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Conceptual Model

Blockchains have demonstrated the incredible power of systems that are voluntary, decentralized, and trustworthy. We believe there is an unexploited opportunity to harness these forces to revolutionize:• How players claim ownership of their own digital property• How creators collaborate and profit from the content they produce• How gamers and devlopers connect and create8 Circuit Studios is creating an ecosystem that unlocks these new possibilities and symbiotic relationships. Simply put: 8 Circuit Studios intends to level up game development and turn legacy publishing models inside out.

Project Description

8 Circuit Studios is creating a new gaming ecosystem powered by their 8BT tokens, an Ethereum-based token. These tokens allow gamers to purchase game assets. The first release of 8 Circuit Studios is D-PARC, described as "a new game that uses the Ethereum blockchain to enable digital sovereignty".From 17th of July to 16th of August 2017, users will be able to purchase 8BT tokens with ETH in the 8 Circuits Studios ICO. During the campaign, 33000000 tokens will be sold (33%) to the public, while 33% will be retained by 8 Circuit Studios, 33% for distribution to incentivize participation in the ecosystem and 1% will be used to cover ICO expenses. 8 Circuit Studios plans to raise between $1.5m to $33m in Ether.The 8Bit Token price will be based on the USD on the date of the sale; 1 8Bit = $1 USD. To determine the price of a single 8Bit we will divide 1 by the value of ETH on the day of the saleThere are no bonuses, bounties or escrow in this ICO. The 8BT token is not mineable. 

Founders and Associates

James Mayo -President

Kabriel Robichaux -CTO and Development Architect

Mike Jones -Business Development

Mark Nicolino -Art Director

Filipe Tessaro -Systems Designer/C++ Programmer

Terry Hammer -Producer

Shingai Thornton -Evangelist Advisor

Evan Jensen -Legal Counsel

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8BT Latest Updates
January 09, 2019

8 Circuit Studios: 2018 Year in Review

8 Circuit Studios: 2018 Year in ReviewJames MayoJan 9Some Highlights Looking BackOnward and Upward!What Have We Been Up To2018 has drawn to a close and it has been a year of great challenges for many of us in crypto as “crypto-winter” has arrived — but...

From: 8BT

September 28, 2018

What We Do

Video Games, Driving the Adoption of Blockchain“Everyone who participates in our ecosystem, get’s value out of it.” -Mike Jones, 8 Circuit Studioshttps://medium.com/media/fed259a122a7ff06307b33ad0f951812/hrefThe 8 Circuit Studios Token sale starts Monday, October 1st, at 10:00am PDT. Be...

From: Mike Jones

September 10, 2018

8 Circuit Studios: Press Start

Your Appendix to 8 Circuit Studios PublicationsRegular updates will made to this article to reflect the contents of our Medium page. It’s designed to provide a method to find the information you are looking for in a quick summary as well as links to our in depth articles.About 8...

From: Mike Jones

August 29, 2018

Evolving D-PARC into Project Genesis

An evolution in blockchain gamingFrom Rogue-like to Space-Combat-First-Person-ShooterIt was May 6, 2017. It was also 8 Circuit Studios’ birthday.We knew we wanted to make a game. We knew we wanted to make a game on the Ethereum blockchain.But how?Rapid Prototyping, Iteration, and...

From: James Mayo

August 24, 2018

Conversations with the Team

Featuring Deejay Beck, Game Producer and Crypto InvestorBehind every game is a ton of passionate folks working behind the scenes to make sure the result is the best, most high quality product possible. 8 Circuit Studios’ Deejay Beck helps keep everyone honest with his keen eye for quality...

From: Bonnie Karklins

August 20, 2018

How to Achieve Mass Adoption of Blockchain

With Video Games Leading the WayBlockchains present an opportunity to rethink the status quo. As a new technology, many people are unaware that the true power of blockchains is the ability provide an architecture of trust. When the network can be trusted to return authentic, accurate...

From: Mike Jones

August 13, 2018

8 Circuit Studios Roadmap Explained

Products, Platforms, and Portals to the MetaverseGetting from here to thereIt’s one thing to say you’re going to build a part of the metaverse, it’s another to execute on a plan to make it happen. However, good advisers will tell you: break a larger goal into smaller goals. Here, we...

From: James Mayo

August 09, 2018

The 8 Circuit Studios Wave 2 Token Sale

An Ecosystem of Game Development Built on EthereumWe are excited to announce that the 8 Circuit Studios Wave 2 Token Sale will take place on October 1st, 2018. This is only the second opportunity we have offered to purchase 8 Bit Tokens (8BT) en mass using ETH.History: The 2017 Wave 1...

From: James Mayo

July 12, 2018

Alien Arsenal Early Access Update

Project Objectives, Learnings and StatusIn April we launched the Space Drop that would eventually lead into our first mobile title, Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain. We’re deeply appreciative to everyone who has joined us on this adventure. Those involved in our Discord and early...

From: Mike Jones

July 06, 2018

Designing the ADU-135

The ADU-135 silently stalking the hapless n-SATOSHIIn the D-PARC universe, the ADU-135 (Autonomous Defense Unit) functions as a kind of hawk-like patrol unit for installations or resources that need protecting. To develop it, we went through several iterations to get the right kind of aggressive...

From: James Mayo

July 03, 2018

n-SATOSHI: Last Known

New Narrative Teaser ReleasedGet a view of the scale and inner workings of D-PARC and the n-SATOSHI disembarkation and departure sequence from its last known location - Frontier Outpost : Isabela.https://medium.com/media/1d0434364106004e112a5ab21e160cbf/hrefWant to find our more or start a...

From: James Mayo

June 08, 2018

8 Circuit Studios Chats Blockchain Gaming with Students

Our resident 2D Artist and Game Designer, Mario Duarte, had a unique opportunity to speak with students of a digital game design course in his native home of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Check out his report, along with some photos of the talk!***I was recently invited by Missila Cardoso, a teacher at...

From: Jared Rea

May 21, 2018

Alien Arsenal — Now in Mobile Store!

Release Notes, May 21, 2018 — Boss Battles, LeaderboardsAlien Arsenal has landed in the stores for iOS and Android. Beam the latest update of season one to your mobile device.Download from iTunesGet it on Google PlayHave An Earlier Version of Alien Arsenal?If you’re one of our early...

From: Mike Jones

May 07, 2018

Alien Arsenal — Release Notes May 7, 2018

Training and EvolutionThe aliens arrived on your mobile device last week and now they’re ready to take the next steps in preparation for the battle for the blockchain.TrainingYou’ll find training has unlocked for your alien on the home screen.Your alien is ready to do some training: Hitting...

From: Mike Jones

May 04, 2018

Bringing the World of Alien Arsenal to Life w/ Mario Duarte

For many new players, the colorful cast of alien critters that make up the world of Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain serve as the first impression point. Before they even install the game, players are growing attached to the likes of Tidbit and Gillian, and it’s all thanks to 8 Circuit...

From: Jared Rea

Bringing the Universe of Alien Arsenal to Life w/ Mario Duarte

For many new players, the colorful cast of alien critters that make up the world of Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain serve as the first impression point. Before they even install the game, players are growing attached to the likes of Tidbit and Gillian, and it’s all thanks to 8 Circuit...

From: Jared Rea

April 28, 2018

Alien Arsenal Tutorial and Explanation

An Introduction to Blockchain GamingCongratulations! You have been selected to meet visitors from outer space and help bring their alien technology to your fellow Earthlings! This is the origin season of Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain. Alien Arsenal is a mobile game that is designed to...

From: Mike Jones

April 26, 2018

The Metaverse is Coming

But How Do We Get There?What is the Metaverse?The metaverse — popularized in Ready Player One, TRON and The Matrix — is closer than we may think. A digital, fully immersive, environment that parallels the natural reality, designed by people to share their visions of worlds as varied...

From: Mike Jones

April 25, 2018

Alien Arsenal — Release Notes April 24th

Alien Incubation, The First Digital Assets!Hello Fellow Traveler!We in the midst of, what’s being called our Origin Season of Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain, where you are a participant in the origin story of Alien Arsenal. See this article to learn about the Space Drop, and to...

From: Mike Jones

April 02, 2018

SPACE DROP! Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain — Initial Release 4/2

SPACE DROP! Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain — Initial Release 4/2The Aliens Have Arrived and They Are Bringing TokensAlien Arsenal: Battle for the BlockchainMonday, April 2nd, 8 Circuit Studios will launch our Space Drop (closed beta) for our new game Alien Arsenal: Battle for...

From: Mike Jones

December 31, 2017

Demo of Smart Game Objects in Game

Demo of Ethereum Smart Contract based Game ObjectsFollow is a quick demo of our prototype Smart Game Object functioning in our game D-PARC including a quick view of the transactions that take place on the blockchain to make...

From: Mike Jones

December 13, 2017

Balancing Game Production with Smart Game Objects

Getting to Know The Producer on D-PARCToday we’re introducing Terry Hammer. He’s the producer on the first game in production by 8 Circuit Studios, D-PARC. Terry explains the role of a producer, our use of the Unreal Engine, what it’s like balancing the addition of the blockchain to...

From: Mike Jones

December 06, 2017

Video Games and the First Steps to the Blockchain

8 Circuit Studios Developer Journal — Dec 1, 2017This week we want to showcase for you the first steps of moving gamers to ownership of their game objects by demonstrating the progress we’ve made of getting gamers a Crypto Wallet and their first usable crypto currency.The following demo...

From: Mike Jones

November 16, 2017

The Producer of Smart Game Objects

8 Circuit Studios Developer Journal — Nov 16, 2017This week we’re introducing you to another of our team members, Matt Coalson. Matt is a seasoned veteran from the video game industry who’s the producer for Smart Game Objects. We spent some time asking him about his career in games...

From: Mike Jones

October 25, 2017

The Hauntingly Beautiful UI for D-PARC

The Hauntingly Beautiful UI of D-PARC8 Circuit Studios Developer Journal — Oct 25, 2017This week we’re giving you a sneak peek at the user interface (UI) that has been designed for our game, D-PARC, by the talented Bruno William. D-PARC, a game about deep space survival, is the first...

From: Mike Jones

October 17, 2017

Developer Journal - Oct 16, 2017

Sneak Peak at D-PARC CryostasisMembers of our initial token sale in July had the opportunity to take a sneak peak at D-PARC, our deep space survival game. Since the end of August, we have been putting an emphasis on developing the game play and articulating our roadmap for the integration of...

From: Mike Jones

October 09, 2017

8 Circuit Studios Development Blog

8 Circuit Studios Development JournalIntro to 8 Circuit StudiosKeeping up with the Joneses can be tough. I know; I’m one of ’em. But, 8 Circuit Studios wants to make it easy to keep up with us! With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our development journal. We will be posting...

From: Mike Jones

July 31, 2017

Smart Game Objects

Changing the Rules of GamingAudience: This article is a slightly technical discussion on the creation of objects in the development process and how that is applied to the blockchain. Ideally, anyone should be able to read this article and understand the implications, even though the audience is...

From: Mike Jones

July 10, 2017

Seizing Opportunity for Improvement

A Roadmap for Redefining Video Games with BlockchainI was recently reading a post on Reddit about making video games and enabling it on blockchain. Immediately, the poster was attacked by an individual claiming“Like all crypto-currency evangelists, you peddle a solution to a non-existent...

From: Mike Jones

July 03, 2017

How 8 Circuit Studios Hopes to Influence the Blockchain and Video Game Industries

Why Games MatterThe most successful video games combine the important aspects of quality literature and film (compelling story, well-developed characters, immersion) with a key new element: Choice — an ability to influence the story’s development.Many of my fondest childhood and...

From: Shingai Thornton

June 29, 2017

Video Games, Driving Technology: What’s Next?

Video games might not seem like they impact your daily life, but the truth is video games have been the central driver of technological innovation for over 45 years. Consider all the aspects of your life that perform seamlessly because of the drive to improve gaming.GraphicsVideo games are the...

From: Mike Jones

June 28, 2017

The 8 Circuit Studios Token Sale

Financing Innovation in the Video Game Industry8 Circuit Studios D-PARCWe officially announced the 8 Circuit Studios token sale on June 16th, 2017. Today, we’d like to take this opportunity to dive deeper into our motivations and objectives for doing so as well as provide some additional...

From: James Mayo

June 23, 2017

The 8 Circuit Studios Experiment

Blockchain Based Video Game DevelopmentDreamcatcher by Android JonesWe believe that the most powerful force in the universe is the imagination. It can take us to other worlds — literally and figuratively. It has helped us understand the deepest mysteries of the universe. It is an...

From: James Mayo