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Conceptual Model

CarTaxi is a logistics platform for evacuating and transporting cars that integrates all tow trucks in a single application. It is a global mobile solution based synergistically on geolocation and blockchain + smart contract technologies. It is a blockchain based decentralized platform, connecting all tow truck companies into one online network. It allows you to transport your vehicle quickly, efficiently, and safely anytime anywhere.

Project Description

CarTaxi is a logistics platform for evacuating and transporting cars that integrates all tow trucks in a single application, combining geolocation with blockchain technologies . Users can call for road assistance of the same standard of service worldwide, and packaging them into an Uber-like interface. The CarTaxi (CTX) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows project supporters to receive dividends while also featuirng a buy-back and burn system.Team:Taras Semenov: СЕО Alexey Tayanchin: CIO Gala Kovaleva: CFO Vihtori Mallat: Blockchain Developer COMPANY_NAME ICO began on MONTH DAY, 2017. The ICO token supply represents XX% of the total token supply, so there is a total of ICO_TOKEN_SUPPLY tokens available, for PRICE_AND_CURRENCY each. The ICO funding target is FUNDING_TARGET, the funding cap is FUNDING_CAP and is expected to end on MONTH DAY, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached. Any unsold/remaining tokens will DESCRIPTION.The CarTaxi ICO will start on the 29th of September 2017 and will last until the 29th of October. The ICO token allocation represents 65% of the total token supply and will be available for a 0.000443 ETH starting price. CarTaxi plans to gather 216,186 ETH during its ICO campaign. Unsold tokens will be burned along with the proportional amount of team tokens. Token Reserve Split (35%):31.66% Team1.66% Bounties1.66% Pre-saleCOMPANY_NAME ICO campaign features FEATURES, and the token will BE_NOTBE mineable.Bonus Structure:Date bonusDay 1+15% tokensDay 2+10% tokensDay 3+10% tokensDay 4+5% tokensDay 5+5% tokensDay 6+5% tokensVolume bonus1000 ETH+15% tokens500 ETH+10% tokens300 ETH+7% tokens100 ETH+5% tokens50 ETH+3% tokens20 ETH+2% tokens 

Founders and Associates

Taras Semenov -СЕО

Alexey Tayanchin -CIO

Gala Kovaleva -CFO

Ksenia Moller -CMO

Vihtori Mallat -Blockchain Developer

Nazarov Egor -Lead Java Developer

Renata Aripova -Project Manager

Nicholas Amoako -Frontend Developer

Vivien Andzuana -QA engineer

Japheth Zoogah -International сommunity coordinator

Prince Ntim -International сommunity coordinator

Yingyi Wu -International сommunity coordinator

Zachary Moller -Legal advisor

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CTX Latest Updates
November 09, 2017

CarTaxi enters crypto-exchanges, raising $ 8,700,000

The CarTaxi project ICO, one of the most resonant projects of autumn, has come to an end. The target amount was raised during the offering, collecting $ 8,700,000, a sum which the company established for the purpose of achieving its business objectives. In total, investors purchased 60,066,417...

From: CarTaxi

October 26, 2017

The CarTaxi project is 6 months old: 40,000 customers and more than $ 7 million invested through…

The CarTaxi project is 6 months old: 40,000 customers and more than $ 7 million invested through ICOFinal tokens remain for sale of the CarTaxi ICO project — an actually running car towing business. The project collected over $ 7 million on the sale of tokens and has already distributed...

From: CarTaxi

October 20, 2017

The latest tech: blockchain bonuses for drivers

Back in 2010, the number of cars in the world exceeded 1 billion. Every seventh person on the planet had a car. Not surprisingly, many projects in the field of blockchain are aimed at drivers. Read our articles about the main projects.Autonomous paymentsThe technology of Car eWallet, which is...

From: CarTaxi

October 18, 2017

Top 3 Next Generation Coins that Move Blockchain Away from Supply and Demand

Some people buying ICOs these days do not remember the dot com bubble that started in about 1997 and burst in the early 2000s. That financial mania saw many companies that were little more than a concept raise operating capital through the sale of stock at Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and then...

From: CarTaxi

October 16, 2017

CarTaxi monthly bonuses is 94 ETH

The amount of distribution of monthly bonuses is 94 ETH. The number of orders for the period from 15th of Sep till 16th of Oct is 7930, the average cost of the order is 60 $, the total number of CTX is 39,919,493 — so the yield of tokenholders for that specified period is 0.53%...

From: CarTaxi

October 13, 2017

How the blockchain will turn over the labor market

The appearance of blockchain technology is compared with the creation of the steam engine or the Internet. A revolutionary leap is a revolution in all spheres of the economy. The labor market mirrors the situation in other sectors. Blockchain is already creating new professions and provoking the...

From: CarTaxi

October 10, 2017

Another currency is now available for investing in CarTaxi!

Starting from today CTX tokens are now available for LTC. By the way, starting from last week CarTaxi tokens are available for BTC.Also we are launching a series of short videos, where members of CarTaxi team answer the most popular questions. The first is with our legal consultant Zachary...

From: CarTaxi

October 07, 2017

Taras Semenov talked about the plans of CarTaxi at the largest international forum

On October 1, CEO of the CarTaxi project, Taras Semenov, became one of the speakers of the international investment forum “Krypto Autumn 2017”, which is taking place in St. Petersburg.During his speech, Taras Semenov spoke about the principles of the CarTaxi car towing geolocation platform,...

From: CarTaxi

October 06, 2017

Forecast: in the future two years the ICO market will become less profitable

Leading experts in the sphere of digital currencies almost unanimously predict the imminent collapse of the ICO market. Some experts believe that this will happen this winter, someone gives the market two more years. But one thing is clear: investors do not have much time to increase their...

From: CarTaxi

October 04, 2017

How does CarTaxi app work for motorists?

When you first launch the CarTaxi app you need to give it permission to make a phone call and access data about the device location. When logging in, the user gets to the creating order page. The program automatically determines the location of the device. To select the trip destination address...

From: CarTaxi