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CDRX (CDRX) 3 days
SkyMap (SKYM) 3 days
Aditus (ADI) 4 days
PlayChip (PLA) 5 days
Stem Cell (SCIA) 5 days
Nodvix (NVDX) 6 days
Crypviser ICO summary information

Conceptual Model

The encrypted network for social and business communication based on Blockchain Crypviser is a disruptive, encrypted all-in- one network for social and business communication based on Blockchain technology. The security model of Crypviser is professionally designed to meet the highest standards of cryptography for securely storing and exchanging all kinds of data, including instant chats,voice and video calls, group calls (voice conferences) and more. Crypviser simplifies and introduces a wide range of encrypted products for the B2C and B2B markets, which up until now were only available to the biggest corporations, financial institutes, governments and secret services. Crypviser is the most secure solution for confidential interactions!

Project Description

Crypviser uses blockchain technology to develop solutions for B2C and B2B markets. By providing genuine encryption key identification, Crypviser can prevent manipulation, interceptions MITM attacks on all communication levels.Crypviser has developed a security model, which is designed to meet the highest standards of cryptography for securely exchanging and storing all kinds of data. Team:Vadim Andryan: CEO/CTO, Founder;Waldemar Konradi: CO, Director, Founder. (LinkedIn);Eduard Schutz: Owner, Investor;Victor Gubin: Lead Developer;Crypviser held its ICO on May 20, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 66.6% of the total token supply, and there was a total of 15,000,000 tokens available at the offering. During the ICO 4,454,250 tokens were sold, raising a total of $3,872,725. The sale ended on June 30, 2017.Coin Distribution:Total coins sold — 4,459,000 CVC;Coins reserved for Bounty campaigns — 133 770 CVC;Bonuses, gift certificates and other promo for participants — 601 112 CVC;Totally coins sold + promo — 5,193,882 CVC;Coins unsold (to be distributed among participants) — 4 806 118 CVC;

Founders and Associates

Vadim Andryan -The Founder and CEO/CTO

Waldemar Konradi -Co-Founder and Director

Eduard Schütz -Co-owner, Investor

Victor Gubin -The Lead Developer

Dmitriy Vaisband -Business Consultant, Coach

Sergey Sidorov -Legal Service

Ronald Kramer -Escrow - Bitshares Foundation

Ronny Boesing -Escrow - Openledger APS

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CVCOIN Latest Updates
November 05, 2018


Crypviser is pleased to announce the launch of our public nodes program for Crypvisers secure network. Crypviser Witness (Masternode) and Registration nodes will become available for public download in open source 22th November 2018WITNESS NODE GUIDELINESWhat’s A Witness Node?Witness...


November 01, 2018


We live in a world of increasing surveillance, security threats and data gathering where personal data is a tradable commodity and the lines between who and what is the product are blurred. Crypviser, the disruptive cyber security and privacy company, is pleased to announce that the Crypviser...


October 08, 2018

The big iOS update has been released on AppStore

We’ve been working diligently to introduce a significant update to the Crypviser Secure Messaging app. We are very excited to introduce a completely revised UX along with a new fresh look and a lot of new exciting features. In this release we have focused on usability and a more friendly user...

From: Crypviser Blog

October 07, 2018

How to withdraw from Hadax exchange to Openledger DEX

Operations on HADAX exchangeLogin to your account here https://www.hadax.com/finance/Type in CVCOIN in Search box and press Withdraw3. You have to copy your Deposit address from Openledger choosing CVN in the Search box and clicking on Deposit icon4. Paste your Deposit address on Hadax...

From: Crypviser Blog

October 06, 2018

Crypviser at Hacken Cup 2018 International Bug Bounty marathon at HackIT2018

Before going commercial, Crypviser Network and the Crypviser App will be taking on the best of the best EU and International Hacking teams, USA, Netherlands, India, Denmark, Germany, France, Egypt, Ukraine, Sweden etc.The accredited hackers from the Bug Bounty platform HackenProof have found...

From: Crypviser Blog

October 02, 2018

Crypviser In Brazil.

Crypviser In BrazilOn the 25th and 26th of September, Crypviser attended the BlockCrypto Conference in Sao Paulo Brazil. In attendance were CEO Vadim Andyran, Head Android Developer and Architect Yudhisthira Attry, and CCO Mark Babbitt.Mark Babbitt gave a presentation focusing on Free...

From: Crypviser Blog

October 01, 2018

LATOKEN lists Crypviser (CVN)

TRADE CVN NOW: https://bit.ly/2IsoVrP CRYPVISER is a communication network that protects your privacy. More on the project: https://crypviser.network/

From: Crypviser Blog

September 26, 2018

CVCOIN(CVN) is coming on LAToken Exchange

Dear CVcoin Traders & Holders,We are pleased to anounce the upcoming listing of CVcoin(CVN) on the LAToken exchange.LAToken is a high volume marketplace with 25+ mln. US$ daily volume.CVCOIN(CVN) ERC20 will be added on LAToken. The defined ticker name is CVN.Deposits will open on 28th...

From: Crypviser Blog

September 22, 2018


Please take into consideration that CVCOIN (CVN) on HUOBI GLOBAL is ERC20 based token.You can find 2 pairs CVCOIN/BTC and CVCOIN/ETH there:| Huobi Globalhttps://www.huobi.com/cvcoin_btc/exchange/https://www.huobi.com/cvcoin_eth/exchange/

From: Crypviser Blog

September 21, 2018

Look out Brazil, Here Comes Crypviser!

https://blockcrypto.com.br/?lang=enWithin Latin America, look for Brazil to be the cryptocurrency ringleader both on the regulatory side and on the development side. As it now stands, more people are opening cryptocurrency trading accounts in Brazil than traditional brokerage...

From: Crypviser Blog

September 20, 2018

CVCOIN(CVN) trading has resumed on HitBTC Exchange

Dear All,Please be aware that CVCOIN(CVN) trading has resumed on HitBTC https://hitbtc.com/exchange with a new ticker CVN.CVN/BTC, CVN/ETH and CVN/USDT trading pairs...

From: Crypviser Blog

September 11, 2018

New Member of the Crypviser Team

Gareth Leggett — Chief Business OfficerCrypviser is happy to announce that Gareth Leggett — a leading expert in Information Security — has been appointed the company’s Chief Business Officer. Gareth is responsible for delivering the company’s commercial strategy to support...

From: Crypviser Blog

September 10, 2018


PRESS RELEASE 10/09/2018, Crypviser GmbH, Düsseldorf, GermanyTHE NEW OFFICIAL UPDATE CRYPVISER SECURE COMMUNICATION APP RELEASE ON APPSTORE FOR IOS. COMING ON 15TH SEPTEMBER 2018We are excited to say that the new version of Crypviser iOS app for secure communications will be released on the...

From: Crypviser Blog

THE NEW OFFICIAL UPDATE Crypviser Secure Messenger: Huge iOS Update coming on September 15th, 2018

PRESS RELEASE 10/09/2018, Crypviser GmbH, Düsseldorf, GermanyTHE NEW OFFICIAL UPDATE Crypviser Secure Messenger: Huge iOS Update coming on September 15th, 2018We are excited to say that the new version of Crypviser iOS app for secure communications will be released on the Apple App Store 15th...

From: Crypviser Blog

September 07, 2018

Win and share 200 000 CVCOIN

Dear CVCOIN(CVN) TradersBetween 14:00, September 7 and 14:00 September 14 (GMT+8), users with the trading amount on Huobi HADAX (buy amount + sell amount, excluding self-trading) equal to or greater than 500 CVCOIN will be counted as valid users. Up to 1,000 valid users have the possibility to...

From: Crypviser Blog

September 06, 2018

Dear CVCOIN(CVN) Traders

Dear CVCOIN(CVN) TradersWe are proud to announce that CVCOIN(CVN) trading is NOW LIVE on Huobi HADAX Exchange. (www.hadax.com) !The following trading pairs are availableCVCOIN/BTC, CVCOIN/ETHDeposits and withdrawals are available in ERC20 format.If you have your CVCOIN(CVN) on Bitshares...

From: Crypviser Blog

CVCOIN / CVN 中国官方社群!


From: Crypviser Blog

September 05, 2018


We are excited to inform everyone that CVCOIN(CVN) trading will start on Huobi HADAX at 10.00 AM (GMT +2, Berlin time), 6th September 2018CVCOIN/BTC and CVCOIN/ETH pairs will be available for trading.ATTENTION: HADAX will schedule to change the CVCOIN token symbol from CVN to CVCOIN between...

From: Crypviser Blog

September 04, 2018

CVCOIN(CVN) is ready to trade on Sistemkoin and BTC-ALPHA exchanges

Dear CVCOIN(CVN) traders,Please be aware that the CVCOIN to CVN ticker swap has been successfully completed on Sistemkoin and BTC-ALPHA exchanges.The following trading pairs are available:On Sistemkoin (www.sistemkoin.com)CVN/BTCCVN/LTCVN/DEEXOn BTC-ALPHA...

From: Crypviser Blog

August 29, 2018


CVCOIN (CVN) ECOSYSTEMCVCOIN CVN is tradable on the following exchangesHUOBI HADAXhttps://www.hadax.comCVN token: ERC20GOING LIVE 30TH AUGUST 2018OpenLedger DEXwww.openledger.ioCVN token: BitsharesActive markets: CVN/BTC, CVN/BTS, CVN/USDCVN -> to CVN ERC20 withdraw/deposit gateway...

From: Crypviser Blog


Dear CVCoin Holders & TradersWe are very excited to announce that CVCOIN(CVN) will go live on HADAX 30th August 2018 at 10.30 AM by GMT +2 (Berlin time)Please note that CVN ERC20 has been listed on Huobi HADAX, deposits are already available.Please follow this guide on how to deposit CVN...

From: Crypviser Blog

How to deposit CVN to Hadax Exchange from Openledger DEX

Operations on HADAX exchangeSign in to your account on Hadax.com, click Balances and type in CVN in the search boxAfter that click on DepositClick on Copy (to copy your deposit address)Please note that the Minimum deposit amount is 2 CVNOperations on Openledger exchangeClick on Withdraw...

From: Crypviser Blog

How to deposit CVCOIN (CVN) to Hadax Exchange from Openledger DEX

Operations on HADAX exchangeSign in to your account on Hadax.com, click Balances and type in CVCOIN in the search boxAfter that click on DepositClick on Copy (to copy your deposit address)Please note that the Minimum deposit amount is 2 CVCOINOperations on Openledger exchangeClick on...

From: Crypviser Blog

August 28, 2018

CVN gateways status on OpenLedger DEX

This is to confirm that CVN ERC20 and CVT deposit/withdrawal gateways are fully restored and performing well.In case of any issue or question please contact [email protected]

From: Crypviser Blog

August 27, 2018


In the light of the recent swap of the CVCOIN ticker to CVN, all CVCOIN traders who have opened orders in CVCOIN and OPEN.CVN pairs against BTS, BTC, USD and other currencies are requested to close their buy/sell orders and exchange to CVN at 1:1 exchange rate by 01/09/2018How to swap CVCOIN to...

From: Crypviser Blog

August 21, 2018

CVCOIN ticker to CVN Swap on OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX has been completed, UPDATE #2

Dear CVcoin (CVN) holders and traders,We are glad to inform you that the ticker swap of CVCOIN to CVN is completed on OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX.The new markets of CVN are opened...

From: Crypviser Blog

August 16, 2018

CVCOIN ticker to CVN Swap on OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX UPDATE #1

Please be aware that we are still processing the CVCOIN ticker swap to CVN on OpenLedger DEX. The ETA of completion and the return of all processes such as, resuming trades and deposit/withdrawals through the gateway is Monday, 20 August 2018.We apologize for any inconveniences and appreciate...

From: Crypviser Blog

August 14, 2018

How to convert CVN (BTS) into CVN (ERC20)

From Openledger to Myetherwallet (MEW)Click on Withdraw icon inside your Openledger wallet2. Choose the option I want to withdraw the amount of CVCOIN to CVN (ERC20) and specify the amount to withdraw3. Choose currency of the Fee and specify your ETH address from Myetherwallet4. In your MEW you...

From: Crypviser Blog

CVCOIN ticker to CVN Swap on OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX

Dear CVCoin(CVN) Holders and Traders,In order to classify and bring the CVCOIN token ticker name to a unified standard on all exchanges, please be aware that the CVCOIN ticker will be changed on OpenLedger DEX to CVN.The ticker swap will be performed on OpenLedger and Bitshares DEX on 15th...

From: Crypviser Blog

August 07, 2018

The Nitty Gritty of It All. Crypviser Unleased.

There is a lot of Hype about Crypviser, the first Blockchain Authenticated, 100% Anonymous Instant Messenger. But there are many unanswered questions.How does it function?What Encryption Protocal does it use?Why Blockchain?Deep Technical questions.So without further ado here are some answers to...

From: Crypviser Blog

August 03, 2018

How to withdraw CVN (CVCoin) from Sistemkoin to Myetherwallet (ERC20) through Openledger

Withdrawal from Sistemkoin to Myetherwallet is available only through the gateway on Openledger.io and you need to have a wallet there.If you do not have a wallet on openledger.io you can create it using this video-guide https://youtu.be/5QZVCQ1elUIFrom Sistemkoin to your wallet on...

From: Crypviser Blog

July 19, 2018

Android Beta Release Distribution of Crypviser Secure Communication App

Crypviser is proud to inform about starting Android Beta release distribution of the most secure decentralized communication app on 20th July 2018.The Beta distirbution will be held in few waves and traditionally the first release will be provided to the Crypviser community memebrs & all...

From: Crypviser Blog

July 16, 2018


Hello AllWe happy to confirm that CVCOIN(CVN) has been launched on HitBTC exchange.The ticker: CVCOIN Trading pairs: CVCOIN/BTC, CVCOIN/USDT, CVCOIN/ETH are availableYou can deposit and withdraw CVCOIN (BITSHARES) token. CVCOIN Bitshares wallets are available at openledger.io,...

From: Crypviser Blog

July 12, 2018

CVcoin(CVN) is going to be launched in HitBTC exchange

Dear CVcoin holders and traders!CVcoin(CVN) is going to be launched in HitBTC exchange on Monday, 16th July 2018Please note, that CVCOIN (BITSHARES) will be listed on HitBTC.https://twitter.com/hitbtc/status/1017462898472505344?s=19Cheers, Crypviser Team

From: Crypviser Blog

July 06, 2018

Security of things recap

Hello all community members, we are back from the Security of Things World event in Berlin.This event was joined by companies such as Bosch, BMW, Phillips Patient Care, Dekra, Bayer and many many more. The focus of the event was Cyber Security, particular in the filed of IoT devices. CEO Vadim...

From: Crypviser Blog

July 02, 2018

The new Crypviser Dev Plan Q3'2018

We are pleased to introduce the new Crypviser dev plan for Q3'2018.In July 2018 we have scheduled two major events,Android Release of the Crypviser AppThe first Android Beta Release of Crypviser Secure Messaging App on 20th July 2018. The full — featured beta version will be FREE for...

From: Crypviser Blog

June 28, 2018

“The end-to-end IoT Security Event” in Berlin

Dear Crypviser Community, on July 2nd and 3rd Crypviser will beintroducing their Blockchain Based Automated Encryption Solution for IoT Devices, at the End 2 End Security Of IoT Event in Berlin.Companies such as BMW, Bosch, Phillips, Autoliv BV & Co. KG and many others will be attending...

From: Crypviser Blog

June 22, 2018

CVcoin Announces Important Partnership with Vistalli Casa-BitcoinXcasa

CVcoin, the cryptocurrency behind Crypviser, the most secure communication platform on the blockchain, announces an important partnership with Vistalli Casa-BitcoinXcasa, an Italian real estate group with over 35 years experience that offers its own property solutions in lovely Italian locations...

From: Crypviser Blog

June 21, 2018

What’s it gonna be, your Milk, or your Life?

From Smart Refridgerators to PacemakersOk, I know, strange introduction for an article but believe me it is very relevant to todays world. I am speaking about IoT Devices, Internet Of Things. More and more companies are jumping on this band wagon for fear of being left behind, and rightly so....

From: Crypviser Blog

June 20, 2018

Crypviser is starting a cooperation with ZADNA

We are happy to announce that Crypviser has signed a cooperation contract with the South African National IT Regulator ZADNA, represented by CEO Vika Mpisane.In accordance with the contract, ZADNA has become a partner of Crypviser and will start promoting and integrating cybersecurity and...

From: Crypviser Blog


Crypviser team delegates have finished their visit to South Africa and returned with positive and promising results.The agenda was very intensive and productive. On the 3rd day Crypviser’s CEO Vadim Andryan and Co-Founder Eduard Schuetz together with the other team members, met the Minister of...

From: Crypviser Blog

June 12, 2018

Crypviser Referral Campaign

We are pleased to introduce the Crypviser Refferal Bot.For the next 45 days everyone within our community can earn extra CVCOIN’s for sharing Crypvisers Telegram group with friends, family or just people who might be interested in Crypviser.RulesAs reward for any successful referral to our...

From: Crypviser Blog

June 07, 2018

Crypviser is Bringing Continents Together

On 4th June the Crypviser team went on an official visit to South Africa to meet with different Ministries and numerous prominent people of the country.During the visit the groundwork was laid to sign cooperation agreements and memorandums with the Ministry of Telecommunications, Ministry of...

From: Crypviser Blog

June 03, 2018

CVCOIN (CVN) to be listed on Hadax

We are proud and happy to inform you that Huobi has confirmed the listing of CVCOIN(CVN) on the Hadax Exchange after Crypviser came in 1st place in the 3rd round voting process. Stay turned for updates referring to the CVCOIN(CVN) listing and trade opening date on Huobi HADAX.More details can...

From: Crypviser Blog

June 02, 2018

Crypviser Reaches New Heights

Crypviser is № 1After 2 rounds of hard, fought out Voting to determine which Project would be listed on the Hadax (Huobi) platform, Crypviser has achieved amazing results. From all the amazing projects listed, Crypviser came in 1st Place.1st place in Europe and Australia Edition1614...

From: Crypviser Blog

May 30, 2018


Dear CVcoin(CVN) holders & followers, This is to inform you that CVCOIN(CVN) is going to be voted on in the 2nd round for listing on the Huobi HADAX.The voting will start 30/05/2018 at 07:00 by GMT +2 (Berlin time) and finish 02/06/2018 at 07:00 by GMT +2The rules for the second round are...

From: Crypviser Blog

May 25, 2018


To participate in the AIRDROP of CVCOIN(CVN) you must perform the following steps to vote for CVCOIN(CVN) on the Huobi HADAX exchange www.hadax.com starting from 26th — until 29th May 2018Register or have an account on the Huobi Pro Exchange (www.huobi.pro)Pass ID verification prior to...

From: Crypviser Blog


To participate in the AIRDROP of CVCOIN(CVN) ERC-20 you must perform the following steps to vote for CVCOIN(CVN) on the Huobi HADAX exchange www.hadax.com starting from 26th — until 29th May 2018Register or have an account on the Huobi Pro Exchange (www.huobi.pro)Pass ID verification...

From: Crypviser Blog

May 19, 2018

CVcoin (CVN) has been listed on Sistemkoin Exchange

https://sistemkoin.com/Sistemkoin is one of the most popular multilingual exchanges in Turkey.CVN/LT (Turkish Lira) and CVN/BTC trading pairs are available. Fiat cash deposits in EURO, USD and TL are also available.Enjoy CVcoin(CVN) trading at Sistemkoin Exchange!

From: Crypviser Blog

Vote for CVcoin, to be listed on Huobi Hadax. May 26th -May 31st

We are proud to inform you that the CVcoin (CVN) token has been nominated for listing on Huobi Hadax through a voting process. The public voting cycle will be 5 (five) days, and will start on 26th May — until 31st May 2018.HADAX - Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset ExchangeCrypviser is...

From: Crypviser Blog

Vote for CVcoin, to be listed on Huobi Hadax. May 26th -May 29th

We are proud to inform you that the CVcoin (CVN) token has been nominated for listing on Huobi Hadax through a voting process. The public voting cycle will be 5 (five) days, and will start on 26th May — until 29th May 2018.HADAX - Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset ExchangeCrypviser is...

From: Crypviser Blog

May 14, 2018


Today we have a great news! CVcoin (CVN) token has become available in the ERC20 format for the Ethereum Network.The contract address is: 0x62aaf435273bc4baa78dcebd6590042d7e58ba6f The full smart contract details can be viewed by this link...

From: Crypviser Blog

May 11, 2018


Dear Crypviser Community and Followers,As you are aware, Crypviser participated, and was widely presented in the Global Graphene DevConf in Shanghai China.Crypviser team members were excited to meet Graphene/Bitshares core developers and community members in very friendly and productive...

From: Crypviser Blog

May 08, 2018


We are very pleased to confirm that the long awaited Crypviser Decentralized Secure Messenger on Blockchain has become publicly available on the Apples App Store, 30th April 2018, for all regions.Today the Crypviser team would like to highlight the following crucial announcements.For a faster...

From: Crypviser Blog

April 28, 2018

Crypviser Secure Messaging App Official release on the Apple AppStore 30th April, 2018

PRESS RELEASE 28/04/2018, Crypviser GmbH, Dusseldorf, GermanyMonday, the 30th April of 2018 will be one of the most significant and most exciting days in Crypviser history. After many years of intensive development, the most secure decentralized messaging app for social communication is going to...

From: Crypviser Blog

April 24, 2018


Crypviser has issued the pre — release of it’s full-featured most secure communication app with a fully functional mobile wallet for iOS. The integrated mobile wallet in the pre — release supports CVT/CVCOIN exchange and CVpay instant transactions between the Crypviser users in...

From: Crypviser Blog

April 12, 2018

Decentralization meets bulletproof security

Crypviser, the Revolutionary Instant Communication App has joined forces with Exenium, a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange implemented through a messenger chatbot interface.Where as Crypviser has given you the most secure Instant Messaging App to date using Blockchain technology, Exenium...

From: Crypviser Blog

Crypviser announces a Free trial release of the Crypviser Messenger App

PRESS RELEASE 12/04/2018, Crypviser GmbH, Dusseldorf, GermanyCrypviser announces a Free trial release of the Crypviser Messenger App for iPhone ahead of the official release date.This is an amazing and unique opportunity for everyone to try the premium version of the Crypviser Messenger App...

From: Crypviser Blog

April 09, 2018


We are proud to report that the hardware infrastructure & nodes software updates were successfully finished.However, due processing benchmark & QA some performance and load tests are not yet up to our standards. In order to maintain the highest quality of Crypviser services, the...

From: Crypviser Blog

April 05, 2018


A special report from International Crypto Event in Berlin, 5th — 6th April 2018https://medium.com/media/742a2b4d3ee835758488d20c582a9a84/href

From: Crypviser Blog

April 01, 2018

Crypviser Network in maintenance mode!

Please be aware about the ongoing maintenance works on the Crypviser Network starting on 1st April 2018 — till 05th April 2018.We are updating the infrastructure and core platform software to switch the Crypviser Network from Beta to commercial mode according the following...

From: Crypviser Blog

March 27, 2018

CVcoin is listed on BTC — ALPHA !

CVcoin (CVN) just has been listed on BTC — ALPHA exchange. CVN/BTC and CVN/USD pairs are availablehttps://btc-alpha.com/exchange/CVN_BTC/https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/CVN_USD/Start trade CVN on BTC-ALPHA right now!https://btc-alpha.comFAQ — How to signup, deposit and withdraw is...

From: Crypviser Blog

March 24, 2018

Crypviser hat das Gateway für CVCOIN/CVT Wechsel gelauncht!

Mit Start ab heute können CVcoin Token in CVT (Crypviser Network) token auf OpenLedger DEX getauscht werden.CVT ist ein Utility Token, welcher innerhalb des Crypviser Netzwerks technisch notwendig ist. Mit CVT können Sie für das Premium-Abo des Crypviser Secure Messengers anonym bezahlen.Die...

From: Crypviser Blog

Crypviser запустил шлюз для обмена CVCOIN/CVT!

С сегодняшнего дня все держатели CVcoin могут обменивать токены CVcoin на CVT (Crypviser Network) на OpenLedger DEX.CVT — это utility токен, выпускаемый для использования внутри сети...

From: Crypviser Blog

March 23, 2018

Crypviser has launched gateway for CVCOIN/CVT exchange!

Starting from today all CVcoin holders can exchange from CVcoin to CVT (Crypviser Network) token on OpenLedger DEX.CVT is a utility token issued for use inside the Crypviser Network. With CVT you can pay for the premium subscription of our decentralised Crypviser messaging app for secure social...

From: Crypviser Blog

March 22, 2018

Stable Beta release of Crypviser App

Dear Crypviser followers & communityAfter hard work we are glad to introduce you the stable Beta release of Crypviser App for secure social communication.The stable build has undergone importance changes in core funtionality and in terms of stability and perfomance.The Crypviser stable...

From: Crypviser Blog

March 15, 2018


Following the last live AMA stream in February 2018 we would like to give you an overview and updates of the discussed main topics. During the live stream the Crypviser team reported on the progress and different scopes of activities and announced the commercial launch in April 2018.The current...

From: Crypviser Blog

February 20, 2018

KOSTENLOSE Token für neue Mitglieder

Crypviser freut sich, die Promo-Kampagne “KOSTENLOSE Token für neue Community-Mitglieder” zu starten!Alle neuen Mitglieder, die ein Bitshares Wallet eröffnen und mit mindestens 10 CVCOIN (CVN) füllen, erhalten eine Einladung zum Herunterladen des Crypviser Messengers (iOS Beta Version)...

From: Crypviser Blog

The most secure decentralized communication platform Crypviser is pleased to announce an…

The most secure decentralized communication platform Crypviser is pleased to announce an unprecedented and massive promo event “FREE tokens for new members”!All new members who open a new Bitshares wallet and fill it with at least 10 CVCOIN(CVN) will get an invitation to download the...

From: Crypviser Blog

FREE tokens for new members!

The most secure decentralized communication platform Crypviser is pleased to announce an unprecedented and massive promo event “FREE tokens for new members”!All new members who open a new Bitshares wallet and fill it with at least 10 CVCOIN(CVN) will get an invitation to download the...

From: Crypviser Blog

February 12, 2018


Liebe Community,hiermit möchten wir euch über Änderungen im kommenden pre-stable Beta Update des Crypviser Messengers informieren. Das Update ist ein großer Schritt in Richtung kommerzieller Release!WICHTIGE ANMERKUNGEN1. Aufgrund starker Veränderungen und Verbesserungen im kommenden Beta...

From: Crypviser Blog


Dear community,hereby we would like to inform you about changes in the upcoming pre-stable beta release our secure messenger. We are moving fast towards commercial launch with this update.IMPORTANT NOTICES1. Due to heavy changes and improvements in the upcoming pre-stable beta release you must...

From: Crypviser Blog

January 31, 2018


Уважаемые друзья!Мы проделали колоссальную работу и Рады представить вашему вниманию Crypviser Wallet Beta — удобный и безопасный кошелек для хранения Ваших CVN (Cvcoin) и...

From: Crypviser Blog

Crypviser Wallet (Beta version)

Dear friends.After a tremendous amount of work we are happy to announce the Crypviser Wallet (Beta version) — a safe and user-friendly wallet. You can securely store both CVN tokens and other Bitshares assets. The wallet supports multi accounts, i.e. if you have numerous accounts you can...

From: Crypviser Blog

Распределение Бета версии Crypviser

Технические условияiPhone5 или выше (iPad не поддерживается)iOS 9.0 >Все, кто подавал заявку на бета тестирование и кто установил первый релиз приложения Crypviser должны...

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Crypviser Beta Distribution (Update3)

Technical requirementsiPhone5 or higher (iPad is not supported)iOS 9.0 >All Beta applicants who have already installed the first release of Crypviser beta app are required to follow the below procedure.1. IMPORTANT! PLEASE DELETE (UNINSTALL) THE CRYPVISER APP V 1.0 (BUILD 1002)2. Open...

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January 26, 2018

Crypviser Beta distribution (Update 1)

This is to inform you that the distribution of the Crypviser App Beta is underway. All qualified applicants will be receiving a download link to install the Crypviser App (beta v1.0) using TestFly for the IOS platform. After completing the registration process within the decentralized Crypviser...

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January 23, 2018

Das Crypviser Netzwerk wurde gestartet!

Wir freuen uns, euch darüber zu informieren, dass die erste dezentrale, sichere Kommunikationsplattform, nämlich das Crypviser Netzwerk, erfolgreich am 20. Januar 2018 gestartet wurde. Das Crypviser Netzwerk wurde basierend auf dem fortgeschrittensten, schnellsten und sichersten...

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January 22, 2018

Liebe CVcoin Besitzer und Trader,

Liebe CVcoin Besitzer und Trader,wir freuen uns, heute außerordentliche Nachrichten seitens Crypviser und OpenLedger mit euch zu teilen. Die Handelsgebühr oder auch „Trading Fee“ für CVcoin auf OpenLedger/Bitshares DEX wurde dramatisch von 2% auf 0,3% auf allen vorhandenen...

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The Crypviser Network has been launched!

We are proud to inform you that the first decentralized secure communication platform, the Crypviser Network was successfully launched in production mode Sat, 20 January 2018.The Crypviser Network has been developed based on the most advanced, fast and secure blockchain core...

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Dear CVcoin holders and traders,

Dear CVcoin holders and traders,Today, we are pleased to share some exceptional news from Crypviser and OpenLedger with you.The trading fee for CVcoin on Openledger/Bitshares DEX exchange has been dramatically reduced from 2% to 0.3% for all available markets!We are also happy to announce that...

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January 20, 2018

Crypviser gibt internen CVT Token bekannt

Der hiermit bekanntgegebene CVT (Crypviser Token) dient als Token innerhalb des Crypviser Netzwerks und der Crypviser App, wohingegen CVcoin (CVN) als globaler Token auf der Bitshares Plattform genutzt wird.Im unten aufgeführten Q&A finden Sie weitere, detaillierte Informationen dazu.Was...

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Crypviser Beta App public distribution

The beta release of the decentralized Crypviser App for secure social communication will be distributed according the following plan.- 10 CVT(Crypviser Token) is required for testing the Beta release.- all CVcoin ICO participants who bought > 1500 CVcoin(CVN) will be credited 10 CVT...

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Сеть Crypviser объявляет о выпуске внутреннего токена CVT

Crypviser представляет CVT (токен Crypviser), который выпускается для использования в сети Crypviser и приложении Crypviser App, в то время как CVcoin (CVN) используются в качестве...

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Crypviser Network announces its native CVT token

Crypviser introduces CVT (Crypviser Token) issued for using inside the Crypviser Network and Crypviser App, whereas CVcoin (CVN) is used as a global token on the Bitshares platform.For a detailed explanation, please see the below Q & AWhat is CVT ?CVT — The Crypviser Token is an...

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January 17, 2018

Crypviser Network

Here we are! Crypviser Network — the first decentralized secure communication platform will be launched on Sat, 20th January of 2018.We would like to remind you that the Beta release of the Crypviser App will only be available for CVcoin holders. Follow our coming updates about the Beta...

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January 13, 2018

How to buy CVCOIN on Openledger.io

We received many messages by our community on how to buy CVCOIN on the Openledger exchange. We created this tutorial to simplify the process of buying CVCOIN there.First, we register an account on openledger.ioClick on CREATE ACCOUNTClick on USE THE WALLET MODEL or USE THE ACCOUNT MODELThe...

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Dear Crypviser Followers,

Dear Crypviser Followers,We so happy to see how is growing Crypviser & CVcoin communities!There are more than 13 000 Facebook and 6000 Twitter followers More than 1000 active members in Telegram and Slack Live channels in different languages.You are welcome to visit update Crypviser &...

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January 12, 2018

Kaufen von CVCOIN auf Openledger.io

HITBTC veröffentlichte vor zwei Tagen das Listen von CVCOIN auf ihrer Exchange, jedoch dauert es noch etwas, bis sie CVCOIN auf ihrer Exchange gelistet haben.Ich bekam viele Nachrichten von der Crypviser Community, wie man CVCOIN auf Openledger kaufen kann, deswegen wollte ich ein kleines...

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January 01, 2018

Crypviser 2018

Das Jahr 2017 hat sich dem Ende zugeneigt. Nun steht uns das neue Jahr mit viel Potenzial und Hoffnungen sowie Regulierungen und vielem mehr bevor.Auch für Crpyviser war das Jahr 2017 sehr spannend und hat viele Erfolge und Events mit sich gebracht. So haben Vadim und sein Team bereits in...

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December 30, 2017

Ребрендинг CVCOIN

Мы рады сообщить, о ребрендинге CVCOIN!Логотип CVCOIN, фирменный знак и краткий идентификатор претерпели значительные изменения. Новый дизайн должен удовлетворить...

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Этапы разработки CRYPVISER на конец 2017 года

Уважаемые участники сообщества Crypviser и подписчики,Ну вот подходит к концу 2017 год и поэтому мы хотели бы сообщить Вам новости о нашем текущем этапе разработки и...

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We are excited to announce that CVCOIN is rebranding!The CVCOIN logo, brand name and short symbol undergone a significant transformation. The new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations while simultaneously moving the brand forward.The idea on behind of CVcoin logo is the...

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Dear Crypviser community and followers,Here we are at the end of 2017, and so we would like to give you an update with our current development milestones and expected release dates.Crypviser blockchain- based iOS Beta release for social communication has been our main achievement this year. It...

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December 13, 2017

Only 3 days left until Crypviser Grand Launch Party!

We have preserved the most significant news and products presentation for 16th of December 2017.Among our special guests and speakers is CEO of OpenLedger Ronny Boesing, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies expert Mario Urschitz, famous leaders of the “hacker” teams, and Crypviser community...

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November 30, 2017

Das Leben nach dem ICO — Crypviser/CVCoin

Wie ihr aktuell mitbekommen habt, gaben wir am 26. November einen Facebook Live Stream in welchem CEO Vadim Andryan wichtige Details über den aktuellen Status des StartUps vermittelt hat.In einem 30-minütigen Live Stream hat er über die Probleme nach dem ICO, Herausforderungen und bisherige...

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Progress after an ICO — Crypviser/CVCoin

As you may have already seen, CEO and head behind Crypviser, VADIM ANDRYAN appeared in a Facebook Live Stream on November 26 to give an update about the latest progress and status of the project.In a 30-minute Live Stream, he talked about the successes but also issues after the CVCoin ICO....

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November 23, 2017

Crypviser’s Launch Party

Dear Friends, the long-awaited Crypvisers Launch Party will be held very soon — on December 16, 2017, in Dusseldorf. We invite all like-minded people and those who believe in our common future. Our complete team will be present and many friends who actively support us! It will be a grand...

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November 15, 2017

Crypviser präsentiert Sicherheitslösungen auf Telemedizin-Veranstaltung

Heute, am 15. November 2017, wird Crypviser auf dem weltweit größten Forum für Medizin in Düsseldorf präsentiert. Crypviser erhielt eine Einladung von NRW.International Europe, einer Agentur der deutschen Regierung, um Crypvisers moderne Sicherheitslösungen der Telemedizinbranche...

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November 13, 2017

CVCoin — eine neue Erfolgsgeschichte!

Das GeschäftsmodellDas Geschäftsmodell des Crypviser Netzwerks wird auf dem kommerziellen Markt als Freemium präsentiert. Abonnements für die soziale Kommunikationsplattform sind kostenlos mit Peer-to-Peer Authentifizierung und mit limitierten Funktionen erhältlich. Die Premium-Variante...

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