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ConnectJob is a universal platform for connecting service providers (“Jobbers”) to their clients in a fast and secure manner, where token stakeholders can participate to the platform and exchange services and digital assets. CJT is an Ethereum-based token used within the ConnectJob platform.


  • Jonathan Gueron: CO-FOUNDER & CTO
  • Yoni Assouline: FOUNDER & CEO
  • Tamir Ruvinov: COO
  • David Persiko: MANAGING DIRECTOR
  • Nechemya Kanelsky: CPO

Pre-ICO: From Dec. 1st, 2017 to Dec. 20th, 2017 – 300m CJT

The ConnectJob ICO will start on the 3rd of December and will last until the 12th of January, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 65% of the total coin supply and will be available for a 0.000416 ETH. Users will be able to participate using BTC, ETH, USD and EUR. The ICO funding cap is set at 458333.333 ETH. 

Token Reserve Split (35%):

  • 10% of the tokens sold during the Token Sale will be attributed to the Team
  • 5 % of the tokens sold during the Token Sale will be attributed to the Advisors
  • 20 % of the tokens sold during the Token Sale will be reserved for platform subsidies, industry partners, strategic incentives, and additional fundraising

The ConnectJob ICO will feature a bonus and bounty campaign.

Bonus Structure:

  • BONUS PRE-ICO : 1st Week: 20% - 2nd Week: 15%
  • BONUS ICO : 1st day: 15% - 2nd day: 12% - 3rd day: 9% - 4th day: 6% - 5th day: 3%

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CJT Latest Updates
August 09, 2018

News from ConnectJob

Dear Community,Again, we would like to thank you for your trust and your support in our project. We have noticed a global disappointment on our different social network channels and some of you point our lack of communication. We want first to apologize for this lack of communication which is...

From: connectjob_io

August 01, 2018

ConnectJob Apps is now Available

Dear Community,First of all, we would like to thank you for your confidence on our project.As any project we have been fighting against adversity, the infernal downfall of the Crypto, more than 70% from our highest value vs Etherum and the loss of large institutional investors was the...

From: connectjob_io

May 22, 2018

Welcome to the Labs!

When it comes to liquidating crypto assets, most people often find themselves threading the eye of a needle — in the dark — in their bid to convert the digital into physical. Hence, the reason why most businesses continue to remain on the sidelines of an industry rapidly closing on...

From: connectjob_io

May 08, 2018

Taking The Gig Economy By Storm: ConnectJob Listing Update

One of the hardest task for ANY blockchain startup is getting their crypto listed on an exchange. Some will demand an arm, or a leg, or both, while others just wouldn’t give you the light of day. Anticipating this, we decided to approach several reputable exchanges for integration well aware...

From: connectjob_io

May 01, 2018

ConnectJob Smashes Token Sale Target to Evolve Gig Economy

One month, 4 weeks, 30 days, seven hundred and thirty hours later, the Token Generation Event for decentralized service engagement platform, ConnectJob, has come to an end.Over 1600 contributors from across the globe registered on our website and participated in one of the decentralized...

From: connectjob_io

April 23, 2018

ConnectJob Integrates Bancor Protocol for Continuous Liquidity in the Gig Industry

Gibraltar — April 22, 2018 — ConnectJob, the decentralized service exchange platform, has announced its integration of the Bancor Protocol, offering continuous liquidity for the estimated $900 billion gig economy through ConnectJob.ConnectJob’s integration on the leading Smart...

From: connectjob_io

April 10, 2018

“Crypto Zombies” and Other Korean Blockchain Anomalies

The train has barely left the station, but you’re now certain that the passenger sitting next to you has checked their mobile device more often than the 7pm traffic at Gangnam Station. No, it wasn’t some newfangled, social media channel, or communication app. Neither was it the time. Maybe a...

From: connectjob_io

March 28, 2018

Workforce Development and Economic Transformation; The Asian Miracle

Despite a war-ravaged history, dearth of natural resources, and very little capital, South Korea has evolved from an abject state of poverty to one of the most vibrant economy and a manufacturing powerhouse in Asia. Frequently referred to as the “Asian Miracle”, South Korea successfully...

From: connectjob_io

March 22, 2018

ConnectJob Attends KAIST Blockchain Summit

ConnectJob’s team is back from its week long trip to South Korea. With the first event hosted by the country’s foremost public research facility, KAIST (The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), ConnectJob was able to present its decentralized service engagement platform...

From: connectjob_io

March 13, 2018

Yeoboseyo! ConnectJob Goes South Korean!

You asked for it, you got! ConnectJob is bringing the decentralization of the on-the-go and on-demand industry to a city near you.Kicking off on March 16th at the KAIST (The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Blockchain Summit, ConnectJob and BandZ Network will be collaborating...

From: connectjob_io

March 06, 2018

Following a Successful Presale, What’s Next for ConnectJob

After successfully raising $9 million during our presale, where does ConnectJob go from here? Right back to you. With our Telegram community smashing pass the 7k mark in less than a week, it’s time we unveil to you, our beloved community, what exciting things we’ve been up to.First off it...

From: connectjob_io

February 27, 2018

ConnectJob, Solving the $900 Billion Problem Through Blockchain Technology

Formerly referred to as the industry for the maladjusted, misfits, and those who just want to sit on their hands, the gig economy now accounts for 34% of the world’s workforce and is positioned to grow even further in the coming years as companies and workers warm up to the flexibility it...

From: connectjob_io

February 19, 2018

TIPS: compatible wallets, gas price, and how to contribute

https://ico.connectjob.io/In order to receive your CJT tokens, you must contribute from a portfolio of which you have the control of the private keys.Private keys are needed to correctly interact with smart contract functions, like transferring tokens.Therefore, it is not recommended to...

From: connectjob_io

February 16, 2018

ConnectJob Announces Main Sale and Smart Contract Update

ConnectJob is proud to announce that its two-months long pre-sale event has successfully ended with 63 million of its CJT utility tokens sold. The event, which aims to place the future of the $900 billion gig industry in the hands of jobbers and service seekers, has received overwhelming support...

From: connectjob_io

February 13, 2018

Crypto is Dead! Long Live the Blockchain!

The crypto market is the new Schrodinger cat. It’s both dead and alive until you open the box. However, unlike Schrodinger’s steel container, cryptocurrency box is the quintessential Pandora’s box of FUDs, FOMOs, and P&Ds.Dead… Alive… Both?With cryptocurrencies, perspective is of...

From: connectjob_io

February 07, 2018

Evolving The Gig Economy

It’s one thing hiring an unknown, another thing ensuring that they’re capable of delivering, and an altogether different kettle of fish trying to resolve dispute with when the other person is from a different geographical space — and time. Traditionally, half of this problem can be...

From: connectjob_io

February 04, 2018

The Future of Blockchain Technology

Volatility is one of the greatest challenges facing the crypto industry. In less than a month, most digital assets have lost between 50–60% of their closing values for last year. In less than 24 hours, Bitcoin has shrugged close to $2,000 off its weight, setting an all-time low for the year...

From: connectjob_io

January 31, 2018

Unchaining The Blocks! Liberating Blockchain Technology

Introducing ConnectJob CMO: Beni IssembertIn a world where everything can be labeled, tagged, and shelved, blockchain technology is proving to be a difficult beast to tame.It’s a bird!It’s a plane!It’s everywhere…It’s nowhere!How do you work with that?Much has been said about the...

From: connectjob_io

January 25, 2018

ConnectJob, The Freelancing Industry Breakthrough

The history of money can be traced back to someone buying something at a particular time and place. Sick and tired of losing something of greater value to the predominate barter system, they decided to set a new, golden standard for exchanging values by using — why gold of course.Fiat...

From: connectjob_io

January 23, 2018

Regulations: Crypto Blocks in Chains?

Whenever the crypto market starts to bleed, it’s always one of two things; either some bigwig are either attacking the legitimacy or future of cryptocurrencies, or the government is about to send a new sheriff into town — and y’all can stop horsing around. This time, though it’s not...

From: connectjob_io

January 18, 2018


It started with an idea. An idea so potent you should barely stay put. Thoughts to put down in black, white, and squiggly red. Boards to be bought for linking those thoughts — erasers too for when they start to stray. Charts and tables to be hewed out from base figures. Accounts to be...

From: connectjob_io

January 16, 2018

CJT: The Cryptocurrency for a Decentralized Service Industry

The world had it easy a century ago. Despite the fact that correspondence may take weeks or months to arrive, graduates could bank on a job waiting for them after graduation — or an offer soon to locate them. Those who couldn’t leverage education were sure to cash in on their individual...

From: connectjob_io

January 11, 2018

ICO Regulations Worldwide

2017 will be remembered for two things; the year Bitcoin went mainstream and the affirming of a new crowdfunding vehicle, ICO. Touted as the possible future of Venture Capitalism after raising more than $3 billion for blockchain-based startups last year alone, ICOs have allowed companies...

From: connectjob_io

January 09, 2018

Connecting the Unbanked

It’s shocking just how much of our existence depends on one of the flimsiest material in existence; paper. Money, proof of identity, ownership, proficiency, residence, and qualifications, what these papers say about us takes precedence over any other thing. This is why 2.6 billion people are...

From: connectjob_io

January 04, 2018

Connect With 2018 Hottest ICOs at Dubai International Blockchain Summit, Co-sponsored by ConnectJob

https://dibs.ae/Launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, Dubai International Blockchain Summit (DIBS) is the world largest gathering of blockchain experts, developers, enthusiasts, and media. The summit is a collaboration between the Smart Dubai Office and the Dubai Future Foundation aimed at...

From: connectjob_io

January 02, 2018

Introducing ConnectJob CEO: Yoni Assouline

Automated technologies like machine learning and robotics are becoming integral to our daily life, taking over functions traditionally attributed to human agents. However, despite Manichean concerns about the purpose of these automation, there is no denying the ease they have brought to their...

From: connectjob_io

December 28, 2017

GAFA Vs. Cryptos

GAFA — Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon — pretty much controls data on the internet. Google controls nearly ninety percent of search advertising, Apple is the world’s leading smartphone vendor, Facebook controls eighty percent of mobile social traffic, and Amazon accounts for...

From: connectjob_io

December 26, 2017

Cryptocurrency and eCommerce

Reinventing Online TransactionsGone are those perilous jaunts into the great unknown when ordering products off a mail order or through the phonebook, often requiring a shrewdness that could make Solomon green with envy. The internet has made it easier to shop than changing your remote control...

From: connectjob_io

December 21, 2017

FinTech Vs Blockchain

Blockchain is not FinTech. However, FinTech is blockchain.Since its birth in the 1950, FinTech has sought to bring cutting-edge technological solutions to the financial sector. From credit cards to ease the burden of carrying cash in the 50s, to ATMS, electronic stock trading, sophisticated data...

From: connectjob_io

December 19, 2017

An Introduction To ConnectJob Co-Founder, Jonathan Gueron

One man’s hill is another man’s valleyIt’s one thing to have a dream, a different thing altogether to realize it can be more. However for most, this as far as it goes, especially when faced with the enormous effort it takes to make the intangible tangible — without their...

From: connectjob_io

December 14, 2017

Ethereum, The Final Frontier?

Old blood meets new blockchainThe development of Bitcoin in 2008 introduced the idea of a distributed and decentralized ledger system enabling users to execute peer-to-peer transactions with no mediators. Bitcoin offered users lowered transaction fees for cross-border/international exchange,...

From: connectjob_io

December 12, 2017

Introducing ConnectJob’s Legal Advisor, Hubert de Vauplane

“The stakes on the blockchain are as much technical, financial as legal”Established in 1968 with just 14 lawyers, Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP has grown into nearly 300 attorneys with offices in Silicon Valley, Paris, and New York. However despite its size, Kramer Levin Naftalis...

From: connectjob_io

December 07, 2017

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Through people helping each other, the world will be a better placeRome wasn’t built in a day, nor was the foundation laid by a single being. What would one day become the greatest empire on earth that was built brick-by-brick by a dedicated team supported by a passionate community.Throughout...

From: connectjob_io