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The AMT will be token will used to interact with the ecosystem. AMT holders will also receive 20%of the Acumen Network’s revenue, to be paid out yearly. This rewards are original supportersfor helping us setup the world’s global patent system. They aim to make money by charging 0.5% to 2% fee of the cost of every patent.Acumen plans to expand the network with the following strategy:Build a strong community on our test netLicense the technology to countriesReform judicial systems to allow forcommunity consensus in patent trialsTeam:Emre Cakir: FounderMihir Dutta: Founder Reserve Token Distribution:43% Retained by the Acumen network20% Allocated for test net bounties5% Allocated for founders2% Pre-SaleBudget:40% Operational30%Core Developement20%Legal and Compliance10% marketing and Sales 

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AMT Latest Updates
July 24, 2017

It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done

The Penrose Triangle is an impossible triangular object that is featured prominently in the works to famed artist M.C. Escher.As poignantly expressed by Nelson Mandela, many tasks seem impossible until someone comes along and does it. That is what we at Acumen Network aim to do by reforming the...

From: Acumen Network

July 17, 2017

The Importance of Trust

Trust. It’s funny to think that without trust, the marvels of today’s civilization could never have come to fruition. Everyday we trust others; capitalism depends on the exchanges of goods and services and if we lacked faith in other’s products then we could never truly move forward....

From: Acumen Network

July 16, 2017

Welcome to the Acumen Blog!

Patent for Lego Man filed December 18, 1979Hello readers, welcome to the first post of the Acumen Blog. Our goal here is to post quality content about the patent system and blockchain’s role in reshaping the intellectual property system. If you have any suggestions for topics, let us know in...

From: Acumen Network