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The CrowdCoinage OS is a crowdfunding platform for launching Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaigns taht offers a wide variety of different financial services all that will be based on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and deep integration with the Estonian e-Residency program that is unique in the world. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the CCOS token will be used for transactions within the platform.


  • Peep Paum: Co-Founder & CEO  
  • Tauno Poks: Co-Founder & CTO  
  • Sven Kauber: Co-Founder & senior backend/blockchain developer  
  • Silver Liiv: Co-Founder & frontend developer  

The CrowdCoinage OS ICO will start on the 15th of January and will last until the 13th of March, 2018. The ICO token allocation represents 80% of the total token supply and will be available for a 0.001 ETH. The ICO funding target has been set at 50,000 ETH and the cap at 150,000 ETH. 

Token Reserve Split (20%):

  • 10% - team,
  • 5% - advisors
  • 5% - bounties

The CCOS ICO will feature a bonus and bounty campaign.

Bonus Structure:

  • 30% of bonus on the first two days of Pre-Sale

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CCOS Latest Updates
June 19, 2018

CrowdCoinage Monthly Update: June, 2018

The last 30 days for CrowdCoinage were productive from the technical point of view.Platform Development Changelog:Reworked the Veriff integration as our pricing model changed;Removed cluttering texts from the client-side views;Database got it’s encryption setup;Mobile / responsive...

From: Marina Baslina

May 15, 2018

CrowdCoinage Monthly Update: May, 2018

Last month was a new send off for CrowdCoinage. We have been working on standalone version of the ICO platform. Also, signed the new client Black.Insure. Finally, been working on partnerships with exchanges.Photo by Joanna Kosinska on UnsplashPlatform Development Changelog:Our standalone...

From: Marina Baslina

May 01, 2018

CrowdCoinage Got Scammed by Fake Neraex Exchange Representative

Unfortunately CrowdCoinage CCOS won’t be listed on Neraex Exchange.The person who represented the Neraex Exchange turned out to be a scammer. He was pretty thorough and advanced in scamming as he even faked the Neraex support emails (example: [email protected]) and the...

From: Marina Baslina

April 27, 2018

CrowdCoinage CCOS token will be listed on Neraex Pro Exchange on May 1

We can officially confirm that CrowdCoinage will be listed on Neraex Pro Exchange in May 1st.Photo by Luca Bravo on UnsplashIt is the biggest exchange so far where the CCOS tokens are listed.On CoinMarketCap Neraex is in the 39 place with 15M daily trading volumes.CrowdCoinage CCOS token will...

From: Marina Baslina

April 10, 2018

CrowdCoinage CCOS token will be listed on Neraex Pro Exchange

We at CrowdCoinage team are happy to announce that CCOS token will be listed on Neraex Pro Exchange at the end of April. It is the biggest exchange so far where the CCOS tokens are listed.On CoinMarketCap Neraex is in the 39 place with 15M daily trading volumes.Photo by Kelvin Zyteng...

From: Marina Baslina

April 02, 2018

CrowdCoinage’s needed side-quest

“An architect working on a draft with a pencil and ruler” by Daniel McCullough on UnsplashIt’s been roughly two weeks since the end of our campaign. In the mean while We’ve been busy polishing our roadmap and planning next steps for the project. Those who have been following us closely...

From: Mattias Kurvits

Managing tokens on MyEtherWallet

“A person checking stock market prices on their iPhone” by William Iven on UnsplashHere’s the quick navigation: 1) Making sure You are on the correct website 2) Adding ERC20 token 3) Transferring tokensMaking sure You are on the correct websiteTo keep newcomers safe from fraud, will this...

From: Mattias Kurvits

March 31, 2018

CrowdCoinage News: New Exchanges and Services

ExchangesWe are happy to inform you that CCOS tokens got listed on EtherDelta and AcceleratorEx.We are also in talks with Exenium exchange and other major exchanges. We firmly believe that this partnership will ensure the most objective evaluation and add value for our token buyers.With...

From: Marina Baslina

March 19, 2018

CrowdCoinage Вounty Campaign Results

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in our bounty program and to reveal the number of bounty tokens soon to be distributed among the participants — during the next 1–2 weeks.We’ve finalized the list of those eligible to receive bounty tokens for helping our team during the...

From: Marina Baslina

CrowdCoinage Bounty Campaign Results

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in our bounty program and to reveal the amount of bounty tokens soon to be distributed among the participants.We’ve finalized the list of those eligible to receive bounty tokens for helping our team during the token sale. The bounty pool’s size is...

From: Marina Baslina

March 15, 2018

CrowdCoinage ICO Results

CrowdCoinage Token Sale is officially over. We are grateful for the support from the crypto-community and our partners throughout the whole event.The process of CrowdCoinage Token Sale EventCrowdCoinage launched its Public Token Sale on February 12, 2018 and it ended on March 12, 2018. During...

From: Marina Baslina

March 12, 2018

Our ICO Ends at Midnight

It’s the CrowdCoinage Team, and we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported us during our ICO launch. From those participating in the bounty campaign . . .to the airdrop . . . to our subscribers . . . to anyone who referred their friends . . . and of course to...

From: Marina Baslina

March 09, 2018

5 Expert Marketing Tips for Anyone Launching an ICO

Thousands of blockchain-based startups dream about launching an ICO. But just having a project idea without the thinking about the marketing strategy and budget will doom many launches before they even get started.Photo by William Iven on UnsplashStartups face an uphill battle to get noticed...

From: Marina Baslina

March 07, 2018

Eight Ways the Blockchain Will Help Humanity

Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger (in other words, a list of digital records) known as blocks. These blocks are linked together by a special encryption technology that creates secure transactions between two parties in a permanent and verifiable way. Once a blockchain record is created,...

From: Marina Baslina

March 06, 2018

Market Issues Affecting ICOs

ICOs (initial coin offerings) are increasingly popular among investors. It is not surprising anymore to see a new ICO launched every week. There are many platforms where startups have the opportunity to crowdfund their ideas into reality via an ICO.However, it’s becoming more difficult for...

From: Marina Baslina

March 04, 2018

5 Critical Factors to Look for Before You Invest in an ICO

How secure is your ICO investment?Are you aware that nearly anyone has the capability to design a white paper, set up a landing page and attach a wallet address?Photo by Ramón Salinero on UnsplashYes, that’s reality. For this reason that anyone who chooses to invest must be extremely...

From: Marina Baslina

March 02, 2018

We’re Getting Close to Our Goal

CrowdCoinage is pleased to announce that we’re over 90% towards meeting our next milestone of 10 million tokens sold! And we’d like to thank everyone who has already bought CCOS.Photo by Hello I’m Nik on UnsplashIf you haven’t bought CCOS yet, here’s what you should know about...

From: Marina Baslina

February 28, 2018

Yes! CCOS Got Listed on the Token Store Exchange

The CrowdCoinage team is thrilled to announce that our CCOS token got listed on the Token Store Exchange on February 28, 2018. We’ve been working hard for months behind the scenes to make this happen. And it’s a very big deal for you, our loyal CrowdCoinage token buyers.CrowdCoinage...

From: Marina Baslina

February 26, 2018

How One Crowdfunding Platform is Transforming the Relationship Between Crypto Startups And…

How One Crowdfunding Platform is Transforming the Relationship Between Crypto Startups And InvestorsOne of the most frustrating aspects for startups who want to grow their business is lack of access to funding. Traditional lending institutions often refuse to give startups loans, because they...

From: Marina Baslina

February 24, 2018

CC Platform — How It Works

We at CrowdCoinage are happy to share the details of CrowdCoinage Platform Functionality.ICO FlowuPort — Mobile app for managing Your online identity. Quick authenticating and transaction signing, also allows receiving push notifications. Personal data is stored on the device.Once the...

From: Marina Baslina

February 22, 2018

How to Avoid Scam ICOs

Over the past few years, crowdfunding has become a mainstay in the world of finance. Now more than ever before, blockchain oriented enterprises and cryptocurrency startups have the ability to introduce their technology to the public through initial coin offerings (ICOs.) The startups goal in...

From: Marina Baslina

February 21, 2018

Refer Your Friends For Bonus Tokens

Did you know that CrowdCoinage has an active referral program? Earn bonus tokens for everyone you refer who purchases CCOS tokens during our ICO, which runs until March 12, 2018.It’s easy to get involved with the referral program.Visit the link below to...

From: Marina Baslina

February 20, 2018

Smart Contracts: Lending Industry Disruptors?

Photo by Martin Sanchez on UnsplashMaybe you’ve heard the term ‘smart contracts’ mentioned in cryptocurrency circles, but you’re unsure what the term means. Perhaps you’ve even heard how smart contracts have the potential to disrupt traditional lending institutions like banks, but you...

From: Marina Baslina

February 19, 2018

How a Tiny Northern European Nation Leads the World in Protecting Investors Against ICO Fraud

In a digital world, establishing someone’s identity can be almost impossible. After all, It’s easy to set up false online profiles using photos and names that don’t belong to you.That’s a big part of why fraud runs rampant in cryptocurrency ICOs. Less than honorable companies set up...

From: Marina Baslina

February 18, 2018

ICO Bonus Offer Ends Soon

We’re excited to announce that our ICO is underway from now until March 12, 2018. Our teams has worked hard to develop the most innovative and complete platform for startups located anywhere in the world to launch their own ICO token offerings.Here’s why we’re so excited to launch...

From: Marina Baslina

February 11, 2018

How to Buy CrowdCoinage CCOS tokens with ETH

First and foremost, to buy CCOS with Etherium, you should have an Ether wallet (the wallet must support ERC-20). In the case of you not having it yet, go to MyEtherWallet (MEW) and create one. All the instructions are self-explanatory and it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. We strongly...

From: Victoriia Podoshvina

February 05, 2018


CrowdCoinage is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for ICO Campaigns which is ready to provide a complete comfort solution for business from anywhere in the world in a decentralized environment for free.The platform will be built on top of the blockchain focused on security. We all know how...

From: Victoriia Podoshvina

January 25, 2018

CrowdCoinage Epic Pre-Sale Referral Contest

Join the CrowdCoinage referral contest today to help us spread the word.Contest RulesSign up at https://tokensale.crowdcoinage.com today.Retrieve your personal referral link here: https://tokensale.crowdcoinage.com/referralShare it anywhere and with anybody. No rules here.Your friend clicks on...

From: Marina Baslina

January 15, 2018

CrowdCoinage Referral Program

Join our referral program — help us spread the word and get your rewards.Click “Sign Up” at https://crowdcoinage.com/ to create an account.2. Once you create your account go to “profile” to retrieve your referral link.3. At the bottom of your profile page you will see your...

From: Marina Baslina

January 12, 2018

How to Buy CCOS

For purchasing CCOS please follow the instructions below1. The “Invest now” button can be found on the CrowdCoinage landing page, click on it and you will be redirected to our login area.2. Next click on the sign up if you do not have a user yet. Enter a username which in this case is your...

From: Marina Baslina

January 09, 2018

CrowdCoinage Demo is up and running

CrowdCoinage is a Financial Ecosystem OS with features of ICO crowdfunding and deep e-Residency integration. It helps to easily start and run a global business in a trusted EU environment from any part of the world; and helps to pass the KYC.We have released a Demo-version of our product,...

From: Marina Baslina

December 23, 2017

What factors influence bitcoin price?

Nowadays almost everyone knows what a bitcoin is and millions of geeks and not only are tracking its price. But what factors influence it?Let’s start with some general info. Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency as its system functions without central bank. The network is...

From: Victoriia Podoshvina

December 21, 2017

CrowdCoinage ICO FAQ

What is an ICO?An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is like an IPO (Initial Public Offering), but it will be organized in the cryptocurrency economy. During an IPO in the traditional economy, a number of shares will be made available on a public stock exchange in some country. An ICO is the process...

From: CrowdCoinage

December 20, 2017

Deep integration with Estonian e-residency as the main CrowdCoinage benefit

Since restoring its independence in 1991, Estonia has taken many leaps to become an IT and technology hub. Residents of Estonia have enjoyed years of relaxed business climate and low bureaucracy. Now its government initiated the e-Residency letting anyone enjoy the same benefits.Estonia’s...

From: Victoriia Podoshvina

December 15, 2017

CrowdCoinage Bounty Campaign

CrowdCoinage is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with CCOS tokens . In the CrowdCoinage ICO there will be 239M CCOS coins issued in total. As a bounty reward we will distribute 11.95M CCOS coins, which equals to 5% from all CCOS coins issued in ICO. The...

From: Marina Baslina

CrowdCoinage Bounty Campaign — $7,000,000 Giveaway*

CrowdCoinage is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with CCOS tokens . In the CrowdCoinage ICO there will be 239M CCOS coins issued in total. As a bounty reward we will distribute 11.95M CCOS coins, which equals to 5% from all CCOS coins issued in ICO. The...

From: Marina Baslina

December 05, 2017

CrowdCoinage is a revolutionary OS for the future of funding powered by blockchain

The revolution brought by blockchain has enriched our economy and the world itself. It has given us many different opportunities to keep evolving at the highest speed possible. There is an entire ecosystem of startups that are working day and night to keep the blockchain industry evolving and...

From: Marina Baslina