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Cash Poker Pro. is a blockchain-based gambling platform built as a multilevel system of poker rooms. CASH is an Ethereum-based token that allows the user to pay against the casino or other players , having the opportunity to instantly withdraw the tokens from the system and exchange them for other types of cryptocurrencies and official national currencies of any country. Team:Danila Prozorov: CEO.   Yaroslav Dementev: COO.   Kir Lizhnikov: Marketing director.   Cash Poker Pro will be holding its presale on the 26th of August, during which 10m will be sold. The presale will last until the 6th of September or until the $500,000 target is reached. Following the presale, Cash Poker Pro will host its official ICO which will start on the 26 of September and end on the 18th of November.  During the ICO, 60% of the tokens (60m) will be available at a $0.05 price. The funding target for the ICO is $3M and the fundign cap is $25M.Token Reserve Split:70% For Investors (pre ICO 10% and ICO 60%)10% Team, 20% mining, legal, bountyThe CASH token will be mineable.

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CASH* Latest Updates
September 30, 2018

Real blockchain lottery.

Real blockchain lottery. Full decentralization of the Fire Lotto platform makes it independent, autonomous, anonymous, secure and transparent.Good luck for the project!!!

From: CashPokerPro

September 27, 2018

Poker rooms today

Let’s discuss the current trends in the development of the poker room industry. There are a few giants that have won over the online poker market and whose names have long been known to all of those who play this game. These giants are PokerStars, 888, Party Poker, and Full Tilt Poker. It...

From: CashPokerPro

July 31, 2018

Cash Poker Pro poker room is comming

Cash Poker Pro poker room in TelegramYou already can play on the same table in Telegram messenger, WeChat and desktop version.Cash Poker Pro poker room in WeChatWithin few days Cash Poker Pro will launch payments.Players will be able to play on crypto and fiat. Also we will add various types...

From: CashPokerPro

May 31, 2018

Cash Poker Pro update

New gamesFor today already available 18 games.You can play Limit and No Limit games, also High, High/Low, Low games, 7 cards Stud and Ruzz.No Limit HoldemPot Limit HoldemLimit HoldemPot Limit OmahaNo Limit OmahaLimit OmahaNo Limit Omaha Hi/LoPot Limit Omaha Hi/LoLimit Omaha Hi/LoPot...

From: CashPokerPro

Cash Poker Pro

Что нового..Новые игрыКоличество игр достигло 18.Доступны не только все вариации лимитов, но и Хай, Хай/Лоу и Лоу игры, а также классические 7-карточный Стад и Разз,...

From: CashPokerPro

May 06, 2018

Cash Poker Pro road map (RUS)

Cash Poker Pro дорожная картаЗапуск платформы 30го Мая 2018Запуск удобного играбельного покера для игры с любых устройств на сайте CashPokerPro.io и в Телеграмме.Мессенджеры...

From: CashPokerPro

Cash Poker Pro road map

Cash Poker Pro road mapLaunch 30th of May 2018The launch of user friendly and stable poker app available to play on Cashpokerpro.io and Telegram on any devices.Messengers 30th of June 2018Listing of Cashpokerpro on gaming platforms of Facebook, Vchat, Line. We will be one of ther first online...

From: CashPokerPro

October 26, 2017

ICO start (Cash Poker Pro)

Cash Poker Pro ICO started on official page: http://cashpokerpro.io/tokenAll transaction via smart contract. You will get CASH tokens 19th of November.You can check the CASH tokens qnt on the web or on the https://etherscan.io/address/0xA746A9A309e7D498f830cffEB683b6d5bb39CADb

From: CashPokerPro

October 25, 2017

10% bonus for CASH token owners

As we wrote, we made an offer to all preICO participants and all current CASH tokens owners. In essence the offer to CASH tokens holders was:a) To lock CASH tokens till Cash Poker Pro ICO end (19th of November) on your wallets and don`t move them to another wallets. b) 19th of November U will...

From: CashPokerPro

October 20, 2017

Crowd sale Cash Poker Pro contract add

Official crowd sale smart contract add for Cash Poker Pro ICO is 0xA746A9A309e7D498f830cffEB683b6d5bb39CADbICO is coming 26th of OctoberSales page is: http://cashpokerpro.io/tokenPlease don`t send any amount before 26th of October 18:00 UTC time.ImportantNOTE! Don’t send ETH from the...

From: CashPokerPro

October 18, 2017

The BEST ICO in October 2017

Ar wrote Forex news Now we are BEST ICO in October 2017.Please read article: http://www.forexnewsnow.com/forex-analysis/cryptocurrency/best-ico-october-2017-cash-poker-pro/

From: CashPokerPro

October 10, 2017

Cash Poker Pro platform features

1. Players will play directly from their crypto wallets. No need to deposit money on poker room account. Thus, nobody can block your account and your money. No need for cash out transactions approval.2. No charges, no fees and etc. Playing poker on-line can cost up to 40% of deposited amount of...

From: CashPokerPro

October 08, 2017

Cash Poker Pro cross-platform system

We are glad to announce that we developed Cash Poker Pro cross-platform system. You are able to use different platforms for playing on one poker table. For today there are two versions: a browser and a Telegram messenger. Cross-platform provided by using high-level programming languages and...

From: CashPokerPro

October 04, 2017

Interview with Cash Poker Pro CEO

Please check interviews with Cash Poker Pro CEO — Danila Prozorov.http://iconow.net/interview-with-mr-prozorov-danila-ceo-cashpokerpro-ioThe Invest ZoneAlso article about Cash Poker Pro project on the biggest crypto web:...

From: CashPokerPro

U use different accounts. Please return my payment to me.

U use different accounts. Please return my payment to me.

From: CashPokerPro

Please check article about ICOroot.

Scam promotion from QQ group ICORootPlease check article about ICOroot. They use different acciounts and will cheat you. https://medium.com/@CashPokPro/scam-promotion-from-qq-group-icoroot-d7a454cc3f44

From: CashPokerPro

September 25, 2017

Cash Poker Pro BETA version

We are glad to show our BETA version.It is 1st poker room in Telegram.Chat, more games, tournament mode and etc is coming soon.START the GAMEHappy to help.If you have any questions, just reply to us.Join us at Telegram and Twitter

From: CashPokerPro

January 01, 1970

Gear of Fortune is a short version of roulette with a payout ratio of 20:1.

CashPokerProJan 5Gear of Fortune is a short version of roulette with a payout ratio of 20:1. All profits of the 888tron.com platform will be distributed among the token holders. Play, Mine tokens and Earn dividends!

From: CASH*