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Clarity will be the one-stop shop for business owners worldwide. An all-encompassing platform that deals with analytics, benchmarking, file sharing, third-party verification using the blockchain and easy access funding. It will also contain details on insurance, finance, human resources, and standard operating procedures. The time savings alone will be an improvement for business owners, and they’ll find clarity can deliver so much more.

The Clarity platform will only be accessible via CLRTY tokens, an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) cryptocurrency. The CLRTY token will be a native utility token used as a vital part of the Clarity project. The token will be necessary for the system to function and it will be independent of any other


  • Aynsley DameryCEO - BComm(Hons) FCA.   
  • Steven Briginshaw: COO - FCA FMAAT.   
  • Luke Smith: CTO - FCA.   
  • Julie Heaven: CFO - ACMA CGMA.   

Clarity ICO will begin on February 14, 2019. The ICO token supply represents 75% of the total token supply, so there is a total of 180,000,000 CLRTY tokens available, for 0.001 ETH each. The ICO funding target is 4,000 ETH, the funding cap is 180,000,000 CLRTY and is expected to end on April 8, 2019 or when the funding cap is reached. Any unsold/remaining tokens will be burned.

Token Reserve Split (25%):

  • 10% Strategic Partners,
  • 5.2% Advisors;
  • 5% Founders;
  • 3.8% Liquidity;
  • 1% Team Incentives.

Clarity ICO features a bounty campaign and the following bonus structure.

Bonus Structure:

  • Round 1 - 2,500 CLRTY - 1 ETH - 150% Bonus;
  • Round 2 - 1,500 CLRTY - 1 ETH - 50% Bonus.

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CLRTY Latest Updates
January 09, 2019

How to Create a Promotional Strategy that Works

How to Create a Promotional Strategy that WorksThe Clarity ProjectJan 9You may have the greatest product or service ever but if you don’t tell the world, it will sit on the shelves or hide in your building collecting dust until you finally have to close your business. Remember, you...


January 08, 2019

Managing your strategic objectives

Managing your strategic objectivesThe Clarity ProjectJan 8Now that you are starting to settle into your stride in 2019, perhaps it’s time to revisit your list of goals and objectives.Before you think about adding any new objectives to your list, think about what you’re going to...


December 14, 2018

The Best Way to Get Your Team Engaged

The Best Way to Get Your Team EngagedThe Clarity ProjectDec 14, 2018Engaging your team is important if you want to keep them on board. Sometimes the leadership team thinks that because they aren’t hearing much from their employees that everything is fine. However, this generally...


November 26, 2018

“Clarity is a game-changer for small business worldwide…”

“Clarity is a game-changer for small business worldwide…”The Clarity ProjectNov 26, 2018Want to know what our #Clariteers are saying about us?If you’re on the fence about joining the #ClarityCommunity and want someone else’s perspective who isn’t part of...


November 20, 2018

Creating a disaster recovery plan for your business

Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your BusinessThe Clarity ProjectNov 20, 2018A disaster recovery plan is a documented process designed to help recover and protect a business and its infrastructure in the event of a disaster. It provides a clear plan of action to be taken before, during...


October 03, 2018


#BlockchainLive18The Clarity ProjectOct 3, 2018The calm before the storm! Set up and ready for #BlockchainLive18Billed as Europe’s biggest blockchain event, UKBlockchain took over Olympia London for the jam-packed one day conference: BlockchainLive18. Following its inception last year...


October 01, 2018

The Future of the Accounting Industry

The Future of the Accounting IndustryThe Clarity ProjectOct 1, 2018The Clarity leadership team are entrepreneurial accountants who, for the last 11 years, have provided small business owners of all shapes and sizes with a satnav for their business. Whilst there is a lot of change occurring in...


September 24, 2018

Why a good coach is a good manager

Why a good coach is a good managerThe Clarity ProjectSep 24, 2018In addition to ensuring the achievement of business objectives, managers are responsible for encouraging growth, confidence and ambition in employees.Effective leadership techniques have evolved over the last few decades and the...


September 18, 2018

Some ‘Clarity’ on the meaning of blockchain…

Aynsley Damery is the CEO and founder of the Clarity project — a fintech company that uses the power of blockchain to make it easier for the 168m small businesses around the world to thrive. Their upcoming Initial Coin Offering is in November 2018. More details can be found at...


September 17, 2018

Productivity = Success

Productivity = SuccessThe Clarity ProjectSep 17, 2018Most business owners, managers and senior executives are juggling day to day responsibilities, growing the business and various projects. With so much to do, improving your productivity is key if you want to succeed. Here are a few top tips...


September 13, 2018

Why a Token?

As mentioned earlier, we have a big vision and our token gives us control over our destiny. But it’s not about us, it’s about empowering small business owners to control their future and fulfil their potential as well as bringing crypto to the world.Leave your thoughts and...