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Render Token is an Ethereum-based distributed GPU rendering network and marketplace. RNDR is a utility token that powers and serves as currency on Render Token's ecosystem.

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Render Token Latest Updates
December 05, 2018

RNDR Genesis Bonus Executed!

The RNDR Network would like to thank our current Genesis token holders for completing the form we sent out a few weeks ago. Your submissions have been very helpful for cross-referencing with the information that we currently have, making this process fair and safe to all participants.We would...

From: Render Token

November 13, 2018

Deep-Dive: Phase III RNDR Update

It’s been almost a year since our team began development on the RNDR Network. The goal is to build an open decentralized network that democratizes the tools and services artists need to produce advanced photorealistic computer graphics and holographic media.Looking back on the process that...

From: Render Token

October 17, 2018

Next-Generation GPU Compute on the Blockchain: RNDR Beta Survey Results

In July, after we completed Phase II of our roadmap, the RNDR Network released a Beta Interest survey to help get a picture of GPU supply and demand for the Beta phase of our launch. The survey was quietly released to the RNDR community during a brief period towards the end of July and prior to...

From: Render Token

October 12, 2018

A Node Side Application Walkthrough

In our last project update, we shared “RNDR’s Phase II Walkthrough”, which showed users how to render a job through the ORC interface and pay with RNDR tokens. These tokens were held in an escrow account from the time the job was requested until it was completed. During the process, the...

From: Render Token

September 27, 2018

SIGGRAPH 2018 — RNDR Highlights

A recap of OTOY and RNDR roadmap updates at this year’s edition of SIGGRAPH, along with highlights of the most exciting announcements in the graphics industry.At the 2018 edition of SIGGRAPH, the most important computer graphics event in the world, OTOY released previews of its 2018 and 2019...

From: RNDR Team

August 24, 2018

Crash Course on RNDR

Six fundamental excerpts from Jules Urbach’s talk at NVIDIA GTC that sum up RNDR, the raytracing industry’s ABCs, and our commitment to the growing of the path to holographic media and publishing.NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) gathers a wide range of professionals to discuss how...

From: RNDR Team

August 10, 2018


Next week RNDR will head up to Vancouver for SIGGRAPH, one of the world’s largest and longest standing computer graphics event.Here is a preview of OTOY Co-Founder and CEO Jules Urbach’s talks at the NVIDIA and Unity booths unveiling the future of OctaneRender and RNDR blockchain...

From: RNDR Team

August 06, 2018

A Deep Dive into RNDR’s Phase II

As the technological development of our second stage comes to an end, we want to give our RNDR community a clear view of what we’ve accomplished so far and what we’re up to now.During Phase I, the RNDR Team worked to integrate the RNDR Token with the existing ORC system, completing the...

From: RNDR Team

April 13, 2018

Render Token and the Future of Media

There’s so much more to RNDR than a solution for the rendering market’s unmet GPU demand.The rendering market contextWe’re currently experiencing an exponential growth in the rendering market and it’s safe to say that it’s just the beginning. For those of you who are unfamiliar with...

From: Render Token

March 31, 2018

RNDR Roadmap — Phase I: (✓)

The RNDR team is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the first phase of the project’s roadmap.As this initial stage comes to an end, we wanted our community to have a clear view of what we’ve accomplished up to now and where that leaves us for Q2.The end of March also marks...

From: Render Token

March 28, 2018

ORBX: on the Road Towards Standardization

The Render Token project is far from being OTOY’s only contribution to the development of rendering solutions for today’s rapid technology evolution.This blog will discuss ORBX, a revolutionary building block offered by OTOY that has been improving for years. We will go over what it is,...

From: Render Token

March 15, 2018

RNDR’s Debut at GTC 2018, NVIDIA’s Must-Attend GPU Event

Jules Urbach, OTOY’s co-founder and CEO, will be presenting RNDR at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference.Jules and OTOY are both among GTC’s big names since 2010. Things have come a long way: in 2013’s edition he presented the OctaneRender Cloud Edition alongside Nvidia’s CEO Jensen...

From: Render Token

March 08, 2018

RNDR: New changes to the token structure of the RNDR Network

We are making technical changes to accommodate new possibilities for the networkDear RNDR Token Community,As we get closer to Phase I and the launch of the RNDR network, we wanted to make public some changes that we have been planning for the RNDR Network.Here is what we intend to do:We elect...

From: Render Token

RNDR Network: Updates

A reflection and review of the past few months — the following summary goes over RNDR 2017 and what is planned for 2018Dear RNDR Community,2018 is a crucial year for the RNDR Network and we want you to be a part of it. The RNDR Network addresses the continuously growing demand for...

From: Render Token

November 20, 2017

Important Updates for RNDR and Upcoming Community Sale

Existing RNDR users to get Airdrop and access to exclusive Community SaleDear RNDR Community,For the past 5 weeks, the RNDR team has been hard at work on Phase I, which will integrate RNDR tokens into the Octane Render Cloud, the largest end-to-end cloud GPU rendering system. This will allow...

From: Render Token

November 01, 2017

RNDR + Sia

Announcing a partnership linking decentralized rendering and decentralized storageDear RNDR Community,We are pleased to announce an official partnership with Sia to bring their decentralized storage platform to the RNDR network as we roll out development and our roadmap over the next...

From: Render Token

October 13, 2017

RNDR Phase I — Development Begins Now!

By Jules UrbachDear RNDR Community,Today the marks the finalization of our RNDR “Genesis” Token Sale, and the official launch of development of Phase I of the RNDR network.I want to thank all of you who contributed. You are truly part of something special and unique — and your...

From: Render Token

October 10, 2017

RNDR Token Sale Update: Token Finalization is now October 12th!

Dear RNDR Community,We deeply appreciate the passionate support and contributions from every early backer of RNDR — you are a foundational part of all that is to come. It has been moving and humbling to watch so many of you proudly posting images of your Render Token purchases on Twitter...

From: Render Token

October 07, 2017

RNDR — Day 1: Let there be light…

By: Jules UrbachWhat an incredible first day for #RNDR.We are humbled and moved by all of you — friends and strangers, artists and miners, users and fans — who supported RNDR in those first minutes, hours and days following the opening of the token sale to pre-registered users. We...

From: Render Token

An Update from the RNDR Team

Dear RNDR Community,We are so happy to finally announce that we are officially in the early stages of the RNDR Token Sale! We want to thank the community for the support that we have been receiving since we launched the concept of RNDR.We wanted to address some questions that have been posed to...

From: Render Token

October 05, 2017

RNDR Token Sale Details

Details regarding token sale contributionWe are pleased to say that we are less than 24 hours away from the official RNDR Token Sale Launch! For those that registered, contribution will begin at 4:00pm UTC on October 5th.One hour before the sale, we will be posting a link on this article that...

From: Render Token

September 27, 2017

RNDR Token Registration Opens Today at 4pm UTC!

UPDATE #2: Registration is now closed. Rolling registration will open on October 8th at register.rendertoken.comUPDATE: Registration is live at register.rendertoken.comHi everyone,We are very excited to announce that registration for Render Token will open on our site at 4pm UTC today. In order...

From: Render Token

Note on RNDR Token Sale

Based on a few questions on our social media networks, we wanted to explain the sizing of our token offering on October 5th.OTOY has determined the size of the Render Token public sale pool by the projected demand in the outsourced rendering marketplace which is already a multimillion dollar...

From: Render Token

September 25, 2017

Announcing newest RNDR Token Advisors

Today, we are very excited to announce that Demian Brener and Manuel Aráoz of Zeppelin Solutions will be joining the Render Token advisory board. To provide more clarity into this new partnership, we asked them a few questions about RNDR.RNDR Team: What drew you to this project?Demian and...

From: Render Token