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BitClave is focusing on a distributed blockchain-based system, called the BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE), which allows the storing and managing of vast amounts of data consisting of records of customer activities from an unlimited and variegated number of attestation points.On top of this distributed activity data collection system, BitClave is introducing a token, called the BitClave Consumer Activity Token (CAT), to be used internally within the blockchain among the participating parties. CAT tokens will be used to facilitate rewards within the system for all sorts of services that available on the BASE. Customers and retailers can interact directly through transparent and consumer-authorized message posts and data bundles on the public blockchain, and additional parties can contribute as service providers by creating analytics capabilities that operate over the data in the blockchain. Team:Alex Bessonov: CEO. (LinkedIn);Patrick Tague: CTO. (LinkedIn);Emmanuel Owusu: Chief Architect. (LinkedIn);Vasily Trofimchuk: Project Management. (LinkedIn);BitClave will be holding its Pre-sale on July 25, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 50% of the total token supply, and each token will cost 0.05 USD at the offering. The Pre-sale funding target is $1,500,000 USD and is expected to end on August 1, 2017 or 48 hours after funding target is reached. ETH and BTC are the currencies accepted in the Pre-sale.Token Reserve Split (50%):10% Community grants;10% Team;30% Long term budget;BitClave ICO campaign will feature bounties and discounts.Discount Structure:50% discount before soft cap;35% discount after soft cap for the following 48 hours;

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CAT* Latest Updates
August 13, 2018

BitClave Online Communities — House Rules

We are putting these guidelines forward to set out expectations for discussion on the following BitClave community channels.Socials & LinksWebsite: www.BitClave.comMedium Blog: https://medium.com/BitClaveFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/BitClaveTwitter:...

From: BitClave

April 23, 2018

Development in Blockchain Scaling ⚡

In March, what we think is a major development in the usability of blockchain was rolled out. Layer 2 protocols make all transactions faster, after an initial two-party channel is established, and reduce the cost. Without the hindrances of cost and time, many kinds of uses, including...

From: BitClave

April 03, 2018

BitClave Weekly Update — Apr 2, 2018

DevelopmentPlatformWe continue to extend APIs and services that BASE provides to applications (application that were developed internally or by 3rd parties). Last week we added APIs that allow to prove ownership of Ethereum wallet (we changed the scheme from MatchICO, and now to prove the...

From: BitClave