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AUT (Autorium) is an ERC20 compatible automatic mining Ethereum smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain. Autorium is the currency used in all of Autoria’s applications, including our merchant and development services. Autoria is the world's first supply-curve modeled cryptocurrency, with a distribution model which solves many of the problems facing ICO'stoday. Our strategy, of actively encouraging merchant adoption, and engaged development of automated solutions, allows Autorium to rise above the rest.

Project Description

AUT (Autorium) is an ERC20 compatible automatic mining Ethereum smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain. Autorium implemented a supply-curve modeled growth algorithm in order to control token deployment. Additionally, Autoria uses a “Proof of ETH” mining node registration system in order to promote diverse participation and Ethereum usage.Team:Stuart Farmer: Technical Architect.Boris Chan: Business Development.Mario Hernandez: Econometrics.Nick Huber: Finance & Business Development.James Munsch: Merchant Service Developer.Christian Perry: Public Communications.Autoria will be holding its ICO on August 10, 2017. The ICO structure and details will be announced soon.

Founders and Associates

Stuart Farmer -Technical Architect

Boris Chan -Business Development

Mario Hernandez -Econometrics

Nick Huber -Finance & Business Development

James Munsch -Merchant Service Developer

Christian Perry -Public Communications

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AUT Latest Updates
July 30, 2017

A New Autoria

We’ve made some big changes. Here’s what’s happening.What is the NEW Autoria?Autoria is a decentralized token built on the Ethereum blockchain platform utilizing a Proof of ETH mining node registration to deploy AUT tokens according to a mathematically rigorous supply-curve modeled...

From: Autoria

July 11, 2017

Service Announcement

Unfortunately, due to U.S. regulations, U.S. citizens, residents, or entities are excluded from participating in the AUT crowdsale, purchasing AUT tokens, or AUT stakes. U.S. citizens, residents and entities should not purchase or attempt to purchase AUT tokens or Stakes. Please remember, AUT...

From: Autoria

July 10, 2017

What ICOs are Doing Wrong and How It’s Killing Ethereum

Autoria’s Unique Crowdsale Serves as a Model for OthersWith the unprecedented increase of ICOs on the Ethereum blockchain, traders and Ethereum fans have had very polarizing opinion about crowdfunding’s impact on the cryptocurrency market. Many have voiced dissenting opinions of...

From: Autoria

July 09, 2017

Are You Getting the Most out of Autoria’s ICO?

Autoria’s Crowdsale runs from July 14th till Aug. 4thWith Autoria’s ICO is less than a week away, here are some tips!Our crowdsale runs from July 14th through August 4th at http://autoria.io.Individual participation islimited to 100 ETH per address.The initial sale price of AUT will be...

From: Autoria

July 06, 2017

Disrupting the Merchant and Payment Services Market with Blockchain Technology

At Autoria, we are developing the next generation of merchant and payment service technology. Our mobile application team, led by a senior eBay Software Engineer is utilizing Ethereum blockchain technology to deliver a fantastic user experience and unprecedented transaction efficiency. Merchant...

From: Autoria

July 05, 2017

Solving the ICO Dump Crisis.

By Stuart FarmerMost ICO tokens are premined and immediately available to dump on the market. This makes them susceptible to market manipulation by large players at the expense of people who really want to participate. Autoria combats this issue by having participants buy a stake that...

From: Autoria

July 03, 2017

The Math behind Autoria’s Supply-Curve Modeled Distribution

What is Autoria?Autoria (ERC20 Token Symbol: AUT) is a new paradigm in cryptocurrency. Our unique Proof of Stake distribution method is the first supply-curve modeled cryptocurrency in the world. We are a U.S. company based out of Ohio. Our talented team, which includes an Ebay software engineer...

From: Autoria

June 30, 2017

Autoria, World’s First Self-Mining Currency Targeting a 7,000,000,000,000 Market

AUT is the first supply-curve modeled currency distribution system. Mining is based on a mathematical function which is designed to evolve with the release of our decentralized applications.Data on other high profile ICO’s (such as Status) suggests that 95% of unique ICO funding addresses come...

From: Autoria