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Cofound.it ICO summary information

Conceptual Model

Cofound.it is a distributed global platform that connects exceptional startups, experts and investors worldwide. It will first be built by the blockchain community for the blockchain community .

Project Description

The CFI token powers the interactions on the Cofound.it platform. Cofound.it operates like a consulting company. Cofound.it coaches projects, help defne the legal elements, prepare for the crowdsales, assist with the PR and launch them using Cofound.it initial platform. However, this phase has a defnite goal in mind: to defne and test the optimal crowdsale process, defne the parts that can be supported in code and defne the parts that must be accomplished by experts.Once the crowdsale process has been defned, the elements that can be supported in code, like project application, content defnition and base project valuation, will be implemented. For each element that has to be performed by the experts a roadmap to crowdsource will be developed. Once the full Cofound.it platform is up and running, experts will be able to offer their services right there on the platform, which will match them with the selected teams based on the needs of the teams and the experts’ track records. A distributed global platform that directly connects projects with supporters while enabling experts worldwide to provide necessary support to teams. Team:Jan Isakovic: CEO, Co-Founder. (LinkedIn);Daniel Zakrisson: Head of Evaluations and Mentoring. (LinkedIn);David Sabo: Head of Cofound.it Global. (LinkedIn);Erika Pogorelc: CTO. (LinkedIn);Matjaz Slak: Projects manager. (LinkedIn);Zenel Batagelj: Team Strategy. (LinkedIn);Cofound.it held a presale in which raised $14.8 million (56565  ETH) for 25% of the total token supply, and led to the actual ICO being cancelled. Cofound.it offered pre-sale access exclusively to some supporters via its Priority Pass mechanism. The token distribution is as follows:Token Reserve Split (75%):25% reserved for future use;20% current and future team, advisors, experts;10% ICONOMI;20% purchase of Cashila assets;The Cofound.it presale sold out, which means no additional ICO was hosted. The presale had no bonuses, discounts, or escrow and the CFI token is not be mineable.

Founders and Associates

Jan Isakovic -Co-founder, Platform and Operations

Daniel Zakrisson -Co-founder, Evaluations and Mentoring

Zenel Batagelj -Team strategy

Erika Pogorelc -CTO

Anze Voje -Communications

Riaan Francois Venter -Smart contract developer

George Hwang -Cofound.it Taiwan

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CFI Latest Updates
October 18, 2018

CFI redistribution — Batch 1

Batch 1 redistribution parametersCutoff block: 6527224 (Oct-16–2018 06:16:20 PM +UTC) Batch 1 ETH amount: 62,024 Estimated gas cost reservation: 4 ETH Batch 1 ETH amount to send: 62,020 Batch 1 non-claimed tokens/outstanding redistribution tokens ratio: 34.44 % Batch 1 ETH amount to actually...

From: CFI

CFI redistribution — General

As you are reading this blog post, the first batch of the CFI token redistribution is already underway. Please find additional information on the methodology below.Redistribution parametersWhat is the total number of CFI tokens potentially eligible for redistribution?324,519,308.2.Please note...

From: CFI

September 22, 2018

CFI token burn address verification

CFI token burn address is now visible at https://redistribution.cofound.itBefore sending your CFI tokens please verify the address below matches the address you are sending your CFI tokens to.0x9F07…1Da1CFI token burn address verification was originally published in Cofound.it Blog on Medium,...

From: Ervin K. Ursic

September 21, 2018

Cofound.it token redistribution website is live

A dedicated CFI token redistribution website is now live at: https://redistribution.cofound.it If you are a CFI token holder, please visit the website and follow the instructions. More detailed information is available below.Important:Do not trust any other news source other than...

From: Ervin K. Ursic

September 19, 2018

Update regarding market manipulation & final call to action

Upon examination of the Ethereum blockchain data and CFI token transactions it appears that the pool of potential abusers of privileged information may be narrowed down significantly.Yesterday I consulted with one of the best law offices that specialises in corporate law. I consider it...

From: Ervin K. Ursic

September 17, 2018

Common questions #2

Falsified Bittrex support emailI have received reports that individuals were claiming to have received an email from Bittrex support, informing them that CFI token wallet had been removed and there was no chance of them recovering it.The email was fake. No such email was ever sent from Bittrex....

From: Ervin K. Ursic

September 16, 2018

Phishing attempt — fake email notification

It appears a small number of people have received an email with subject “IMPORTANT: Ethereum Address Proof of Ownership Urgently Required”. The email appears to have come from “[email protected]”.The email is a phishing attempt. If you were among those who received it, please report it as...

From: Ervin K. Ursic

Common questions #1

Bittrex has disabled withdrawals, I cannot access my CFI tokensI have already asked them to re-enable withdrawals and am awaiting their confirmation. Please remain patient, as there is no need for any immediate action. Please remember:Time plan:Dedicated CFI destroy website: within 7 daysFirst...

From: Ervin K. Ursic

September 14, 2018

Introduction & roadmap

Respected members of the Cofound.it community,I have been tasked with the wind-down of Cofound.it and the redistribution of its assets. My duty is to protect the interests of Cofound.it token (hereinafter “CFI”) holders throughout the process to the utmost extent possible. I will 1) settle...

From: Ervin U. Kovac

Closing Cofound.it as crowdfunding market disappears and presenting good practice for ICOs

Tl;drThe core idea of Cofound.it was to create an alternative VC ecosystem built around crowdfunding, democratisation and transparency. Instead, the larger ecosystem developed and transformed into something completely opposite.Instead of waiting for the market to turn around, we have decided to...

From: Daniel Zakrisson

September 11, 2018


We combined Coin Market Cap’s Top 250 list and our own internal resources to compile a list of 57 Europe-based businesses.As expected, we found a heavy weighting towards fintech, with a high number of players in the exchanges, wallet providers and investment sectors. We also noted a relatively...

From: Žiga Martinjak

Booming blockchain industries across Europe

We combined Coin Market Cap’s Top 250 list and our own internal resources to compile a list of 57 Europe-based businesses.As expected, we found a heavy weighting towards fintech, with a high number of players in the exchanges, wallet providers and investment sectors. We also noted a relatively...

From: Žiga Martinjak

August 30, 2018

Summary of the Cofound.it AMA; DPP via Cofound.it from 28 August 2018

This Tuesday, we invited one of the projects we have been working with since their funding stage to join us on our channel and discuss their upcoming products. DPP has been developing algorithmic trading solutions with a vision to make high-level trading accessible to everyone. Recently, this...

From: Žiga Martinjak

August 29, 2018

Changing token models: Broken promises or a necessary innovation?

Changing token models is a controversial topic with pros and cons on both sides. The crypto ecosystem needs to take a stance.Digipulse, a Latvian company who raised 3,473 ETH in an ICO in October 2017 recently announced it will “detokenize” its tokens. This action was a conversion of the...

From: Ambrož Homar

August 23, 2018

Summary of the Cofound.it AMA; Decentralized Gaming from 21 August 2018

This week, we looked at a sector on the rise to find how many of you share our excitement about the potential it represents. Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the entire gaming ecosystem as it offers benefits for both gamers and developers alike. Last year, decentralized...

From: Žiga Martinjak

August 20, 2018

The top 10 Blockchain events you won’t want to miss in the fall and winter seasons

Here are 10 events you should seriously consider attending this year.Events are the lifeblood of any community. And the blockchain community is no exception. In short, there are many reasons to make events a part of your networking and social outreach strategy. But which event should you...

From: Nika M Kravanja

August 16, 2018

Summary of the Cofound.it AMA; Month in review from 14 August 2018

Last week, our new form of report — Month in Review — was published for the first time, so we decided to dedicate an AMA to it. We discussed updates on existing products and collected some feedback and further ideas from our community. Joining us this time, among others, was Daniel...

From: Žiga Martinjak

August 13, 2018

7 key challenges that all blockchain startups should know about

If you’re considering integrating blockchain into your startup, read this first.A series of articles for startups on how to navigate the blockchain landscape. First up are 7 key challenges that all startups should know about before using blockchain technology.I was involved with 15...

From: Vlado Milosevic

August 08, 2018

Summary of the Cofound.it AMA; Musiconomi via Cofound.it from 7 August 2018

We host an AMA every Tuesday on the Cofound.it Telegram channel and we felt it was high time we took a look at the progress of the projects we have helped in the past, especially since it is such an exciting time for them. Musiconomi are well on the way to releasing an alpha platform for their...

From: Žiga Martinjak

August 06, 2018

Why Malta is an Island for Blockchain Startups

This month Malta became the first country in the world to provide an official set of regulations for operators in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and DLT space. MITA, the country’s accelerator, and our partner, has also launched YouStartIt a programme for startups. Read on for our view of why...

From: Vlado Milosevic

August 02, 2018

Etherisc’s vision for Insurance 2.0

Etherisc’s vision for Insurance 2.0 has been funded. We had a chat with the founders to talk about the future of insurance.DIP Tokens have been distributed. Etherisc are now knee ‘dip’ in product development.Our partners at Etherisc concluded a successful DIP token sale last week. In case...

From: Nika Bergant

August 01, 2018

Summary of the Cofound.it AMA, Blockchain vs. Traditional Startups from 31 July 2018

It was Tuesday AMA time again yesterday on our Telegram channel, where we compared blockchain and traditional startups to see where blockchain works better and where it could improve. For this topic, we invited Vlado Milošević (Advisory and accelerators), Marina Markežič (Advisory), Parul...

From: Žiga Martinjak

July 26, 2018

Summary of the Cofound.it AMA on the European Startup Ecosystem from 24 July 2018

We hosted another AMA on our Telegram channel this Tuesday, exploring the work of our ambassadors and advisors across Europe. For this, we invited Branko Krsmanović (based in Serbia), Jens Frid (Sweden), Vlado Milošević (Slovenia) and Parul Bavishi (England). They gave us an overview of the...

From: Žiga Martinjak

July 19, 2018

Summary of the Cofound.it AMA on Community Reviews from 17 July 2018

This Tuesday, our regular AMA took on the topic of Community Reviews, a project that has been in development and testing since last year. Who better to host than Matjaz Slak and Matic Pipan, the leading developers for this product? Since its beginning it has been tested on more than 500 startups...

From: Žiga Martinjak

July 17, 2018

Why Cofab and what value do we bring to the Cofound.it ecosystem?

Cofound.it has been launched to build a distributed VC ecosystem that will help global startups grow and get funding. Over the last year, our development team has provided the technical infrastructure for 10 token crowdsales that have funded innovative, industry-disrupting startups.Funding is...

From: Jan Isakovic

July 16, 2018

Introducing D2 Capital: Providing Crypto Asset Class Expertise for Startups

If you are a startup founder and have raised substantial crypto assets, you are now probably facing your next challenge: how to effectively manage your assets and maintain your financial reserves. Managing your assets can be time-consuming, and difficult to get right. It’s important to have a...

From: Nika Bergant

July 11, 2018

Summary of the Cofound.it General AMA from July 10th, 2018

This TuesdAMA, we were talking about the developments at Cofound.it, looking at the recent decisions and plans. Your questions were taken up by Daniel Zakrisson (CEO), Liz Grayson (Head of Advisory), Vlado Milošević (Advisory) and Mayank Jain (Cofound.it India).We are holding AMA’s every...

From: Žiga Martinjak

July 04, 2018

Summary of the Cofound.it AMA on Regulations from July 3rd, 2018

Another Tuesday means another AMA at the Cofound.it Telegram Channel. This time, we tried to tackle some questions on the topic of regulations. Providing us with some insight into the developments of this space, was our resident legal advisory team; Irena, Marina and Matevž.We will be holding...

From: Žiga Martinjak

June 28, 2018

Summary of the Etherisc via Cofound.it AMA from June 28th, 2018

On June 28th at 5 PM CEST we hosted an AMA on our Telegram Channel starring the Etherisc team consisting of Stephan, Renat and Heinz. The main topics were their ongoing token sale, how they are going to complement the insurance ecosystem and their upcoming partnerships.N.B. I have rephrased the...

From: Nika Bergant

June 26, 2018

Summary of the AMA from June 26th, 2018

On June 26th at 5 PM CET we hosted a short AMA session on our Telegram Channel. The matter at issue was the recent kickoff of the Etherisc token sale. The team consisting of Daniel, Ambroz, Zenel, Mayank, Parul, Ziga and Nika also answered several questions regarding the activation of the...

From: Nika Bergant

June 22, 2018

Several crypto startups are aiming to disrupt insurance. How do they stack up against each other?

9 startups compared on dimensions ranging from the high level vision to the current token market cap.The multi-trillion-dollar insurance industry is facing a blockchain disruption. But finding out what is really going on is trickier than you might think.Why? Firstly, there are blockchain...

From: Ambrož Homar

June 20, 2018

Summary of the AMA from June 19th, 2018

On June 19th at 5 PM CEST we hosted an AMA session on our Telegram Channel. The topic was the company expansion into three entities mentioned in the latest blog post. The answers were delivered by all three leaders (Daniel, Jan, David) as well as other key team members. In this session we...

From: Nika Bergant

June 19, 2018

Etherisc’s TGE: Exclusive offer for Cofound.it community members

CFI holders will be able to contribute up to 2x the normal individual cap, depending on the amount of CFI tokens held and the holding time.We are excited about the start of Etherisc’s Token Generation Event on the 25 June. We fully support Etherisc’s vision to disrupt the the multi-trillion...

From: Ambrož Homar

June 13, 2018

The Next Phase: Cofound.it is expanding

Today we are announcing our future plans for Cofound.it, in response to changing markets and the growth of our operations.Over the past 12 months, we have been working hard towards achieving our vision of enabling startups to build viable, impactful businesses in a borderless economy. So what...

From: Daniel Zakrisson

May 14, 2018

Should I stay or should I go?

How to find events worth going to and get the most out of themOver the last 3 months, the Cofound.it team has attended more than 50 events around the globe as speakers, sponsors, and attendees. We have made mistakes, and wasted time on promotional conferences or badly organised events, but most...

From: Nika M Kravanja

May 07, 2018

People development in a startup — the Cofound.it method

The world in which Cofound.it lives is challenging. The rules are always changing and we need to move fast. We would never be able to keep up were it not for the exceptional people I work with, who are able to adapt and learn with amazing speed. In such an environment, I strongly believe that...

From: Katarina Pirš

April 30, 2018

Cofound.it Quarterly Report, Q1 2018

Cofound.it Quarterly Report, Q1 2018: Building the next level of startup servicesAfter a 2017 full of crowdsales, the first quarter of 2018 represents Cofound.it’s shift towards our vision: developing services for a distributed future of startup funding and growth. Cofound.it costs in Q1 of...

From: Jan Isakovic

Introducing Cofound.it Actionable Research, the ultimate product-market fit tool

Startups are typically focused on raising funds or getting market traction. While in theory token crowdfunding makes the funding part of the equation easier for blockchain startups, in practice running a successful ICO takes a lot of effort and draws even the best-prepared teams away from what...

From: Jan Isakovic

April 26, 2018

Using pitch events to your startup’s advantage

A quick guide on what to expect from the best and why avoid the rest.For a startup founder, the one thing you can’t afford to do is to waste time. And going to a pitch event may sometimes feel like exactly that. An example we witnessed ourselves: two founders of an early-stage, unfunded...

From: Ambrož Homar

April 23, 2018

How do Startups establish a Product Roadmap?

Startups just need to get $h*! out there, right?That kind of works in the first few months and whilst you can still count the team size on the fingers of one hand. However, as the team grows it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a shared vision and ensure you are all pulling in the same...

From: Liz Grayson

April 17, 2018

Cofound.it platform roadmap 2018: 5 core services for the startup ecosystem

From the beginning, Cofound.it had a vision of building the support infrastructure to help startups grow and get funding. Breaking apart such an ambitious vision into a more concrete roadmap is no easy task for any technology startup, and it’s even more complicated for blockchain startups....

From: Alja Isakovic

April 06, 2018

Getting started with Ethereum development

The Ethereum development ecosystem has really taken off lately. The tools for developing DApps have improved a great deal, and there are now plenty of learning resources to choose from. So, if you want to join in on the fun, there’s no better time than now!We’ll be publishing regular blog...

From: Miran Lipovača

April 05, 2018

6 great mailing providers for blockchain startups

The latest update of the MailChimp’s policy is shutting down all crypto accounts supporting crowdsales due to a risk of scams. Cofound.it is not only connecting quality blockchain startups with early adopters but also providing them with great email marketing software providers. Here are some...

From: Nika Bergant

March 29, 2018

The decentralised ecosystem requires a decentralised contribution

Blockchain. Decentralisation. Transparency. We at Cofound.it strongly believe in the implementation of these ideas into our lives, but that will not happen by blindly following the hype. We began practicing what we preach with Blockchain Fridays, where everyone can collaborate on the ideas that...

From: Tilen Držan

March 28, 2018

Introducing the Cofound.it KYC process

The crypto landscape of 2017 was one of fierce anonymity. But with evolving regulations more and more activities in the blockchain world have to be connected to verified persons and reported if necessary to comply with various anti-money laundering and tax laws, including crowdsales and...

From: Jan Isakovic

March 26, 2018

Texas Blockchain Mass Event

Crypto was the catchphrase at most events scattered throughout SXSW, from the Initial Taco Offering to Ethereal Lounge and our Crypto Summit. The FOMO among startups, investors and enterprises was real. Startups we have encountered were hard at work improving the core technology, with most...

From: Nika Bergant

March 21, 2018

Variety is the Spice of Blockchain

The Cofound.it team attended the second Moinblockchain conference in Hamburg, attended by many professionals working on some amazing projects in the blockchain and crypto sphere with a special emphasis on women.The Moinblockchain conference was organised by Moinworld (German for Helloworld) a...

From: Nika M Kravanja

March 14, 2018

Etherisc: Decentralised insurance that will disrupt a multi-trillion dollar industry

If you’ve been following the blockchain startup space, you will already know Etherisc, the decentralised platform that brings transparency, security and automation to the world of insurance. It’s one of the most innovative decentralised platforms on Ethereum, the winner of the Blockchain...

From: Jan Isakovic

March 13, 2018

The fight between the Davids and Goliaths of the EU will define crypto regulation

“Hard cash is here to stay for some time. Because of the cyber attacks,” stressed Member of the ECB’s Executive Board Yves Mersch in his keynote speech at the second FinTech and Digital Innovation conference, which was held in Brussels on 27 February 2018. The importance of security in the...

From: Spela Zavrsan

March 12, 2018

EthCC 2018: developing a scalable Ethereum

Ethereum scalability and governance were two of the hot topics discussed last week at EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference) in Paris. Some of the Cofound.it tech team visited the conference which spanned over three days, four tracks, and multiple additional workshops. For us it was a great...

From: Alja Isakovic

March 07, 2018

Blockchain in Germany: insights from the Crypto Assets Conference

High trust in regulators and active corporates stood out from the event in the financial centre of Europe’s biggest economyGermany has embraced crypto at a slower pace than my native Slovenia, as reflected in its relatively modest crypto awareness and ICO activity. According to Elementus,...

From: Ambrož Homar

Fundraising dilemmas of startup founders

Equity financing and utility token sale are not the only options. We discuss the decision criteria and alternativesFor a long time, there was only traditional equity. Then came blockchain token issuance which revolutionised financing while itself experiencing a significant evolution in 2017....

From: Ambrož Homar

March 06, 2018

How Auctus is revolutionizing retirement planning

Introducing an exciting startup with a special offer for Priority Pass membersRevolutionising established industries is very hard. Financial industries are perhaps the most resistant to change — and most ripe for disruption using blockchain technology. This includes the retirement saving...

From: Jan Isakovic

February 27, 2018

Startups and blockchain in Turkey: WBAF 2018 report

The Cofound.it team attended the World Business Angels Forum (WBAF) in amazing Istanbul, Turkey, which attracted VCs, angels and companies from all over the globe.Turkey is a very large market with a population of 81.5 million and until the political unrest in 2017, was the leader in Eastern...

From: Vlado Milosevic

February 21, 2018

Asset Tokenisation — A Primer

Salvator MundiPainting on the left is by the renowned Leonardo da Vinci. Recently It was last sold for US$450M. Obviously, such exorbitantly priced paintings are out of reach for most investors. Only a select few of the ultra-wealthy would be able to own such a high priced painting. Such...

From: firesofmay

February 09, 2018

Summary of Cofound.it Q&A in Feb 2018

On February 7th at 6 PM CET we hosted a Q&A on our Telegram Channel. The topics were startup investment fund and airdrops, both mentioned in our latest blog post.N.B. I have rephrased the Q&A in my own words. I’ve also reordered and grouped questions into common themes to make it...

From: Nika Bergant

February 01, 2018

Connecting startups to early adopters with bonus utility tokens

Connecting startups to early adopters with bonus utility token rewardsCofound.it presents a new initiative to help startups grow fasterThe blockchain startup space is moving towards a new asset class — clearly defined and regulated security tokens. But while the regulations develop, one...

From: Jan Isakovic

Connecting startups to early adopters with free utility tokens for qualifying CFI holders

Cofound.it presents a new initiative to help startups grow fasterThe blockchain startup space is moving towards a new asset class — clearly defined and regulated security tokens. But while the regulations develop, one way forward is to split equity investing from pure utility tokens. We...

From: Jan Isakovic

Encouraging early adoption with token rewards for qualifying community members

Cofound.it presents a new initiative to help startups grow fasterThe blockchain startup space is moving towards a new asset class — clearly defined and regulated security tokens. But while the regulations develop, one way forward is to split equity investing from pure utility tokens. We...

From: Jan Isakovic

January 31, 2018

Cofound.it Q4 2017 quarterly report

The Cofound.it team had a busy last quarter of 2017. We concluded two crowdsales that started in September, launched the innovative Seed program which culminated in the amazing Playoffs event, and launched the first expert service on the platform — the beta community evaluations...

From: Jan Isakovic

January 25, 2018

Meet the Cofound.it team in person

With both feet firmly in the new year, the blockchain space is again teeming with events and conferences full of new ideas on how to take this emerging new economy one step further. These events also present an excellent chance for all of us who are actively participating in this ecosystem to...

From: Marina Markezic

January 23, 2018

Towards the CFI Protocol — the protocol for startup creation and funding

Cofound.it is rapidly expanding, in terms of internal resources, external partnerships and community driven efforts. We’re now leveraging our experience and tech base to start developing the CFI protocol for startup creation and funding process — a trustless, distributed, value-added...

From: Daniel Zakrisson

January 19, 2018

ICO 3.0 — towards a new asset class

There is a good reason retail chains do not issue loyalty points to raise funds, but issue stocks. A share of equity is and remains the most obvious way of returning value to investors. The value of company equity is based on actual business performance, the value of developed technology, the...

From: Jan Isakovic

January 17, 2018

The Cofound.it Playoffs page has a crispy new look

A month and a half has passed since we held the first ever “live” blockchain crowdfunding event, the Cofound.it Playoffs. Six participating startups were simultaneously holding their crowdsales while showcasing their business ideas in a mix of live interviews, on-stage presentations and...

From: Neza Rejc

December 21, 2017

The Cofound.it 2017 Year in Review

We developed Cofound.it with the vision of becoming a Silicon Valley for the distributed age. What does this mean? It’s simple really. We want startups, no matter where they are located, to be able to access the support needed in order to achieve their dreams. Throughout 2017 we began...

From: Jan Isakovic

December 13, 2017

Blockchain — the bane and blessing of energy consumption

Blockchain technology is an energy consumption monster. To “mint” new coins and secure the network miners must perform difficult computational tasks which demand a lot of power. How much is that? At this point, all numbers are more or less an educated guess.Bitcoin, as the first blockchain...

From: Andrej Čebokli

December 10, 2017

Token Summit II: What this year brought and Cofound.it workshop on token economics

This year’s second Token Summit was hosted in (one of) the most vibrant startup communities in the world, San Francisco. The biggest conference on token economics in the US flared my expectations and lived up to them — the event was bustling with people and vivid panels on the future of...

From: Marina Markezic

December 04, 2017

Towards ICO 3.0

It has been a year since my first blog post on ICO 2.0 which eventually led to the creation of Cofound.it. In the last 12 months, there have been quite some changes in the blockchain ecosystem.This is the first blog post in the series of the posts a year on with the goal to propose the new...

From: Zenel Batagelj

December 01, 2017

Cofound.it Playoffs: The Results and Event Video

First of all let me congratulate all six teams who participated in the amazing and history-making Cofound.it Playoffs. Crowdsales for each team lasting for 30 hours were conducted simultaneously and with the end of Phase 2 completed at 4 PM CET. Here’s a recap of the outcome.Priority Pass™...

From: David Prais

November 29, 2017

Final countdown to Cofound.it Playoffs has begun!

With excitement on the scale a little past Christmas morning but not quite to Summer Vacation, we have finally arrived at (drum roll please!) The Cofound.it Playoffs!All Six Teams are in Ljubljana!Here in Cofound.it HQ the adrenaline is kicking in as the six chosen Seed teams have gathered for...

From: Elizabeth Prais

November 27, 2017

50 ETH Support from Cofound.it for each Playoffs Team

With only days left before the Cofound.it Playoffs, we would like to announce that Cofound.it will be contributing 50 ETH of our own assets to each team’s crowdsale — otherwise known as, “putting our money where our mouth is”.Supporting our teams during their Seed stage crowdsale...

From: David Prais

November 24, 2017

Get Ready for Cofound.it Playoffs!

Hey Peeps! Are you all ready for the amazing Cofound.it Playoffs? Today is Fri-yay which means there are only five (5!) sleeps left before your wallet is checked to make sure it contains 5k CFI tokens and you are added to the teams’ whitelists.Is your wallet ready?You heard me. Only five...

From: Elizabeth Prais

November 22, 2017

Cofound.it Playoffs: celebrating our community

Hey Priority Pass members! This is a great big thank you from all of us here at Cofound.it HQ for the awesome videos sent in last week. Five of our most enthusiastic community members will be joining us as special guests at the Cofound.it Playoffs and you can still shape the event by submitting...

From: Jan Isakovic

November 21, 2017

Cofound.it Playoffs: Seed stage crowdsale details

We are about a week away from the Cofound.it Playoffs, so it’s time to release further Seed stage details from the teams, and more information about the crowdsale process and timeline. There are six participating teams in the Cofound.it Playoffs and each has set their own Seed stage success...

From: David Prais

November 17, 2017

Musiconomi and DA Power Play are dropping by for Cofound.it Playoffs

By now you probably already know all about the Cofound.it Playoffs taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on November 30. If not, it’s time to catch up and read all about it and join us there. But for those of you who are so super busy and just want a quick recap: six teams from our Seed program...

From: Neza Rejc

November 15, 2017

Cofound.it Playoffs Teams Participating in “live” Crowdsales Announced!

Waiting for the Seed team vote deadline this week has made Cofound.it HQ feel like the final hours of the Eurovision Song Contest and if you are as excited as we are, don’t miss the ticket info at the end! Before all the nitty gritty details, let’s make the announcement you’re all...

From: David Prais

November 14, 2017

Applications for Cofound.it community evaluators are now open!

We are now officially opening the applications for our Cofound.it community evaluator beta program that will reward good project evaluations in CFI tokens. To apply, head over to our new page for community evaluators and submit your first project evaluations through the project evaluation forms...

From: Matjaz Slak