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Ubiq (UBQ)
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UBQ Ubiq 0.223928887 ~29 037,34 9 541 408,00 42,609,099 (100%) 42,609,099

Project Description

The cryptocurrency Jumbucks will be renamed as Ubiq (ticker UBQ), an Ethereum fork. Ubiq is the first Ethereum fork which brings about consensus level changes in the form of brand new code. The Digibyte's Digishield v3 difficulty adjustment algorithm has been ported to an Ethereum code base. Incidentally, this is the same difficulty algorithm recently chosen by the Zcash development team.

Coins will be swapped at a 1:10 ratio to the new chain, as so ~36m UBQ will be issued. There will be 2 methods for swapping. Claiming or using an exchange which will perform a claim and adjust on-exchange balances accordingly.

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Ubiq Latest Updates
January 15, 2019

Announcing the Augmentum Incubator Program

Augmentum is a Ubiq community funded incentive program which encourages and assist fair launch, non-ICO token teams in swapping their token to the Ubiq network, allowing them to focus on building their application on a stable platform, reducing maintenance cost and developer time in running...

From: Ubiq

January 10, 2019

Upgrading your Ubiq Node with Supervisor

In the command line, type —sudo apt-get install supervisorsudo touch /etc/supervisor/conf.d/gubiq.confsudo nano /etc/supervisor/conf.d/gubiq.confThe blank gubiq.conf file will open. In the open file, type —[program:gubiq] command=/usr/bin/gubiq --verbosity 3 --rpc --rpcaddr “”...

From: Ubiq

Ubiq Nodes on Raspberry Pi, v2

Nodeward!Use NOOBS or Etcher to install Raspbian Lite on your microSD card.Install your microSD card in the computer, connect your external media, and connect the ethernet cable before booting the system.Power on your Raspberry Pi.When presented with the command line prompt you may begin...

From: Ubiq

January 04, 2019

Mining reward reduction scheduled for block 716,727

In approximately two weeks the second block reward drop will take place, reducing the mining reward from 7 UBQ per block to 6 UBQ per block.This is scheduled to happen approximately on 27 January (depending on block times), reducing token inflation from 6% to 4.89% and annual supply increase...

From: Ubiq

December 31, 2018

Ubiq Monthly Report — December 2018

Credit to Tunachum for theImageWelcome to the last Ubiq monthly report of this year. 2018 has seen some exciting progress on the platform with our governance system Escher being rolled out, a hard-fork upgrade changing the hashing algorithm from Ethash to Ubqhash and several other key...

From: Ubiq

December 17, 2018

How and Why to swap your token to the Ubiq network

This post is intended to inform as to why it may be of benefit utilizing the Ubiq network for your Blockchain needs. Included also are the directions as to How you would swap your token.Immediate benefits ofSwappingFirst, let us look at the immediate benefit a development team will receive by...

From: Ubiq

December 09, 2018

Nov Quarterly Now in Russian — Приветствуем всех в нашем квартальном отчете за ноябрь 2018.

В то время как рынки были пессимистичны, наша команда разработчиков усиленно работала над внедрением нового алгоритма доказательства выполнения работы,...

From: Ubiq

December 06, 2018

Ubiq Research — The Flux Difficulty Algortihm

Welcome back to the Ubiq research series, dedicated to explaining key parts of the Ubiq ecosystem.This time we are focusing on the Flux Difficulty Algorithm, our home-grown solution for ensuring a consistent block time and mining difficulty, despite fluctuating mining hashrate on the...

From: Ubiq

November 30, 2018

Ubiq Quarterly Report — November 2018

Welcome everyone to the Ubiq Quarterly report for November 2018.While the markets have been pessimistic, our development team has been hard at work implementing our new Proof-of-Work Algorithm, Ubqhash.The implementation was a success, with most of the hashrate staying on the network through the...

From: Ubiq

November 22, 2018

Ubiq Research — The Ubiq Mining Ecosystem

Welcome back to our Ubiq research series, dedicated to explaining different parts of the Ubiq platform. This time focusing on our mining ecosystem.TerminologyMining can be somewhat technical in the language used, before reading this post we included a list below of some general terms which are...

From: Ubiq

November 09, 2018

Ubiq in One Page

The UbiqNetworkThe Ubiq network provides a stable blockchain to host an Ethereum Virtual Machine. With several more hard forks planned for ETH’s future, businesses wanting to implement applications on an Ethereum Virtual Machine would be subject to frequent updates and the risk of instability...

From: Ubiq

November 06, 2018

UIP4 — Escher logo competition is now OPEN

We have now opened the Escher logo competition for submissions on GitHub.You can submit your designs to by clicking the following link: selected design will be used as the official logo for the Escher Governance system.We also welcome feedback on the...

From: Ubiq

October 31, 2018

Ubiq Monthly Report — October 2018

Welcome to the October edition of the Ubiq monthly report.The last month has seen our development team focused on implementing the UIP1 hard fork. They have spent significant time on coding and testing the new hashing algorithm, ensuring a stable upgrade to the network at block 660,000.We have...

From: Ubiq

October 18, 2018

Announcing the UIP 1 Hard Fork

JulianBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingOct 17This article follows up on the previous blog post Introducing Ubqhash and formally announces the UIP 1 Hard Fork with upgrade details.Hard forkblockAs discussed in the Introducing Ubqhash blog post, the hard fork will occur during a DAG/Epoch switch,...

From: Ubiq

October 16, 2018

Ubiq Research — Monetary Policy

Welcome to a new series we are creating on the Ubiq blog which aims to explain the decisions made in the development and design of the Ubiq ecosystem.An often overlooked part of the Ubiq design is its monetary policy. The following article will outline our sources of inspiration when designing...

From: Ubiq

October 08, 2018

Introducing Ubqhash

JulianBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingOct 8This article outlines the journey taken towards creating a new independent Proof-of-Work algorithm for Ubiq which we have called Ubqhash.Implementing a hard fork for a new Proof-of-Work algorithm isn’t as easy as it sounds since there are many things to...

From: Ubiq

October 01, 2018

Ubiq September Report — Out Now!

Hello Ubiq Community,Our monthly report for September is now live on our medium blog. This report contains some important development updates around implementing the UIP1 hard fork upgrade to the algorithm and some information about the new Ubiqscan release (spectrum v3).Also in the report, we...

From: Kris Lester

September 28, 2018

Ubiq Monthly Report — September 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the first monthly report in Ubiq’s history.As per our recent our recent news updates we are making this a regular feature on the blog, keeping our community up to date with recent developments in the Ubiq ecosystem.This report contains several key updates around...

From: Kris Lester

September 15, 2018

What we missed from the August Quarterly…

Due to the overwhelming number of updates since we published the February quarterly, there were several news items which we did not have enough time to write about.This blog post aims to address the rest of these updates and to provide the community with some information about the new marketing...

From: Kris Lester

September 11, 2018

Ubiq Improvement Proposal #2 (UIP2), is going LIVE

The second vote utilizing the Escher Governance system is going live in less than 200 blocks (link).UIP2 SummarySince the inception of the Ubiq network, we have been accumulating funds from various sources, such as contributions from APX, income via affiliate links and donations from several...

From: Kris Lester

September 05, 2018

More Single-Board Ubiq Nodes!

This is a guest post on the Ubiq Report blog from Ubiq community member, Matt.In the previous node guide, we followed a step by step instructional focused on configuring a full node for the Ubiq network with a Raspberry Pi computer. The Raspberry Pi line of single-board computers is still the...

From: Matt

August 30, 2018

Ubiq Quarterly Report — August 2018

There are many hurdles to overcome when operating a decentralized smart contract platform. One of the most significant and frequently overlooked obstacles is the development of a flourishing and vibrant community that embraces the project and its tenants. While the downturn in the cryptocurrency...

From: Kris Lester

April 14, 2018

Understanding the Escher Token system

Overview and GoalsWith the past year having the Ubiq core team primarily focused on network infrastructure and user tools like wallets, we are now delegating more time and resources to decentralized applications to use these tools and infrastructure. With the basis for many current open source...

From: Alex Sterk

April 10, 2018

Get up and running with a Ubiq full node on a Raspberry Pi 3

Image c/o Ubbiq8This is a guest post on the Ubiq Report blog from Ubiq community member, Matt.This guide outlines the materials and steps to set up a Ubiq full node on a Raspberry Pi 3 micro-computer with the recommended set up utilizing an externally connected USB SSD drive.This guide is...

From: Matt

March 13, 2018

Ubiq & Trezor: A Quick Guide

Ubiq now supports both of the most popular and trusted hardware wallet devices on the market. Until recently, to enjoy the benefit of securing your UBQ and Ubiq-based tokens using a hardware device, your only option was the Ledger Nano S. Now, Ubiq support has come to Trezor hardware as well. We...

From: Matt

March 01, 2018

Ubiq Quarterly Report — Febuary 2018

Greetings all, the first anniversary of the Ubiq launch was marked with the first step in the monetary policy. The block reward change from 8 to 7 UBQ per block, bringing ~6% current mining inflation at ~40,000,000 coins outstanding. With an eventful first year we saw a lot of growth in the...

From: Alex Sterk

December 04, 2017

Creating your first Ubiq token

The Ubiq ecosystem has matured significantly since launching almost a year ago, as we begin transitioning our focus from phase 1 (infrastructure, wallets, governance) into phase 2 (developer tools, resources, guides) I will be writing a number of posts targeted at developers wishing to utilize...

From: Luke Williams

Ubiq Quarterly Report — November 2017

Ubiq팀이 캐나다 핀테크 대회에서 수상한 ‘올해의 블록체인 회사’ 대상최근 몇 달은 블록체인 분야에 매우 흥미로운 시간이었습니다. 사용자 숫자의 엄청난 성장, 비트코인 사상 최고가 경신, 그리고 제도권 편입 구체화...

From: Ubiq Korea / Ubiq 한국

November 17, 2017

Introducing new developer Aldo Borrero to the Ubiq team

We are pleased to announce the Ubiq development team has been growing, a number of people have been contributing to various Ubiq projects on the platform in a truly open source and decentralized nature. One person in particular deserves a special mention, Aldo Borrero, who has now joined as a...

From: Luke Williams

Lexitoken 3-Month Update, 10grans, and digital cardsThis is a guest post on the Ubiq Report blog which covers the latest update to our project that we are building on the Ubiq platform.It’s been a busy few months for us since we launched the lexitoken project.So what have we been up to? Well, our alpha...

From: robek ‘rw’ world

November 08, 2017

Ubiq on the Ledger hardware wallet

Ubiq is proud to announce that you can now securely receive, store and send your UBQ and Ubiq network tokens on the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue hardware wallets.First off we have exclusively negotiated a deal with a Ledger partner based in North America (cheaper shipping costs for a lot of...

From: Alex Sterk

October 05, 2017

Ubiq has now officially moved to Discord

Ubiq has successfully moved its primary realtime communications platform from Slack to Discord. If you haven’t already moved over, then do so immediately. Feel free to log out of your Ubiq Slack account. At some point we will likely close Slack down and we have not accepted new signups for...

From: Julian

September 19, 2017

The “Problem” with Slack

Currently Slack is considered the defacto standard for larger crypto communities. It does a lot of things very well such as Channels, text communications and 3rd party integrations.It fails on some key areas:Poor moderation featuresCertains “hacks” which are actively exploited for phishing...

From: Julian

August 31, 2017

Ubiq Quarterly Report August 2017

It seems like just yesterday that the first test network for Ubiq was established, but in reality Ubiq launched a year ago, and in that time we’ve seen a flurry of new and exciting developments and collaborations. This report outlines Ubiq’s most recent activity, highlights important events...

From: Alex Sterk

July 06, 2017

Update — July 6, 2017

IntroductionHi all, welcome to the latest update post. Here I’ll outline highlights of some recent Ubiq updates as well as some upcoming developments.Firstly, I wanted to clarify a Tweet I wrote which mentioned that I will start working at Bittrex full time this month (today actually). There...

From: Julian