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Project Description

IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger protocol that goes 'beyond blockchain' through its core invention of the blockless ‘Tangle’. The IOTA Tangle is a quantum-proof Directed Acyclic Graph, with no fees on transactions & no fixed limit on how many transactions can be confirmed per second in the network. Instead, throughput grows in conjunction with activity in the network; the more activity, the faster the network. Unlike blockchain architecture, IOTA has no separation between users and validators; rather, validation is an intrinsic property of using the ledger, thus avoiding centralization. IOTA is initially focused on serving as the backbone of the emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT). For a more in depth look at the technical design of IOTA read their 

Project Features

Micro transactions

For the first time ever true micro and even nano-transactions are enabled due to the unique IOTA Tangle architecture, providing developers with a brand new set of tools for their applications in both IoT and Web. This nurtures brand new business opportunities for companies that prohibitive fees has kept in the realm of the impossible until now.

Data transfer

Core feature of IOTA is the ability to transfer data through the Tangle. IOTA gives you several options to do so, making it possible to establish secure and authenticated communication channels between devices. All data which is transferred through IOTA is fully authenticated and tamper-proof - making attacks impossible.


Although IOTA is uniquely suited for the Internet-of-Things, the Tangle enables a variety of different use cases that involve secure data transmission, especially for eGovernance. An important part of this sector is e-Voting. The exploration into this field of use-cases has already begun by several companies and academics.

Masked messaging

As the first extensible module of the IOTA core, MAM enables nodes to exchange data through the Tangle, fully authenticated and encrypted. This means that your devices can transmit valuable and sensitive data with quantum-proof security through the Tangle, ready to be analyzed later. MAM makes it possible to share data with multiple parties easily, similar to a radio, multiple parties can simply tune in on your frequency and get the broadcast data.

 Leasing anything with a Chip

While the whole world has adopted the ‘Sharing Economy’ in areas like driving and accommodation, IOTA enables a whole new realm where anything with a chip in it can be leased in real time. Most of our belongings stay idle for the vast majority of time that we possess ownership of it, but through IOTA a lot of these things like Appliances, Tools, Drones, eBikes etc. and resources such as computer storage, computational power, WiFi bandwidth etc. can be turned into leasing-services effortlessly.

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IOTA Latest Updates
October 03, 2018

Welcome Cara Harbor to the IOTA Foundation

Cara Harbor joins The IOTA Foundation as the new Head of Communication. In this role, she will be instrumental in developing The IOTA Foundation’s external and internal communication strategy. She will also lead the charge in ensuring IOTA Foundation news and relevant information is...

From: David Sønstebø

Qubic status update October 3rd 2018

September was all about testing the Qubic programming language Abra and creating its initial support library, which is written in Abra of course. While creating the support library, the need arose to be able to verify all kinds of ideas. This resulted in a parallel trajectory where a simple Abra...

From: Eric Hop

October 01, 2018

One seed to sow your key(s)

IOTA tokens are stored in private, pseudo-anonymous virtual ‘wallets’. Each wallet is identified and protected by a unique access key known as a ‘seed’. Although we call them wallets, they do not actually store the tokens. Think of them as keychains that give you access to the tokens you...

From: Koen Maris

Validity in the Tangle: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This article discusses how we can assess the validity of a transaction in a distributed ledger, and the particular issues we face in the case of the Tangle.To begin with, let’s look at blockchain data structures. In a blockchain, before users attach a new block to the end of a chain they will...

From: Clara Shikhelman

September 21, 2018

Welcome Florian Doebler to the IOTA Foundation

Florian Doebler is an Economist and Entrepreneur with a focus on behavioral science and international development. He joins the IOTA Foundation as Social Impact & Donor Relations Coordinator at our headquarters in Berlin. During his studies in Munich and Vienna his academic interest centered...

From: David Sønstebø

September 14, 2018

Resource Tests in Qubic

Special thanks to Paul Handy, Serguei Popov, Navin RamachandranThe Qubic Team at IOTA (Samuel Reid, Paul Handy, Eric Hop, Donald Kelly, CFB) has been developing the concept of Quorum-Based Computations (QBCs) on the IOTA Tangle. The Qubic Protocol intends to establish a global decentralized...

From: Samuel Reid

September 06, 2018

Node configuration for Trinity wallet support

Following the beta release of Trinity Desktop, we have received multiple reports of nodes being incompatible with Trinity Desktop, despite working well with Trinity Mobile.This blog post explains the differences between the mobile and desktop platforms which lead to this issue. We then outline...

From: Rihards Grāvis

ENGIE Lab CRIGEN and the IOTA Foundation to drive DLT innovation in the smart energy ecosystem

Oslo, Norway, July 2018 — ENGIE Lab CRIGEN and The IOTA Foundation (IOTA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in experimentation with the IOTA Tangle in the Energy and related IoT domains.ENGIE Lab CRIGEN is the corporate research center of the ENGIE Group, a global energy...

From: Wilfried Pimenta

September 05, 2018

Welcome Mark Nixon to the IOTA Foundation

Mark Nixon joins IOTA to head up the Smart City Program. He brings a wealth of experience gained across the TMT sector having held senior commercial and operational roles for 3Com, Verizon, Nokia, O2 and most recently Huawei where he led the Business Consulting Practice in MENA.Mark started his...

From: David Sønstebø

September 03, 2018

Qubic status update September 3rd 2018

August was all about cleaning up details on the Qubic programming language Abra. We finalized many details associated with the syntax of the language and began understanding user experience implementation aspects of the project. The results are promising and cemented our belief that we should be...

From: Eric Hop

Modelling New Business Models with IOTA

People often ask me what Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology is. As a technical analyst, it is part of my job to explain it to them. However some technologies are extremely difficult to explain in a simple fashion.DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology is one of those cases. Even for...

From: Jan Pauseback

September 02, 2018

Welcome Michele Nati to the IOTA Foundation

Michele Nati, PhD has 15 years of experience in the fields of data and IoT, working on research and development and recently on innovation in a number of roles, from Academia to SMEs to government organisations. During his career he pioneered and touched all the technologies and aspects that...

From: David Sønstebø

September 01, 2018

Coming Up: Local Snapshots

A development status updateOver the last few months, the IOTA network has seen a significant increase in activity as more and more developers start to implement solutions based on the Tangle. While this is a very promising development, reflecting the increasing adoption of IOTA, it also results...

From: Hans Moog

August 31, 2018

Welcome Sam Chen to the IOTA Foundation

陳志誠 (Sam Chen) is a software engineer based in Taiwan, with experience in embedded systems, the Android framework, and software integration. He holds a Bachelor of Science with specialization in computer science and studied electronic engineering in industrial high school.Sam has helped...

From: David Sønstebø

August 30, 2018

Welcome Marwen Trabelsi to the IOTA Foundation

Marwen Trabelsi is a software engineer with experience in multi-threading and concurrency in Linux systems. Marwen graduated from the High Institute of Computer Science (Institut supérieur d’Informatique), in Tunis. He was curious about Bitcoin and distributed systems (such as the BitTorrent...

From: David Sønstebø

August 29, 2018

Economics in Cryptoland

Two forms of money are familiar: token- and ledger-based. The former consists of coins and bills. Possession of the tokens amounts to their ownership. The history of their possession is irrelevant to their current status. Ideally the tokens are scarce, verifiable, durable, portable, unforgeable,...

From: Gur Huberman

Welcome Brord van Wierst to the IOTA Foundation

Brord van Wierst is a full stack programmer with a focus on creating complex programming infrastructure and server-side data management. He graduated only 2 years ago with a Bachelors in Computer Science from the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.Since a young age, Brord has shown...

From: David Sønstebø

August 28, 2018

Welcome Janine Härtel to the IOTA Foundation

Janine Härtel joins the Mobility & Automotive adoption team as a senior project manager. Since she was a young girl, Janine has driven every car she could get her hands on, old or new, no matter which brand or model. She also loves to watch Formula 1 and DTM.Over the last years Janine...

From: David Sønstebø

Welcome Hans Moog to the IOTA Foundation

Hans Moog is a tech enthusiast, hacker and entrepreneur, with 24 years of experience in software development. He studied computer science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich with a focus on cloud computing, IT security and artificial intelligence. He started his first company at the age...

From: David Sønstebø

August 25, 2018

Trinity Desktop Beta Release

The IOTA Foundation is proud to announce the public beta release of the Trinity Desktop wallet app.The Trinity Mobile wallet was released to a warm reception earlier this year, addressing many of the usability issues of the standard GUI wallet. Since that time the team has continually iterated...

From: Navin Ramachandran

August 17, 2018

Welcome Casper Eicke Frederiksen to the IOTA Foundation

Casper Eicke Frederiksen is a journalist and communications consultant who initially started writing about politics, social issues, culture and sports, but throughout the years moved on to welfare technology, robotic / digital impact on the labour market, machine learning and AI.Casper studied...

From: David Sønstebø

Beta version of our new JavaScript library, IOTA.JS out now

We have been hard at work for the past couple of months, making some significant changes to the JavaScript library. The goal was to make the library easier to maintain and make the codebase more developer-friendly. So that not only us, but anyone from our community can easily make changes and...

From: Jakub Cech

August 16, 2018

Welcome Rihards Gravis to the IOTA Foundation

Rihards Gravis is the lead developer of the Trinity desktop wallet and long standing member of the IOTA community. After graduating from The Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences he has been gaining development-related experience over the past 10 years. He started as a front-end developer and...

From: David Sønstebø

August 15, 2018

The First Cohort of Ecosystem Development Fund Grantees

While it took many months (many more than we would have hoped) to establish the legal framework and internal governance model for the IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF), we are very pleased to put these tasks behind us and finally begin putting these community donated resources towards their...

From: John D. Licciardello

The many faces of the Tangle

A look at different Tangle behaviorThe Tangle is a complex mathematical object. It has a random structure defined by a separate random agent: the random walk. This makes its study challenging, but also very interesting. In order to systematically study the Tangle and its associated problems, we...

From: Darcy Camargo

August 14, 2018

Welcome Serguei Popov to the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors

Serguei Popov is a research mathematician working in the field of Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes. He graduated from and attained his Ph.D. at the Moscow State University under the supervision of Professor Mikhail Menshikov, with whom he still happily collaborates. Around 20 years...

From: David Sønstebø

Welcome Sergey Ivancheglo to the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors

Sergey Ivancheglo lives in Minsk, Belarus. He holds a Bachelor of Science with specialization in electronics and artificial intelligence. He has been working as a software engineer for more than 20 years, and since 2011 he has been primarily focused on Distributed Ledger Technology.Since...

From: David Sønstebø

August 12, 2018

Blockchained Mobility Hack — Munich, Germany

On the 20–22 July 150 participants got together for two and a half days of hacking for the Blockchained Mobility Hackathon hosted by Datarella. This hackathon brought together a huge number of players in the Mobility industry with the theme: Competition &...

From: Lewis Freiberg

August 04, 2018

Welcome Aaron Alsop to the IOTA Foundation

Aaron Alsop lives in Vancouver, BC Canada and has been in the technology sector for over seventeen years. He has worked as a web developer, system administrator, project manager, and senior leader in Fortune 50 organizations. Previous to the IOTA Foundation, Aaron was the co-founder and CTO of...

From: David Sønstebø

August 03, 2018

Qubic status update August 3rd 2018

July started out with the IOTA Foundation SumSum meeting week in Oslo. That week was very productive in getting the noses in the same direction and collectively coming up with interesting solutions to some of our challenges. Most of those challenges were only indirectly Qubic-related, but of...

From: Eric Hop

Introducing: IOTA Hub!

As our readers may be aware, IOTA is built on a unique architecture that was designed with the IoT environment of the future in mind. This unique architecture has made it more challenging for service providers like exchanges to integrate IOTA compared to traditional blockchains.In particular,...

From: Edward Greve

August 01, 2018

Welcome Dave De Fijter to the IOTA Foundation

Dave de Fijter has always had a thing for technology. Developing simple games and web-applications at a young age got him his first part-time job as soon as he could legally get one at a local company developing web-applications; He has been working in this field ever since. He finished his...

From: David Sønstebø


Alpha: playing with randomnessIf you have been following the Illustrated Introduction to the Tangle series, you might remember a mysterious parameter called α, which affects the level of randomness in the random walk. In this article we will go into the specific way in which α affects tip...

From: Alon Gal

July 25, 2018

Audi Think Tank & IOTA Foundation explore Tangle-based mobility use cases

Berlin, July 25th, In its efforts to build a permissionless mobility ecosystem, the IOTA Foundation just started a one week Google Design Sprint with Audi Denkwerkstatt — which is Audi’s Think Tank — in Berlin to explore Tangle-based use cases, build a low level prototype and to...

From: Alisa Maas

July 24, 2018

Welcome Anes Hodžić to the IOTA Foundation

Anes Hodžić is Vice President Digital Transformation and Internet of Things (IoT) at Digital Transformation Office of Airbus Group. He is responsible for strategy and execution of IIoT initiatives across Airbus divisions and drives Digital Transformation of the company on the Group level. He...

From: David Sønstebø

July 22, 2018

Coming Soon: IRI 1.5.2

IRI 1.5.2 will include a couple of important bug fixes that will alleviate the long confirmation time and node responsiveness issues we have seen in recent weeks on mainnet.Announcement: We have setup a new official Twitter account for the latest IOTA engineering news and information, as well...

From: Dominik Schiener

July 18, 2018

IOTA Summer Summit 2018

The team, well part of it, the rest was working on pressing tasks.In the serene surroundings of Norway’s Oslofjord the IOTA Foundation had its first official summit.IOTA SumSum Summary 2018IOTA is well known for both doing things differently and pushing the boundaries from a technological...

From: David Sønstebø

July 09, 2018

[email protected] in Munich 20.-22. July 2018

Co-HACK & Co-DISRUPT to create a new permissionless mobility ecosystem!Berlin, Germany July 9th 2018The transportation and automotive industries are poised for a major transformation in the coming years. Technological advances in electric vehicles, batteries, artificial and geospatial...

From: Alisa Maas

The July 9, 2018 IOTA Snapshot

Next Snapshot: July 9, 2018 @ 08:00 UTCNetwork Restart: July 9, 2018 @ 15:00 UTCAs you probably already know, we are performing global snapshots of the IOTA network on a more or less regular basis. The main motivation for global snapshots is to prune the database and allow smaller nodes to keep...

From: Jakub Cech

July 07, 2018

Green light from the EU Commission for IOTA and the European smart city consortium +CityxChange

On 6 July 2018, the +CityxChange proposal was formally invited by the European Commission to become a new smart city lighthouse project, under the “Smart Cities and Communities” call of the EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. The proposal was given excellent comments and...

From: Wilfried Pimenta

Trinity wallet — Summer Update

Trinity MobileTrinity Mobile is currently in public beta, with over 20,000 users worldwide. It is available to download here.Recent ReviewApproaching a more or less bug-free app, the Trinity Mobile team has had more time to explore new features, revisit existing ones and refine general...

From: Charlie Varley

July 04, 2018

Qubic status update July 3rd 2018

Hi everyone, here is the first of the promised status updates about the Qubic project. Our goal is to send out a status update on the 3rd of every month.Last month was a milestone to us because we were finally able to unveil what this mysterious Q project was that had been hinted at for so...

From: Eric Hop

July 02, 2018

Welcome Klaus Schaaf to the IOTA Foundation

Dr. Klaus Schaaf has been with Volkswagen AG for almost 30 years, mostly in research areas and promoting edge technologies. Most recently Klaus has worked in Volkswagen Group Digitalisation, founded by IOTA supervisory board member Johann Jungwirth, on new products and services. One of the areas...

From: David Sønstebø

June 29, 2018

Welcome Mark Schmidt to the IOTA Foundation

Mark Schmidt is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. He studied Business Administration at the University of Hamburg and founded several startups — ranging from on demand parceling services, affiliate websites, to developing mobile applications. While still in his teens, he...

From: David Sønstebø

On the Tangle, White Papers, Proofs, Airplanes, and Local Modifiers

With the research, development and ecosystem around the IOTA project really beginning to flourish, and with nearly three years having past since it was first announced to the world, I thought it would be a good time to reflect back on how we got here. This blog post aims to shed some more light...

From: Serguei Popov

June 22, 2018

IOTA and SinoPac team up to collaborate on digital innovations in the financial sector

SinoPac and the IOTA Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding coming into effect immediately. The two parties will collaborate [1] on exploring the new digital innovation landscape made possible by the IOTA Tangle technology.SinoPac is one of the largest Taiwan-based financial holding...

From: Holger Köther

June 21, 2018

New tip selection algorithm in IRI 1.5.0

IRI 1.5.0 — New tip selection algorithm and other improvementsWe are constantly working on improving the IOTA reference implementation (IRI) and moving it closer to the IOTA white paper. This requires a lot of planning, research, development, and testing of any changes we make. The IRI...

From: Jakub Cech

June 18, 2018

Welcome Holger Köther to the IOTA Foundation

Holger Köther is a global Senior Director, Program Manager and IT enthusiast, who has worked over the last 17 years at the multinational corporate IT organizations Siemens and Atos.Since childhood, he always has had a keen interest in hardware, software and programming. Developing his IT...

From: David Sønstebø

June 16, 2018

What’s Next: Current IOTA R&D Projects

We’ve been working very hard the last few months to organize ourselves and our teams, and today I’d like to share a little bit of insight into how this all translates into our Research & Engineering plans for the coming months.First things first— this post is meant only to give some...

From: Edward Greve

June 14, 2018

Welcome Fahad Sheikh to the IOTA Foundation

Fahad Sheikh is currently working as a consultant with a Fortune 500 client based in Cupertino and has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Washington. His interests and work involve defining and improving processes to increase operational efficiency and enhance customer...

From: David Sønstebø