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Conceptual Model

Boulé is a new Ethereum Token that applies Blockchain technology to the Voting System, digitalizing paper-work ballots, giving the remote voting opportunity to the electors, increasing voter turnout and making the voting process cheaper, faster and safer. With Boulé, using biometrics for security and the Blockchain for irrefutability, we can make reliable and transparent and significantly streamline the process of voting and identity verification.

Project Description

The Boulé System aims to be the main Blockchain based vote technology. It will provide a secure and anonymous gateway to confirm the vote. Electoral organisers will purchase BOU Token to allow their electors to vote. BOU will be chased as counterpart of elector ID validation.The token will be sold to election organizers in order to run their service. The larger the election the more tokens are required. Boule will conduct a pre-sale on the 28th of AugustTeam:Claudio Perlini: Project LeadGiovanni Zorzato: Tech LeadWilliam Selmo: Business DeveloperEdoardo Birbini: UX/UI designToken Reserve Distriution (50%):20% Partnership and Community20% Foundation reserve10% Team and Advisory with a 6 month cliff and 2 years vestingBonus Structure:Day 1, 1 ETH = 2000 BOUAfter Day 1, 1 ETH = 1400 BOU

Founders and Associates

Claudio Perlini-CEO

Giovanni Zorzato-CFO

William Selmo-Business Developer

Edoardo Birbini -Ui/Ux Designer

Manuel Enrique Morales-eGovernament -Business Advisor

Lukas Sieber-Foreign Direct Investment - Legal Advisor

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BOU Latest Updates
December 12, 2017

Decentralization is key to a sustainable future

When we talk about digital data, rarely do we consider what it actually is. I don’t mean 1s and 0s, or information stored on a server in some remote part of the world. At its core, data is the tangible product of human decision-making over time.Every Facebook like, Amazon purchase, tweet,...

From: Michael J. Oghia

November 01, 2017

Boulé ICO is suspended and will be rescheduled

Hi followers and friends, the launch of our ICO has been unsuccessful, and we decided to suspend and reschedule the ICO and refund everyone who has contributed during the ICO between the 25th of October and the 2nd of November.There is not refund for presale contributors, if you send us presale...

From: Claudio Perlini

October 24, 2017

You have become a part of my amazing 30.000

You have become a part of my amazing 30.000 miles journey to help make decentralised voting a reality togetherhttp://bit.ly/BouleWorldTourI’m sitting in an Hong Kong airbnb apartment writing this post to tell you what has appened after we met somewhere during this long trip I’ve made.Today...

From: Claudio Perlini

October 18, 2017

Blockchain allows protecting the election from fraud

How Blockchain & eVoting enhances democracyDisclaimer: The information for this article was taken from open sources. This is compilation of previously published materials and adapted them. Am grateful to P. H. Madore for the bulk of the information. Of course, I do not pretend to be 100%...

From: Igor Chepkasov

October 17, 2017

Why we do what we do

Adam Draper from BoostVC talking at #BlockCon in Santa Monica LATwo days ago, I came back from my tour of the United States, a tour with a key aim: to pitch our new project as much as possible to as many as possible.Not only promote it to a wider audience, but to gain as much useful feedback as...

From: Claudio Perlini

October 11, 2017

How Boulé Can Revolutionize Voting

We have already talked about the importance of Blockchain in BOULE and how this technology has an inherent security that has made it possible to create all the stages of the voting system, from recording, to the releasing of the results; completely safe, reliable and anonymous.To explain how...

From: Am Belvedere

1-O: The Story of a Collaborative Referendum

Today, you can barely understand what’s really going on in Catalonia. Endless Twitter feeds and Facebook posts are quickly colonized by people rushing to express their sentiments from both sides of the conflict.However, everybody that was part of the Catalan independence referendum will agree...

From: Eric Garcia

October 09, 2017

Ready for Boulé: The blockchain based technology that will affect our democracies.

Have you ever wondered what distinguish the traditional paper voting from electronic voting system? .At present, there are no formal differences between one method and the other but the possibility that anyone, regardless of location and environmental conditions, and despite of distances from...

From: Am Belvedere

October 03, 2017

Strengthen democracy with blockchain ? Boulé change the rules !

The voting system, especially in some “unregulated” countries, still represents a “chimera”!The standard is fraud, intrusion, and tampering with vows. Boulé is an Italian ICO, which meets a broad consensus, for a project that embraces blockchain and SMART CONTRACTS rules, to the voting...

From: Am Belvedere

October 02, 2017

How blockchain technology can prevent police poll-station control

With the controversy in Catalonia ongoing, and the aftermaths of a day where governmental powers exceeded their boundaries, scattering riot police to key polling booths to cease a vote which they deemed illegal, one question comes to mind: what if we could digitalize voting?Controversial votes,...

From: Claudio Perlini

September 22, 2017

You are the only owner of the tokens you have bought

It’s more than three weeks that we have released our token presale and it has been tough to manage all the messages you have sent to us.So, we want to apologise if we have never answer to some of you, it could be that we have lost your email, so please write us again, and we’ll come back to...

From: Claudio Perlini