Top list of crypto-currencies falled in price over past 7 days by more than 30% and daily trading volume is more than a $0.5M.

# Coin Name Price, Price, Today, Week, 24H Volume, Market Cap,
1 PayPie (PPP) logo PayPie (PPP) $0.454146 0.0000569 -22.57 % -37.58 % 940 653,00 37 467 045,00

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This week overview
Token Name Starts
Yumerium (YUM) logo Yumerium (YUM) 1 days
Acorn Collective (OAK) logo Acorn Collective (OAK) 3 days
Tradelize (TDZ) logo Tradelize (TDZ) 6 days
Scanetchain Token (SWC) logo Scanetchain Token (SWC) 6 days
Kepler (KEP) logo Kepler (KEP) 6 days