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ARNA Panacea is a solution which provides to all interested participants in the cancer diagnosis market with a new way of accessing and interacting with the system for collecting and storing medical research data. By using ARNA tokens, their holders will be able to access services and medical research data storage system for use in professional medical purposes, and to raise funds to begin new researches.

Project Description

ARNA Panacea is a Biotech Decentralized Solution, Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform allows for the processing of clinical trials data, support for researchers during R&D phase and a marketplace for all types of market participants involved in clinical trials as well as direct sales of final biotech products to customers (patients). The ARNA Panacea platform is powered by the ARNA token, an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain.Team:EGOR MELNIKOV: Founder of the project, CEO GEORGE NIKITIN: COO, co-founder and blockchain platform ideologist ANATOLIY MELNIKOV: scientific supervisor and creator of the ARNA BC test  Pre-sale starts on September, 21The ARNA token sale will start on the 19th of November, 2017 and will last until the 3rd of December or until the $40,000,000 cap is reached. 50% of the total supply will be be available during the ICO and any unsold tokens will be allocated to marketing. Token Reserve Split:COMPANY_NAME ICO campaign features FEATURES, and the token will BE_NOTBE mineable.Bonus Structure:

Founders and Associates

Egor Melnikov -Founder & CEO

George Nikitin -COO & co-founder

Anatoliy Melnikov -Scientific supervisor and creator of the ARNA BC test

Ilya Senechkin -PhD, Wageningen University, Netherlands

Sergey Chernyshev -Ph.D., molecular biotechnologist

Magomed Chatuev -Software architect and developer

Sergey Dolgachev -Entrepreneur and co-owner

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January 03, 2019

Results of 2018 — a word from CEO

Results of 2018 — a word from CEOARNA GenomicsJan 3Dear colleagues and friends!In anticipation of the upcoming new 2019, we would like to take summarise results of our work in 2018 and share with you some our plans.Please read the letter from ARNA Genomics...

From: ARNA

November 19, 2018

Official results of proof-of-concept study of ARNA Breast Cancer have been presented during XXII…

Official results of proof-of-concept study of ARNA Breast Cancer have been presented during XXII Russian Oncological CongressARNA GenomicsNov 19, 2018ARNA Genomics team with prof. Marina SekachevaDuring the XXII Russian Oncological Congress professor of Sechenov Medical University, head of...

From: ARNA

September 18, 2018

Dr. Charles R. Cantor has officially joined ARNA Genomics project

Today we are really thrilled and proud to officially announce that we have finally closed the deal with Dr. Charles R. Cantor who had become not only our respectful adviser but also a shareholder!After more than a year of negotiations followed by full disclosure and discussion of our technology,...

From: ARNA Genomics

September 12, 2018

ARNA Genomics has successfully initiated national patent registration phases in several countries

On September 5, 2018 ARNA Genomics has successfully initiated national patent registration phases in several countries. Applications were filed in the following jurisdictions:USAEuropean UnionIndiaIsraelChinaThe Republic of KoreaEurasiaThis is an important step towards protecting the...

From: ARNA Genomics

May 08, 2018

How to pass ARNA BC test for ARNA tokens?

ARNA BC test for ARNA tokens is performed only subject to preliminary signup at https://arnatest.ru.You may freely purchase ARNA tokens on YOBIT or WANDX crypto exchanges as well as on other exchanges as tokens get listed.Payment with tokens is performed after you provide your sample but before...

From: ARNA Genomics

May 02, 2018

Great news update and more news are coming soon!

Dear friends!It’s been a while since we sent you an update on what is going on with ARNA project — time to update you on what we have already achieved and what is coming in the following weeks!Lots of things has happened, so we will try to be brief and not to overload you...

From: ARNA Genomics

February 11, 2018

ARNA Genomics has closed Token Sale

February 11, 2018, Moscow, Russia — We are ARNA Genomics, an innovative biotechnological company specializing in the development of blood tests for early detection of cancer and monitoring the efficacy of cancer treatment using blockchain.Today we announce the completion of TDE. Totally,...

From: ARNA Genomics

February 07, 2018

Meet: ARNA

Hello everybody!Today’s theme is:Meet: ARNAABOUT MYSELFI am Egor Melnikov, the founder of the ARNA project.I’m 36 years old, was born into a family of scientists. Parents met at the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University in the 1970s, got married and moved to the Moscow region, a...

From: ARNA Genomics

February 06, 2018

ARNA Genomics Integrating Bancor Protocol to Provide Token Liquidity for Millions of People

Moscow, Russia — February 2, 2018 — ARNA Genomics, an innovative Precision Medicine and Blockchain technology company specializing in the development of blood tests for early diagnosis of cancer and monitoring the efficacy of cancer treatment using blockchain, has today announced its...

From: ARNA Genomics

February 05, 2018

ARNA comments TRENDING article from SCIENCE

January 18, Science has published the research Detection and localization of surgically resectable cancers with a multianalyte blood test led by scientists at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.http://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2018/01/17/science.aar3247ARNA Genomics analyses the...

From: ARNA Genomics

February 01, 2018

ARNA ICO Referral Program - «ARNA Best Friends»

Dear Friends, we are happy to announce launch of ARNA referral program to increase your activity in order more people could be informed about our project and could support us to make this world better!Program consists of two parts:I. ARNA token bonuses for you and your friendFollow these...

From: ARNA Genomics

January 18, 2018

ARNA BC clinical trial was started! And will be used for ARNA Panacea development.

We are pleased to announce that a biomedical trial of ARNA Breast Cancer test was started.The trial is named “An analysis of the effectiveness of the ARNA-BC method for breast cancer diagnostics”. It is conducted by the Personalized Oncology Center of Sechenov First Moscow State Medical...

From: ARNA Genomics

January 12, 2018

Who is Dr. Anatoly Melnikov?

James Watson, the United States, discovered the structure of DNA molecule when he was 25 years old, and he was awarded a Nobel Prize at 34 years.Frederick Sanger, England, received his first Nobel Prize at 40 years for the structure determination of insulin.Anatoly Melnikov, Russia, at the age...

From: ARNA Genomics

December 25, 2017

Christmas Special Deal!

From: ARNA Genomics

December 21, 2017

Making a breakthrough. The size of the market for breast cancer

There more than 1.1bn women at age of 40 all over the world have the risk to get breast cancer. The most conservative estimate of ARNA Genomics team assumes that the market volume of accurate DNA test breast cancer is 128m tests/year.According to our plans, we will be able to increase the...

From: ARNA Genomics

December 15, 2017

ARNA Token Sale Is Live!

https://medium.com/media/7732d2deacf252e56b80cfd8713cd571/hrefThe significance of our project, your support, and all our work has enabled our project to gain recognition of important international ICO ratings, which indicate ARNA as a token with huge potential.ARNA Genomics Team did a great job...

From: ARNA Genomics

December 13, 2017

Rating agencies give us a positive index

Presentation ARNA in media, the attitude of the professional community and independent experts are very important for our community and partners. Here we are ready to present some achievements and share it with you.TokenLab and ICObench are some of the most famous and respected creators of the...

From: ARNA Genomics

December 12, 2017

ARNA Token - all You wanted to know

ARNA Token. MechanicsCreating of the new drugs is the time-consuming and rather slow process. To get the patient’s hands, medications get through several stages of serious challenges. Including a number of independent experts and state regulators checks.The research results can often be...

From: ARNA Genomics

December 10, 2017

Digital biotech ecosystem you’ve been waiting for

Transparency, independence, fraud protection and benefit for allOn its way to patients, new drugs pass a long way. The invention of a product (technology, method, treatment, etc.) is only the first step. An independent clinical research organization (Clinical Research Organization — CRO)...

From: ARNA Genomics

December 09, 2017

New Advisor joined ARNA ICO

“I’m thrilled about this opportunity, which also strikes a personal chord with me. I wish my mother could have done this simple blood test”, said Dr. Ribitzky, who has lost his mother to breast cancer.ARNA Genomics is already well-known on both sides of Atlantic, and the range of its...

From: ARNA Genomics

December 08, 2017

ARNA BC beats the breast cancer

The World health organization (WHO) points that breast cancer is the top cancer in women both in the developed and the developing world. This disease was the cause of the quarter of all deaths of cancer in 2012.Even if the cancer is not directly related to a particular person, there surely...

From: ARNA Genomics

October 16, 2017

ARNA Panacea permissioned Blockchain

The most complicated task in building the core of Panacea blockchain is to implement a standardized protocol, which further would ease an integration with other blockchains. In this article we’ll go through the research we’ve done and solutions to be applied.Users rolesLet’s list the...

From: ARNA Genomics

October 09, 2017

ARNA Panacea the 1st Development Update

Team member Magomed Chatuev, software architect and developer, wrote the first post about technical details and development process of ARNA Panacea:“Hi! By this post I’d like to start a series of technical posts about ARNA Genomics. Let’s try to focus mainly on the role of blockchain in...

From: ARNA Genomics

October 04, 2017

The FDA accepted its failure

ARNA becomes relevant on the backdrop of the FDA business model collapseOn the background of ever-increasing health care costs in the United States, often speaks about the national system of clinical trials, which doesn’t have the best condition.This system is currently “broken” and needs...

From: ARNA Genomics

September 27, 2017

ARNA Genomics - Concise market

Breast cancer is one of the most common causes of death of women worldwide. In 2012 there was 1.7 million new cases and more than half a million deaths caused by it. Breast cancer was the cause of death of 25% of cancer cases in 140 of 184 countries and in 15% of cases of cancer among women...

From: ARNA Genomics

September 24, 2017

What is ARNA Genomics and why we’ll make the world a better place?

What is ARNA Genomics and why we’ll make the world a better place? You will find the answers in this wonderful video.https://medium.com/media/13a99d342000531bb9250748e2b2df9b/href

From: ARNA Genomics

September 21, 2017

ARNA Genomics develops (r)evolutionary blockchain ecosystem ARNA Panacea

What is ARNA PanaceaThis is a platform blockchain (in future-ecosystem), uniting scientists, healthcare specialists, clinics, patients, sponsors, the pharmaceutical and insurance companies as well as other clinical research market participants.Main goals of the platform:Help breakthrough...

From: ARNA Genomics

September 15, 2017

Together we will save millions of lifes using the power of blockchain-ecosystem ARNA Panacea

Hello everybody!And welcome to our blog about ARNA Сompany.ARNA Panacea — is the first blockchain-ecosystem designed to revolutionize the way biotechnologies are launched to the mass market, powered by the 1st test for early detection of breast cancer — ARNA BC.This blog will be...

From: ARNA Genomics

January 01, 1970

ARNA Genomics at XXII Russian Oncological Congress

ARNA Genomics at XXII Russian Oncological CongressARNA GenomicsNov 12, 2018ARNA Genomics is proud to participate in XXII Russian Oncological Congress.More details at our website — http://arnagenomics.com/

From: ARNA

November 18, 2018 15:57

ARNA Genomics - Презентация результатов PoC проф. М.И. Секачевой

Презентация результатов исследования proof-of-concept М.И. Секачевой на 22-м Российском Онкологическом Конгрессе

December 15, 2017 16:56

ARNA Genomics advisor Dmitry Kulish talking about biotech blockchain

ARNA Genomics advisor Dmitry Kulish talking about biotech blockchain

December 15, 2017 16:50

ARNA Genomics co-founder Vladimir Savanovich talking about biotech blockchain

ARNA Genomics co-founder Vladimir Savanovich talking about biotech blockchain

December 15, 2017 16:15

ARNA Genomics Founder & CEO Egor Melnikov talking about biotech blockchain

ARNA Genomics Founder & CEO Egor Melnikov talking about biotech blockchain

December 15, 2017 11:11

ARNA Genomics co-founder George Nikitin talking about biotech blockchain

ARNA Genomics co-founder George Nikitin talking about biotech blockchain

October 29, 2017 22:29

arna mvp 2017 10 27 09 07

October 16, 2017 17:09

ARNA Genomics Pitch

George Nikitin briefly presenting ARNA project.

September 30, 2017 08:26

Soenke Bartling discussing with George and Magomed blockchain experiment

Discussing our idea to conduct the first real experiment in biotech on blockchain

September 22, 2017 00:24

ARNA Genomics Intro

Brief introduction to ARNA Genomics solutions

September 20, 2017 11:56

ARNA Panacea Researcher diary concept demo.

Arna Panacea Researcher diary concept demo.