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CharityStars is launching a public token that will provide transparency in the nonprofit sector allowing individuals to track their donations on the AIDChain public ledger from the moment they make a contribution through the moment it goes to the final recipient. Through this decentralized platform, charities record the use of funds on a distributed ledger, creating an immutable money trail. AID is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token used in CharityStars system.


  • Francesco Nazari Fusetti: CEO and Founder. 
  • Manuela RavalliBusiness Development Manager and Co-founder
  • Vittorio Minacori: CTO and Blockchain Developer. 
  • Alexandra Ducocq: COO and US Managing Director 
  • Domenico Gravagno:Co-founder
  • Robert Robinson: UK Managing Director

AidCoin will be holding its ICO on December 15th, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 50% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 50,000,000 tokens available, for a price of 0.001 ETH each at the offering. The ICO funding target is 10,000 ETH, the funding cap is 100,000 ETH and is expected to end on December 30th, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached.

Token Reserve Split (50%):

  • 10% Team;
  • 10% Early contributors and advisors;
  • 30% to promote the token adoption among charities, business development, marketing and strategic acquisitions.

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AID Latest Updates
January 14, 2019

Vivienne Westwood helping raise stable coins with AidCoin: new showcase in Peru!

Vivienne Westwood helping raise stable coins with AidCoin: new showcase in Peru!AidCoinJan 14Last year was rich in achievements for AidCoin and one of the latest and most spectacular ones is Vivienne Westwood’s CharityStars campaign that got endorsed by Kate Moss, Celine Dion, and...

From: AID

November 13, 2018

AidCoin token supply: what Kate Moss and deforestation have to do with it?

Make your first trackable crypto donation here!New to AidCoin?Learn more about the AIDChain platform and the AIDPay widget.Can’t find your favourite charity on AIDChain?Send us info about it at [email protected] and we’ll invite it to AIDChain!Don’t miss important...

From: AID

November 02, 2018

AidCoin: the GAS of AIDCHain

Make your first trackable crypto donation here!New to AidCoin?Learn more about the AIDChain platform and the AIDPay widget.Can’t find your favourite charity on AIDChain?Send us info about it at [email protected] and we’ll invite it to AIDChain!Don’t miss important...

From: AID

October 22, 2018

From AID to DAI: combining transparency with stability

Make your first trackable crypto donation here!New to AidCoin?Learn more about the AIDChain platform and the AIDPay widget.Can’t find your favourite charity on AIDChain?Send us info about it at [email protected] and we’ll invite it to AIDChain!Don’t miss important...

From: AID

October 04, 2018

Aidcoin to showcase the first-ever entirely blockchain-based charitable campaign in Africa!

AidCoin to showcase the first-ever entirely blockchain-based charitable campaign in Africa!Today, we are excited more than words can say to pass you the details of the recent charitable campaign arranged by AidCoin and CharityStars in support of Alice for Children.It’s become the first real...

From: AidCoin

October 02, 2018

AID expansion: now on Coinswitch!

Great news coming! AidCoin is now featured on CoinSwitch — an exchange aggregator backed by Sequoia Capital, which allows to convert, exchange and trade 300+ coins at best rates across all major exchanges, including Bittrex and IDEX where AID is listed, without creating an account on any...

From: AidCoin

September 26, 2018

Meet Elephant Action League - the first charity to accept crypto donations through AIDPay

Elephant Action League (EAL) was one of the first charities to join AIDChain and now we’re glad to announce that it’s become the first charity to integrate AIDPay to raise donations in 26 cryptocurrencies straight through its website.EAL protects the environment with intelligence and...

From: AidCoin

September 24, 2018

Arbitrage trading and philanthropy: Arbidex to integrate AIDPay

Today we gladly announce our partnership with Arbidex — a trading platform that aims to unite all the world’s crypto assets from different exchanges in one window and enable low-risk arbitrage operations. Arbidex automatically finds the best exchange rates and provides a lower total...

From: AidCoin

September 18, 2018

Interview with our tech team: check the new AIDPay features!

Great news for our current and future partners! From today on, integrating AIDPay to your website or application has become even easier: AIDPay can be customized to perfectly fit your product design and not only that.But first, let us refresh your memories:AIDPay is an embeddable widget for...

From: AidCoin

September 07, 2018

Corporate social responsibility meets ICOs: Sidera commits to donating 1% ICO raised funds

At AidCoin, we believe that giving is intrinsic to a healthy society as it redistributes wealth and helps the less fortunate. But the act of giving to charity isn’t limited to individuals, it’s also something bigger entities, such as companies, can do. What’s more, we think that corporate...

From: AidCoin

August 25, 2018

AidCoin & BlockShow: bringing charity to TOP crypto conferences worldwide

We are always keen to develop relationships with other players in the blockchain sector and this time we have a rather unusual partnership to announce: AidCoin has joined forces with the biggest crypto conference organizer in the world — the BlockShow conferences powered by CoinTelegraph!...

From: AidCoin

August 23, 2018

Big fish: WWF joins AIDCHain!

One of the most famous charities in the world has registered on AIDChain, thus joining the era of transparent giving. Welcome WWF!The AidCoin team has been working hard lately to get several leading charities onto AIDChain to forge the way for other smaller charities and the sector as a whole....

From: AidCoin

August 02, 2018

AidCoin CEO in Forbes 100 under 30

If the product is a fast horse, you’ll need a good jockey to handle it: it’s crucial not only to have a great idea for the project, but also to have experience, skills and network to develop and promote it.We modestly believe that AidCoin team and most importantly, AidCoin CEO and...

From: AidCoin

July 25, 2018

TokenStars’ charity auction proceeds to be donated through AIDChain

AIDPay has a vast spectrum of potential uses, as we mentioned in its Medium release, and one of them is in the area of charitable auctions. As you probably know, our Founding company, CharityStars, was the first — but certainly not the last — to use AIDPay in this way.Today, our...

From: AidCoin

July 24, 2018

UTRUST and AidCoin Join Forces: Users of the Leading Crypto Payments Platform can now make Seamless…

UTRUST and AidCoin Join Forces: Users of the Leading Crypto Payments Platform can now make Seamless Donations via AIDPayToday we can officially announce a partnership with UTRUST, the leading Blockchain-based payment platform. At this stage of our collaboration, UTRUST will leverage the AIDPay...

From: AidCoin

July 13, 2018

AidCoin Japan campaign goes viral gaining 25k+ retweets overnight!

AidCoin Japan campaign goes viral gaining 25k+ retweets overnight! Keep donating and win a trip to Las VegasTwo days ago we launched a fundraising campaign to help those who suffered from a flood in Japan and it went viral receiving 25k+ retweets overnight!On behalf of AidCoin and Japan we...

From: AidCoin

July 11, 2018

Call for AidCoin community: let’s support Japan together!

In the past few days we’ve been surrounded by the news on the record rainfall that caused severe flooding in Japan, taking away over 100 lives and destroying hundreds of houses.However, while the world out there has been reading about the catastrophe, in the crypto world another news was...

From: AidCoin

July 04, 2018

How to get dozens of charities to register on AIDChain by leveraging CharityStars’ network

One of the tangible advantages and vital opportunities for AidCoin is its link with CharityStars - a well-established charitable auction platform with a network of over 500 charities and 40,000 donors. In order to make the most of this connection we came up with an idea for collaboration to...

From: AidCoin

July 02, 2018

New era of bidding with CharityStars and AidCoin

https://medium.com/media/b856c30543ce602fdf96e94a3a75308b/hrefMost of you probably know that our founding company, CharityStars, is not only an online auction platform but also a live bidding solution provider for offline charitable events. On such events, the CharityStars platform displays...

From: AidCoin

June 27, 2018

Want to have a lunch with the CEO of Genesis Mining or Keynote?

Want to have a lunch with the CEO of Genesis Mining or Keynote? Check out our new charitable auctions!The participants of the new series of Blockchain charitable auctions on CharityStars (from left to right): Marco Streng, Miko Matsumura, Moe Levin, Jack LuIn December 2017, our founding...

From: AidCoin

June 20, 2018

AIDPay is Live! Start Fundraising Top Cryptocurrencies on your Website Today

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally come: as Q2 2018 draws to a close, we’re releasing AIDPay!We are extremely excited that this moment has arrived because we’ve had so many requests lately and not just from charities. This is no surprise, since AIDPay is a perfect fit not only...

From: AidCoin

June 13, 2018

1 week - 2 conferences - infinite opportunities!

AidCoin team at the ICO Race in LuganoLast week our team was scattered across the continents to attend two amazing conferences held on the same days: the ICO Race in Lugano, Switzerland, and the Blockchain Soviet in Moscow, Russia.1) ICO Race, LuganoThe ICO Race, where we participated as...

From: AidCoin

June 05, 2018

How we met Wikipedia and more at BlockShow in Berlin

Last week was extremely busy for our team, as it usually is the case. This time we attended the BlockShow Europe 2018, which hosted over 3,000 participants in Berlin on May 28–29th. We had a booth for both days of the event which gave AidCoin great exposure to all participants. It was...

From: AidCoin

May 30, 2018

New AidCoin advisor: Toni Lane Casserly, Co-founder of CoinTelegraph

Meet our new amazing advisor whom you’ve probably heard of before: Toni Lane Casserly. Toni is the co-founder of the renowned CoinTelegraph, a blockchain expert, prominent public speaker, advisor of a number of successful projects, including Tether, and to top it off a wonderful person.“I...

From: AidCoin

May 26, 2018

The NY Blockchain week.. It was a blast!

As you might know, last week in New York wasn’t just another ordinary week: it was a Blockchain week and the city streets were paved with blockchain events. Obviously, this was something we couldn’t miss and now we want to share the results of our trip.The centerpiece of the week was the...

From: AidCoin

May 23, 2018

Meet AidCoin’s CEO and learn about our recent achievements

The past week was jam-packed with events and we feel like we need to make sure everyone is on the same page. And since we know that time is an extremely scarce resource, we decided to simply record a video for you in our office in Milan. In this 2-minute recording you will hear our CEO &...

From: AidCoin

May 22, 2018

Galia Benartzi, Co-founder of the Bancor Protocol, joins AidCoin as an Advisor

The past few days have been so intense for our team, we can’t help sharing more great news!This time, we’re excited to announce that Galia Benartzi, Co-founder of the Bancor Protocol, has joined AidCoin in an advisory role.The Bancor Protocol is a standard for the creation of Smart...

From: AidCoin

May 21, 2018

Last week — Bittrex, now — UPbit and IDEX

We know how much you’ve been waiting for new exchanges. And it’s funny how after a couple of months of silence we set wheels in motion and broke through with multiple exchanges at a time.Today we have 2 amazing announcements: AID is now listed on Upbit and IDEX with trading commenced on May...

From: AidCoin

May 18, 2018

AidCoin now on Bittrex

We can’t wait to share the incredible news you’ve all been waiting for: AidCoin is now listed on Bittrex!Following all your questions regarding the listing timelines, which we were unable to reveal due to the non-disclosure agreement we had signed, we can finally share some details.Bittrex...

From: AidCoin

May 16, 2018

Naomi Campbell’s FFR joins AidCoin

The number of AidCoin adopters keeps growing fast and we are proud to announce the new arrival: Fashion For Relief — a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of those living in adversity through uniting the fashion industry as a force for good.Fashion For Relief’s...

From: AidCoin

May 08, 2018

Why donating AID is better than FIAT for both Charities and Donors?

We are all used to donating in our local fiat currencies mostly because it’s not yet in our mindset that a charity would accept crypto. With the advent of AidCoin, however, things are changing: having AIDChain, a user-friendly platform with a built-in wallet for raising and storing crypto...

From: AidCoin

May 06, 2018

We all won! CanYa to donate $26,000 with AidCoin

Thanks to the tremendous support of the AidCoin community, we won the CanYa contest leaving all of our competitors far behind and receiving the $26,000 worth of CAN for the fundraising campaign that will be launched in summer!As you might remember, recently we’ve announced the contest which...

From: AidCoin

May 02, 2018

New to AidCoin? Here are the answers to your questions

AidCoin community is constantly growing and we’re not expecting the newcomers to examine all our website materials or scroll through old Medium posts and Telegram chats. That’s why for those not fully acquainted with the project we decided to make a recap of what we do at AidCoin, why we do...

From: AidCoin

April 18, 2018

Call for AidCoin community: vote and win $1,000 worth of AID!

Now that we’ve launched the Beta we can’t wait to start raising donations through it. And the first step in this regard, as mentioned in the Beta release post, is launching particular fundraising campaigns as that’s where the current tracking features of AIDChain can be best applied.In...

From: AidCoin

April 17, 2018

Hooray to all HODLers: Airdrop is here

Dear AidCoin supporters,Yesterday we sent the promised 5% Airdrop to our supporters who had been holding AID for over 3 months. Turned out that out of 32M AID sold, a total of 16413488 AID hadn’t been removed and the airdrop amounted 820674 AID.It’s motivating more than words can say to see...

From: AidCoin

April 12, 2018

Laureus Italian Foundation now on AIDChain

As you all probably know, last week we launched the highly-anticipated Beta of AIDChain and the first two charities to signup were Alice for Children and Laureus Foundation. We have already written a post about Alice for Children and now it’s turn to tell you more about Laureus Foundation and...

From: AidCoin

April 06, 2018

The day has come: welcome the first AIDChain Beta

????????????The day has come! ????????????The first quarter of 2018 has drawn to an end and, as promised, we are releasing the beta of AIDChain with functionalities including the ability for charities to register and get verified as well as being able to receive donations...

From: AidCoin

April 04, 2018

Partnership with Lastminute Foundation and a new advisor onboard

Has any of you ever felt like dropping everything and darting off to volunteer overseas to help those in need?Well, Fabio Salvatore, our new advisor and the Fundraising Director of our new partner, Lastminute Foundation (a charity Foundation founded by lastminute.com, publicly traded...

From: AidCoin

March 30, 2018

New AidCoin partnership: TokenStars joins the cause

Lately we’ve been increasingly liaising with our final users, charity funds, as their early involvement is the key to building a product that would perfectly fit their needs and, consequently, be widely used by them. However, since we are introducing a brand-new approach to a rather...

From: AidCoin

March 26, 2018

AidCoin on Forbes and more

We always advocate crypto as we believe in its huge potential to change the world and the charity for the better. And that’s why we’re so pleased when conventional editions decide to shed light on this topic and choose AidCoin as a representative.This month we’ve been featured in 3...

From: AidCoin

March 23, 2018

Here’s how AidCoin won the hearts of Chinese charities and got a local Ambassador

Dee Lee from FusionICO, our representative agency in Asia, presenting AidCoin in the Chinese Academy of Charity Foundation LeadersNew portion of updates from the frontline!Last week Dee Lee from FusionICO, our representative agency in Asia, who has been running one of the top 10 nonprofits in...

From: AidCoin

March 20, 2018

Results of the Token Fest in San Francisco

The end of the last week was crowned with success for AidCoin. On March 14 & 15 we took part in the Token Fest in San Francisco and we’re glad to share what these two days gave us.A panel discussion about the social impact of blockchain and the Red Cross scandalToken Fest was an...

From: AidCoin

March 16, 2018

Inter Campus commits to adopt AidCoin soon!

Inter Milan celebrate their European Cup victory in 2010On March 9th FC Internazionale Milano, one of the biggest Italian football clubs competing in the Serie A league, held a Gala to celebrate a unique historic benchmark — 110th anniversary of the club. Founded in 1908, Inter is...

From: AidCoin

March 14, 2018

Personal fundraising is broken but AidCoin is here to fix it

The main challenge of the non-profit sector goes without saying: it’s the crisis of trust, and it’s no surprise that at AidCoin we put transparency ahead of all.It’s never easy to unconditionally trust someone, especially if your trust has been breached once. And it’s all the more so...

From: AidCoin

March 13, 2018

The best way to get a Lambo with AidCoin: win a lunch with the CEO Stefano Domenicali!

https://www.charitystars.com/product/lunch-with-stefano-domenicali-lamborghini-ceo-and-former-ferrari-f1-team-managerEveryone is talking about Lamborghini… but only AidCoin is allowing you to get inside the company and to learn all the secrets…CharityStars, the auction platform that...

From: AidCoin

March 12, 2018

Alice for Children commits to adopt AidCoin for the next fundraising campaign

While the tech development is in full swing and we are nearing the release of the AIDChain platform Beta scheduled for the end of March, we still have many other crucial activities going on.For instance, a part of our team is focused on on-boarding new charities as their support is one of the...

From: AidCoin

March 09, 2018

AidCoin goes to the Oscars

Francesco Nazari Fusetti, Co-Founder and CEO of AidCoin and CharityStarsWhile the tech team is busy working days and nights to bring alive the best blockchain platform for donations tracking, our CEO, Francesco Nazari Fusetti flew to Los Angeles to attend the City Gala, one of the major charity...

From: AidCoin

March 02, 2018

CharityStars first adopter of AidCoin

CharityStars, the online fundraising auction platform, today announced that AidCoin will be accepted on the platform for the first time. This marks a significant milestone for CharityStars as the company further cements its mission to merge the renowned charity auction platform with the...

From: AidCoin

February 15, 2018

AidCoin (AID) joins the Bancor Network

We are excited to announce that AidCoin integrated the Bancor Protocol and joined the Bancor Network.In the wake of our recent business tours, we have had the opportunity to further add to the ease of use and liquidity of our AID tokens, joining other prestigious businesses on the...

From: AidCoin

February 14, 2018

The first crypto workshop catching the attention of 80 top-tier charity funds

This Monday in Milan AidCoin held a workshop, where its CEO & Co-Founder, Francesco Nazari Fusetti, presented AidCoin’s vision to an unprecedented number of over 80 nonprofits. The long list of charities present at the event includes world-renowned players of the nonprofit sector...

From: AidCoin

January 29, 2018

Richard Ma, Co-founder & CEO at Quantstamp, joins AidCoin as Advisor

Francesco (AidCoin CEO) & Richard (Quantstamp CEO) in Bangkok at the Blockchain World ConferenceThis is how to start a great week!AidCoin, the ERC-20 token for the new era of charitable giving, is excited to announce that Richard Ma, Quantstamp Co-founder & CEO, has joined AidCoin in an...

From: AidCoin

January 24, 2018

AidCoin (AID) is now listed on Bitfinex

We are extremely happy to announce that AidCoin tokens (AID) are unlocked and AidCoin has just been listed on Bitfinex.Deposits have been enabled with trading set to commence at 15.30pm UTC today.Bitfinex commented, “We are excited to provide a platform of support for this unique project and...

From: AidCoin

Unlocking AidCoin tokens and announcing future Airdrop

Dear AidCoin supporters,Following the previous announcement, we are happy to confirm that the AID tokens will be unlocked within the next 24 hours. We are also excited to announce that we have finalised the agreement with a top 5 exchange and we will communicate further details in the following...

From: AidCoin

January 21, 2018

AidCoin ICO closes in record time: what to do now and next steps!

The AidCoin team is super pleased with reaching the ICO hard cap of 14,333 ETH within the first 90 minutes. This makes AidCoin a very successful ICO, which is especially inspiring considering the nature of our project: reigniting trust in the non-profit sector. We would like to thank you all for...

From: AidCoin

January 19, 2018

Power Lunch with Jeremy Gardner, Augur Co-founder

Yesterday in Miami the winner of an auction launched by CharityStars, the online fundraising platform which conceived and developed AidCoin, had lunch with Jeremy Gardner, the co-founder of Augur.Augur combines the magic of prediction markets with the power of a decentralized network to create...

From: AidCoin

January 16, 2018

Security Recommendations for the Aidcoin ICO

For your security during the ICO:Check you are visiting the official AidCoin website: https://www.aidcoin.co/Double check that the smart contract address published on https://www.aidcoin.co/ starts and finishes like this partially revealed version:...

From: AidCoin

January 15, 2018

AidCoin Roadshow around the globe

The AidCoin ICO is 1 day away, launching on January 16th at 12:00 pm CET, and the excitement is growing by the hour. More and more people are joining our community to participate to the ICO and we are very grateful for your support!This great ongrowing following is possible thanks to AidCoin...

From: AidCoin

January 13, 2018

AidCoin reduces ICO hardcap due to price increase of ETH. Better value for ICO participants!

Since the beginning of the AidCoin presale on the 20th November, ETH has been increasing in value. This prompted us to evaluate if and how to reflect the price change so that the amount raised during the ICO gives us the runway necessary to make AidCoin a success.This is why we are announcing...

From: AidCoin

January 12, 2018

AidCoin ICO — Approval to registration on Bitcoin Suisse

AidCoin ICO — Approval to registration on Bitcoin SuisseWith the AidCoin ICO around the corner, starting January 16th at 12pm CET, more and more community members are waiting to be approved by Bitcoin Suisse to participate to the ICO.To be sure that you have taken care of all the proper...

From: AidCoin

January 10, 2018

Guide to register to AidCoin ICO

With the AidCoin ICO fast approaching, we are getting more and more queries on how to register, so here is a quick guide to help you through the process.AidCoin ICO starts January 16th at 12 pm CET.Here is how you can register to the ICO for the token that allows you to donate...

From: AidCoin

December 27, 2017

Ho Ho Ho: It’s Christmas Time and AidCoin Donates to Foster Home Youth

Another stunning action that Aidcoin took on during this Holiday season. Within the crypto community, we joined forces, together with our partner Quantstamp, to donate to the Merry Merkle Party.Here is briefly what The Merry Merkle Party is all about: it is a decentralized giving project that...

From: Daniela Splait

December 17, 2017

2 weeks — 2 prizes

At AidCoin, we know that our project is revolutionary, but what really counts is outside support. That’s why we are honored to announce that we have obtained 2 important prizes in the last 2 weeks.AidCoin CEO Francesco Nazari Fusetti pitching in MoscowLast week, we have been selected as the...

From: Federico Malvezzi

December 07, 2017

AidCoin Update: ICO starts Tuesday 16th January

Following the successful completion of the AidCoin Presale which raised 8,333 ETH, we are excited to report that the community is really getting behind AidCoin, the token for charitable giving. It’s very rewarding to receive an overwhelming amount of support and feedback including from...

From: Daniela Splait

December 06, 2017

Blockchain Luminaries Give Back with CharityStars Online Auction

Blockchain Luminaries Give Back with CharityStars Online Auction https://www.charitystars.com/collection/blockchain-charity-auctionsCharityStars, the online fundraising auction platform for the nonprofit sector, launched a series of auctions with prominent leaders in the blockchain space....

From: Federico Malvezzi

December 05, 2017

AidCoin in Roadshow

AidCoin team is currently attending numerous events in Asia and will be in the Middle East and Eastern Europe in the upcoming week in order to spread the word about how to bring transparency to the non-profit sector and meet with community members. We aim to create a strong community and to...

From: Federico Malvezzi

November 29, 2017

Aidcoin: bringing blockchain technology to the charity sector

In view of the upcoming AidCoin ICO starting January 16th 2018, we explain why AidCoin is the most simple and transparent solution to donate efficiently, boost charity fundraising and reinstate trust in non-profits.1. A QUESTION OF TRUSTThe non-profit sector is, at best, a $2 trillion bungling...

From: Federico Malvezzi

November 27, 2017

Pre-Sale closing announcement: Thank you all for the overwhelming support!

Part of the AidCoin Team at work!Dear AidCoin early adopters,We are extremely grateful for and humbled by the response that you have shown to AidCoin Pre-Sale.We reached the target with still more than 3 days to go on the countdown, raising a total of 8,333 ETH, or just above $4M at current...

From: Federico Malvezzi

November 24, 2017

AidCoin partners with Bitcoin Suisse for the ICO token sales

AidCoin — Bitcoin Suisse ICO agreement in ZugThe AidCoin team is thrilled to announce that the allocation of AID tokens during the ICO (January 16th 2018 — February 1st 2018) will be managed through the Bitcoin Suisse ICO platform. We will soon provide more information on how to...

From: Federico Malvezzi

How I explained to my Mom that I’m launching an ICO

Image Credits CointelegraphFor people like me who are trying to conduct business in the tech world, it can be quite difficult to explain to individuals outside the field what exactly I do on a daily basis.I developed my first website at eighteen years old (now I’m thirty), and at the time not...

From: Domenico Gravagno