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Project Description

Timereum is the world's first manually mined smart contract token. Using parent-child Ethereum address pairs, owners can generate coins by moving timereum from their child address to their parent address. Only ten "batches" of coins can be generated per pair, and the reward returned per batch increases as owners wait to deploy batches. Only ten batches are allowed per parent-child pair.

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Timereum Latest Updates
August 13, 2018

App Launch, Development Work and New FAQ

This week, we launched the ELIX App on the Apple and Google Play Stores.Click on either of the images below to download the App on each store.After downloading the app, please be sure to leave the app a review! The ELIX app currently has 61 reviews on the Google Play Store, and 10 reviews on...

From: Team Elix

Frequently Asked Questions About ELIX

This week, in addition to an update, we’re releasing a list of frequently asked questions about ELIX. Here’s the complete list:What can I do with the ELIX app?Crowdfund or support a project using Elix or EtherSupport continuous products using Elix or EtherRequest, pay back, and cancel...

From: Team Elix

August 09, 2018

The ELIX App Is Available On The Apple And Google Play Stores

It’s official! The ELIX app is live on both the Apple And Google Play Stores! Click on either of the images below to download the App on each store.The App Store version is here and the Google Play version here. Be sure to write a review of the app!All of the projects on the app are real...

From: Team Elix

August 06, 2018

We’re Launching The Elix App In Three Days, Giving Away 10,000 ELIX & More

Our giveaway has received over 26,000 entries! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up here. We’re giving away 10,000 ELIX in total to over 100 winners!App LaunchOur app is launching on August 9th! Sign up to get notified of the upcoming launch here. You can view the countdown timer...

From: Team Elix

July 31, 2018

Giveaway Update, Development Progress & Upcoming App Release

If you haven’t already, participate in the 10,000 ELIX giveaway here!BackgroundLast week, we started the 10,000 ELIX giveaway in anticipation of our upcoming app launch on August 9th. The results have been staggering — on Twitter, we received more than 1.6k retweets and over 14,000...

From: Team Elix

July 26, 2018

The ELIX Giveaway Has Started

Our giveaway is live! Click on the above image or the link below to participate.To build hype for the launch of the ELIX app, we are running a big giveaway starting today and continuing until the launch of the app.1 Winner Will Get 500 FREE Elix!100 Winners Will Get 100 FREE Elix!There Will...

From: Team Elix

July 24, 2018

Win Free ELIX In Our Giveaways Leading Up To The App Launch + All The Latest App Improvements!

Welcome to this week’s round of ELIX updates!Get Notified When The App Is OutGet notified when the app is out by signing up on our website here! We’re only a few weeks from the app release on August 9th.Giveaway DetailsThere’s only 16 days before we launch! We know just how excited you...

From: Team Elix

July 16, 2018

ELIX App Release Date, Marketing, Completed Lending Redesign & More

Welcome to this week’s round of ELIX updates. A lot has happened in the past week — keep reading to find out all the exciting details!Countdown and Release DateIn a recent surprise blog post here, we announced that the ELIX app has been approved and is ready for the app stores. Sign up...

From: Team Elix

July 13, 2018

The ELIX App Has Been Approved & The Countdown Has Begun ⏱️

Today’s update marks a key milestone for our community, team and for ELIX. Our app has been approved for both App Stores! Keep reading to find out all the exciting details.The CountdownOur website now has an official countdown until the App Release! You can check out the countdown and sign up...

From: Team Elix

July 10, 2018

The ELIX App Is In Review

Using The AppYou can sign up to get access to the ELIX app at We’ll inform the remaining Beta signups once the app is out.Creator PortalWe’re working on adding new creators to Boost, our crowdfunding platform. You can become an early creator by signing up here. If you need...

From: Team Elix

July 03, 2018

We’ve Submitted the ELIX App To The Apple and Google Play Stores

This week, we’re excited to announce that we’ve submitted our app to the Apple and Google Play Stores! Once each version is approved, we’ll have a final QA (quality assurance) period. During this time, we’ll also be promoting the upcoming app. We’ll announce a release date for the app...

From: Team Elix

June 25, 2018

Transitioning Our App to Production + Creator Referrals (Get ELIX for Referring Creators)

TicrThing, a portable crypto price tracker, was recently added to Boost.Welcome to this week’s round of ELIX updates! As we get ready to put the ELIX App on the store, we’re getting our app ready for the mainnet.Beta SignupsIf you haven’t already, get the Beta of the ELIX app by signing...

From: Team Elix

June 18, 2018

We’re Using Touch ID To Increase Security In The ELIX App + Our New Activity Feed And Ledger…

We’re Using Touch ID To Increase Security In The ELIX App???????? + Our New Activity Feed And Ledger Are Here… and More.Welcome to this round of ELIX updates! Over the past week, we’ve been busy improving our app and getting ready for our app launch. Keep reading to find out about...

From: Team Elix

June 11, 2018

Activity Page, Forbes Feature and Beta Progress

Welcome to this week’s ELIX update! We’ve been hard at work updating and improving our app. Keep reading to check out all the latest ELIX updates.BetaIf you haven’t already, get the Beta of the ELIX app by signing up here. We now have over 1,250 Beta testers signed up. In the next build,...

From: Team Elix

June 04, 2018

A Step-by-Step Guide To Starting Your Own Crypto Project Using ELIX + All The Latest ELIX Updates

The blockchain space is growing exponentially, and many entrepreneurs are eager to test the limits of where this new technology can take us. If you’re one of these pioneers, and are looking to get started with your own crypto project, you’ll probably need an easy way to get others interested...

From: Team Elix

May 29, 2018

We’ve Released A New Demo, Added Tons Of Features, And Posted Our Reddit AMA Thread

This week, we’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new and improved app version with a ton of new features and changes! Check out all the updates below.BetaIf you haven’t already, sign up for the Beta on our homepage here. We now have over 1,200 Beta testers signed up. This week,...

From: Team Elix

May 22, 2018

Upcoming Reddit AMA, Website Interface Design, Development Progress… and More

BetaGet early access to the ELIX app by signing up here. We’ve received over 1,150 Beta signups, and are rolling the Beta out to about 30 new people each build.Creator PortalWe’re working on adding new creators to Boost, our crowdfunding platform. You can become an early creator by signing...

From: Team Elix

May 15, 2018

We’ve Hired Another Developer, Invited More Beta Testers And Improved Our App!

In this week’s update, we dive in to some exiting new updates we’ve made to our team and our app! Read on to learn more about what we’ve been busy creating.Beta signupsWe’ve received over 1,075 Beta signups! If you haven’t already, get early access to the app by signing up here....

From: Team Elix

May 07, 2018

We’ve Hired A Marketing Firm, Have A New Advisor… And More!

We’re excited to bring another week of ELIX updates to our community!Beta SignupsThis week, we’ve reached 975 Beta signups. Get the app by signing up at Submissions PortalIf you’re a creator looking to crowdfund crypto for a project or idea, sign up on our Creator...

From: Team Elix

May 01, 2018

Android Beta, Boost Rewards and Lending

This week, we’ll be releasing our Android build to a few early creators. In addition, our app now supports requesting tokens, and we also support continuous backing for products with volatility-adjusted rewards. Check out all the details below!Beta Signups875 people have signed up for the...

From: Team Elix

April 24, 2018

Absolutely. We’re going to make it easy to spread the word on social media!

Absolutely. We’re going to make it easy to spread the word on social media!

From: Team Elix

Beta Progress: Full Steam Ahead

We’ve been hard at work making many improvements to our Beta builds! Already, a few of our community members are testing out the app and providing valuable feedback. We’ll continue distributing the app to more people over the next few weeks!Sign Up For the BetaIf you haven’t already, be...

From: Team Elix

April 17, 2018

We’re Rolling Out Our Beta!

This week, our Beta rollout begins! We’re now using the Beta testing portal of TestFlight to distribute the app among friends and a few community members. This is an exciting time for us and represents the culmination of many months of hard work! Android testing will be coming in the...

From: Team Elix

We’re Rolling Out Our Beta! Check Out The Update Here.

This week, our Beta rollout begins! We’re now using the Beta testing portal of TestFlight to distribute the app among friends and a few community members. This is an exciting time for us and represents the culmination of many months of hard work! Android testing will be coming in the...

From: Team Elix

April 10, 2018

Getting Ready For Beta

We’ve been hard at work getting our early creators ready for the ELIX Beta! We’ve gotten some great submissions and will be bringing projects onto the platform as we receive all the relevant information about each project. We’re excited to share these projects with the community as the...

From: Team Elix

April 03, 2018

Getting Early Creators Set Up

We’ve chosen a few of the most interesting projects from the Boost submissions, and are reaching out to gather more information from these Creators. Depending on the details of each project, we’re interested in seeing a prototype, video, or getting additional information regarding the...

From: Team Elix

March 27, 2018

Support for Ether Crowdfunding, Boost Video Demo, and Creator Portal

We’ve been hard at work getting ready for the ELIX mobile Beta. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the Beta on our homepage.Creator SignupSign up to become an early creator here. Alternatively, you can also support ELIX by reaching out to creators and helping them sign up. These...

From: Team Elix

March 20, 2018

Become An Early Creator + Development Demo

This week, we’re excited to announce that our Creator Portal is live! We’re looking for exciting, original projects to host on Boost as soon our app goes live.If you’re creator, entrepreneur or storyteller — now is the time to share your work with the community. We need our...

From: Team Elix

March 13, 2018

Two Full Time Cofounders + Design Progress, Beta Signup and Development Demo

ELIX as a company and an idea has grown quickly over the past few months. What started as a short smart contract with a simple idea has developed into a startup requiring work in product design, consumer research, and smart contract and app development. We want to thank our community for...

From: Team Elix

March 05, 2018

Implementing New Designs and Features

This week, we’ve been implementing new features and designs throughout the app. We’re adding some of these features as they are designed. Implementation will be finalized after the colorized versions of the designs are provided. We’ve also requested several additional features from the...

From: Team Elix

February 27, 2018

Design and Development Progress

DesignOur designer is continuing work on the designs for the app. The major grey-scale design work and wire-framing is likely to be completed soon. This work includes additional designs for our crowdfunding platform Boost like filtering and sorting options, customized alert views, and other...

From: Team Elix

February 20, 2018

Moving Toward Beta

DesignThis week, the design firm is continuing to work on the greyscale designs for the app — with a specific focus on Boost, the crowdfunding platform. After greyscale wireframes are completed, color will be added and we will begin adding these new designs to our app. Below, we share a...

From: Team Elix

February 13, 2018

Ropsten Demo Video and Token P

This week, we wanted to provide a video demonstrating the interactions of the app after its deployment to the official Ethereum testnet, Ropsten. In the video below, we show the process of triggering functionality from within the mobile app, and how it is then reflected onto the Ropsten...

From: Team Elix

February 06, 2018

Automated Testing Video Demos and App Progress

Design UpdateOn Thursday, the design firm began work redesigning the ELIX app. They are finishing a preliminary design plan this week, and will then work on a wireframe version. We look forward to sharing their new designs in the near future.Mobile UpdateOur smart contracts are now successfully...

From: Team Elix

January 30, 2018

Transitioning To Alpha

This week’s update is focused on development progress, both in the smart contracts and app.Automated TestingThis week, we began working with to begin an initial 80 hour engagement. We anticipate expanding this engagement length if needed. We began today by reviewing the logic of the...

From: Team Elix

January 23, 2018

Crowdfunding Smart Contract And Video Demo

This week, we’re excited to release a demo of our crowdfunding smart contract as well as an investment video demo! Before the demos, we’d like to give some general information about our goals and vision for Boost.BackgroundBoost is our crowdfunding platform hosted on the ELIX mobile app. A...

From: Team Elix

January 16, 2018

Crowdfunding App Demo, Team Expansion, 1Protocol and New Whitepaper

Crowdfunding Video DemoWe’ve been hard at work building Boost, our crowdfunding platform. In this week’s update, we show a preview of the platform in action. Every user of our app can use Boost to raise funds for any project. In the demo video, the user first navigates to a crowdfunding...

From: Team Elix

January 09, 2018

Elix — Blockchain Crowdfunding

Over the past week, we’ve been working on our crowdfunding platform. As with every aspect of our mobile application and the platforms we are building, including payments and lending, our vision was to create a simple and easy experience for both our crowdfunding project creators and...

From: Team Elix

January 03, 2018

Our New Website Is Live

As promised, the new website is now live! If you don’t know how to reach it already, a link to the official Elixir website can be found by clicking here. Be sure to clear them cache on your browser to get the newest look.We will be including different language variations to the website as...

From: Team Elix

January 01, 2018

Website Release Tomorrow

Our new website comes out tomorrow. It’s a chance for us to share our backgrounds and say why we’ve chosen to pursue this project.Product DirectionWe’d like to update everyone on recent progress we’ve made regarding our product direction. With our new mining algorithm working already,...

From: Team Elix

December 26, 2017

Website and Smart Contracts Development

In last week’s update, we announced that our website design had been completed. This week, we’re excited to announce that our website development is near completion, and further information regarding an exact release date will be provided to our community soon. As we have promised, this new...

From: Team Elix

December 18, 2017

Smart Contracts Demo

With our new website design complete, it’s time to code it. One of us is currently working on that — we’ll keep the community updated as we progress. Here’s one more preview of the latest design:DemoThis week, we’re releasing our smart contracts demo! These deployed contracts...

From: Team Elix

December 12, 2017

Elix — Full Speed Ahead

Another week, another batch of updates! We’ve been so amazed by our designer’s recent work that we wanted to show it off to start this week’s update. We look forward to sharing the finished product in the near future.For this week’s application development, we focused on creating the...

From: Team Elix

December 06, 2017

New Exchange Listing: KuCoin

We’re excited to announce that Elixir has just been listed on the growing exchange of KuCoin! As of now, Elixir is located on 3 separate exchanges, and will continue to grow in the future as well. KuCoin has listed Elixir with two trading pairs for users to choose from: ELIX/BTC and ELIX/ETH....

From: Team Elix

December 05, 2017

Elix — Product Demo And Direction

This week’s update brings exciting news. Our mobile application demo shows a user’s ability to pay back a loan in installments of their choosing, as well as pass new parameters when initiating a loan request. As promised, we’ve now included the option to set interest on the loan, which the...

From: Team Elix

November 28, 2017

Elix Lending — Smart Contract Interfacing

This week, we continued working on our smart contracts and app. We have now implemented the ability to pay back loans and added automatic refreshing. We plan to demo this next week. We would like to focus on our smart contract progress in this blog post.First, we have added the ability for...

From: Team Elix

November 21, 2017

Elix Mobile — Functional Loan Activation

This week, we continued improving our app and smart contracts. Firstly, we made a considerable number of touch-ups within the app. For example, we cleaned up the UI of the Contact and Wallet pages, and completely removed any dummy data. We plan to have the blank space in the Wallet page fill up...

From: Team Elix

November 14, 2017

Elix Mobile — Real-Time Notifications

In last week’s update, we demonstrated how the mobile application is now linked to the contracts on our testnet blockchain. We’re able to utilize our functions from within the contracts. For this past week, we’ve been working on further integrating the contract’s functionalities and...

From: Team Elix

November 05, 2017

Elix Mobile — Loan Requests Demo

This week’s update takes a look at some of the newest features we’ve implemented in the Elix mobile lending app. Most notably, we’ve integrated the app’s front-end with the lending contract on an Ethereum testnet chain. The app is able to quickly retrieve and send information to the...

From: Team Elix

October 29, 2017

Reddit AmA Review

Recently, we held a Reddit AmA on our subreddit to discuss the future plans for Elix and our current progress, as well as to answer any questions investors or our community had for us. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out the AmA thread first by clicking here. Some topics of...

From: Team Elix