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The Deep is a virtual world. A completely democratic structure based on consensus using Delegate Proof of Stake decentralization. Communicate, offer services, play, live your fantasies. Claim your land and build on it using the limited supply of Deep tokens – no mining needed. Use gold to customise your buildings.Deep Gold will be holding its ICO on September 15, 2017. The ICO funding cap is 4000 ETH and is expected to end on December 15, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached. Token Reserve Split (70%):30% Pre-ICO;30% Core Development;10% Marketing and Advisors; 

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DEEP Latest Updates
January 31, 2018

Deep Story Contest

What would you feel if you knew that something in the Internet can be kept there eternal? It’s possible with the Deep — an eternal virtual world based on blockchain technology. That’s exactly why everything you will construct will remain there forever. Fancy that you wander everywhere...

From: Deep Gold

September 30, 2017

The Deep Philosophy

Followers of The Deep project are so far aware of the highly technical background behind this emerging enterprise, however pure technicality is far from enough to create a fully immersive self-governing world. Having had a vision from a young age, Founder and Technological Lead Aleksei Bystrov...

From: Deep Gold

September 21, 2017

Influence of ICOs on the Crypto Economy

One of the scorching crypto topics which has even penetrated mainstream media portals and got people talking are ICOs. Towards the beginning of the year of 2017 with Bitcoin facing some alarming scaling problems, technologists all over the industry got to work collectively. Following the fearful...

From: Deep Gold

September 17, 2017

The Deep — A True Democracy

One of many appealing characteristics of The Deep is it’s enablement of play, allowing users to live out their fantasies in a bespoke virtual world. By running on distributed consensus, it gives users the full taste of engaging in a precision-engineered operating utopia. The Deep gives it’s...

From: Deep Gold

September 14, 2017

Token purchase instructions

Our Token Sale starts on September 15th, 03:00 PM GMTSeptember 15th, 05:00 PM Singapore TimeSeptember 14th, 23:00 PM Munich TimeSeptember 14th, 17:00 PM New York TimeSeptember 14th, 22:00 PM London TimeSeptember 14th, 23:00 PM Madrid TimeOur Token Sale will follow standard procedure, so if...

From: Deep Gold

September 11, 2017

Decline of the Open World Experience — Welcoming the Era of Decentralized Terrenes

Increasing Slump of the Open World PopulationEver since the launch of Dungeons and Dragons back in 1974, RPGs have become an integral part of all gaming communities around the world. Possibly the most connected niche of games to technological advances, RPG and Open World Games have been heavily...

From: Deep Gold

September 08, 2017

Crypto Commodities — An Unfamiliar Investment Opportunity Bringing Light to Many

Cryptocurrencies Are Commodities?During a semi-commercial argument that somewhat seems lifelong, the definition of cryptocurrencies as a commodity has been widely question by the general public, as well as mainstream finance enthusiasts equally. As of 2015, the Commodity Futures Trading...

From: Deep Gold

September 05, 2017

Digital Goods — Are We Embracing the World of Virtual Assets as Much as We Should Be?

Digital Goods — Are We Embracing the World of Virtual Assets as Much as We Should Be? An Opportunity of a Lifetime.What are Digital Goods — Is There Real Value?For those unaware of the terms ‘digital’ or ‘virtual goods’, it’s time to wake up and indeed stay awake....

From: Deep Gold