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AB-Chain is an advertisement network built specifically for ICO projects. It allows ads to be purchased and placed with cryptocurrencies, providing companies with a  quick and simple way to publish ads online without the need to convert to fiat. The ABC token is designed as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.Team:Vladimir Dyakov: Founder, CEO  David Pomies: Co-founder, Business Development Director  Ivan Pshenitsyn: Co-founder, CTO  Cate Lawrence: Head of Communication and PR  The pre-sale is now live (timer is set according to presale)The Ab-Chain ICO will take place on the 23rd of October 2017 and will last until the 25th of December or until the hard cap is reached. There is a total of 100000000 ABC tokens, 68.5% of which will be distributed during the ICO. The ICO funding target is 10M, the funding cap is 20.55M.Token Reserve Split (XX%):1.5% presale16% Founders6% Employees4% Company Reserve3% External Consultants1% Bounty-programThe ABC ICO features escrow and audit agents along with a bounty program.

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ABC Latest Updates
July 06, 2018

AB-CHAIN in France

Greetings from Paris!We can’t wait to share with you our excitement about the conference and the workshop our CEO Vladimir, our CMO Anton and our account manager Anna took part in Paris yesterday!First of all, we say many thanks to the whole french crypto community for making this amazing...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

May 28, 2018

How to trade on Livecoin

We have prepared for you a how-to guide for trading RTB on Livecoin exchange.Step 1: registerClick on “Open an Account” in the top menu bar. Register: choose a username, password and enter an email, which you will use for your account on Livecoin. Agree to the terms of the user agreement...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

May 27, 2018

Discover How We Did It: Insights About Our Tokensale

We already talked to you about banner advertising and what are the mistakes that are commonly made by ICO startups. We also wrote about how to attract large investors to a project.Now we are proposing you to move forward!Preparing to launch an ICO? Or maybe your crowdsale is live already? Our...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

May 25, 2018

All unsold tokens were burned

As we promised earlier, we burned all tokens that were not sold during our crowdsale.We issued 100 000 000 RTB for the sale and the full token supply equals 24 860 000.We preserved 3 000 000 RTB for Airdrops as we announced before.Thus we burned 72,14М tokens in total...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

May 23, 2018

RTB on livecoin.net!

Our token is successfully released on https://livecoin.net!It is now possible to trade RTB/BTC currency pair as well as to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities between livecoin and IDEX.Very soon we will publish a how-to guide on how to trade RTB on Livecoin. Now we’re suggesting you to...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

May 03, 2018

Guide: How to trade RTB on IDEX

We have prepared for you a “how-to” guide for trading RTB on IDEX.Connect the walletFirst step is to unlock or, in other words, connect your wallet to IDEX. Find “unlock wallet” tab in the top-right corner and click on it.Choose “private key” and type it in the form....

From: Vania Zalesskiy

April 06, 2018


While we are getting ready for token distribution — here are some photos from Paris event!CEO Vladimir and CMO Anton have presented AB-CHAIN on Blockchain, Crypto, I.A.: à l’est, du nouveau! The event was organised by East-West Digital News where our international strategy advisor...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 31, 2018

AB-CHAIN crowdsale is over

AB-CHAIN Token Sale Is OverOur crowdsale is over: we raised more than $2 500 000 and we are grateful for your support and trust. With your support, we have the opportunity to create an innovative advertising platform for cryptocommunity!Below is the information about what will happen next.On...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 29, 2018

AB-CHAIN Raises $2,000,000

Thank you for your support and trust! We are happy to have such an awesome community and investors as AB-CHAIN raises $2 000 000, which means that from now on RTB tokens are available for purchase with a bonus 25%.We remind you that the price per one RTB token is $0.35 and the minimum...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 26, 2018


Recently AB-CHAIN was presented on one of the largest digital asset events in Asia TOKEN2049. The conference ran on March, 20–21.During his one-week business trip in Hong Kong our CEO Vladimir had met with our business development director David and our advisor in China Victor.AB-CHAIN ON...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 19, 2018

Meet our advisory board!

Today we present you AB-CHAIN advisor in cryptography Juan Garay!Juan is currently Professor at Texas A&M University. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Penn State back in 1989. He was a postdoc at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and held research positions at the IBM T.J....

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 14, 2018

Soft Cap Achieved!

We are deeply grateful for your support. Our project has reached the soft cap of $1,500,000.The crowdfunding goes on until March, 31 and the highest 30% bonus is still available. After we reach $2,000,000 the bonus will drop by 5% so hurry up!Thank you for being with AB-CHAIN and...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 11, 2018

Meet our advisory board: Kaimin Hu

Today we present you Kaimin Hu — AB-CHAIN advisor for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning!Kaimin is now AI product manager in Advance.ai in San Francisco. Besides, he has tons of startup experience and currently mainly working on Blockchain R&D and ICO industry.Previously...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 08, 2018

AB-CHAIN Presented In Korea

Our CEO Vladimir attended an invitation-only meetup in Seoul. At the event, you could see AB-CHAIN presented to local and international investors among some of the most promising, hand-picked ICO projects. The event on March, 7 follows the d10e conference which is one of the leading events in...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 07, 2018

AB-CHAIN In Greece

We’re glad to share with you some updates and pictures from Athens: AB-CHAIN advisor in Greece Christos Stergiou (sales and marketing strategy expert) has arranged several meetups with investors for our CEO Vladimir. AB-CHAIN international business relations and networking are getting...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 06, 2018

Meet our Advisor: Reuben Godfrey

Meet Reuben Godfrey: our advisor from Ireland, an expert at blockchain and hi-tech.Reuben is a co-founder at the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Ireland’s Crypto Coast and Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia.He is highly experienced in business development and networking in major...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 05, 2018

$1,000,000 Collected!

Incredible news: AB-CHAIN raised $1,000,000 since the start of the main crowdsale!Which means that there is just $500,000 left until the soft cap. Thank you for supporting and trusting AB-CHAIN!There is still time to get the highest 30% bonus, which is active until $2,000,000 is reached....

From: Vania Zalesskiy

March 02, 2018

Market News: Germany Officially Recognized Bitcoin as a Legal Tender.

The German Federal Ministry of Finances considers Bitcoin as tax-exempt as long as it is used as a means of payment.The German federal authority released its decision to not subject purchases with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to taxes on Feb. 27, citing the European Court’s 2015...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 28, 2018

Half of the soft cap collected!

More than $760,000 has already been raised! That is over half of the soft cap which is set at $1,500,000. Thank you for your amazing support and trust in the AB-CHAIN team!If you haven’t participated in the crowdsale yet, now is the perfect time to do so, as the current bonus of 30% will...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 26, 2018

AB-CHAIN Crowdsale Update

Over $700,000 has been collected! When the amount of investments hits $2,000,000, the bonus will decrease by 5%. Current bonus is 30%. Invest with a maximum profit today!InvestAB-CHAIN Crowdsale Update was originally published in AB-CHAIN on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 21, 2018

Crowdsale Update–$500,000 Collected

Invest in AB-CHAIN while 30% bonus is active! When $2 000 000 is collected the bonus will decrease by 5%, so don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your investment profit!Bonus schedule:0 — $2 000 000–30%$2 000 000 — $5 000 000–25% $5 000 000 — $10 000 000–20% $10 000...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 17, 2018

800 Members In AB-CHAIN Telegram

More than 800 Members In AB-CHAIN Telegram CommunityWe’ve reached and quickly surpassed 800 member mark, let’s not stop here and keep going! https://telegram.me/ab_chainShare the link and help us reach the moon together!800 Members In AB-CHAIN Telegram was originally published in AB-CHAIN on...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 15, 2018

New Landing Page and Updated Whitepaper!

New Landing Page and Updated Whitepaper!We’ve made a new landing page with a cosmically awesome design! You can check it out at www.ab-chain.com and learn a lot of interesting information about the project as well as about our upcoming token sale!We also updated our whitepaper and roadmap and...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 13, 2018

7 Days Until AB-CHAIN Crowdsale!

Only 7 days left until the start of AB-CHAIN Crowdsale! Subscribe to our whitelist at www.ab-chain.com and get 30 free RTB tokens while resting sure that you won’t miss the crowdfunding!7 Days Until AB-CHAIN Crowdsale! was originally published in AB-CHAIN on Medium, where people are continuing...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 11, 2018

Weekly Report February 5–11

In weekly reports, we tell about the progress accomplished in the development of the AB-CHAIN ad network in the past seven days!We have changed the AB-CHAIN token name to — RTB, which stands for “Real Time Bidding.” Soon we will update the name on the website and in the whitepaper....

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 10, 2018

Market News — Nvidia CEO: Cryptocurrency Is Here to Stay

“Crypto is a real thing — it’s not going to go away.”Stated Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of the famous “green” card making corporation Nvidia, which publicly revealed it’s fourth-quarter results for 2017 on the 8th of February. The company said that demand from cryptocurrency miners...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 09, 2018

AB-CHAIN Private Offer has Ended!

AB-CHAIN Private-Offer Has Ended!If you have joined us during the Private-Offer, thank you for supporting our project! We have closed private fund gathering and started accepting whitelist submissions for the main Crowdfunding.If you missed the Private Offer — don’t worry! Next chance...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 07, 2018

Market News: Bitcoin Can Hit $50,000 according to the Wolf of Wall Street

As the market correction is taking place, some can lose faith in the future of cryptocurrencies, however, Jordan Belfort, commonly known as the “Wolf of Wall Street,” believes, that cryptocurrency journey is merely beginning.In an interview with the entrepreneur, Patrick Bet-David Belford...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 06, 2018

AB-CHAIN promotion!

Invest with a unique ETH or BTC rate — $1111 and $11111 respectively.But there is not much time! The special conditions will be available only until Wednesday ( inclusive ). After that, we are going to close the private offer and begin accepting whitelist submissions for the main...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 04, 2018

Weekly Report January 29 — February 4

Weekly Report January 29 — February 4In weekly reports, we tell you about the progress accomplished in the development of the AB-CHAIN ad network in the past seven days!We began to attract advertisers just two weeks ago, but the project is developing so fast that we are already actively...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 03, 2018

AB-CHAIN Product Development Update

We launched adaptive text ads. Adaptive ads will allow publishers to create new placements, which in turn will give advertisers more placement options and allow to attract additional traffic.We upgraded the anti click-fraud system. It will improve traffic quality and will allow to filter out...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 02, 2018

Market News: Bitcoin Price Dips Below $9,000 Hitting a 2-Month Low Mark

Bitcoin Price has dipped beneath $9,000 mark for the first time in over 2 months.The decrease below $9,000 is the lowest bitcoin has dropped since late November 2017. As of writing time, the price of bitcoin was trading at roughly $8,350.Additional market data shows how many other...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

February 01, 2018

19 Days Left Until Crowdsale

Crowdsale starts in 19 days and only 19 days are left to but AB-CHAIN tokens with the maximum bonus! The bonus will begin to gradually decrease once the crowdsale has started.If you are still thinking about investing — now is a perfect time!Register at www.ab-chain.com19 Days Left Until...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 31, 2018

Meet the AB-CHAIN Team: Alexey Shalin!

Alexey Shalin is a System Administrator in AB-CHAIN.Alexey’s professional background is nix system administrating, and he has work experience of 16 years.Alexey is in charge of supporting a seamless operation of our hardware and software, as well as ensuring cybersecurity of AB-CHAIN. He is...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 29, 2018

Draft Law on ICO Regulation is Proposed by Russian Finance Ministry

Market News: Draft Law on ICO Regulation is Proposed by Russian Finance MinistryThe new proposal, distributed by Russia’s Finance Ministry on Jan. 25, outlines specifications for projects that launch ICOs, as well as for investors who want to engage in the token sales. The draft still needs...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 28, 2018

Weekly Report January 22–28

In weekly reports, we describe the progress achieved in the development of the AB-CHAIN ad network in the past week!We have launched marketing campaigns of our first advertisers putting our growing network of publishers to good use! Many crowdfunded projects only claim to launch their products...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 27, 2018

AB-CHAIN Telegram Community Reached 600 Members

Our telegram community has reached and surpassed 600 members! It is incredible to see the community grow and become stronger so fast, but let’s not stop here!Invite your friends and colleagues to join us, and in case you haven’t entered yourself, make sure to hop in our group!Telegram is...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 26, 2018

AB-CHAIN Launched Marketing Campaigns for 2 Advertisers

We have launched two marketing campaigns for our first two advertisers this week, and used our wildly growing network of publishers to supply them with traffic for their ICOs!AB-CHAIN is already conquering the blockchain advertising market one ad at a time!AB-CHAIN Launched Marketing Campaigns...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 25, 2018

Market News: Ottawa Bitcoin Exchange Hit by Armed Robbers

Two suspects are being sought by the Ottawa police after a failed armed robbery attempt at a cryptocurrency exchange.According to CBC News on Tuesday morning three criminals, equipped with handguns entered Canadian Bitcoins exchange in Ottowa and restrained four employees. The suspects tried to...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 24, 2018

Less than a month left until the start of AB-CHAIN crowd-sale!

Less Than a Month Left Until The Start of AB-CHAIN Crowdsale!Less than a month left until the start of AB-CHAIN crowdsale!Invest now to get a maximum bonus of 35%! The bonus will gradually decrease towards the end of crowdsale, so if you want the most bang for your buck, now is time!How...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 23, 2018

Market News: Bitcoin Price Dips Again

At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency’s price is trading around $10,219, a decline of roughly 10% from yesterday’s open of $11,522.86. Presently, the current value is approaching yesterday low of $10,050.79.The developments remind of those observed last week. However, in this instance,...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 22, 2018

Market News: CoinMarketCap For Wall Street is Being Created By NYSE Parent Firm And Blockstream

Market News: CoinMarketCap for Wall Street is Being Created By NYSE Parent Firm And BlockstreamPer The Wall Street Journal report, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is going to deliver “disciplined” Bitcoin price data to major Wall Street investors, in partnership with a Blockchain tech...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 21, 2018

Weekly Report January 15 — 21

Weekly Report January 15 — 21In weekly reports, we describe the progress achieved in the development of the AB-CHAIN ad network in the past week!We have connected the first advertiser to the AB-CHAIN network and started actively attracting new advertisers!Having received feedback about...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 20, 2018

India’s Government Sends Tax Notices to Cryptocurrency Owners.

Market News: India’s Government Sends Tax Notices to Cryptocurrency Owners.Indian citizens who are cryptocurrency owners might have to pay taxes on their investment, as India’s authorities reportedly sent tax notices to traders.According to Reuters, the recently issued nationwide survey had...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 19, 2018

MarketNews: Is Bitcoin Recovery a Dead Cat Bounce?

As charts indicate, it might still be too early to celebrate Bitcoin recovery.Bitcoin Price Index has risen 25.9 percent from the recent lowest mark of $9,199.59. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $11,590 levels.Still, the investor community is skeptical about the move, and social...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 18, 2018

Market News. Goldman Sachs Analyst: Bitcoin Price Base Might be Right Below $10,000

In the latest analysis of Bitcoin’s outlook Goldman Sachs analyst, Sheba Jafari describes the recent price fall below $10,000 levels as a possible correction.According to Zero Hedge, which issued specifications of the client note, Jafari suggested that the market is likely to discover a base...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 17, 2018

Weekly Report January 08–14

In weekly reports, we tell you about the progress accomplished in the development of the AB-CHAIN ad network in the last week!We kept on actively connecting new publishers and growing the capacity of the network.We have finished and finalized the integration with SendSay mailing service. The...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 16, 2018

Hacker Steals $400K In Stellar Lumens During The Attack on BlackWallet

Market News: Hacker Steals $400K In Stellar Lumens During The Attack on BlackWalletOver $400 000 in Stellar lumens was reportedly stolen by an unknown thief, who hacked the digital wallet provider BlackWallet.The criminal highjacked BlackWallet’s DNS server over the weekend, and injected a...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 15, 2018

Market News: Cryptocurrency Payments are Not Legitimate in Indonesia

Cryptocurrencies are not allowed to be used for payments in the country, Bank Indonesia warned.The central bank’s press release published on Saturday declares that cryptocurrencies are not considered a “legitimate instrument of payment” in Indonesia, as they are not issued by the Republic...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 14, 2018

Market News: A New Bill Suggests Tennessee Legally Recognize Blockchain Data

A congressman in Tennessee has filed a new bill that acknowledges blockchain signatures as legal electronic records, marking the newest lawmaking attempt to do so in recent weeks.The bill, presented to the Tennessee House of Representatives by state congressman Jason Powell on Jan. 10, repeats...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 13, 2018

Market News: Russian Largest Bank to Create a Blockchain Lab

Sberbank, one of the major Russian government-owned banks, has declared that a blockchain laboratory is being formed to create and test blockchain-based solutions.According to the press release, the new lab aims to produce product prototypes, conduct pilot tests and launch blockchain-based...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 12, 2018

Market News: Arizona Senate to Review a Bill Proposing Taxes Can Be Paid in Bitcoin

People would be able to pay their state tax liabilities with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies if a newly submitted bill is approved by the Arizona Senate.As public records show, the bill was referred to the Arizona Senate Rules Committee for further deliberation after it’s submitting for...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 11, 2018

Market News: Florida Is To Legalize Blockchain Signatures And Smart Contracts?

A congressman in Florida has proposed a bill that, if passed, will form a legal basis for blockchain data and smart contracts in the U.S. state.House Bill 1357 presents various stipulations that blockchain ledgers and smart contracts be interpreted as legally-binding methods of data...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 10, 2018

Market News: Ethereum Price Surpasses The $1300 Mark

Ether goes to the moon!Ethereum price riots against the bearish trend that can be seen in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.Data source OnChainFX indicates that ether (ETH) has increased by 7.44 percent in the 24 hours since 10.01.2017. While, bitcoin, litecoin, stellar...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 09, 2018

Bitcoin Price Drops Toward $15 000

Market News: Bitcoin Price Drops Toward $15 000Bitcoin prices held below $17,000 during the weekend and dipped further yesterday, on 08.01.2018.Coindesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) indicated a low of $15,253 earlier this day and was last seen trading at $15,345 levels. According to data...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 08, 2018

Facebook To Be Decentralized?

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stated that he is planning to look into decentralizing technologies including cryptocurrencies in order to find ways of improving the Facebook social network.In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg described what he called personal challenges for the upcoming year,...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 04, 2018

Market News: Royal Bank of Canada reports Crypto and Blockchain Are To Become $10 Trillion Industry

Royal Bank of Canada report released Wednesday explores the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain, presenting a vision of a $10 trillion market.“While the cryptocurrency space has many risks, the opportunity appears vast with constant technology updates,” wrote Mitch Steves, an equities...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

January 02, 2018

Market News: Some of The Wall Street’s Opinion About Bitcoin in 2017

Market News: What is Wall Street’s Opinion on Bitcoin?The Bear’s OpinionPeter Schiff, who along the few managed to foresee the 2008 real estate crisis, President, and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, sure is a gold bull in general, but his passion for hard money doesn’t stretch to bitcoin at...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 30, 2017

Weekly report December 25–31

In weekly reports, we tell you about the progress accomplished in the development of the AB-CHAIN ad network in the past seven days!We connected more than ten publishers, who added our widget to their websites!Our server infrastructure was overwhelmed by the amount of data we received this...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

Market News: Mobile Phone Bill Topped Up With Lightning

Bitcoin transactions at the beginning of 2018 can get cheaper and lightning fast!Recently Lighting network was used to top up a mobile phone bill. The test used real money, and the transaction went through flawlessly, taking almost no time and being completely free.While such transaction is not...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 29, 2017

Market News: Is Bitcoin a More Popular Search Result Than North Korea?

Recently released data from Google indicates that bitcoin may be on top. As shown in the search giant’s “Year in Search 2017,” a report on what was trending in 2017, bitcoin came second under the “Global News” category, a distinction that indicates search volume was higher for the...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 28, 2017

Market News: Israel Might Ban Public Firms from Bitcoin Trading

Market News: Israel Might Ban Public Companies from Bitcoin TradingIsraeli bitcoin trading companies are likely to face tighter rules forced by the country’s finance regulator.By Reuters, in a business conference on Dec. 26, the head the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) Shmuel Hauser...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 27, 2017

Market News: Add “Blockchain” To Your Company’s Name And Watch Your Shares Skyrocket!

Market News: Add “Blockchain” To Your Company’s Name And Watch Your Shares SkyrocketThe blockchain magic goes on as businesses start altering their name to incorporate the word “Blockchain” and passively observe their share price fly to the moon. According to the Verge report, a spate...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 26, 2017

Belarus Cuts Taxes For Crypto Companies

Market News: Belarus Cuts Taxes For Crypto CompaniesBelarus government has passed new statutes focused partly on promoting the development of companies that incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain.In accordance with the state-owned media agency BelTA, on Dec. 22 Belarus President Alexander...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 25, 2017

360TV Interviewed The AB-CHAIN CEO

Vladimir Dyakov, CEO of AB-CHAIN, was invited to give an interview to 360tv.ru about the legalization of cryptocurrencies worldwide and in Russia in particular as well as give his opinion about the upcoming Telegram’s ICO.360tv.ru is a major Russian news website with over 14 million monthly...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 24, 2017

Weekly Report December 18–24

Find out what AB-CHAIN team has accomplished in the last seven days.The development of the minimally viable version of the website where both advertisers and publishers will be registering their accounts is complete. The code was passed for internal testing. The functions include:Creation of...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 23, 2017

About Team Members: David Pomies

Time for another post about the AB-CHAIN team! Meet David Pomies, AB-CHAIN business development director in Hong Kong.David is originally from France, but he is currently living in Hong Kong. He is an amateur tech specialist and a senior marketing/business development specialist.He loves...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 22, 2017

Market News: The Top 20 Cryptocurrencies Reach Record Highs This Week

Every one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization reached a record price high in the last four days, according to market data.At the same time, the data also shows that several of those top-20 cryptocurrencies have seen price pullbacks in the wake of hitting those highs. Bitcoin...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 21, 2017

About team members: Dom Inzerillo

About Team Members: Dom InzerilloDom: “AB-CHAIN will revolutionize the digital world within two industries. One being advertising and the digital token payment space. AB-CHAIN is not only a project it is a gateway to combine two industries that will work together to decrease cost and increase...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 20, 2017

Market News: Estonia is One Step Closer to National Cryptocurrency Launch

In the blog post issued on 19.12.2017 managing director of the country’s e-Residency initiative, Kaspar Korjus went over three potential uses for the token.The first is intended to promote the goal of developing Estonia’s aims to create a “digital nation” by incentivizing citizens to...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 19, 2017

Market News: $600 Billion Is The New Cryptocurrency Market Cap Record

Market News: $600 Billion Is The New Cryptocurrency Market Cap Recordcryptocurrency market capitalization has doubled in a monthYesterday (18.12.2017) total cryptocurrency market cap surpassed $600 billion for the first time in history.Data demonstrates that the capitalization reached over...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 18, 2017

Weekly Report December 11 — 17

We have launched a new heading — Weekly Reports! Since AB-CHAIN is currently in the active development stage, we will be writing regular releases on the progress made in the last 7 days, to keep you updated on our work.1. We are in the stage of implementing our new website where both,...

From: Vania Zalesskiy

December 16, 2017

Market news: Denmark Studies Blockchain for Foreign aid Delivery Possibilities

Denmark’s newly released report studies how blockchain could be used in the distribution of foreign aid.One of the proposals: the use of blockchain will allow Denmark citizens to send financial aid directly to those in need. According to the report, Denmark should “consider being the first...

From: rajesh kumar

December 10, 2017

About team members

Hey everybody! During one especially wintery cold Russian evening, the AB-CHAIN team ( or the part of the team that’s based in Russia anyway ) was having some tea and thinking; we tell you everything we do as a company, but we also want you to get to know us as individuals… As people.So,...

From: rajesh kumar

December 03, 2017

Weekly summary

Missed all AB-CHAIN news in the past week?No problem, we got you covered! Here’s a quick summary of some things we’ve been up to in the past 7 days.1. We translated our one-pager to Chinese for the convenience of our investors who speak this language natively. To read the AB-CHAIN one-pager...

From: rajesh kumar

December 02, 2017

Market news

Ethereum is one step closer to becoming a “world computer”?This December a new TrueBit protocol is being released. It is promising to remove the “gas limit” that at the current time puts an upper-bound on the number of computations the network can achieve. TrueBit is going to bring the...

From: rajesh kumar

November 29, 2017

Adrien Henni

Today we’d like to introduce you to our international strategy advisor, Adrien Henni!Adrien is a co-founder and chief editor at East-West Digital News, an international resource on technologies in Eastern Europe as well as co-founder at Follow Analytics, a US mobile marketing startup and...

From: rajesh kumar

November 27, 2017

AB-CHAIN one-pager now available in Mandarin

For the convenience of our Chinese investors, who had to read our materials in English before, we translated the AB-CHAIN one-pager to your native language!You can view it by following this link.Want to find out more? Connect with us on telegram :Thank you for supporting AB-CHAIN!AB-CHAIN...

From: rajesh kumar

November 25, 2017

Ad creation and widget code

Hey, everybody! Today we announce that the development of ad slot creation process is complete! Soon we will enable public access to the publisher’s account. Meanwhile, the cabinet operates in private mode.With presented functions ( displayed on the screenshot ), a publisher can add their...

From: rajesh kumar

November 23, 2017

Publisher’s Account

Hey, everybody! We announce that the development of ad slot creation process is complete! Soon we will enable public access to the publisher’s account. Meanwhile, the cabinet operates in private mode.With presented functions ( displayed on the screenshot ), a publisher can add their site to...

From: rajesh kumar

Gatecoin and AB-CHAIN

CEO of AB-CHAIN ​​Vladimir sends his greetings from Hong-Kong based Gatecoin headquarters! Gatecoin is one of the first crypto exchanges; it is now in the top 20 by cryptocurrency turnover!Want to find out more? Connect with us on telegram :Gatecoin and AB-CHAIN was originally published in...

From: rajesh kumar

November 22, 2017

LP Chinese

The AB-CHAIN webpage is now available in Chinese! If you happen to be from this beautiful country, don’t miss the opportunity to browse our website in your native language!Please visit the page in Chinese.LP Chinese was originally published in AB-CHAIN on Medium, where people are continuing...

From: rajesh kumar