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Conceptual Model

ATB Coin is a balanced POS cryptocurrency that tackles issues by leveraging the most helpful features of Proof-of-stake algorithm and makes it even more efficient, flexible, and agile thanks to the use of SegWit. ATB Coin fuses the most celebrated properties inherent to Proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies together with more advanced capabilities of SegWit and its proprietary features.

Project Description

ATB coin is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency designed to solve some of the most pressing issues in the current crypto landscape, such as scalability, energency efficiency and more. ATB coin features some of the most recent technologies in the blockchain space such as the SegWit update and Lightning Network making it more efficient, flexible, and agile.The ATB coin ICO started on the 12th of June and it is currently ongoing until the 12th of July (one month). 50 Million ATBs are available during the ICO. Users can participate in the ICO with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether, ensuring that each address is public and verifiable. The ATB coin ICO started with a 10% bonus that gradually decreased to 0. The ATB token is based on its own PoS blockchain, which means it can be mined with coins (Stake). The supply increases after the ICO.

Founders and Associates

Edward Ng-CEO

Sonja Warner -Communications Advisor

Herbert W. Hoover -Co- Founder/ Board advisor

Waiki Hui -Technology advisor

David Jacobs -International business advisor

Simon Choi -Financial Legal Advisor

Jude Huang -Web-app technology advisor

Gary Gan -Investor and advisor

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