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Upcoming ICO's This week overview
Name Starts
BANCA (BANCA) 1 days
Play 2 Live (LUC) 3 days
Origami (ORI) 4 days
Loyakk Vega (LYK) 4 days
Daily Volume 33 009,48 Hour trend 1.33 Daily Trend -5.45 Week Trend 9.18
EOS Summary information
Ticker Coin Name Price, $ Coin Turnover 24H Market Cap, Available supply Total supply
EOS EOS 9.58786 ~36 483 428,00 6 501 637 222,00 678,111,406 (75.35%) 900,000,000

Project Description

EOS.IO is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications (the “EOS.IO Software”). This is achieved through an operating system-like construct upon which applications can be built. The software provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters. The resulting technology is a blockchain architecture that has the potential to scale to millions of transactions per second, eliminates user fees and allows for quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications. For more information, please read the EOS.IO Technical White Paper.

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EOS Latest Updates
January 20, 2018 03:34

EOS.IO Seoul Meetup Community Reel

Interested in hosting or joining an EOS Meetup? You can see Meetups in your area by visiting or you can contact to help get one started in your community.

January 20, 2018 03:06

Full EOS.IO Seoul Meetup, 13 January 2018

Watch the entire EOS.IO Seoul Meetup, which took place on January 13th, 2018.

January 10, 2018 02:32

EOS.IO For Business

Hear from CEO Brendan Blumer and CTO Daniel Larimer on what businesses can look like on the blockchain and the EOS.IO software.

January 02, 2018 11:01


Hear from CEO, Brendan Blumer; CTO, Daniel Larimer; and Partner, Brock Pierce.

December 19, 2017 10:36

EOS.IO: Why Build a General Purpose Platform?

Hear from the team on why they are tackling a general purpose platform first.

December 12, 2017 12:37

EOS:IO Why Blockchain?

Daniel Larimer, Brendan Blumer, and Brock Pierce from share their thoughts on why the world needs blockchain.

December 05, 2017 15:50

EOS.IO: Decentralize and Disrupt

CEO Brendan Blumer, CTO Daniel Larimer, and Partner Brock Pierce talk about the importance of decentralizing and disrupting the status quo.

November 28, 2017 11:04

EOS.IO - Advice to Developers

Here from the team about developers who are interested in blockchain.

November 24, 2017 11:31

EOS.IO: The Beginning

CEO, Brendan Blumer, and CTO, Daniel Larimer, talk how they got started in the blockchain space.

November 01, 2017 10:40

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