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The Düber Token (DBR) is intended to incentivize and improve information exchange in the cannabis community, including consumers, retailers, labs, processors and growers. Examples are rewarding community members for providing product information and photos, submitting product reviews, participation in loyalty programs and interaction with advertising and other communication channels. Blockchain technology will measure and allocate growth in economic surplus throughout the supply chain as a result of increased information exchange across all network participants. The DBR is an Ethereum (ETH) blockchain cryptocurrency that can be used within the network to pay for goods and services provided by licensed cannabis businesses.


  • Glenn Ballman: CEO, Founder.
  • Derek Mackie: CTO.
  • André van Regenmortel: CMO.
  • James Mutter: CLO.
  • David Edmunds: CFO.

Düber will be holding its ICO on the 25th of October, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 50% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 1,113,000,000 tokens available, for 0.00033333 ETH each at the offering. The ICO funding cap is 350,000 ETH and is expected to end on the 19th of January, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached.

Token Reserve Split (XX%):

  • 03% Bounties;
  • 13.5% Network Liquidity;
  • 13.5% Controlled Reserve;
  • 05% Partners;
  • 15% Team;

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DBR Latest Updates
September 20, 2018

CBD for fur babies

Biggest Hits series überCBD for pets is a hot market. Pet owners are turning using CBD to treat their fur babies for a wide range of issues: pain and anxiety, seizures, inflammation, even cancer. Medications for pets is nothing new, in fact, it has grown into a global market estimated to...

From: düber

September 10, 2018

Cannabis eases intestinal disorders

Cannabis eases intestinal disordersBiggest Hits by düberResearch findings from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the University of Bath offer scientific evidence of how cannabis helps ease inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Cannabis has long been believed to ease symptoms of...

From: düber

August 28, 2018

Cannabis in kindergarten?

Biggest Hits series by düberBrooke, a kindergartener in California has received a judge’s order allowing her to bring medical cannabis to school. This sets a legal precedent, although is only a temporary stay until a final judgement is made this fall. The five-year-old girl has Dravet...

From: düber

August 22, 2018

Trade war’s collateral damage

Biggest Hits series by duberIf the trade war with China escalates, the U.S. will add an extra tax, maybe as high as 25%, on consumer goods. That will affect the cannabis industry because so many consumption devices, especially vapes, are made in China. CNBC surmises that a trade war would leave...

From: düber

August 16, 2018

CBD true or false?

Biggest Hits series by düberNews about cannabidiol (CBD) is ubiquitous, but it’s tough to know what’s true and what isn’t. Project CBD recently compared fact with fiction to bust a few misconceptions.· CBD is more effective as an isolate. False. THC and CBD compounds work best when they...

From: düber

August 10, 2018

Cannabis policies based on sound data

Biggest Hits series by düberA bipartisan group has filed a bill for a federal study on the impact of marijuana legalization and prohibition. They claim that decades of bad data and misinformation have fueled the failed war on drugs that’s wasted billions of tax dollars and jailed citizens...

From: düber

August 02, 2018

Cannabis good for old but not young?

Biggest Hits series by düberIn a new study on the effects of THC on mice brains, Professor Andreas Zimmer (University of Bonn) joined colleagues at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mice as old as 18 months — geriatric in the mouse world, were dosed with small amounts of THC for four...

From: düber

July 25, 2018

Happy one-year canna-versary to Nevada

Biggest Hits series by düberOne year ago, Nevada legalized recreational cannabis, in what has proven to be a success story. Sales continue to exceed expectations. March 2018 recorded recreational sales of $41 million, up 16% over February. This number exceeded the anticipated revenue and did...

From: düber

July 16, 2018

Solving advertising challenges for cannabis growers and processors

Advertising restrictions create more problems for those in the cannabis industryYou know that advertising is critical to your success. The cannabis industry, however, has so many advertising restrictions that it can feel like an impossible task. But there’s a simple solution to promote your...

From: düber

July 04, 2018

FDA approval — a blessing or a curse?

The FDA approved Epidiolex, a drug made from purified CBD, to treat Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes. These rare, severe forms of epilepsy leave their young patients with poor quality of life, resulting from extreme seizures and many developmental challenges. Epidiolex is offered in liquid...

From: düber

Cannabis — making Canada great

Biggest Hits series by düberThere’s a hiring frenzy in Canada, in preparation for its October cannabis legalization. Forbes recently profiled the happy crisis, which has HR teams racing to find qualified candidates. Meanwhile, south of the 49th parallel, Trump’s trade tariffs are costing...

From: düber

June 26, 2018

Mapping the cannabis genome

Biggest Hits series by düberScientists continue mapping the cannabis genome, to gather beneficial insights for producers and consumers. DNA sequencing uniquely identifies a plant’s genetics, which control the chemicals it will produce. Building a comprehensive marijuana genome will help us...

From: düber

June 19, 2018

SAFE Banking Act for cannabis is over-due

Biggest Hits series by düberThe ongoing plea for fair banking in the cannabis industry continues with a call for industry players to urge their members of Congress to support the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act. The SAFE Banking Act would offer federal protections for financial...

From: düber

June 14, 2018

Stringent cannabis packaging proposed in Canada

Biggest Hits series by düberCanada is in its eleventh hour before legalizing recreational cannabis, and so it’s no surprise that new regulations are being announced. The government just released its proposed packaging requirements for legal cannabis and the measures are austere. Regulated...

From: düber

June 12, 2018

Hemp seed bank approved

Biggest Hits series by düberA U.S. Senate panel has set aside half a million dollars to ensure that agricultural leaders build a stockpile of cannabis genetics in Missouri. The plan will lead to an industrial hemp seed bank where the USDA will store hemp germplasm, genetic matter of germ...

From: düber

June 07, 2018

The look of cannabis users on-screen

Biggest Hits series by düberA recent survey found that marijuana users want Hollywood to update their portrayals. The call is to abandon the dumb stoner and embrace new character types. The survey, from New York’s Miner and Company, included both recreational and medical cannabis users. Most...

From: düber

June 05, 2018

New phytocannabinoid testing method

Biggest Hits series by düberUniversity of British Columbia (UBC) researchers have created a way to quickly and accurately measure phytocannabinoids, the fundamental bioactive molecules of cannabis. With ever-growing numbers and types of cannabis products, this new method assesses potency and...

From: düber

Thanks for commenting — much appreciated!

Thanks for commenting — much appreciated!

From: düber

Good catch Mr. Wolski. Thanks for the note!

Good catch Mr. Wolski. Thanks for the note!

From: düber

June 01, 2018

Attorney Generals still deliberate status of cannabis

Biggest Hits series by düberFormer Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder says he’s never seen any scientific evidence of marijuana being addictive. He wants cannabis moved off the list of the Schedule I drug category where it currently resides. Schedule 1 is reserved only for substances with no...

From: düber

Attorneys General still deliberate status of cannabis

Biggest Hits series by düberFormer Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder says he’s never seen any scientific evidence of marijuana being addictive. He wants cannabis moved off the list of the Schedule I drug category where it currently resides. Schedule 1 is reserved only for substances with no...

From: düber

May 29, 2018

Cannabis: a new locker room tradition?

Biggest Hits series from düberIt’s now widely-known that a lot of athletes use CBD or cannabis, for various reasons. Some use CBD to calm the adrenaline that causes pre-game jitters. Most sports players know that it can help reduce pain resulting from injuries or over-use. Pros, especially...

From: düber

May 24, 2018

CBD helps and heals

CBD has a wide range of proven therapeutic benefitsWhat is CBD?Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than a hundred compounds found in cannabis. These chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, are powerful, but not created equally. CBD is the key to marijuana’s range of medicinal and therapeutic...

From: düber

May 22, 2018

Blockchain news from Spain

Biggest Hits Series by düberSpain’s Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) is the first bank to issue a loan using blockchain. The sum of €75 million, about US$91 million, was processed, from negotiation to sign off to transfer, to the corporate client in mere hours, unlike the standard...

From: düber

May 17, 2018

Sessions changes his mind about cannabis, or does he?

Biggest Hits series by düberIn what felt like a step forward, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently told a Senate panel he now believes marijuana could be used medicinally. It was his first public claim of support for cannabis. He went so far as to encourage the federal government to boost...

From: düber

May 16, 2018

The wild west of California’s cannabis delivery, part two

Missed part one? Read it here.Big Sur is small compared to California’s cannabis marketThe first state with legal delivery of legal recreational cannabis since January 2018, California, finds its cannabis industry to be in chaos. In the last post we explored possible reasons behind the...

From: düber

May 10, 2018

Forbes interviews düber CEO Glenn Ballman

düber CEO Glenn Ballman gave a two-part interview to Forbes magazine, exploring cryptocurrency for the cannabis industry. In them he cites the problems unique to an industry forced to deal in cash: lack of safety and security for cash and employees, difficulty with tax payments and more. Glenn...

From: düber

May 08, 2018

Cannabis industry continues to blaze

Biggest Hits series by düberMarijuana industry sports 693% job growthWe’ve written about it before and the proof keeps coming: the cannabis industry is the place to find jobs. ZipRecruiter confirmed that the legal cannabis industry is leading the way in growth. Data from their final quarter...

From: düber

May 03, 2018

The wild west of California’s cannabis delivery

Part one of twoCalifornia’s illegal delivery services undercut its legal cannabis marketCalifornia is the first state with legal delivery of recreational cannabis, as of January 2018, and our next case study. Besides sheer size and population, what really got our attention is the growth of...

From: düber

May 01, 2018

New app to gauge your high

Biggest Hits series from düberHigh responsibilityResearchers at the University of Chicago’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience have created an app for cannabis users to assess how impaired they are. Am I Stoned? uses a series of interactive exercises to challenge users. A...

From: düber

April 27, 2018

University paper promotes cannabis blockchain and crypto tax currency

Biggest Hits series by düberComparison with the VAT modelA recent abstract from the Boston University School of Law will use the European value added tax (VAT) model to assess U.S. states’ cannabis tax “harmonization and enforcement.” The Law and Economics research paper by Richard...

From: düber

April 24, 2018


Biggest Hits series by duberMarijuana franchises coming soonONE Cannabis, a Colorado dispensary company, is offering franchises. Having learned the rigid compliance and operational standards the hard way, this company now offers a shortcut to interested entrepreneurs. Their goal is to have 50...

From: düber

April 20, 2018

When delivery is not optional: the special marijuana landscape in Florida

Is the sun setting on Florida’s MMJ success?Florida’s medical marijuana landscape is unique. For its almost 100,000 registered patients, there are only 32 (!) dispensaries. It’s no surprise that Florida’s cannabis delivery sales share is the highest in the U.S., with a rumored share of...

From: düber

April 16, 2018

CannaTech unites great global minds

The most recent CannaTech Conference happened this March in Tel Aviv, Israel. Industry players from 40 countries flocked to the comprehensive medical cannabis event. Topics included science and research, medicine, technology, finance, policy and more. Israel’s leading-edge technology and...

From: düber

April 13, 2018

Tax breaks for California cannabis?

Due to concerns that California’s cannabis industry is being undercut by the illegal market, some lawmakers propose three years of reduced state taxes for licensed growers and sellers. The L.A. Times reports the requested reductions: the state excise tax drop from 15% to 11% and the suspension...

From: düber

April 10, 2018

Cannabis waste converted through aerobic digestion

Two Vancouver, B. C. companies are making a splash in canna tech, through their work on cannabis waste. Micron Waste Technologies Inc, and medical marijuana licensed producer Aurora Cannabis Inc., have joined forces to improve the handling of waste from cannabis processing. Micron’s technology...

From: düber

April 06, 2018

When skunky spells healthy

Terpenes are the aromatic and therapeutic part of the cannabis plant’s essential oils. They both attract and repel certain insects and animals, including humans, who can’t help but react to their potent, some say skunky, smell. The terpenes that dominate any cannabis strain give it a unique...

From: düber

April 04, 2018

Canada’s legal delivery of medical marijuana

Canada has strict procedures for approved citizens to access medical cannabis. Part of this is the delivery component, which ensures compliance, security and quality standards, but has major drawbacks for both patients, growers and processors.Canada’s laws have continued to change since they...

From: düber

April 02, 2018

Cannabis for the people?

A former federal agent and law enforcement officer says that he believes cannabis legalization will offer a lot of social benefits to the American public. Benjamin Thomas Wolf is running for the Illinois 5th Congressional District, and he’s running it as the cannabis candidate. Wolf purports...

From: düber

March 28, 2018

420 in the United States

It’s been a turbulent year for cannabis in the United States so far, but one thing is for sure: cannabis has been center-stage. Surely the 420 events will reflect this, whether in protest, party or a little of both. We’ve compiled a list of some events around the country, but surely have...

From: düber

March 23, 2018

Global snapshot of countries with relaxed cannabis laws

part of the Biggest Hits series from düberLegalization and decriminalization of cannabis are becoming global phenomena and shifting the way the world sees the healing plant. Social studies show that relaxed laws can improve societies. Here’s a snapshot of cannabis across the continents. In...

From: düber

March 21, 2018

The weird history of weed day, 420

Some of the myths around the origins of 420 are hazy. One urban legend has it that California state police used 420 as a radio code to denote marijuana smoking in progress. Other people swear it’s the number of active chemicals in bud. Bob Dylan fans created some magic math from lyrics to his...

From: düber

March 19, 2018

The cannabis industry boasts 445% job growth

We’ve all seen sectors that experience rapid growth, but a 445% increase? Yet that’s exactly what ZipRecruiter cites as the growth in number of job postings for the cannabis industry in 2017, compared to just +18% in 2016 vs. 2015. Business Insider recognized that the cannabis sector is...

From: düber

March 16, 2018

A black market in a green industry

Legalization of recreational cannabis is spreading as fast as weeds — the kind we like. Yet the illegal market remains strong and a legalized recreational marijuana industry will have to compete with it. This will be a tough go, made more so by the tangle of rules and regulations inherent...

From: düber

March 08, 2018

International Women’s Day - düber’s Biggest Hits special edition

Women + cannabis + media = successA trio of women of color are making a splash with their cannabis media company, Estrohaze. Safon Floyd, Sirita Wright and Kali Wilder are graduates of Canopy, an American cannabis accelerator. They want the voices of minority women to be heard in the cannabis...

From: düber

March 05, 2018

Could legal marijuana mean fewer opioid deaths?

By now, our readers know what Jeff Sessions thinks of cannabis, right? Well, maybe not. He came out with an old theory last week, that cannabis is a gateway drug to opioids. The New York Times was quick to jump on this, stating that Sessions “has it backward.” The Journal of American...

From: düber

March 02, 2018

Brain health favors cannabis over alcohol

A recent study from the University of Colorado boldly states that cannabis use doesn’t alter human brain structure. The study found that, compared to alcohol, adult drinkers (especially long-term ones) showed a reduction in volume of gray matter plus changes to white matter. Over 1200 people...

From: düber

February 23, 2018

Colorado credit union’s fight to serve the cannabis industry

Denver’s Fourth Corner Credit Union received conditional approval from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City to provide banking services to cannabis businesses. The credit union can now serve the people and businesses that support legalized cannabis, but not those who sell cannabis. The...

From: düber

February 21, 2018

Celebrity sells cannabis

There is a swath of celebrity cannabis brands taking center stage lately. No surprise that there’s a line of cannabis products under Bob Marley’s name. Marley Natural Cannabis, topicals and accessories. The brand aligns with causes concerned with social change, sustainability and social...

From: düber

February 19, 2018

Marijuana’s tax on the environment

Marijuana’s tax on the environmentNick Johnson explores the environmental impact of marijuana in “Grass Roots: A History of Cannabis in the American West.” Although medical cannabis has been legal in California since 1996, the state hasn’t regulated supply. This has drawn illegal growers...

From: düber

February 17, 2018

düber team celebrates Year of the Dog

Diggin’ into hot pot festivitiesKung Hei Fat Choi 2018!düber celebrates the Year of the Dog with a hot pot feastHelpful co-workers point out what’s what for the hot pot newbiesMeat section only please!Hot pot is deceptively filling! We’ve got lots of energy to get back to düber work.

From: düber

February 09, 2018

Marijuana’s healing powers

Yvonne DeLaRosa Green was the first cannabis entrepreneur to get a license in Los Angeles. The Latina entrepreneur remains tied to her culture of natural healing, and that makes cannabis — a natural medicine — appealing. She’s grateful to see the plant gain such popularity,...

From: düber

February 07, 2018

The Big Apple bites into cannabis

Will New York legalize recreational cannabis?New York Governor Cuomo’s annual budget address had a happy inclusion: a study into the possibility of legalizing recreational marijuana in his state. Lawmakers still need to approve the necessary funding, but with neighboring Massachusetts and...

From: düber

February 02, 2018

düber in action, featuring Sam and André

André is on the move doing business in San Francisco, LA, Chicago and New YorkSam Scoten, VP Finance and André van Regenmortel, CMO — San FranciscoAndré van Regenmortel, CMO and Sam Scoten, VP Finance — LAMax Markovtsev, Zach Weiner from EmergingInsider and André van...

From: düber

February 01, 2018

Our latest Washington retailer advertising screen installations

Herban Legends — Seattle, WashingtonThe Herbal Gardens — Tacoma, WashingtonGreen Lady — East Olympia, Washington

From: düber

January 30, 2018

The sound of düber

How do you pronounce düber? Take your pick:dᵫ-bər (closest, but how do you say “ə”?)due-ber (close enough)dyo͞o-ber (not so close)We get asked this a lot. We never expected how tough some people would find our name. The problem seems to be that funny symbol with the two dots over...

From: düber

January 29, 2018

Talk from the team

People seem to love working at düber Technologies Inc. We wanted to know why. We asked Rob B. to give us the inside scoop.Rob B., Software developer, Vancouver officeWhat was your main motivation for wanting to work for düber?It’s the intersection of my three favorite things: building...

From: düber

January 23, 2018

Biggest Hits: Cannabis for sipping, green is growth, crime in decline

Cannabis and wine: the perfect pairing?Constellation Brands is an international producer and marketer of beer, wine and spirits. Their 100 plus brands include Corona beer plus wines from Clos du Bois and Kim Crawford. What’s landed them in the news is that they’re the first alcohol company...

From: düber

January 05, 2018

The Biggest Hits: Sessions Rocks the Boat, Labor Unions Woo Cannabis Workers, and The VA Updates…

The Biggest Hits: Sessions Rocks the Boat, Labor Unions Woo Cannabis Workers, and The VA Updates Medical MJ Policy#CannaNews #BiggestHits #TrendingTHCBrought to you by düberAt düber we strive to solve the biggest problems in the cannabis industry. The Biggest Hits is a series where we...

From: düber

January 03, 2018

4 Articles That Show The Impact of the Cannabis Prohibition Repeal

From investor interest to the internet of things, the creation of jobs and cryptocurrencies, and of course revenue, profits, taxes… 2017 has been a huge year for the the legal cannabis industry. There hasn’t been a development of a “new” industry like this since the repeal of alcohol...

From: düber

December 15, 2017

The Biggest Hits: Cannabis Wine, Federal Grants, and a Whole Lotta Money

#CannaNews #BiggestHits #TrendingTHCBrought to you by düberAt düber we strive to solve the biggest problems in the cannabis industry. The Biggest Hits is a series where we highlight some of the most important news concerning our industry.Studying the Effects of Cannabis on People with HIV and...

From: düber

December 13, 2017

düber AMA Preparation Toolkit — 12/14/17!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a Reddit AMA on Thursday, December 14th on the r/iAmA channel starting at 19:00 UTC and lasting until we answer every one of your questions, or until we get the munchies and break for lunch.Present for the AMA will be our CEO Glenn Ballman and...

From: düber

December 04, 2017

The Biggest Hits: Clickbait, Craft Cannabis, and International Collaboration

#CannaNews #BiggestHits #TrendingTHCBrought to you by düberAt düber we strive to solve the biggest problems in the cannabis industry. The Biggest Hits is a series where we highlight some of the most important news concerning our industry.International Cannabis Powerhouses CollaborateThe...

From: düber

November 27, 2017

Observations from MJ Biz Las Vegas Nov. 2017

By André van Regenmortel, CMO düberNow that everyone has hopefully recovered from their Thanksgiving turkey binge, let’s digest all of our thoughts from MJ Biz 2017. Over the course of three days we spoke with hundreds of visitors at our düber booth, and from those interactions three key...

From: düber

November 20, 2017

The Biggest Hits: East Coast Progress, Blockchain for Cannabis, and IoT for Cultivation

#CannaNews #BiggestHits #TrendingTHCBrought to you by düberAt düber we strive to solve the biggest problems in the cannabis industry. The Biggest Hits is a series where we highlight some of the most important news concerning our industry.The East Coast West Coast Rivalry Continues...

From: düber

November 16, 2017

Introducing Δ-8-THC: Medical Cannabis’ Best Friend

Patients are increasingly turning to cannabis as a supplemental, and sometimes alternative option to treat medical conditions. Unfortunately, education is lacking as to how cannabis can treat a wide variety of illnesses. Newcomers to medical cannabis often start with the basics: knowing it gets...

From: düber

November 14, 2017

Straining the System: Lack of Clear Labeling Hampers Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Extract Bottle from 1906#CannaConundrumsAccurately labeling cannabis products is a surprisingly intricate and complex issue that many consumers are unaware of. As any seasoned cannabis consumer can tell you, strains are not always equal between stores or producers. After all, there are...

From: düber

November 13, 2017

düber CEO Glenn Ballman on Blockchain and The Cannabis Industry

düber CEO Glenn Ballman recently sat down with iHeart Radio to talk about blockchain technology, the cannabis industry, and what düber has got up their sleeves.In under 10 minutes, Glenn leaves us with a wealth of knowledge, covering topics such as:What blockchain and ICOs are and why...

From: düber

April 04, 2018 20:13

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