Crypto Coin Overview
NavCoin (NAV)
X13 (PoW/PoS)
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Daily Volume 31,64 Hour trend -0.83 Daily Trend -4.16 Week Trend -21.01
NavCoin Summary information
Ticker Coin Name Price, $ Coin Turnover 24H Market Cap, Available supply Total supply
NAV NavCoin 0.1309875136 ~849 070,71 8 348 307,00 63,733,607 (100%) 63,733,607

Project Description

NavCoin (NAV) is a privacy-driven PoW/PoS hybrid cryptocurrency. NAV uses the x13 hashing algorithm. NavCoin's encryption software disconnects and randomises the transaction data, removing it even from an IP address. NavCoin uses a subchain to process anonymous transactions.

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NavCoin Latest Updates
November 11, 2018

Community Fund Locked-in, Upgrade Now Mandatory

The Community Fund soft fork has successfully passed network consensus with over 83% of blocks voting in favour of the consensus change on just the third voting period since version 4.4.0 was released.This means the soft fork is now locked-in and the consensus change will activate at block...

From: NavCoin

August 18, 2018

NPIP004: Static Block Reward

After the ClockSync fix was soft forked into the network a couple of months ago, NavCoin is now compliant with the Proof of Stake v2 protocol as published by Blackcoin: next logical step is to become compliant with PoS v3. The spec...

From: Craig MacGregor

March 28, 2018

A week of planning, the community website takes shape, and Alex upskills developers

This week saw Berlin based Alex pass his years of blockchain experience onto developers Mike, Paul and Matt in Auckland in order to upskill them on the advanced parts of NavCoin core. Their work together over the past few days has shown that even though people in the NavCoin community might live...

From: NavCoin

March 21, 2018

NavPi Kowhai UX Flow And New NavCoin Core Page

This week the community and developers have been busy contributing to a range of NavCoin projects including NavPi, planning the upcoming NavCoin community website, and NavMorph. Now let’s take a closer look at what they have been doing.Developer updatesAfter a bit of work Mike has revised and...

From: NavCoin

March 14, 2018

Development Update, New NavCoin Contributors and Community Meetups

This week again there has been steady development progress across the main layer two applications which the NavCoin Core team are building on top of the NavCoin protocol.With the main APIs for the NavPi Kowhai project finished, Mike and Craig have spent some time planning the user interface to...

From: NavCoin

March 07, 2018

Development Update, Website Restructure Underway & Community News

The NavCore team and NavCoin community continue to make development progress on the roadmapped features. The NavCoin website is set for a refresh as well as additional informative content in support of existing projects.Development UpdateThere’s been lots of development progress across the...

From: NavCoin

February 28, 2018

NavTech page, NavPi update, and London Meetup

This week the NavCore team has launched a new page on the website which provides some top level information about NavTech. A community event is on the horizon for London NavCoin enthusiasts. And we get you up to date on all the development projects happening in the community. There’s a light...

From: NavCoin

February 21, 2018

NavCore Project Progress, Nav Community & Marketing Update

There has been a lot of solid progress made this week as the new team members start contributing to the main projects they will be working on. We will keep you updated on each project’s progress as milestones are achieved. Don’t forget it’s all open source so you can follow along on the...

From: NavCoin

February 14, 2018

Knowledge Base Launched, NavPi Ready, Encrypt S Expansion

In this week’s report we have a new batch of NavPi’s, another new Software Engineer joins Encrypt S as a NavCoin contributor, and the new NavCoin Knowledge Base is now live.NavCoin Knowledge BaseThe new Knowledge Base platform is now live and expands the NavCoin community’s technical...

From: NavCoin

Knowledge Base Launched, NavPi Ready, Another New Team Member

In this weeks report — we have a new batch of NavPi’s, another new Software Engineer joining the team, and our new NavCoin Knowledge Base is now live.NavCoin Knowledge BaseIn an effort to improve the available technical support resources, we have opened a new knowledge base platform...

From: NavCoin

February 12, 2018

Building a stronger, better, NavCoin

In our last article, we explained why we created Valence and how it evolved out of the need to make our second blockchain more versatile: we want to talk about how Valence will help the NavCoin ecosystem grow, how these two...

From: NavCoin

February 07, 2018

Knowledge Base Replacing Support Forum, New Team Member Hired

This week we’ve closed the support forum in favour of a knowledge base system, hired the latest addition to the engineering team and we continue to work as hard as ever to publish the content series of explainers about Valence and NavCoin’s new roadmap.Knowledge Base Replacing Our Technical...

From: NavCoin

February 02, 2018

Welcome to Valence

With the release of our roadmap a few weeks ago, the NavCoin community has been itching to hear the details of what we’ve set out to accomplish. This is the first in a series of articles that will help explain our motivation, what Valence is, how it enhances NavCoin, and why we’re so excited...

From: NavCoin

January 31, 2018

NavTech Subchain Upgrade Success

This week has seen a successful rollout of the new NavTech Subchain and the Core team’s NavTech servers are back online. The Coinomi wallet has been updated and there are some new services that have integrated NavCoin. All while our marketing team prepares to release the first of a series of...

From: NavCoin

January 24, 2018

Roadmap Follow Up, NavTech Upgrade and Team Expansion Plans

Another exciting week at NavCoin HQ as we prepare to release more information on our 2018 roadmap, upgrade the NavTech Subchain and plan our team expansion.Roadmap Follow UpSince the release of the roadmap last week — we’ve seen a lot of excited and positive responses, as well as lots...

From: NavCoin

January 17, 2018

Our 2018 Roadmap is Live

Our 2018 Roadmap Is Live!We’re excited to be releasing our 2018 roadmap with you this week. The NavCore team has been working hard to formulate a solid strategy and clear vision for NavCoin. The release of our 2018 roadmap is the first stage of sharing our wider vision. We feel this roadmap...

From: NavCoin

January 10, 2018

Kickstart 2018, NavPi Back In Stock and Electrum Export to NavPay

The team have come back from their holidays feeling rested and energetic! After a fairly hectic end of year period, having some time to unplug and relax has allowed us to recharge our batteries and get ready for the big year ahead.Kickstart 2018We’ve spent the first few days catching up on...

From: NavCoin

January 09, 2018

Electrum Export to NavPay

After the NavCoin hardfork implemented in December, an unexpected side effect was that the NavCoin Electrum wallet has been unable to sign transactions. The NavCoin Electrum wallet is a product line which we are discontinuing in favour of NavPay. With the signature issue and the recently...

From: NavCoin

December 26, 2017

Thank you 2017!

What an incredible year 2017 has been for NavCoin. This really was the year where NavCoin grew from the side project it started as, into the mature project you see before you today.We now have six full-time staff members across the marketing and engineering departments, each of whom have played...

From: NavCoin

December 20, 2017

Take Control With NavPay — The Easiest Way to Safely Store Your Nav Coin.

Today we are excited to be releasing our new light wallet — NavPay!With governments around the world continuing to show how vulnerable our internet freedoms really are, it’s more important than ever that users have the tools they need to safeguard their rights.What is NavPay?NavPay is...

From: NAV Coin

NavPay Release, Community Fund Success, and Holiday Break

In this week’s report — NavPay is about to be released, the community fund crosses the line, and information on the upcoming holiday break.NavPay ReleaseIt’s almost here! At around 8–9pm GMT (on the 20th), we’ll be launching our new light wallet — NavPay.The team is...

From: NAV Coin

December 19, 2017

The Community Has Spoken

The Nav Coin Community Fund has officially been approved!In fact we’ve had an overwhelming amount of positive votes since the majority of the network updated to the latest wallet version with the vote period completing at around 81% yes (above and beyond the 75% threshold).Nav is a community...

From: NAV Coin

December 13, 2017

Hard Fork Success, Update On Community Fund, and New NavPi Version

In this weeks update — a successful hard fork, an update on the community fund, and a new version of the NavPi available for download.Hard Fork SuccessA few days ago, on the 11th Dec, the Nav Coin network successfully hard forked to version 4.1.0. And we’d like to send a huge thank you...

From: NAV Coin

December 07, 2017

Reminder: Please Vote For The Community Fund

With the community vote still running, we thought we would send out a friendly reminder to make sure everyone is taking part, by staking the network & voting on the fund.We’re so close to getting this over the line with over 90% of the community voting “Yes” so far. If you’ve...

From: NAV Coin

December 06, 2017

CryptoLark Interview, The NavPay Launch Date, and Xmas NavPi’s sold out

In this week’s update — Craig’s interview with The Crypto Lark, the xmas batch of NavPi’s selling out, and the NavPay launch date is announced.NavPay launch — 20th DecemberWe’re gearing up for our NavPay launch! On the 20th of December we will be pushing this...

From: NAV Coin

November 29, 2017

Final NavPay Beta, The Uquid Card Relaunch & A Limited Batch Of NavPi’s.

This week’s update — the final version of NavPay beta, the Uquid card relaunch, and a limited batch of NavPi’s.Final Testing Of NavPay BetaThe final version of NavPay Beta has been released, and bug fixing has begun with mainly minor enhancements yet to be implemented. We are also...

From: NAV Coin

November 22, 2017

NavPay Beta Continues, NavChain Prototype & Team Productivity Tooling

This week — an update on the NavPay beta, the building of the NavChain prototype, a new NavPi batch and the release of the German Nav Coin website.NavPay Public Beta ContinuesBeta testing and bug fixing continues with only one bug left to fix on mobile safari and some minor enhancements...

From: NAV Coin

November 19, 2017

Quick Update On The Community Vote And Network

Hi everyone! Just a very quick Monday update from the team.It’s been a busy few weeks with the team involved in lots of planning/strategy sessions — but we’ve noticed some confusion around the community vote & a few other items, so we thought we’d give you a quick update.Update...

From: NAV Coin

November 15, 2017

Staff Onboarding, Team Expansion and NavPay Beta Update

This week has seen the Nav team in planning and strategy mode with the welcome on-boarding of Kieren, Paul and Laura and talks about further team expansion have begun. NavPay Public Beta continues as we iron out the creases proposed in the public beta with our private beta teams on GitHub. Our...

From: NAV Coin

November 08, 2017

NavPay Public Beta Launched

It’s been another busy week for the Nav Coin Team as ready the NavPay beta for public launch, continue the migration to discord and engage users to upgrade and vote on the Community Fund proposal.NavPay Public Beta LaunchedWith the success of the NavPay private beta test this week, we have...

From: NAV Coin

November 01, 2017

Nav Pay Beta Launched

It’s been an eventful week for both the Nav Coin Team and Community with some big achievements made on our major projects. During this week’s AMA on Discord the team announced the Nav Pay Beta will start today and revealed some exciting information about the upcoming Anonymous DApp platform...

From: NAV Coin

October 28, 2017

Nav Coin Community Fund — Still Sitting on the Fence?

Still unsure about our latest vote on the community fund? No worries! Here’s a quick reminder why this will be beneficial for Nav Coin.Why A Community Fund?The funds that will be generated from the staking rewards will be used for two purposes:Funds will be used to help grow & scale the...

From: NAV Coin

October 25, 2017

Fund Voting Update, Nav Coin Korea Live and Discord Launched

In this week’s report we have an update on the community fund network vote which is currently underway. We’ve been listed on the korean exchange UpBit and released the full korean translation of our website. We’ve launched the official Nav Coin Discord channel and more. Check...

From: NAV Coin

October 04, 2017

Binace Vote Started, Nav Pi Ready to Ship and Nav Coin ES Launched

This week the Nav Coin Team activated a community vote to get NAV on Binance, commenced building the third batch of Nav Pi, launched a full Español version of the Nav Coin website and fixed the login issue on our technical support forum. It’s been a busy week to say the least!Binance...

From: NAV Coin

September 27, 2017

NavPi Shipment, Polmorph Update and Team Expansion

It’s been a busy week as always at Nav Coin HQ. We have landed the final piece of the NavPi units so we can begin to build and ship batch 3 in the coming days. We’re steaming ahead on Polymorph and also looking to add some new developers to the Auckland team.NavPi Batch 3The NavPi Boards...

From: NAV Coin

July 19, 2017

Nav Pi Orders Open, Banner Competition Voting, Mobile Wallet Progress

This week we are opening the pre-orders of our Nav Pi units on the Nav Coin store. Our Engineering Team is edging towards the release candidate of our Web & Mobile Wallet. The Community have been successfully Beta Testing NavTech 1.2 and the Nav Coin Core 4.0.4 Wallet. The Strategy Team has...

From: NavCoin

April 10, 2017

Bloktex Malaysia Conference Round Up

NavCoin Core Engineer Craig MacGregor has attended the Bloktex Conference in Kuala Lumpur this weekend and has delivered his presentation on the technology inside private cryptocurrencies.The presentation was well received by the audience and the conference as a whole has been great. There were...

From: NavCoin

March 29, 2017

Nav Coin’s Q1 Software Launch

Nav Coin’s Q1 Software LaunchNavCoin continues to earn its place in the market as the currency goes from strength to strength. The NavCoin Core Developers round out Q1 with a bundle of great software releases, a fresh new look and a strong project roadmap filled with premium projects.NavCoin...

From: NavCoin