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LakeBanker is a spin off of the cryptocurrency exchange, LakeBTCD. The LakeBanker project has designed a Crowd-Banking solution in which users supply banking services to one another. This model translates in free basic services and more advanced financial services, including access to cryptocurrencies at a lower cost.An Ethereum-based token, Banc (BAC), will be used for transactions within the LakeBanker system, where all fees and interest will be denominated by BAC.Team:Thomas Xie: CEO.Andrew McCarthy: CSO.Fei Fei: VP, Corporate Alliances.E: VP, Operations.LakeBanker will be holding a 15 day ICO on October, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 50% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 250,000,000 tokens available at the offering. The ICO funding cap will be announced when/if 80% mark is reached. Any unsold/remaining tokens will be retained by the team.Token Reserve Split (50%):25% Team;25% User Growth Fund;LakeBanker ICO campaign will follow a Dutch Auction guidelines, and the token will not be mineable.

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