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A-Token is a blockchain-based crypto-index, allowing users to invest in cryptocurrencies on the index without being exposed to the volatility of just one asset. The ATKN is a Waves-based asset that represents a share of the index.Team:Kelsey Hubbuck: CEO Founder John Mileman: Co-founder Alex Stanley: Co-Founder The A-Token ICO will begin on the 10th of October and will last until the 15th of December 2017 or until the $12400000 funding cap is reached. The ICO token allocation represents 66.6% of the total ATKN supply. Users will be able to participate with ETH, BTC and Waves and each token will be priced at $0.66Token Reserve Split (XX%):33.3% TeamThe A-Token ICO features a bonus and bounty campaign.Bonus Structure:10 Oct/13 Oct: 40%14 Oct/30 Oct: 25%31 Oct/18 Nov: 15%19 Nov/15 Dec: 40%

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