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Aditus (ADI) 1 days
PlayChip (PLA) 2 days
Stem Cell (SCIA) 2 days
Nodvix (NVDX) 3 days
B21 (B21) 4 days
Coingrid (CGT) 4 days
Empleos (PLEO) 6 days
InnovaMinex (INX) 7 days
WHIRL (WRL) 7 days
Gturbo (GTR) 7 days
Talent Token (TLNT) 7 days
CoinFi ICO summary information

Project Description

CoinFi is a platform that offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give crypto traders real-time market intelligence.  The CoinFi token (COFI) is an ERC-20 token that will be used for access to the platform’s advanced trading signals/algos and premium research, which will require staking tokens to reward token owners and reduce volatility. The token will also be used to leverage the wisdom of the crowd. Community members who help curate news, produce research & analysis, and share trading signals will be rewarded within CoinFi's unique token-for-information ecosystem.


  • Timothy Tam: Co-Founder 
  • Han Chang: Co-Founder 
  • Nate Tsang: Co-Founder 
  • Glen Thomson: Operations Manager 
  • Dominic Wells: Public Relations Manager 
  • David Danzeiser: PPC Marketing Manager 
  • Nav Aulakh: Community Manager 

The CoinFi ICO will start on the 15th of December and it will last until the 15th of February 2018. The ICO token allocation represents 50% of the total token supply and will be available for a 0.10 USD price. Users can participate with ETH. The funding soft cap is set at $3M and the hard cap at $10M.

Token Reserve Split (50%):

  • 30% for company shareholders
  • 20% retained by the CoinFi Foundation to incentivize partners and early adopters of the product.

The CoinFi ICO features a bonus and bounty campaigns.

Bonus Structure:

  • Presale Tier 1Dec 15 - 29: 20% bonus
  • Presale Tier 2Dec 30 - Jan 7: 15% bonus
  • Presale Tier 3Jan 8 - 17: 10% bonus
  • CrowdsaleJan 18 - 31: 5% bonus during 1st hour20 ETH/person max during 1st hour


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*Disclaimer: This data should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency/cryptotoken or ICO.
COFI Latest Updates
October 01, 2018

We’re throwing out the roadmap… kinda

It’s been a rough quarter for altcoins and ICOs. The euphoria of 2017 feels like a distant memory. So how’s CoinFi doing? The good news is that we’re focused on the long-term, so a crypto winter (if indeed winter is here) doesn’t affect our plans. However, a bear market like this is as...

From: Nate Tsang

September 01, 2018

CoinFi News Closed Beta Testing, New Database, and More

It feels like time just zips by these days. Partly that’s because crypto moves lightning fast, but also every single day has been jam-packed at the CoinFi office. August has been no exception! CoinFi News Closed Beta Testing At the end of July, we rolled out CoinFi News to a small number...

From: Nate Tsang

August 31, 2018

Episode 010: Crypto-Backed Loans: How You Can Make Money with Nontraditional Lending

Near-guaranteed profit by lending cryptocurrency? The idea sounds great, but is there a catch? Find out in this episode of the CoinFi Podcast where the team explores nontraditional lending: how it works, its risks, and how it can be used to make profit. Show Notes Panelists: Tim Tam –...

From: Nate Tsang

August 24, 2018

Episode 009: Opening The Black Box: Algo Trading 101 for Crypto Investors

Algorithmic trading, or algo trading for short, is a term commonly thrown around in traditional finance and usually brought up when talking about institutional money or market makers. In this episode of the CoinFi Podcast, you’ll learn how algo trading applies to today’s crypto markets, how...

From: Nate Tsang

August 17, 2018

Episode 008: Trans-Fee Mining: Ponzi Scheme or A Clever Way to ICO?

Trans-fee mining: a brand-new exchange token model with a great deal of controversy  surrounding it. In this episode of the CoinFi Podcast, the panelists explore the benefits of the model, discuss its sustainability, make predictions for future exchanges, and more. Show Notes Panelists: Alex...

From: Nate Tsang

August 10, 2018

CoinFi News: Here Is The Market Moving News For The Last 24 Hours

Here is a snapshot of top % gainers from the last 24 hours*, along with the market moving news surfaced by CoinFi News and vetted by CoinFi analysts. Was this information valuable to you? Do you want to see real-time market moving news analysis integrated into CoinFi News? If so, leave a comment...

From: Nate Tsang

Episode 007: How Pundi X is Bringing Crypto Payments to Retail

Today we have a special episode of the CoinFi Podcast… Joining us is Pundi X CEO, Zac Cheah. In this episode, Zac explains how Pundi X works and shares his thoughts on the current state of cryptocurrency adoption and how Pundi X is helping bring cryptocurrency payments to retail markets around...

From: Nate Tsang

August 03, 2018

Episode 006: What Happens When Institutional Investors Enter the Crypto Market?

Speculation about institutional money entering the crypto market has been thrown around for years, but what needs to change before and what will happen when it actually does? Ex-hedge fund traders Tim Tam and Jonney Liu share their predictions in episode 6 of the CoinFi Podcast. Show Notes...

From: Nate Tsang

August 02, 2018

CoinFi Lists Its Utility Token on Kyber Network

HONG KONG – August 2, 2018 – CoinFi, the leading market intelligence platform offering Wall Street-caliber trading tools, signals, and analysis on the cryptocurrency market, today announced the listing of its utility token (COFI) on Kyber, the decentralized liquidity network...

From: Nate Tsang

August 01, 2018

Beta Testers Are Now Using CoinFi News

No matter where you’re reading this August CoinFi update, we hope you’re feeling good! For us, it’s summer in Hong Kong. With the sun blazing and a humidity of over 80%, things are getting a little sweaty. Outside it feels like the entire city is on fire. Fortunately, that’s how we feel...

From: Nate Tsang

July 27, 2018

Episode 005: Does Technical Analysis Actually Work?

Technical analysis charts–if you’ve spent any time at all on online crypto forums, you’ve probably seen quite a few. They all claim to show the market’s next move, but does technical analysis actually work? Tune in to Episode 5 of the CoinFi Podcast as CoinFi CEO and ex-hedge fund...

From: Nate Tsang

July 20, 2018

Episode 004: Why Exchange Tokens (Like Binance Coin) Are Fascinating

Most of us are familiar with exchange tokens such as Binance’s BNB and Kucoin’s KCS, but what makes each token unique? How do the token models differ from those of other exchanges? How do you value these tokens? What gives them utility? The CoinFi crypto experts dive deeply into this topic...

From: Nate Tsang

July 16, 2018

Episode 003: Is Ethereum Overvalued?

It’s a question that everyone has an opinion on, yet has no definitive answer–is Ethereum overvalued? CoinFi’s Chief Data Scientist Alex Svanevik and co-founders Tim Tam and Han Chang dig into and attempt to answer this burning question in this episode of the CoinFi Podcast. Show Notes...

From: Nate Tsang

July 13, 2018

Episode 002: Trading Mentality of Institutional Traders vs. Average Crypto Traders

Institutional traders are renowned for being good at what they do–they are professionals, after all. So what is it that separates them from your typical, everyday cryptocurrency investor? Is it their strategy? Their mindset? CoinFi’s CEO Tim Tam and Head of Crypto Research Jonney Liu...

From: Nate Tsang

July 12, 2018

Episode 001: What Happens to Bitcoin in A Global Recession?

We all know what can happen to the stock market during a global recession, but what happens to the cryptocurrency market, specifically Bitcoin’s? Are people drawn to it as a store of value? Does it mirror traditional markets? CoinFi’s junior product manager Wayne Lam and co-founders Tim Tam...

From: Nate Tsang

July 11, 2018

CoinFi Expands Reach to China with Listing on FCoin Exchange

HONG KONG – July 11, 2018 – CoinFi (KuCoin, Cobinhood: COFI), the leading market intelligence platform offering Wall Street-caliber trading tools, signals, and analysis on the cryptocurrency market, today continued to strategically extend its reach and coin availability with a...

From: Nate Tsang

July 01, 2018

Reflecting on the First Half of 2018 & Building a Better CoinFi

Here’s an unfiltered look at the first half of 2018 – both at the progress we’ve made, and the setbacks we’ve had, and what you can expect from us going forward. Reflecting on the First Half of 2018 LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman once noted that building a startup is a lot like...

From: Nate Tsang

June 27, 2018

Can This Exchange Dethrone Binance? How FCoin Rose to $17.3 Billion USD Daily Volume

It’s the hottest exchange in town, and you’ve likely never heard of it. It currently has the highest transaction volume in the world, and it’s not even listed on CoinMarketCap.com. The Rise of FCoin FCoin, the China based exchange set up by the former CTO of Huobi, Zhang Jian began trading...

From: Jonney Liu

June 25, 2018

COFI Tokens Are Now Available to Trade on Cobinhood, the Zero-Fee Exchange

HONG KONG – June 25, 2018 – CoinFi, the leading market intelligence platform offering Wall Street-caliber trading tools, signals, and analysis on the cryptocurrency market, today announced its coin listing on Cobinhood, the zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange offering free spot and...

From: Nate Tsang

June 22, 2018

11 Cryptocurrency Exchange Tokens Ranked By TVEV Ratio

Previously, we’ve analyzed crypto exchange tokens using the TVEV ratio – token value / exchange volume . The TVEV ratio compares the price of an exchange token to the traded volume on the underlying exchange. Conceptually, it’s not too far away from the P/E ratio which is often used...

From: Alex Svanevik

June 19, 2018

Valuing BNB Token: How Binance Could 2X BNB Coin Value Overnight

In a previous CoinFi research analysis written by our very own Chief Data Scientist Alex Svanevik, we compared various exchange tokens using TVEV ratio, discovering that there is a simple model we could use to assess whether or not an exchange token is priced fairly in relation to other exchange...

From: Jonney Liu

June 11, 2018

What Are the Hottest Cryptocurrencies on The Market? An Analysis of 60,000+ News Articles

We’ll soon be launching the CoinFi News feature, where you can be the first to know the news that moves the crypto market. While we’re still busy putting everything in place for the launch, we thought we’d give you some insights from the data that underlies our News feed. In this post,...

From: Alex Svanevik

June 01, 2018

CoinFi News Coming Soon & The Team Continues to Grow

It’s been an exciting month at CoinFi, with both the in-person and remote teams growing rapidly, and product development accelerating. This past month we continued to focus on recruitment and developing the features scheduled for release this summer. We’re excited about the feature rollouts...

From: Nate Tsang

May 30, 2018

The Value of Exchange Tokens: Comparing Binance, Huobi, and KuCoin

In many ways, exchange tokens are among the most straightforward token models out there. The Binance Coin (BNB) gives you a 50% discount on your Binance transaction fees. To compare this with something a bit more tangible, many cities have a pretty similar system for public transportation. Buy...

From: Alex Svanevik

May 14, 2018

Token2049 – CoinFi Interview with Wayne Trench, Octagon Strategy CEO

Wayne Trench, CEO of Octagon Strategy, the largest digital asset brokerage in Asia, is fascinated by the creative minds that are working on disrupting traditional industries with blockchain, with tokenization. Wayne also thinks that professional money managers like family offices have started...

From: Timothy Tam

May 09, 2018

How We Earned 31% Profit by Buying Bytecoin (BCN) on Huobi & Selling on Binance

Bytecoin (BCN) listed on Binance (BNB) yesterday – arguably the leading exchange in the world, and the price & volume effect was staggering. In a day where Bitcoin (BTC) traded in a 2.7% range, the action in BCN was certainly a stark contrast. Prior to the listing, BCN was hovering...

From: Timothy Tam

How We Earned 31% Profit by Buying Bytecoin (BCN) on HitBTC & Selling on Binance

Bytecoin (BCN) listed on Binance (BNB) yesterday – arguably the leading exchange in the world, and the price & volume effect was staggering. In a day where Bitcoin (BTC) traded in a 2.7% range, the action in BCN was certainly a stark contrast. Prior to the listing, BCN was hovering...

From: Timothy Tam

May 07, 2018

How Many Investors HODL Post-ICO? A Look at Token Retention

One of the beautiful things about Ethereum is that every single transaction happening on its blockchain is open to the world. From a data perspective, this means that there is an abundance of interesting analyses we can perform, and insightful metrics we can calculate from these transactions. In...

From: Alex Svanevik

May 01, 2018

Here’s What We’ve Been Up To Since The Beta Release

It’s that time of the month…time for a CoinFi progress update! Here’s a brief summary of what the CoinFi team has been up to since early April, and what we’re working on in May. Building Upon The Beta Release It’s been nearly a month since the April 6 beta release. Overall we’ve...

From: Nate Tsang

April 28, 2018

Token2049 – CoinFi Interview with Lisk Founder, Max Kordek

We’re here with Max, the founder of Lisk. Thank you very much for your time! You’re welcome! We’re at Token2049 and we just want to learn a little bit more about Lisk. You guys were obviously one of the landmark ICO’s where you raised 6 million in 2016 and you’ve...

From: Timothy Tam

CoinFi Interview with Lisk Founder, Max Kordek

We’re here with Max, the founder of Lisk. Thank you very much for your time! You’re welcome! &nbsp We’re at Token2049 and we just want to learn a little bit more about Lisk. You guys were obviously one of the landmark ICO’s where you raised 6 million in 2016 and...

From: Timothy Tam

April 27, 2018

Did Bitcoin Hit Rock Bottom? Here’s A Potential Timeline For Recovery

Summary: We are currently in the 3rd largest Bitcoin (BTC) drawdown of -65.81% from the highs. In absolute dollars, this is the largest drawdown in Bitcoin history. The current price rut also happens to be the slowest sell-off we have ever faced. Bitcoin took on average 1.5x more days to recover...

From: Timothy Tam

April 26, 2018

Token2049 – CoinFi Interview with Lewis Fellas, Chief Investment Officer at Bletchley Park

Lewis Fellas is the former portfolio manager at Harvard University’s $35.7 billion endowment. He is now Chief Investment Officer at Bletchley Park Asset Management and he shares his journey of cryptocurrency investment, along with his unique point of view of the current crypto market....

From: Timothy Tam

April 25, 2018

Explanation of ERC-20 batchOverflow Vulnerability

&nbsp   A lot of people are concerned what impact the recently discovered batchOverflow vulnerability has on Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, as first disclosed by this article:...

From: Han Chang

April 24, 2018

CoinFi Partners with HybridBlock to Expand Crypto Intelligence Offerings

HONG KONG – April 24, 2018 – CoinFi, a leading market intelligence platform offering Wall Street-caliber trading tools, signals, and analysis on the cryptocurrency market, today announced a strategic partnership with HybridBlock, a crypto e-learning hub, trading platform, and global...

From: Nate Tsang

April 13, 2018

Token2049 – CoinFi Interview with Loi Luu, Founder of Kyber

Loi Luu, founder of Kyber Network talks about how he started the DEX (decentralized exchange) and how it’s different than the existing DEXs on the market in our interview at Token2049. With Binance and NEO announcing their DEX, Loi also shares the core value of Kyber Network in the video...

From: Timothy Tam

CoinFi Interview with Loi Luu, Founder of Kyber

We’re here with Loi Luu Founder of Kyber and we’re at Token 2049 Do you want to tell us a fun fact about yourself? So I just got my PhD 3 months ago. The thing is I started Kyber before I finished it. When the school found out, they realised I didn’t have time for … Continue reading

From: Timothy Tam

April 09, 2018

How You Can Help CoinFi Build A Better Platform & Crowdsourced Submissions/Voting To Come

Last friday was the soft release of CoinFi’s open beta. It’s an initial framework that we’ll be building on in the weeks and months to come. Since we already had an extensive overview of the beta release and upcoming features, this week’s update will focus mostly on a couple of...

From: Nate Tsang

Timothy Tam Interviews NEO Founder Da Hond Fei

Thank you Da for your time I appreciate it. We’re at Token2049 in Hong Kong and CoinFi would love to learn more about NEO. Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know? “If I shave my mustache, I will save 15 minutes everyday” So a good Xmas gift to … Continue...

From: Timothy Tam

Timothy Tam Interviews NEO Founder Da Hong Fei

Thank you Da for your time I appreciate it. We’re at Token2049 in Hong Kong and CoinFi would love to learn more about NEO. Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know? “If I shave my mustache, I will save 15 minutes every day.” So a good Xmas gift … Continue...

From: Timothy Tam

April 06, 2018

CoinFi’s Open Beta Is Live

We’ve come a long way in the two months since we launched COFI on KuCoin. It’s been an even longer journey since we launched our Telegram channel back in late summer 2017. Even though this is our first public product release, this isn’t a full-fledged platform launch – it’s just...

From: Nate Tsang

CoinFi Interview With Wanchain Founder

CoinFi attended Token2049 and had the chance to interview Founder of Wanchain, Jack Lu. Check out the video below if you’re interested to hear more about what Wanchain are excited about in 2018!   We’re here with Jack Lu, the founder of WanChain at Token 2049. Can you talk us a little...

From: Timothy Tam

April 01, 2018

Thoughts On Marketing Strategy Plus A Peek At CoinFi’s UI

Another week, another turbulent seven days in the crypto markets. If you’re here for the long term though, coins are on sale! Marketing & Growth Hacking We received several queries this week about marketing plans for the CoinFi April 6 open beta release. Some of you have wondered why...

From: Nate Tsang

March 27, 2018

Da Hong Fei of NEO, Jack Lu of WanChain At Token2049. ICOs + CoinFi = Big Data

Another week, another 7 days flown by. Does it feel like time goes by faster as we get closer to April 6? Interviews With Da Hong Fei of NEO, Jack Lu of WanChain, Max Kordek of Lisk, Loi Luu of Kyber Network Last week, we sent 5 members of the CoinFi team to Token2049. While … Continue reading

From: Nate Tsang

March 19, 2018

Token2049 Is Happening March 20-21 & Looking For A Content Marketing Ninja

Another week of development, another 3 weeks until CoinFi’s open beta launch. It’s been another busy week of grinding for the CoinFi team. Token2049 Happening This Week Token2049, the largest digital asset event in Asia, is happening March 20-21 in Hong Kong. As an official media...

From: Nate Tsang

March 12, 2018

A Look At The CoinFi Airdrop, Data Crunching, & UX

Another week, another crank of the flywheel for the CoinFi team. While there’s still many months of work ahead of us, every week we see a bit more progress towards a platform that will be the first destination in every crypto investor’s workflow. Quantifying The Ian Balina Effect The great...

From: Nate Tsang

Quantifying the Ian Balina Effect: What Happens After Ian Mentions an ICO?

Like most of the ICO space, the CoinFi team follows the work of Ian Balina – a massive influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers across Telegram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. His endorsement is widely believed to have a huge impact on the success of an ICO. Most people in the...

From: Alex Svanevik

March 04, 2018

Contributor Submissions Update & Exploring Strategic Partnerships

We’re now only a little over a month away from CoinFi’s first public beta release! It’s been another busy, heads down week for the CoinFi team focused on hiring and product development. We’ve been making progress on all fronts. Contributor Submissions Update This week we started taking...

From: Nate Tsang

March 01, 2018

CoinFi Now Accepting User Contributed Submissions For Platform Launch

As outlined in the whitepaper, CoinFi’s platform will include a crowdsourced ecosystem of contributors delivering news, research & analysis. While that is the final vision, a lot of work has to be done before we get to that stage. We see our work in this area as the work of gardeners –...

From: Nate Tsang

February 25, 2018

Coming Soon Near You: Contributor Submissions, Arbitrage Signals, & Sneak Peeks

Another week in the cryptoverse, another busy 7 days for the CoinFi team! Here’s some of what we’ve been up to in the past week. Taking Contributor Submissions This Week As previously announced, we’ll be opening up the first round of submissions for the CoinFi contributor platform by the...

From: Nate Tsang

February 18, 2018

Securing Office Space And Growing The Team

Kung hei fat choy! It’s the Lunar New Year here in Hong Kong so the city’s usual lightning pace has slowed to a crawl, but that hasn’t stopped the CoinFi team from having a busy week! Here’s some of what we’ve been up to since our last update: Securing New Office Space As our team...

From: Nate Tsang

February 11, 2018

Here’s What We’ve Been Up To Since The KuCoin Launch

The last 6 months has been a non-stop sprint for the CoinFi team. We’ve gone from a team of 3 cofounders to a team of 12 and growing. Going through an ICO gave us the opportunity to share the vision for CoinFi with the world and build a passionate community of early adopters who are …...

From: Nate Tsang

January 28, 2018

How To Pickup COFI Tokens On Kucoin

You can read the steps below to learn more about how to use the Kucoin platform to acquire COFI tokens: Users can start depositing COFI to KuCoin January 29th, 2018 at 18:00 (UTC +8), and trading COFI on KuCoin January 29th, 2018 at 22:00 (UTC +8). Step 1: Sign Up For Kucoin.com...

From: Dom Wells

January 26, 2018

How To View Your COFI Tokens In MyEtherWallet

If you received COFI tokens, these instructions will show you how you can access them. You can view the tokens by looking at your Ethereum address on https://etherscan.io and clicking the “view tokens” tab here, as shown by the red arrow below: To add the token in Metamask or...

From: Nate Tsang

January 24, 2018

Update On CoinFi Tokensale, Airdrop, And Exchange Listing

Here at CoinFi we’ve been pedal to the metal for the past few weeks, and we’ve finally reached a point where we can come up for air and give you all a more in-depth update. In this post, we’re going to talk about a few things, one of which is incredibly exciting: We’ll...

From: Dom Wells

January 07, 2018

In 48 hours, The CoinFi Whitelist Becomes A Waitlist

This is an announcement that the CoinFi whitelist will be closing in 48 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. After 48 hours if you have not completed your KYC application, you will not be able to participate in the CoinFi token sale. Because of the overwhelming demand, we are also reducing the...

From: Nate Tsang

January 05, 2018

Community Manager Needed for CoinFi Project

We are looking for a hard working, enthusiastic community manager in either U.S. or European time-zone to help us manage our growing community. This job is full-time and will require the chosen candidate to be very active within our online communities – Telegram, Reddit, Twitter etc. Our...

From: Glen Thomson

How To Avoid Getting Scammed Or Phished In The CoinFi Token Sale

This post is actually going to teach you how to avoid getting scammed or phished during ANY tokensale, but as the CoinFi launch gains traction and we receive more and more attention, there are inevitably going to be some scammers trying to con you out of your money. Even though we have said it...

From: Dom Wells

December 15, 2017

CoinFi Press Features Around the Web

With all the hype around Cryptocurrency recently and CoinFi’s Pre-sale launch date approaching soon (January 15th 2018) we wanted to capture some of CoinFi’s feature pieces from around the web. 1. Huffington Post mentioned CoinFi in one of the ‘4 Must Have Cryptocurrency Tools For 2018’...

From: Nav Aulakh

December 13, 2017

How To Create Your Ethereum Address

To participate in the CoinFi token sale you’ll need to give us your Ethereum address. This will be the address you send Ethereum to us through and receive your CoinFi tokens with. We track your contribution amount by linking this Ethereum address with your account on CoinFi – this...

From: Dom Wells

December 12, 2017

How to Participate in the CoinFi Token Sale

Overview The CoinFi token sale (ICO) is separated into two parts — the pre-sale and the Crowd-sale. The pre-sale has three tiers and begins on January 15th 2018. The Crowd-sale is open to everyone who has registered for the whitelist (on https://sale.coinfi.com/) and is expected to begin...

From: Nav Aulakh

December 09, 2017

The CoinFi Registration Process and KYC

CoinFi Token Process Welcome to the CoinFi Token user registration guide. This document provides a detailed overview of the registration process, which is required to be eligible for participation in the token sale. We’re really excited about the next steps in bringing CoinFi to life. The...

From: Nav Aulakh

November 26, 2017

How To Work Out Where You Are Making (Or Losing) Money In Your Crypto Portfolio

We’re going to have a look at CoinFi’s Portfolio Management System Tool and I’ll walk you through my own portfolio to show you how I analyze risk. It’s a similar system to what professional traders use in hedge funds and the equity world. Why Is It Important? Because you...

From: Timothy Tam

November 25, 2017

How You Can Make Risk Free Money By Arbitraging Crypto Pricing

We put together a quick video to show you how you can arbitrage between exchanges and make risk-free money. These arbitrage loopholes will eventually close as more and more traders try to take advantage of them, but because the crypto markets are new and relatively inefficient, at the moment...

From: Timothy Tam

November 24, 2017

How A CoinFi Signal Made Me $500 With Almost Zero Work

Here at CoinFi, we’ve been working on alpha testing for multiple different trading signals, as you can see in the other posts here on the blog. One signal we’ve had some fun testing, is identifying arbitrage opportunities between exchanges, allowing you to make risk-free gains just...

From: Dom Wells