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BnKToTheFuture.com is an online investment platform that allows users to invest in equity and blockchain-based tokens. The BF Token (BFT) is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a membership and rewards token to create a fairer, more transparent and efficient marketplace on BnKToTheFuture.com. 



  • SIMON DIXON: CEO & Co-Founder  
  • BLISS DIXON: COO & Co-Founder 
  • AHMIDA BEGUM: Investor Relations
  • PAWEŁ SŁOWIK: Lead Developer

The BnKToTheFuture.com ICO will start on the 16th of February. The ICO token allocation represents 33% of the total supply and will be available for a $0.10 price (no bonus or discounts). The ICO funding target/cap is set at $100,000,000.

Token Reserve Split (66%):

  • 2 Year lock-in Company Tokens (30%)
  • Rewards Pool (20%)
  • 1 Year lock-in Shareholders, Advisors, Founders (10%)
  • Token Sale costs/expenses (7%)

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August 16, 2018 12:55

Simon Dixon interviewed by Arcane Bear

Our CEO and co-founder of BnkToTheFuture - Simon Dixon, interviewed by Youtube channel - Arcane Bear. Discussing Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and BnkToTheFuture

August 15, 2018 16:15

BF Wallet & Security Token Wallet by BnkToTheFuture Demo Video (BF Token - BFT)

BF Wallet development team demonstrate current release of BF wallet mobile applicaiton.

August 09, 2018 11:28

Simon Dixon interviewed by GNDIPAPA YOUTUBE channel

GNDIPAPA YOUTUBE channel interviews our CEO and co-founder of BnkToTheFuture

August 06, 2018 17:24

Simon Dixon interviewed on Portfolio Wealth Global

July 30, 2018 13:56

Simon Dixon on the Exchange Panel at TokenMarket Summit 2018

July 30, 2018 12:51

Simon Dixon at TokenMarket Summit 2018 - Invest In The Future of Finance

July 17, 2018 12:01

Simon Dixon interview with Andy Hoffman - July 2018

July 17, 2018 11:56

Simon Dixon talks at Anarchapulco 2019

Our CEO and co-founder of BnkToTheFuture, talks at Anarchapulco 2019.

July 17, 2018 11:56

Simon Dixon talks at Anarchapulco 2018

Our CEO and co-founder of BnkToTheFuture, talks at Anarchapulco 2019.

July 03, 2018 10:23

Max Keiser interviews Simon Dixon Discussing ICOs, equity tokens and the future of crypto (PT 2)

Simon Dixon (CEO and co-founder of BnkToTheFuture) interviewed by Max Keiser of the Keiser Report (RT Channel UK).

Here's part one: http://blog.bnktothefuture.com/max-keiser-interviews-simon-dixon-discuss-icos-equity-tokens-future-crypto/