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Conceptual Model

The Benja merchandise ad network is executing a token issuance under the name benjaCoin(BENJA). The benjaCoin will serve as a revenue-generating mechanism for the Benja merchandise adnetwork.

Project Description

Benja is a merchandise ad network. Across this platform, the company offers discounted merchandise from top-tier brands like Nike, Patagonia, and Under Armour. BenjaCoin is an Ethereum-based token that will serve as a revenue-generating mechanism for the Benja merchandise ad network.Team:Andrew J. Chapin: CEO.Tommy Goode: CTO.Morgan Reilly: CMO.The Benjacoin ICO began on the first of August, 2017 and will last for a month or until the funding cap is reached. The token supply represents 50% of the total 1B supply. Tokens are available for purchase through the Orderbook exchange at a 0.000125 ETH price. The funding cap for the ICO is 62500 ETH.Token Reserve Split (XX%):50% BNC are to be held by Benja and introduced to the market in the event of an illiquid market

Founders and Associates

Andrew J. Chapin -CEO

Tommy Goode -CTO

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