao Governance Update #6 — ANN: Carbon Voting for 2 parameters to start on 1st August 2018…

Digixdao Governance Update #6 — ANN: Carbon Voting for 2 parameters to start on 1st August 2018 8:00UTC1. What this vote is aboutIn DigixDAO governance, there are two main types of decision makers: normal participants, and moderators. Moderators are reputable participants who need to...

From: Digix

Digix Dev Update — 3rd July 2018 — Listing on a Centralized Exchange, Carbon Vote UI, Rebranding…

Digix Dev Update — 3rd July 2018 — Listing on a Centralized Exchange, Carbon Vote UI, Rebranding and new WebsiteWebsite rebranding, Logo changeTo begin the second half of 2018, we have successfully launched our new website which boasts clearer definitions of the Digix brand. We...

From: Digix

July 02, 2018

Re-visioning Digix — The Smart Asset Tokenisation Company

Hello World, this is the new Digix 2.0This is timely as Digix is ramping up with ever increasing partnerships across the virtual currency ecosystem, the real world and the implementation of the DigixDAO governance model to unlock the funds for proposals.The new landing pageDGX — Learn...

From: Digix

June 26, 2018

Updates on the Digix Gold Marketplace (https://digix.global/app)

As mentioned in our update last week, we have launched a new release of the Digix Gold Marketplace with 4 additional features:(1) MetaMask support. Users can now use their MetaMask wallet and browser plugin for DGX purchases(2) Trezor hardware wallet support. Users can also use their Trezor...

From: Digix

June 22, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #5

Update on DigixDAO Badge holders and the introduction of ModeratorsThere has been a lot of discussion, both internally in the Digix team as well as among the community, about the roles of DigixDao Badge holders in DigixDAO governance. One thing that we could agree is that we need a second class...

From: Digix

June 19, 2018

Digix Dev update — 19 Jun (Speaking engagements at Kyber, EU and DAI Integration, open-sourcing…

Digix Dev update — 19 Jun (Speaking engagements at Kyber, EU and DAI Integration, open-sourcing DigixDAO to come)Speaking engagement and travels by the Digix TeamThe team attended the launch event of Kyber Network 2.0 at JW Marriott, South Beach Hotel on June 8th where CEO Loi Luu...

From: Digix

June 05, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #4

DigixDAO BadgesIn the DigixDAO’s crowdsale, DigixDAO Badges were given to some people depending on how much they contributed. The total supply and balance of the Badges can be checked at this link: https://etherscan.io/address/0x54bda709fed875224eae569bb6817d96ef7ed9ad#readContractDigixDAO...

From: Digix

Digix Dev Update — 5 Jun (DEXes, Rebrand, Sales and engagement)

The past 2 weeks saw several developments such as the listing of DGX on other Decentralized Exchanges, website rebranding, sales operations and the ongoing DigixDAO governance updates.Listing onto AirSwap and RadarRelayDGX has gotten listed on several DEXes since its launch on April 8, with the...

From: Digix

June 01, 2018

Digix Gold Token, DGX, is listed on Airswap!

DGX, the gold backed token on Ethereum, where 1 DGX represents 1 gram of Gold, is currently live for trading on Airswap, the Ethereum-token swap protocol.What is DGX?DGX is an ERC-20 token that was launched in April 2018 by Digix. It represents physical gold on a proportional basis, with 1...

From: Digix

Digix Gold Token, DGX, is available on AirSwap!

DGX, the gold backed token on Ethereum, where 1 DGX represents 1 gram of Gold, is currently live for trading on AirSwap, the Ethereum-token swap protocol.What is DGX?DGX is an ERC-20 token that was launched in April 2018 by Digix. It represents physical gold on a proportional basis, with 1...

From: Digix

May 22, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #3

DGX Rewards SystemDigixDAO receives one third of demurrage fees and all of the transaction fees of the DGX token to be given as a reward to dgd holders for work done in the DAO. These fees will then be distributed amongst DAO participants at the end of every quarter. In order to calculate the...

From: Digix

Digix Dev Update — 22 May 2018

Getting DGX onto Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap, EtherscanThe team is pleased to announce that DGX is now listed on Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap and Etherscan.BlockfolioBesides having DGX listed on Blockfolio, we have collaborated with Blockfolio in being one of the first few teams to be invited to use...

From: Digix

May 15, 2018

DGX is now available to trade on Tokenlon Decentralized Exchange by imToken 2.0

DGX is now available to trade on Tokenlon by imToken 2.0Digix is proud to announce that users can now purchase DGX on the mobile using the imToken mobile wallet app. One if imToken’s core functionalities is Tokenlon, an in-app decentralised exchange that allows seamless trading using features...

From: Digix

May 08, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #2

Point SystemParticipants are awarded with points for their contribution to the functioning of the DAO. These points are non-transferrable and tied to the address of the participant. There are two classes of points in the Digix DAO, namely, Quarter Points and Reputation Points.At the end of a...

From: Digix

Digix Dev Update — 8th May 2018

DGD Governance SystemWe have been working on our DGD governance and will provide a separate update (Part 2) following this.A look at DGX since our soft launch on April 8DGX Public Asset ExplorerDGX tokens went live for purchase on April 8 — exactly a month ago. More details on the sales...

From: Digix

May 05, 2018

Olympus Labs and Digix partner to bring tokenized gold DGX into the Olympus ecosystem

Olympus Labs signs a strategic sourcing partnership with Digix to bring tokenized gold in the form of DGX tokens into the Olympus ecosystem as part of its crypto index. Olympus will source gold tokens from Digix to bring stability options into their platform.How the partnership will benefit...

From: Digix

May 03, 2018

DGX lists on Kyber Network on 4th May, 2018, 9pm SGT

Kyber Network will be listing the Digix gold token, DGX, on 4th May 2018, 9pm SGT.Leveraging the immutability, transparency, and auditability of blockchain technology, Digix is tokenising gold on the Ethereum blockchain in order to provide a trusted stablecoin to the ecosystem. Gold has...

From: Digix

April 24, 2018

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #1

We would like to present an overview of our current governance model of DigixDAO. This will be a series of regular updates on DigixDAO governance. Do note that elements will change in the build process as they are refined moving forward.In this very first Governance update, we will focus on the...

From: Digix

Digix Update Apr 24 2018— DGX overview, New Hire, DigixDAO Governance

DGX Overview since April 8 (soft launch)Here is a quick update on the current status of DGX since the soft launch on April 8.Please note that all information are read and pulled from the blockchain and we have displayed them on our UI for ease of access. Users or interested parties can always...

From: Digix

April 23, 2018

Partnership: MARKET Protocol to provide decentralized derivatives traders with gold-backed…

Partnership: MARKET Protocol to provide decentralized derivatives traders with gold-backed stablecoin, DGXMARKET Protocol a decentralized derivatives protocol designed to deliver on-chain, cross-chain and off-chain trading relationships is very excited to announce our newly formed partnership...

From: Digix

April 16, 2018

Update on integration of DGX with Kyber Network

Following our original update released on 26 March in which we were expecting the integration of DGX/ETH into Kyber Network to have been completed by 16 April, there have been some changes in the development and deployment process.Both sides are currently working to iron out integration kinks to...

From: Digix

April 11, 2018

Partnership: Digix and Request Network Partner to Allow Invoicing in Gold

Digix, an asset tokenisation company that aims to bring crypto gold onto the Ethereum blockchain in a fully transparent and secure manner, and Request Network, a decentralised payments network for users anywhere in the world, have announced a partnership that will soon see gold-backed Digix gold...

From: Digix

April 10, 2018

Update on the Launch of Digix Marketplace — April 10 2018

First of all, a very big thank you all for following us in our journey to release DGX 2.0.We have soft launched our product on April 8. The reason for the lack of fan fare at this point was intentional; to ensure that any potential bugs or logistical / operational issues that may crop up be...

From: Digix

Simple FAQ on how to purchase DGX on the marketplace

https://digix.global/app/#/marketplace/dgx1. Once you have your KYC submission approved and Ethereum address whitelisted, you can proceed to click on the Buy DGX button:This will bring you to the next step.2. Import your keystore (that is associated with / generated your whitelisted Ethereum...

From: Digix

April 06, 2018

Think Piece: Fighting Hyperinflation with Cryptocurrencies

By Lucia Ziyuan*With the rising interest in cryptocurrencies and alarming signs of dollar collapse, it’s about time we revisit history for signs of hyperinflation and potential ways to combat it.Hyperinflation is when monetary devaluation happens so rapidly and out of control that inflation...

From: Digix

March 27, 2018

Partnership: Digix and Traceto Partner for KYC Services

We are pleased to announce a new partnership where traceto.io will be providing Know Your Customer (KYC) services to Digix for its marketplace.Digix is an asset tokenisation business that is in the process of rolling out Digix gold (DGX) tokens. DGX tokens are backed by 99.99% gold cast bars...

From: Digix

March 26, 2018

IMPT — Announcing the launch process of DGX 2.0–26 March 2018

Announcing the launch of the DGX 2.0Account registration and KYC starts 26 March 2018We announce that the Digix Whitelisting for marketplace purchases is officially open for the registration of new accounts, starting today, 26 March 2018, from 2pm (SGT). Users will have to register for...

From: Digix

March 13, 2018

Digix Dev Update — 13th Mar 2018 : Getting ready for Mainnet, Kyber Network exchange, UI…

Digix Dev Update — 13th Mar 2018 : Getting ready for Mainnet, Kyber Network exchange, UI Improvements for PublicWith an ETA of end Q1 for our launch of DGX 2.0, the Digix team provides an update on our progress.Continual UIUX feature improvementsWe have added functionality for Digix...

From: Digix

February 27, 2018

Digix Dev Update — 27th Feb 2018: UAT, UX Specialist, National University of Singapore Talk

Technical DevelopmentsUser Acceptance Testing for Digix MarketplaceThe internal team has begun full swing into testing and finding ways to improve the Demo version of the marketplace that has already been deployed on kovan. Aspects ranging from user interface, functions, edge and error cases has...

From: Digix

February 13, 2018

Digix Dev Update — Feb 13th 2018, Audit Fixes, Kovan Deployment, UIUX Testing for Marketplace and…

Digix Dev Update — Feb 13th 2018, Audit Fixes, Kovan Deployment, UIUX Testing for Marketplace and PoA, CryptoKittiesTech Development — Final audit reportAs mentioned in our previous dev update, we have attached the final audit report provided by our security auditors as well as the...

From: Digix

February 06, 2018

Digix FAQ

The recent surge in interest in Ethereum and Digix has been overwhelming and we would like to redirect any supporters of Digix to official sources of information so as to be better informed of our developmental progress. This represents a great opportunity for us to provide useful links and...

From: Digix

January 31, 2018

Partnership Announcement: MakerDAO and Digix: DGX gold tokens to play a crucial role in the DAI…

Partnership Announcement: MakerDAO and Digix: DGX gold tokens to play a crucial role in the DAI stablecoin31 Jan 2018 — MakerDAO and Digix are proud to announce a partnership that combines the best of both projects to deliver the ultimate stablecoin to the blockchain ecosystem: the Dai...

From: Digix

January 30, 2018

Digix Dev Update — 30th Jan 2018 Final Audit, Deployment to Kovan, Republic Protocol, Presentations…

Digix Dev Update — 30th Jan 2018 Final Audit, Deployment to Kovan, Republic Protocol, Presentations and MeetupsTech DevelopmentFinal Draft Audit Report DeliveredThe final draft audit report has been delivered by our smart contract security auditors. Our devs have already began looking at...

From: Digix

January 18, 2018

Republic Protocol and Digix Partner to Allow Crypto to Gold Trading on a Hidden ‘Dark Pool’

The first company to ever issue an ICO on Ethereum has partnered with a new decentralized dark pool exchange to allow digital asset investors to trade their assets for DGX tokens, a gold-guaranteed cryptocurrency, on a hidden order book to minimize price slippage.Republic Protocol, a new...

From: Digix

January 16, 2018

Digix Dev Update — 16 Jan 2018 — Audit Updates, Dekrypt Capital, SGInnovate, Meetups

Tech DevelopmentDraft Code Audit Published:Attached is the draft audit report we received in December with the relevant fixes that our team has worked on over the past 2 weeks. All fixes have been made and submitted for review.Draft Audit Report...

From: Digix

January 06, 2018

Update on Bittrex delisting of DGD as of 12 Jan 2018

Bittrex will be delisting DGDs with effect from the 12th of January 2018.Bittrex, being a US exchange, follows US laws and is increasingly facing greater compliance costs. They are in an ongoing review of existing coins and tokens for the past few weeks.As part of our regulatory rework...

From: Digix

January 03, 2018

Digix Dev Update — 3 January 2018 — Code Freeze, Overview for 1st half of 2018 plans

DGX 2.0 CODE FREEZENope, not kidding. The entirety of the DGX 2.0 application and code is officially frozen and submitted for review by our security auditors. The auditors had already began their review early December and came back with a draft audit report on the first part of the audit (the...

From: Digix

December 19, 2017

Digix Dev Update 19th Dec 2017 — Japan Roadshow, New Business Developer, State of Tech Dev

Japan Roadshow:The Digix Team started December by traveling to Tokyo for a series of promotional events and meeting with our new lead investor, GlobalBrain and their headquarter office.Japan Cryptocurrency MeetupWe did a meetup with Ziliqa and Bluzelle during the week in Tokyo to a strong crowd...

From: Digix

December 05, 2017

Ann: Digix’s smart contracts will be security audited by New Alchemy

www.newalchemy.ioWe are proud to announce that Digix’s smart contracts will be audited by New Alchemy.About New Alchemy: New Alchemy is a strategy and technology advisory group specializing in tokenization. New Alchemy coordinates successful ICO launches for its clients by providing them with...

From: Digix

December 04, 2017

Dev Update — Dec 4 2017 Notes on VC Funding, Japan Roadshow, Audit Review, DigixDAO

Business DevelopmentsJapanThis week, some of us are in Japan to demo our product at the Global Brain Alliance Forum. We will also be speaking at a local meetup group to share more about what we are building at Digix.If you happen to be in Tokyo, come by say hi and RSVP herePanel discussion at...

From: Digix

November 29, 2017

ANN: Digix closes 1.25mio USD seed investment round with Global Brain and Fenbushi Capital

Singapore — Nov 29 2017 Digix, the very first asset tokenization company built on Ethereum, has raised USD1.25M in its seed round. The round was led by Global Brain, one of the the largest and long established venture capital out of Japan. The round is joined by Fenbushi Capital, Asia’s...

From: Digix

November 21, 2017

Digix Dev Update — 21st Nov 2017, Fintech Week, Auditor search, Code freeze

We have made several progresses on multiple fronts, specifically on the development of our smart contracts and significant partnerships.Tech DevelopmentCode Freeze to happen by Dec 8 to be ready for full smart contract auditsWe are approximately 2 weeks away before code freeze of DigixCore 2.0...

From: Digix

November 16, 2017

Digix Partners Exclusively with Aditus — Nov 16 2017

Digix teams up with Aditus for in-app Gold Token promotions and exclusive accessAditusSingaporeDigix Global, the world’s first asset tokenisation company on Ethereum, has announced a partnership with Aditus Network (www.aditus.net) , the world’s first luxury access platform for...

From: Digix

November 07, 2017

Dev Update 7th Nov 2017 — Press Coverage, Fintech Festival, PundiX partnership, Survey, Notes from…

Dev Update 7th Nov 2017 — Press Coverage, Fintech Festival, PundiX partnership, Survey, Notes from the CTOUpdated Tech Roadmap:Core 2 Moved from 80% to 85%Roadmap will be updated on our site within 24 hours.Auditor search:Received a few quotations for Scope of Work on security audit,...

From: Digix

November 03, 2017

Announcement: Digix partners with Pundi X to exclusively bring Gold Tokens to Indonesia

Singapore, 3 November 2017Pundi X, a point of sale cryptocurrency gateway terminal that utilises NFC-enabled cards to buy and pay Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and in the near future, Digix Gold (DGX) and DigixDAO (DGD) Tokens.PundiX POS (Point of Sales) TerminalPundi X is a financial inclusion...

From: Digix

October 31, 2017

Digix Dev Update 31st Oct 2017 — Tech Progress, Auditor Search, Meetups, Indonesia, RadarRelay…

Digix Dev Update 31st Oct 2017 — Tech Progress, Auditor Search, Meetups, Indonesia, RadarRelay, PundiX partnershipsTech Progress and UpdateWe have made contact with 2 smart contract auditing companies that could help us with our upcoming smart contract audit. These 2 firms are specialists...

From: Digix

October 30, 2017

Radar Relay + Digix — Oct 31st 2017

Partnering with Digix to bring a gold backed stablecoin to Radar“We are excited to announce our partnership with Digix, the gold standard of blockchain technology. Partnering with Digix will allow Radar to provide a low volatility, gold backed token to users on our platform.”-Alan Curtis,...

From: Digix

October 24, 2017

Dev Update 23 Oct 2017 — Unit Testing, Polkadot team and Coinalarm Visits, Indonesia Push, Local…

Dev Update 23 Oct 2017 — Unit Testing, Polkadot team and Coinalarm Visits, Indonesia Push, Local Meetups,Tech Development and ProgressFocus past week was on Unit TestingCDAP Unit testing moved from 0% to 80%Core2 Unit testing moved from 35% to 45%We have also begun our search for a...

From: Digix

October 17, 2017

Digix Dev Update — 17 Oct 2017: Indonesia Push, Web Designer, Axinan Meetup, Tech Progress Report

Building Indonesian PresenceIndonesia looks to be a ripe market for digital gold even though the spread of blockchain technology is still at its nascent stage.A digital gold solution is ideal in Indonesia, because:1. The monthly wages of a large population of workers may not allow them to...

From: Digix

August 17, 2018 10:21

DigixDAO Carbon Voting 2 Guide - Ledger

How to vote for the second DigixDAO Carbon Vote using your Ledger

August 17, 2018 08:52

DigixDAO Carbon Voting 2 Guide - Metamask

How to vote for the second DigixDAO Carbon Vote using your Ledger

August 14, 2018 04:15

DigixDAO Smart Contracts Test Runthrough

DigixDAO aims to be a self-organising community on the Ethereum blockchain that actively involves its token holders in decision making and shaping the direction of the asset tokenisation business.
For the past couple of months we have been developing the Ethereum based on-chain Smart Contracts for DigixDAO, and focus was also largely on testing these contracts for logic and security.
This test suite covers most of the basic functionalities of DigixDAO, but we are still working on testing for complex scenarios and game theoretic exploitations.

DigixDAO Smart Contracts: https://github.com/DigixGlobal/dao-contracts
DigixDAO Governance Model: https://github.com/DigixGlobal/dao-contracts/blob/master/doc/GovernanceModel.pdf
Smart Contracts Architecture: https://github.com/DigixGlobal/dao-contracts#smart-contract-architecture
Test Directory: https://github.com/DigixGlobal/dao-contracts/tree/master/test

July 31, 2018 10:16

DigixDAO Carbon Voting Guide - JSON Keystore

How to vote for the first DigixDAO Carbon Vote using your JSON keystore

July 31, 2018 09:53

DigixDAO Carbon Voting Guide - Ledger

How to vote for the first DigixDAO Carbon Vote using your Ledger

May 07, 2018 10:22

DMP : PoP - Asset Recast and Remint

Demo of Marketplace

March 23, 2018 19:04

Digix Gold - Proof of Provenance Explorer

All the data you see here is from Ethereum/IPFS

February 28, 2018 03:15

ælf - The first decentralized cloud computing platform

Intro to ælf:
ælf is a decentralized self-evolving cloud computing network.
To establish a Blockchain infrastructure for various commercial requirements, ælf provides a highly efficient multi-chain parallel-processing system with cross-chain communication and self-evolving governance. It brings three innovations to future Apps, namely scalable nodes on cluster of computers, resource isolation for smart contracts via “one chain to one smart contract” and voting by token holders.

Chen Zhuling is the co-founder of ælf. After receiving his Master's degree from MIT, he worked as a strategy consultant to advise large corporates across South East Asia. Prior to founding ælf, he was an active crypto investor who rigorously studied and followed the development of the industry.

November 15, 2017 06:23

Fintech Festival Week Special: GlobalBrain Blockchain Lab Fireside Chat

Ethereum Singapore is honored to bring to you, the first of its kind, a Venture Capital talk from Global Brain, one of the largest tech VC funds with almost $500M AUM across APAC, USA, Europe and Israel. Global Brain, headquartered in Japan, has an impressive portfolio of companies that comprise of an attractive metric of 9 companies that have undergone IPOs and 27 Merger and Acquisitions.

Global Brain Blockchain Lab’s (GBBL) inauguration was announced in September 2017 to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem, as well as foster utilisation of blockchain technology across industries and countries. Given its deep roots in venture capital, GBBL works to add value to the community and ecosystem through its existing network and knowledge. Its key focus areas include building a community-driven blockchain ecosystem, connecting projects with the relevant human capital and contributing to the community’s growth through research and knowledge sharing.

Their recent investments into the blockchain array include Coins.ph and Bluzelle, who also recently presented at this meetup.

The advisory board include stalwarts of the space such as Jun Hasegawa, CEO & Founder of Omise and OmiseGO, Thomas Greco, ex-BoD advisory of Ethereum Foundation and Special advisor of OmiseGO; Kai Cheng Chng, CEO & Founder of Digix; and Ron Hose, CEO & Founder of Coins.ph.

November 14, 2017 06:23

Fintech Festival Week Special: ConsenSys Singapore Roadshow

1) ConsenSys

We will have a special segment head of business development, Andrew Keys, who will be sharing on a new ConsenSys arm.

2) OriginProtocol

The sharing economy without intermediaries. Built using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.

3) Pryze

The sweepstakes industry is a global business hampered by the costs and complexities of operation. Most sweepstakes require intermediaries, auditors, prize administrators, and legal counsel to meet regulations. Today’s consumers are also more well-versed in privacy and security than ever before, making it more difficult for contest creators to establish trust. Pryze is the faster, better, and cheaper solution.

This is a demonstration of a use-case of the blockchain and is not meant to be a display of gambling related activity solicitation of customers and users should exercise their own diligence when interacting with the platform.

4) Veridium Labs

The Veridium Network is based on the Ethereum Protocol and is a Digital Asset Issuance Network for Natural Capital Assets and EcoSmart-Commodities™ (e.g. carbon neutral or environmentally mitigated commodities). The platform will include multiple types of environmental asset tokens (including REDD+ Credits), that may be tokenized and on-boarded to the blockchain through the Veridium Network. The first to be issued, TGRs, are backed by Triple Gold REDD+ (forest conservation carbon credits) as the underlying Natural Capital asset.

5) 0rigin

6) Balan3

Balanc3 is a smart contract powered Triple-Entry Accounting system. Balanc3 uses the non-repudiability and comprehensive audibility of the blockchain to guarantee the integrity of accounting records. Balanc3 uses EtherSign and IPFS – a decentralized data storage platform – and the Ethereum blockchain to construct, store, manage, and digitally sign documents. Documents may be in the form of self-enforcing smart contracts like employment contracts or invoices, or traditional text agreements. Invoicing through smart contracts automatically processes and records payments. The blockchain ensures that past accounting records have not been altered and are not alterable, once committed, even by the owners of the accounting system.

About the speakers:

Andrew Keys, Head of Business Development at ConsenSys

Andrew comes to ConsenSys with capital markets, technology, and entrepreneurial experience. Previously, Andrew worked for UBS investment bank in equities analysis. Later, he was responsible for creation and distribution of life settlement products to hedge funds and investment banks. After, he co-founded a revenue cycle management company where he learned about Bitcoin and eventually Ethereum.

Gil Penchina, Co-founder and Advisor of Pryze

Gil is a serial entrepreneur and prolific angel investor. He is the former founder of Flight.vc, Co-founder of Fastly, CEO of Wikia, and was a member of the pre-IPO team at eBay. He is a partner at Ridge Ventures and an active angel investor in 70+ companies over the last 12 years, including: PayPal, Brave, Ripple, Filecoin, Civic, Dollar Shave Club, LinkedIn, Indiegogo, Wealthfront, AngelList, and more. Gil has a Bachelors in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Kellogg.

Jim Procanik - Advisor

Jim Procanik is an Entrepreneurial Executive who spent more than two decades growing startup businesses in the Entertainment & Fashion industries in Los Angeles, New York and Shanghai. Jim’s businesses boasted a prestigious list of clients including Nickelodeon, Universal Studios, and NBC, as well as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus.

Griffin Anderson - Founder of Balanc3

Griffin is a serial entrepreneur and founder of multiple startups. He has spent the last 5 years building, designing, and growing fintech and social media companies. At ConsenSys, Griffin is architecting and developing accounting and financial applications utilizing the blockchain.