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BF Token (BFT) ICO summary information

Project Description

BnKToTheFuture.com is an online investment platform that allows users to invest in equity and blockchain-based tokens. The BF Token (BFT) is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a membership and rewards token to create a fairer, more transparent and efficient marketplace on BnKToTheFuture.com. 



  • SIMON DIXON: CEO & Co-Founder  
  • BLISS DIXON: COO & Co-Founder 
  • AHMIDA BEGUM: Investor Relations
  • PAWEŁ SŁOWIK: Lead Developer

The BnKToTheFuture.com ICO will start on the 16th of February. The ICO token allocation represents 33% of the total supply and will be available for a $0.10 price (no bonus or discounts). The ICO funding target/cap is set at $100,000,000.

Token Reserve Split (66%):

  • 2 Year lock-in Company Tokens (30%)
  • Rewards Pool (20%)
  • 1 Year lock-in Shareholders, Advisors, Founders (10%)
  • Token Sale costs/expenses (7%)

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BFT Latest Updates
January 10, 2018 22:53

Token Sale Due Diligence and the BF Token

December 25, 2017 07:35

Happy Holidays Crypto Community - Have Patience we are changing the world

Simon Dixon discusses why segwit adoption is slow, scaling issues and a message the the Crypto Community after an amazing year in 2017.

November 30, 2017 15:10

Introducing the BF Token by BnkToTheFuture


Blockchain technology and token sales are experiencing exponential growth as we speak. They have even overtaken venture capital for the Blockchain sector in less than a year.

At the same time, the sheer volume of deal-flow and applications for investment we’re receiving at Bank to the Future has exploded beyond anything our team can handle.

Research, analysis and due diligence on FinTech, Bitcoin & Blockchain deals is running into major centralised bottlenecks.

There has to be a better way.

Introducing the BF Token

The BF Token has been designed to super-charge the process of listing deals on our online investment platform. It’s designed to scale with the market and increase the quality of our offerings to our community of investors.

We will use the BF Token to incentivize our community in three crucial aspects:

1. deal-flow analysis and selection

2. sharing of accurate research and information,

3. improving investor relations by rewarding the creation of valuable content and timely updates.

Over 45,000 of our member have already co-invested into our portfolio, including some of the most valuable companies in the sector including Kraken, BitStamp, BitFinex, ShapeShift, BitPay and early token sales such as Ethereum, Storj and Maidsafe.

As we get ready to launch our secondary market, our qualifying investors will already be able to use the BF token to access priority deals.

By powering the BnkToTheFuture dot com platform with the BF Token, we aim to create a feedback loop that scales the crypto and equity market cap for the Bitcoin and Blockchain sector to a trillion dollars … and beyond.

Take a look at our whitepaper to learn more.

Bank to the Future. Invest in the Future of Finance.


October 06, 2017 07:43

Bitcoin Cash v Bitcoin Debate in Hong Kong

Bitcoin Cash Vs Bitcoin Debate in Hong Kong

September 21, 2017 04:11

Simon Dixon asks Craig Wright about what he believes is Bitcoin

Simon Dixon was at the 'Shape the Future' Conference in Hong Kong where Craig Wright shares his thoughts on Bitcoin Cash. Simon Dixon pushes for a direct answer on nChain and whether Craig will be working on Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash as well as some questions related to Blockstream and bChain investors.

August 31, 2017 10:11

Simon Dixon - 5 Investment Waves from the Bitcoin market - CNBC

Simon Dixon - 5 Investment Waves from the Bitcoin market - CNBC

1. Bitcoin
2. Altcoins
3. Blockchain & Bitcoin Private Equity
4. Initial Coin Offerings, ICO, Token Sales
5. Bitcoin hard fork

June 27, 2017 14:18

Bitcoin - Why it matters?

Bitcoin - Why it matters?


June 24, 2017 14:48

Kim Dotcom BnkToTheFuture Investor Update - Bitcache

Kim Dotcom BnkToTheFuture Investor Update - Bitcache & Mega Upload 2

June 17, 2017 15:01

Beware Of Phishing Scam Website pretending to be us

It was bought to our attention that there is a Phishing website who are replicating the Bnk To The Future (BF) Company brand, the directors and team members credentials and claiming to be BnkToTheFuture.com .

The Phishing website is currently active under website – bnktothefuture.world (DO NOT visit or click this Phishing website)!

We strongly advise all visitors and members of our website www.BnkToTheFuture.com and www.BankToTheFuture.com to REFRAIN from accessing or using the Phishing website – bnktothefuture.eu.

If you wish to offer your support to our Bnk To The Future campaign against Phishing and help initiate the Phishing website bnktothefuture.eu to be removed from Google search engine, please follow the steps instructed below which and complete a Phishing report web form which will take roughly about 3-4 minutes of your time.

You may also visit our Bnk To The Future blog page or click the following link http://blog.bnktothefuture.com/ to be directed to our Blog page and complete a Phishing report web form.

Action 1 – Phishing Report To GoDaddy:

Please report the Phishing website to the domain provider – GoDaddy by clicking the following link:


Select Option: Phishing

Then Select Following Option: I wish to report a website that is posing as another website.

Action 2 – Phishing Report To Google:

Please report the Phishing website to Google by clicking the following link:

Click This Link To Report Phishing To Google: https://safebrowsing.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/?hl=en

Select Option: Report this website as ‘Phishing’

Then Enter The Phishing Website Address In The Box Field Provided: https://bnktothefuture.eu/

We thank you in advance for your time and support in helping us combat Phishing.

Further Information:

Since the domain (Phishing website) is owned by 3rd party individual or a company, Bnk To The Future were advised by the domain provider (who are indirectly responsible for making it possible for the Phishing website to exist) that we have no authority or legal rights to have the domain account terminated / closed down. Therefore as a result of the 3rd party purchasing the domain, the Phishing website – www.bnktothefuture.eu was launched and is currently appearing on Google search engine.

In despite of our numerous complaints and requests to the domain provider to terminate and close down the domain account (which has been repeatedly denied) we are now left with limited options to have the Phishing website removed from Google search engine. In order to have the Phishing website removed from Google search engine, Google Support Team advised that they require large numbers of the public to report the Phishing website – www.bnktothefuture.eu

We acknowledge time is precious to us all, but we also acknowledge that it is equally important to work together in order to protect the vulnerable public against Phishing whose sole intentions are to fraudulently win trust with innocent and vulnerable visitors to their Phishing website!

Bnk To The Future team appreciate your time, cooperation and support in advance.

Thank you!

Bnk To The Future Team.

June 14, 2017 17:14

Jim Rogers & Simon Dixon Tour China to discuss investing in the digital currency market

Jim Rogers & Simon Dixon Tour China to discuss investing in the digital currency market